Step-by-Step Email Marketing for Photographers

with Jasmin Jade

Where would you market if you lost your social media account tomorrow?

Jasmin will show you a step by step process for starting (and growing!) an email list that transforms your business!

  • A way to automate your business that brings in new clients and bookings or sales regularly (without any additional work from you!)
  • A foolproof method to use a small giveaway to get a constant stream of new potential clients
  • A series of video tutorials that will show you how to build your email list from the beginning (or grow the one you already have!)
  • Jasmin's proven system to book clients and make a consistent income through email
This course is for you if...
  1. Sometimes you feel like you can't even reach your own audience on social media - it's so frustrating!
  2. You love the idea of automating more aspects of your business (and you know there has to be a better way!).
  3. You've heard that email lists are the way to go, but you really have no idea where to start with that.
  4. You are a photographer (or educator!) and you want to be able to reach your clients and customers directly - without worrying about the the algorithm (or paying to be seen).

7 Modules with PDFs and Videos
  • Module 1: What is Email Marketing?
  • Module 2: Finding your ideal client + Worksheet
  • Module 3: Step One, your lead magnet
  • Module 4: Step Two, your emails
  • Module 5: Step Three, your lead magnet implementation
  • Module 6: Step Four, Build your automation
  • Module 7: Subject Line Strategy
  • Module 8: All you need to know about the Email + Email Check list + Welcome Email Automation Worksheet

you will know how to start (or grow!) your own email list, write compelling emails to your ideal client, and build an automation that brings in business for you!

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about your presenter

Jasmin Jade is a boudoir, portrait photographer and educator from Germany based out of Washington, DC. Jasmin found her niche in boudoir after recognizing the incredible power behind this feel-good style of photography – specifically, evoking confidence and promoting self-love among women, while capturing their unique and individual beauty. When she isn’t behind her lens, she is inspiring photographers globally to take control of their editing workflow through her preset company, Embrace Presets.

4 thoughts on “Step-by-Step Email Marketing for Photographers”

  1. This was a great course! Jasmin laid this whole course out so it was easy to understand and actually do the work! Highly recommend this if you’re ready to build up your client outreach and stay connected to the clients you already have!

  2. This is such an amazing course! I love how Jasmin is literally breaking down the whole system into bite size sections and presenting a step by step game plan. The information included in the course is amazing and Jasmin is such a great supportive teacher. I am now much more confident about handling email marketing after taking the course. Highly recommended!

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