Paty Decker-Flores

Exploring Composite Photography


Unleash your creativity, and gain the tools and techniques you need to create magic.

Discover the unbreakable rules of composite photography and learn to create magical photos from concept to final edit, with recorded videos that show you how to transform ordinary images into imaginative works of art.

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What makes it different
Composite photography is more than just editing, and Paty’s transformative 4-step path (including comprehensive editing tricks for convincing results) covers the process from start to finish.
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What you'll get

Photoshop techniques for realistic outcomes, including lighting consistency, shadow creation, perspective and color matching, blending, and more

Behind the scenes shooting videos (including a full composite shoot) that show you how to create your own backgrounds and capture unique elements for your composite

A behind-the-curtain look at 2 extended edits that reveal the magic in action

Tools to help you plan and produce realistic, compelling composite work

A composites component pack to boost your creation process

"Composite photography opens up a world of endless possibilities for creative expression, allowing photographers to create scenes that may be impossible to capture in a single frame.  "

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Complete Composite Video Series
Behind-the-scenes shooting sessions, quickfire technique videos, and in-depth composite edits
Concept Exploration Guidebook
Gain valuable insights into the composite creation process and helpful tips to refer back to as you go
Composite Toolkit
Get organized with checklists, a printable planning worksheet, a stock photo resource guide, and an editing resource pack

You'll have the skills to make creative works of art that blur the line between imagination and reality.

meet your instructor

Paty Decker-Flores
Paty Decker is a fine art child and family photographer who is soon moving back to Guadalajara, Mexico after spending 2.5 yrs in France. Being a former industrial engineer, she uses her career tools to streamline her business processes. She is a Click Pro and a Click Community Mentor. Wife and mom to two kids, she loves letting her creative side take flight through editing and enjoys doing so in the company of good music, coffee, and chocolates.

16 thoughts on “Exploring Composite Photography”

  1. Jenny Rosenbring

    I have been wanting to dip into composite photography more so this class came perfectly times for me. Paty is an absolute master at what she does and this class has filled in so many gaps for me. The editing videos were so valuable and has made my own composites so much easier. Paty is very generous with her information and she makes it look so easy! I also admire her creative mind and fantasy, her work is just amazing. I felt inspired all around after taking this course. I definetely recommend, both if you are just starting out with composites and if you want to expand your knowledge.

    1. Hi Jenny! Thanks so much for the kind words about this course and my work, I truly appreciate it! I am so happy to know that I could help fill in some gaps and that now it is easier for you to create your own composites… which I admire and find truly inspiring by the way. Knowing that you felt inspired after taking the course is music to my ears :) Thanks so much for your review and recommendation!

  2. Anyone who is familiar with Paty’s work knows all about her beautiful edits and masterful composites, and when I saw she was offering a course I knew I had to sign up. While I already have some experience doing composites in my own work, I have learned so much here. This course offers knowledge and techniques every step of the way, from the initial concept through shooting, compositing and editing, to the completed image, and everything in between, which is so helpful. Paty has an amazing attention to detail, and thanks to her I am now thinking about things I hadn’t even considered before when making composites and have picked up several helpful tips and tricks. Thank you, Paty, for such a great course, I’m excited to put what I’ve learned to use!

    1. Harmony, I am so excited and happy about your lovely and thorough review, thank you truly! Your sweet compliments about my work and everything you loved about the course are heartwarming. I am so happy to know you have learnt many helpful tips and tricks, and that you are now thinking about things you hadn’t considered before. That was the objective, and I am glad it is accomplished. Cannot wait to see the images you are going to create using what you have learned here! Thanks so much again for being part of this class :)

  3. I was SO excited to learn that Patty was coming out with a course over composites and I was not disappointed with the materials she has presented. I’ve always been a fan of Paty’s work- especially because a lot of her images, you would never guess they were composites. Her work is realistic with a touch of magic- and that in my opinion is the best! I am experienced with composites myself but Paty takes it to a whole other level. She is so thorough in her example images and explains in detail how she planned each image and the decisions she made throughout. There are so many little “a-ha” moments throughout this course. Thank you so much Patty for sharing your thought provoking knowledge with us! This has truly been one of my favorite classes here and one that I will often refer back to!

    1. Wow, Alex! Your review left my heart full of excitement and happiness! I feel through your words that all the work and heart I put into this course, are totally worth it! I am, myself, a huge fan of your self-portrait composites; so if you say there were many little “a-ha” moments for you, and that this is one of your favorite classes, then I know this course is valuable not only for beginners, but also for high level expertise photographers; and that makes me so happy. Thanks for this thorough review, which means a lot !

  4. Melissa Foxman

    So many great tips on composite photography from Paty Decker-Flores! I enjoyed this course very much. Paty lays out the rules for composite photography and offers so many tips to help you create successful images! Her examples are beautiful and full of color, life and creativity. She offers so much to think about as you compose your image, from deciphering horizon lines to bts videos, an AI demo and checklists to be sure you’re ready go to. A wonderful course!

    1. Hello Melissa,
      I am so happy to know you enjoyed all the tips and tricks I share in this course, plus all the videos, checklists and examples. Thanks so much for your kind comments and review. :)

  5. I am so excited about this course! I so often have complex layered concepts that I want to explore through photography but I was lacking in the technical department to bring many of my concepts to reality. I am so glad to take this class and learn about all the techniques I can use to make a good composite image. I also love how Paty organized her course materials and the step by step instructions. It is super helpful to follow along her thought process as well as her actual steps. I would highly recommend this class for anyone who would like to explore composite photography and to express creativity.

    1. Hi Amy, thanks so much for your nice review and comments. I am glad to know you loved the course organization and my step-by-step path to achieve realistic composites. Happy this will be helpful for creating the complex layered concept photography projects you have in mind. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts about the course.

  6. Wow! First of all, Paty’s work is so breathtakingly beautiful. And it was so surprising to learn just how many of her images are composites – many of them look so realistic! She also has amazing fantasy-inspired composites, and she is a master of all of them. I have learned so much in such a short time about shooting AND editing for realistic-looking composite imagery. There’s enough content for a workshop! I highly recommend Exploring Composite Photography. Paty covers it all!

    1. Wow, Leslie! Thanks so much for such amazing compliments to my work and my course, it means so much! I am so happy to know you have been learning a lot about composites in such a short time, and that you think there is enough valuable material for a workshop. Thanks for your review and recommendation :)

  7. I was so excited to hear that Paty was teaching a course on composites, I have long admired her incredible editing skills so I knew that this was going to be a must have course, and WOW, I was not disappointed. Paty covers all the essential considerations for planning and shooting for a realistic composite and then walks you through the whole process in a series of comprehensive videos – it’s a start to finish guide to composites and I can’t wait to put it into practice!

    1. Jo, I truly appreciate your sweet comments. I am glad to know the materials explaining the whole process, from planning to final edit, were of value to you and covered your expectations. Cannot wait to see what you create after taking this course!

  8. I’ve been an admirer of Paty’s work for a while so I was so happy when she announced this course and I immediately jumped in! I was excited to delve into the world of composite photography since it’s something that I’ve been wanting to learn for a while. I’m happy to have found that the course is well organized and covers a wide range of topics, the materials are clear and thorough and very well presented. The videos included are such a great visual tool of the concepts that can be complex to explain with words but Paty makes it easy to understand with her detailed explanations, which is great for photographers of all levels to follow along. Each module is designed to build upon the previous one which was great to grasp each concept and understanding of the whole process, I especially loved the videos of the workflow to create the final composite, where Paty explains in great detail every single step of the editing process. I just want to finish by saying, if you’ve been curious or ever wanted to learn about composites this is a perfect opportunity to do so, I promise you it will not disappoint!

    1. Lucy, thanks so much for the kind words about my work and this course. I am so happy to know you have been enjoying it and that you found all the material clear, organized and valuable. Thanks for letting me know you loved the workflow and editing videos; I filled all of them with the best tips and tricks :)

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