Brand Yourself:

Making your business YOU-nique

with Tenley Clark

Stop feeling stuck! You could be booking more of the shoots that get you excited to pick up your camera.

In order to stand out in the sea of content these days you've gotta be the sparkle in the tide that catches their eye. How do you do this? Branding!

  • Tenley's strategies for helping you create your brand identity and identify your ideal client
  • A tried-and-true formula that anyone can follow to help you create an elevator pitch that will make you stand out
  • A customizable branding recipe (from color palettes to fonts and everything in between!) that will guide you to create a visual brand kit that is so much more than just a logo
  • Tenley's tips and tricks for curating an online presence (on social media and your website!) that will speak directly to your ideal client
This course is for you if...
  1. You struggle to stand out to attract clients...or you always seem to attract the wrong ones
  2. You don't have an elevator pitch (or you've struggled to create one!)
  3. You've seen brands that stick with you, but you don't know how to create one for yourself
  4. You know that your images, text, and brand should go hand-in-hand (on your website and on social!), but you aren't quite sure how to pull everything together

A comprehensive e-book packed with information and exercises that will help you create a memorable brand
11 Videos that will guide you every step of the way as you create your visual brand identity and roll it out in every aspect of your business
peek inside the course
peek inside the course

you'll have the tools you need to create the brand of your dreams—an entire entity that speaks for you and tells people who you are and what you love to do.


about your presenter

Tenley Clark is a marketing director and commercial photographer who specializes in working with kids’ brands big and small. Not only has she created her own brand from the ground up in a variety of photographic genres, but she also now creates branding materials for other brands to use across their various platforms. Her love language is color palettes and she’s an avid list-maker. She will always pick a restaurant for aesthetics over flavor and will watch a movie or show even if she doesn’t care for the plot if it’s visually beautiful. She refuses to grow up and can usually be found playing dress-up or at a kid’s amusement park.

5 thoughts on “Brand Yourself: Making your business YOU-nique”

  1. Tenley shares so many ideas and resources to help you create a brand that represents you in the most genuine and relatable way possible. Tenley is a ray of sunshine that exudes happiness and a colorful outlook on life – that is reflected in her work and her brand overall. I highly recommend this course, which is full of videos and great examples to get you on your way to finding YOUR style, branding and marketing that fits and works for you!

  2. This course is absolutely amazing! Branding is such an interesting aspect of business and marketing yet, it is not that easy to get good at. Tenley’s class solves that problem right here. I love the way Tenley set up her course and explained all these concepts in a very easily-understood fashion. I am a visual learner so I appreciated all the video included as well! Highly recommended!

  3. Jenny Rosenbring

    Best class ever! I have learned so much from this class. Branding and marketing is new territory for me and Tenley breaks it down so well in her videos. I feel like I have a whole new approach to my business after this class. I also now realise how much work goes in to creating a brand and standing out. Tenley is obviously a master at this. Getting this kind of insight from someone like Tenley has been so valuable. The class covers social media, portfolioshoots, your ideal client and so much more. I highly recommend this class if you want to go over your brand and how you present yourself, I feel like it has been a gamechanger for me.

  4. You only have to glance at Tenley’s instagram and website to know that she is a BRANDING GENIUS! Not only is she a talented photographer, she is also an amazing educator who knows how to explain the method to her madness. I highly recommend her course if you are looking to step up your game in the branding department and truly embrace your YOU-nique style!

  5. I loved this course; it is filled with a ton of great information! I have researched and taken multiple branding courses over the last 2 years; I LOVE the way that Tenley explains everything. I want to “live” my brand and that is something she does with hers. I like that her course is broken down with a PDF and videos that provide even more detail. I will definitely be referring back to this course regularly to help keep me focused, and to help keep my branding fresh but on brand.

    Thank you for such a great course filled with detail and worksheets for us to do the work.

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