Jen Bilodeau

Available Coaching Types

Business: Business coaching may involve consultations on marketing plans, pricing for photographers, social media expertise, client or competitor identification and analysis, branding, productivity, and more.

Edit My Images: Provide a folder of images to the coach prior to the session and she’ll apply her processing style to those images and walk you through them, step by step. You’ll be able to ask questions along the way.

Freestyle Experience: The freestyle experience is a custom coaching session, mentorship, shooting event, or personalized program custom developed by a coach. Details are available on the individual coach pages.

Portfolio Review: Provide the coach with your portfolio images and she’ll walk you through the images with you with an eye to the cohesiveness of the portfolio, the strength of your composition, the technical merit and the processing.

Problem Solving: Do you have a specific areas that are giving you difficulty? Your coach will address your questions and will give you specific strategies that will help you move beyond your problem spots.

Website Review: You and your coach will give your website a critical examination, paying particular attention to user experience, cohesiveness of the design, structure, and text.

Workflow Walkthrough: Watch while your coach takes you through her workflow, from how she handles the images straight out of camera to the delivery of the final file.

Coaching Rate: $150/hour. Rate is based on session length and includes a customized intake form and continuing development plan.

My Portfolio


Q & A

favorite teaching topics

Capturing connections, the business of photography, using light, Lightroom

biggest lesson or piece of advice you want to share:

Let go of external expectation and trust in yourself and your vision. Be brave in your shooting and break free of your fears, for your greatest work will always emerge when you are shooting from the heart.

a location you couldn’t do without:

The Maine beach at sunset

photographers and artists that inspire you:

Annie Leibovitz, David duChemin, Sally Mann, Henri Cartier-Bresson



Jen Bilodeau is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Massachusetts.  Through days filled with all that encompasses raising three crazy, beautiful children, Jen uses her lens to relax, to preserve, to honor and to celebrate moments that will be memories in a blink.  Jen is also a CPA and enjoys mentoring fellow photographers to help them take their businesses to the next level. Jen specializes in capturing honest, emotive and timeless images that freeze the precious moments of today so that they can be aged and savored in our tomorrow.


capturing genuine connection
creative use of natural light
lifestyle family photography
Certified Public Accountant



Nikon D750


Favorite Lens

Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART


Editing Tools

lightroom & alien skin


Business Status

in business


Preferred Light



General Availability

days and evenings


Rate Per Hour

Hourly rate: $150*

* All sessions include custom intake form and continuing personal development plan in addition to hourly coaching.




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