Six Figure Secrets for Photographers

with Katie Rain

Want to earn the six figure income that you deserve?

It's time to level up and create the six-figure photography business you've been dreaming of!

  • Katie's six-step plan for achieving six figures in your business
  • Pricing ideas from other 6-figure photographers & tips to help you charge what you are worth
  • Ideas that will help you transform your business and your bottom line (that actually work!)
  • An understanding of the most effective way to reach YOUR target client...and how to give them what they need
This course is for you if...
  1. You have an established photography business and are ready to level up to a 6-figure income
  2. You’ve tried some marketing ideas in the past but are excited to dive in with fresh ideas to get the clients who love you and pay you what you’re worth
  3. You have an open mind about manifesting, abundance, and mindset work to make your dreams come true
  4. The idea of having a 6-figure income makes you excited and gives you butterflies...that’s your way of knowing that you are in the right spot!

Module 1: Finding Your Why and Establishing your Foundation (video and PDF)
Module 2: How to present a 6-figure Business (video and PDF)
Module 3: Pricing yourself for a 6-figure business (video and PDF)
Module 4: Level up your marketing game (video and PDF)
Module 5: Tapping Into the Power of the Universe (video and PDF)
Module 6: It’s Time to Level Up! (video and PDF)
BONUS: A Quarterly Audit PDF
peek inside the course
peek inside the course

you will be motivated to focus your mindset and attention on creating the 6-figure income you deserve.


about katie rain

I am a California native who calls the North Bay home. I have two spunky kiddos, a fellow photographer for a husband, and our sweet Schnauzer named Pixel. I started taking pictures when I lived in New York to support myself while I was on the audition circuit for acting. It turned into a full-time job after the birth of my first child and I now have photographed over 1,000 families in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Although my client list is impressive with a myriad of successful people, my favorite clients are the ones who trust me completely and give me a big hug at the end.

8 thoughts on “Six Figure Secrets for Photographers”

  1. Oh my gosh this course is amazing! The knowledge she provided in this class is extremely helpful. She not only helps with the mindset, she also presented a solid plan that can be easily followed. I also love how she sets up the course content. It is really easy to access! I am super excited to apply what I have learned in this course!

  2. Katie is such a savvy businesswoman and was incredibly insightful when I hired her as a business coach last year. She truly has a wealth of knowledge and is just a lovely and thoughtful person to boot. I highly recommend taking this class!

  3. Katie was my mentor for my photography business when I wasn’t confident enough to charge what I’m worth. She gave me all the tips and confidence and I doubled my income the next year! She’s amazing!!! Listen to every word she says, it turns into gold. ✨

    1. Hey Laura! If you have the desire to level up your current income, then yes! I talk about mindset, manifestation, working with your clients, and getting momentum to scale. Listen to your gut, if it feels like a match, go for it!

    2. Hey Laura! Beautiful work! I tried replying once before so hopefully this isn’t a double response… but yes! If you are ready to level up your income and make more than your current income, this course can help. I cover money mindset, manifestation, client relations, and more to help you scale. Listen to your gut and if it tells you to join, I’d love to see you in there!

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