Forever Clients

Your Guide to Client Communication and Experience

with Hannah Smith

Find and retain your "forever clients"— they will come back to you for years to come and become your best ambassadors for your brand!

It's time to change your client communication strategy to make your clients feel incredible about their experience...and to keep them coming back to you for years to come!

  • A written plan for how to level up your client communication and experience right away
  • Knowledge on buying behavior, how to communicate your value as an artist, and how to get the right clients to book you
  • A step-by-step guide for making clients feel special and valued, from inquiry to final gallery delivery
  • Tangible ideas for creating a client experience that your clients will appreciate and will make you stand out in the crowd in an oversaturated photography market
This course is for you if...
  1. You are a business owner who isn't booking enough clients or isn't booking the right clients who value you creatively
  2. You worry the main reason clients aren't booking you is because of the price of your services
  3. You would like to spend less time and money on marketing and finding new clients, and rely less on social media algorithms to spread the word about your business
  4. You want to make clients feel special and appreciated without spending a ton of money or time
  5. You want to offer a client experience you feel proud of (and that makes clients so excited to work with you that they come back time and time again, and send all their friends)

Client Communication and Experience PDF
14 Videos to Help You Create an Action Plan
  • Understanding Loyalty and Buying Behavior
  • Ideal Clients
  • Ideal Client Market Research
  • Marketing and Inquiries
  • Investment
  • Before Booking
  • Website Reviews
  • From Booking to Session
  • Client Experience Gifts
  • Extras and Gifts
  • Managing Challenging Client Experiences
  • Email Marketing
  • A plan for growth
  • Bonus: Client Experiences Add Ons
peek inside the course

you'll have the actionable plan you need to create the a client experience that will keep clients coming back to you year after year!

about your presenter

Hannah Smith is a mother, wife, mental health clinician, & family and newborn photographer located in Cincinnati, Ohio. She focuses on capturing the strength and beauty of motherhood in her work, and has built her business on the principle that you can find lifelong clients by focusing on building authentic relationships and helping clients identify their true “why” for why they want to preserve their memories.

13 thoughts on “Forever Clients: Your Guide to Client Communication and Experience”

  1. Marketing has been such a stressful part of running my business and also drawing in new clients and retaining them. When I heard abut Hannah’s course I was excited and jumped on it right away! All the videos and pdf’s have been so helpful and detailed. So much of good information to learn from. There is a wealth of information here that you can learn from and always refer back to. If you are thinking of this course, don’t hesitate and jump in!

  2. I’ve long admired Hannah’s photography and business. So when I heard about her marketing course, I had to check it out. To be honest, for me, marketing is hands down, the most stressful part of running my own business. I’ve read lots of marketing materials so I was a bit hesitant for fear this would be more of the same. But, as I work through the videos, I’m appreciating the unique way she has synthesized marketing and the client experience specifically for photographers. I appreciate Hannah’s fresh perspective and actionable tips. In short, highly recommended!!!!

  3. This is such a great course! I have learned so much from each topic. Hannah is great at explaining information from different perspectives and has challenged me in various areas. I’m so glad I took this course. If you are in business, it is a wonderful resource to have.

  4. I really enjoyed the thorough videos that accompanied the beautifully written pdf. Hannah goes into so much detail on the client experience and has tangible ways for business owners to implement them right away. She provides examples of what worked for her
    and does a deep dive into how to make your website attract your ideal clients. Worth every penny!

  5. I absolutely LOVE this course and I am so happy I bought it! From beginning to end, Hannah provides so much information that watching once isn’t enough. I am on my second review of the course since buying 2 days ago because there’s just so much information and also thought provoking questions that really allows you to dig deeper to find your clients. I am now revamping my website because I have finally figured out why I have niched down to what I like doing thanks to this course! While my client experience was fine, I have found new ways to make it better through this course and I can’t wait to start implementing them. Thank you so much Hannah for this course!!

  6. Jenny Rosenbring

    I am blown away by the value in this class. There is so much information and it is so helpful to watch Hannahs steps from beginning to final purchase. I have watched all the videos and I will go back to them again, because the information was so good! Hannah is great at explaining and showing examples of how to think and how to handle different situations. I am excited to start using this in my own business. I absolutely loved this class!

  7. Hannah has included so much information in her course! Her supplemental videos are not just repeats of the PDF, she goes into details about what matters when searching for new clients, how to nurture your existing clients, and where your efforts are best spent. My business is young and Hannah’s course is packed with information that will help grown any photography business. She even includes feedback from her own clients to show you where clients place value and importance. Such a good course for any business owner.

  8. Hannah packs so much into one course but also makes it feel super accessible and laid out an exact plan that I customized to my business to help me implement the ideas right away. It gave me so many ideas for how to find my ideal clients and to make my client experience even better. I feel way more confident now in what I can offer. This course is something that every business owner should take!

  9. If you are considering this class, take it! I just started it today and am wowed by Hannah’s insights and thought provoking material. During just her first couple videos I’m making notes on important changes I can make in my client communication and marketing to increase bookings from my ideal clients. I’m also reconsidering how I reach my ideal clients! There is so much information here to improve your business and increase your creative satisfaction. The material and videos are also enjoyable to read/listen to. You won’t be disappointed you gave this class your time, but you will be if you miss it!

  10. I was hesitant to purchase this course, because I’ve gone through A LOT of business training since opening my own business. I have done work ups of my ideal client more times than I can count, constantly agonize over my sales funnel, and always have my mind on my current marketing techniques. I decided to take a chance though, and, man, am I happy I did. I haven’t even made it through all of the videos and I’m already finding such helpful information. I can’t wait to implement it all!

  11. I was so excited to learn Hannah was going to be teaching a course on Click Photo School! I’ve admired her work and business for some time. I am working to build a steady client base and feel this course will be so helpful in giving me the skills to do so. Hannah even reviewed my website for the class and provided so many immediately actionable suggestions. I’d highly recommend this class for anyone with a photography business!

  12. Jennefer Murphy

    Hannah is such a friendly and approachable instructor! Regardless of the type of photography business you run, this course will teach you how to speak to your ideal client/customer and nurture a lasting relationship with them. I was especially impressed with the customizable action plan Hannah included, and am looking forward to implementing her “value, accessibility, relationship” methods to my business.

  13. I was genuinely excited to learn that Hannah would be doing a course on Click Photo School. I’ve taken and loved many courses on here, and been a follower and admirer of Hannah’s beautiful work for some time. I am relatively new and working on building a client base, so I knew this course would be a great fit for me because I have watched Hannah do exactly that. The guidance in this class is so helpful. Hannah even reviewed my website as an example to include in the class, and provided a ton of great actionable suggestions. I’d absolutely recommend this class for anyone looking to deliver an exceptional client experience.

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