Business From The Ground Up: Launching Your Photography Business

with Jen Bilodeau


$150 Full Participation | $75 Study Along

Turn your love of photography into your dream job.

Follow this systematic, step-by-step approach to launching your photography business including business structures, taxes, contracts, marketing, SEO and more. You’ll move forward informed and ready to confidently embark on your journey as a photography business owner.

Learn how to start a business via a step-by-step approach covering goal setting, legalities, contracts, bookkeeping, website development, branding, taxes, workflow, marketing and more. Through the detailed weekly PDFs, daily discussion topics, exclusive interviews and weekly live chats, this class will cover everything you know to take those first steps. Launch your business, learn how you can set yourself apart in a crowded industry, and set the stage for long-term success.  

After completing this two week class, participants are encouraged to continue the Click Photo School photography business start-up program by completing The Profitable Photographer: Your Guide To Sustainable Pricing, where Jen will help you establish the pricing framework your business needs so that you can set yourself up for long-term success. This four week journey is your complete guide to starting a business that is successful, sustainable and satisfying!



what you’ll get

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1 preassignment, plus 2 weekly PDFs (formatted for print or on-screen viewing). Weekly lessons also include daily action and discussion prompts to keep you moving through the materials.

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General business start-up checklist, Branding Checklist.


Full participation students engage in instructor-led discussion and Q&A for daily interaction and support. Study along students have full viewing access.


Full Participation Students will have the opportunity to participate in weekly live Q&A chats with Jen. Study Along students will be able to download and view the recorded sessions.


Interviews with with a branding specialist, a social media expert, an SEO specialist, and a website designer.

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Full Participation students receive extensive personal video critiques of weekly assignment submissions.

Study Along Students have full viewing access.



Lesson One


Understanding The Industry

Building Your Portfolio

Defining Your Target Client

Writing Your Mission Statement

Setting Yourself Apart

Determining Your Business Structure

Registering With The Government


Contracts & Copyright

Client Documents

Setting Up Your Website

Lesson Two


Bookkeeping & money management

Getting Your Website Noticed (SEO discussion)

Your Social Media Presence

Competitive Analysis


Branding, Marketing and Grand Opening

Managing work/life balance

Introduction to Pricing (in-depth pricing is taught in The Profitable Photographer

Tax overview

Goal Setting

"My mind is blown with how much information Jen manages to pack into these two weeks."

- Megan
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about your instructor

Jen Bilodeau is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Massachusetts. Through her artistic use of light and shadow, and her commitment to capturing authenic organic moments, Jen creates beautifully timeless and powerful imagery. Jen is also a CPA and enjoys mentoring fellow photographers to help them take their business to the next level. Across all areas of her work, Jen strives to capture honest, emotive and timeless images that artfully preserve today’s moments that matter. Her portfolio is available here.

how it works


start learning

All class content is organized into simple steps as part of a clear, self-guided pathway inside your private online classroom. You'll check off each interactive step as you go, from completing readings and watching videos to student Q&A and assignment submissions.

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download weekly lessons

Each week, students receive a set of course materials, which generally include a PDF and instructional videos. All course materials are yours to download and keep.

Materials vary by program

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study & ask questions

Your registration includes access to a private online workshop for sharing and discussion. The workshop is open 24 hours a day so that you can learn and join discussions on your own schedule. The instructor is present in the workshop every day to answer questions and offer encouragement.

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complete weekly assignments

Students receive an assignment to complete each week that pertains to the topics covered in the course materials and builds upon class discussion throughout the week.


Full Participation students engage in an interactive online classroom experience that includes instructor-led group discussions and detailed, personalized guidance for the duration of the workshop. Full participation students post their assignments in the workshop and receive critique each week.


Study Along students have access to all materials and are able to view all content and conversation in the main workshop. Study along students will not be able to ask the instructor questions or request instructor feedback on their assignments, but they can follow along with instructor critiques of the Full Participation assignments.