Life In Motion

with Amy Cyphers & Kim Bear


$300 Full Participation | $150 Study Along

Learn everything you need to create video from start to finish!

Join Kim and Amy for a five week journey to learn how to capture life in motion! Whether you want to preserve your own family memories or create a unique, soul-stirring experience for your clients, this five week course takes you from ideas to finished products. Whatever your genre there are opportunities to add motion to your work that can make you stand out as an artist in your area. In the course of the workshop you will create three amazing videos to add to your portfolio and by the end of the workshop you will have the confidence to create beautiful videos on your own!


Students should have basic knowledge of exposure and be able to shoot in manual for this class. If you are new to video and want a quick introduction, we suggest the Breakout Photography In Motion to get you more acquainted with video (although this is not required). Students should have a DSLR or mirrorless camera with the ability to capture video, a tripod for stabilization, and video editing software (we will edit using Adobe Premiere and iMovie)

what you’ll get

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4 Printable Lesson Downloads with Assignments (outlined in syllabus) plus a Pre Workshop “Getting Started PDF”.

An interactive PDF.

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Behind the scenes videos of Amy and Kim creating their videos

Editing video’s.


Full participation students engage in instructor-led discussion and Q&A for daily interaction and support. Study along students have full viewing access.

Instructor assignment and Q&A video


Exclusive workshop Facebook group to mix and mingle with your new friends.

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Full Participation students receive extensive personal video critiques of weekly assignment submissions.

Study Along Students have full viewing access.


Welcome & Pre Workshop Info

Lesson One


Understanding basic video stability.

Creative shooting through details.

Purposeful motion.


Capture and edit an Impromptu video of your everyday life.

Lesson Two


Storyboarding the Planned video.

In this lesson you learn to connect music and thoughtful motions to an emotion.


Create a storyboard based on your “Big Word.” This week you will select a song and detail your video plan.

Lesson Two Continued: Independent Work Week

Lesson Three


This week we shoot our Planned video and go into depth with editing creatively and emotionally.


Shoot and edit your Planned video.

Lesson Four


How to shoot video for others (friends or clients).

We will share the value of adding video to your business and how you can do both video and stills at your session.


Create a blog post with video and stills from a client or friend session.

"This class was amazing! I learned so much about creating video with my DSLR as well as editing with Premiere Pro. "

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about your instructor

The Wild Child Photography is owned and operated by Amy Cyphers and Kim Bear. The Wild Child captures children and families– their goal is to capture authentic expressions in natural settings. They incorporate video and stills into their sessions giving clients a unique experience.

Amy and Kim both have busy homes and balance life and work together with a lot of laughter and fun. They teach local photography and video workshops as well as nationally at Click Away. They have also written a beginning video breakout called Photography in Motion and love connecting with photographers from everywhere.

how it works


start learning

All class content is organized into simple steps as part of a clear, self-guided pathway inside your private online classroom. You'll check off each interactive step as you go, from completing readings and watching videos to student Q&A and assignment submissions.

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download weekly lessons

Each week, students receive a set of course materials, which generally include a PDF and instructional videos. All course materials are yours to download and keep.

Materials vary by program

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study & ask questions

Your registration includes access to a private online workshop for sharing and discussion. The workshop is open 24 hours a day so that you can learn and join discussions on your own schedule. The instructor is present in the workshop every day to answer questions and offer encouragement.

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complete weekly assignments

Students receive an assignment to complete each week that pertains to the topics covered in the course materials and builds upon class discussion throughout the week.


Full Participation students engage in an interactive online classroom experience that includes instructor-led group discussions and detailed, personalized guidance for the duration of the workshop. Full participation students post their assignments in the workshop and receive critique each week.


Study Along students have access to all materials and are able to view all content and conversation in the main workshop. Study along students will not be able to ask the instructor questions or request instructor feedback on their assignments, but they can follow along with instructor critiques of the Full Participation assignments.