Kellie Bieser

Available Coaching Types

Edit My Images: Provide a folder of images to the coach prior to the session and she’ll apply her processing style to those images and walk you through them, step by step. You’ll be able to ask questions along the way.

Freestyle Experience: The freestyle experience is a custom coaching session, mentorship, shooting event, or personalized program custom developed by a coach. Details are available on the individual coach pages.

Portfolio Review: Provide the coach with your portfolio images and she’ll walk you through the images with you with an eye to the cohesiveness of the portfolio, the strength of your composition, the technical merit and the processing.

Problem Solving: Do you have a specific areas that are giving you difficulty? Your coach will address your questions and will give you specific strategies that will help you move beyond your problem spots.

Website Review: You and your coach will give your website a critical examination, paying particular attention to user experience, cohesiveness of the design, structure, and text.

Workflow Walkthrough: Watch while your coach takes you through her workflow, from how she handles the images straight out of camera to the delivery of the final file.

Coaching Rate: $150/hour. Rate is based on session length and includes a customized intake form and continuing development plan.

CMU Workshops


Before They Grow Up

Learn the creative choices that we can make as photographers, both behind the camera and in post processing, to allow our work to capture the emotion of childhood and the beautiful personalities of our child subjects. Learn more >

My Portfolio


Q & A

favorite teaching topics

creative child portraiture, capturing connections, artistic post processing

biggest lesson or piece of advice you want to share:

Embrace failure. When we not only allow ourselves to stumble but also rejoice in it as a part of learning and growing, we set ourselves up for amazing success.

a location you couldn’t do without:

It’s more like I couldn’t do *with* one location! I love to switch things up and explore new places.

artist statement:

Life happens fast. Too fast. Photography is a gift to the part of me that wants to hold onto the little moments of my days only to have them slip through my fingers like sand. 1/640 second at a time, I have the opportunity to freeze the moment and keep it forever.

The time she played in the sun and came up to me with little beads of sweat on her nose asking for a lemonade. Click.

The time he got hit with a baseball and he said his black eye was cool because it made him look tough. Click.

The time he lost his tooth and we couldn’t stop laughing because he whistled every time he tried to talk. Click.

The time I laid him down for a nap and I couldn’t make myself stop staring at him sleeping so peacefully. Click.

My photos are important to me not only because they let me share my perspective with the world, but also because they are my visual history. They are my memories on paper and the way I choose to hold onto that sand of life. For this reason, I will always strive to be a better photographer, always work to know more about this art, and will always believe in the importance of sharing what I do know with others.

photographers and artists that inspire you:

Adrian Sommeling, Jean Smith, Rachel Baransi, Jan Tyler



Kellie is a visual historian. A lifelong artist, she began her formal art training as a very young child and continued throughout her school years. At the university level, she discovered her love for the study of history and pursued that as her major. In photography, she has discovered the bridge between these two pursuits. As a wife and mother to four small children, she recognizes that history is happening all around in the fleeting ages and stages of her family. In both her personal and professional work, she aims to document not only the faces of the people in front of her camera but also the emotions and connections of those people to a specific moment in time. The messy, the magical, the mundane…she wants to remember it all.

My specialties

child and family portraiture
creative commercial photography
natural light photography



Nikon D750


Favorite Lens

Nikon 85mm 1.4


Editing Tools



Business Status

in business


Preferred Light



General Availability

evenings and weekends


Hourly rate: $150*

* All sessions include custom intake form and continuing personal development plan in addition to hourly coaching.




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