Explorations in Editing

Bri Viglianco

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A binge-worthy creative editing series for photographers featuring 43 bite-sized videos (and 3 start-to-finish edits!)

43 editing demos and 3 start to finish edits in Photoshop deliver a host of new techniques you’ll be able to use right away. From simple tips to total transformations, Bri's exclusive insights, methods, and tools make it easy to use her editing secrets to turn your photos into art.
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what makes it different

Grab a notebook, because this 6 part video series covers dozens of Photoshop tricks you definitely haven’t seen before, including new tricks for atmospheric editing and uncommon techniques you can use to develop a signature style.

You’ll also see Bri’s before-and-afters, receive exclusive Photoshop actions, and even get a cheat sheet for each video to ensure you can dive right into Photoshop and immediately apply what you've learned.
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what you'll get

Dozens of new techniques and fresh ideas for photographers at every level, with clear explanations and step by step walk-throughs that break down edits that previously seemed too complex or out of reach

Cheat Sheets for Quick Reference: A one pager for each video that clearly summarizes key points and core steps

Before-and-After Sets: Image pairs that illustrate the transformative power of the techniques taught in the course

Skills to Develop Your Signature Editing Style: Make your own brushes, implement your personal palette, digitally redesign a room to suit your style, and more.

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43 Bite-Sized Videos
Including simple tricks, natural composites, uncommon techniques, atmospheric editing, and total transformations
3 Complete Start-to-Finish Edits
Watch Bri edit in real time as she take three unique images from SOOC to final works of art using the techniques she showed you along the way.
46 Cheat Sheets
Nearly four dozen cheat sheets – one for each video – to reference as you work on your own creative edits

by the end of this course,

you'll be able to define a signature edit that's all your own by applying new creative tricks and unique touches to every image you create.
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Bri Viglianco

Bri Viglianco is a Michigan native who sees the world through the lens of family, adventure, color, and fun. As a children's and family photographer, she captures the magic of these elements and weaves them into enchanting stories that reflect the beauty and joy my family’s life.

25 thoughts on “Explorations in Editing”

  1. This course is absolutely awesome! I am only through half of Bri Vigliaco’s class and it’s packed with informations. She explain everything so well and I can’t wait to finish. Thank you so much!

  2. Autumn Tetrault

    I am only part way through this course, but it may be the most informational, helpful, and inspirational self-paced course I have ever taken (and I have taken a lot)! I cannot tell you how much I love the short videos. So many other courses use lengthy videos, and while they are informative, I often have a hard time going back and rewatching a long video and forget where the helpful tip was in the video. For my learning style, the short videos and reference sheets have been so amazing; I am actually retaining what I am learning and there is so much good stuff! One of my biggest pitfalls is having inconsistent skin tones and Bri’s first video blew my mind with a tip to help with consistency! I am having so much fun re editing old work!

  3. Cannot reccomend this course more! After the first video I had already learnt loads of valuable info from Bri. The videos are easy to watch and follow along with. There is loads of fantastic, quality info throughout the course which will definitely help improve your editing and photography skills. Bri is full of knowledge and amazing tips to easily level up your work. So glad I purchased the course!!

  4. Bri’s editing course is an absolute gem for anyone looking to elevate their editing skills. From start to finish, I was impressed by how seamlessly Bri broke down complex concepts into bite-sized, easy-to-understand videos. Each video focused on one idea, making the learning process incredibly manageable and engaging.

    What truly sets Bri’s course apart is her exceptional ability to explain difficult concepts in a clear and concise manner. I found myself understanding concepts that once seemed daunting, and more importantly, I could immediately implement them into my own editing projects.

    One of the highlights of the course was the practicality of Bri’s techniques. I often found myself pausing the videos to try out her techniques immediately, and I was thrilled with the results. Her tips are not only effective but also practical, ensuring that learners can easily incorporate them into their editing workflow.

    Additionally, the course features stunning imagery that not only enhances the learning experience but also serves as inspiration for future projects.

    In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Bri’s editing course to anyone looking to level up their editing skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced editor, you’ll find valuable insights and techniques that will undoubtedly enhance your editing prowess. Don’t hesitate to enrol in this course – it’s a game-changer!

  5. As a long time fan of Bri’s work over the years, you always want to ask questions and see exactly what was done to the photos and how she got from idea to execution. This course is packed with small, but mighty videos of the editing tools and techniques she uses in her images. The videos are no longer than 10 minutes each and are packed with straightforward and simple explanations to help you edit your photos with the same tips and tricks. Alongside the videos, Bri includes some actions for PS and a PDF document sort of “cheat sheet” to help you remember what was done to each image. I recommend Bri’s class to anyone that is a photographer and has admired her editing style and wants an insider look, or even a beginner that wants to save themselves the hours of YouTube videos.

  6. These are the best editing videos I have ever watched. They are short and sweet and combined with the cheat sheets, such a great reference. I edit primarily in Lightroom, but want to do more with photoshop to give more pop to my images. This has helped me to bring contrast to my images in a way I have lots more control of. There are so many great tips. This is well worth the investment for those wanting to explore photoshop and create consistent edits.

  7. My only regret in signing up for this self-paced course is that I didn’t do it at the beginning of the interactive launch. I have very, very basic Photoshop skills, having relied pretty much on Lightroom for my editing. I never thought I wanted to do “fancy Photoshop stuff.” But now that I have it as part of my photography subscription, I figured I ought to learn how to really use it. I’m only a few lessons in, but can see already how Photoshop can be used creatively to enhance your photos without them looking, well, Photoshopped! The reference sheets accompanying the videos are super helpful. And I’m glad I’ve caught a few days of the interactive launch–Bri has been super responsive and supportive during this time. I’ve admired her work on Instagram for quite a while now, and it’s nice to be let in on some of her “secrets”! Can’t wait to get through the rest of the materials, albeit at a more relaxed pace than the last few days.

  8. This course is simply amazing. I love that the lessons are divided into short videos, so it’s all perfectly organized and really easy to follow! I am usually quite busy throughout the day, so it’s convenient that I don’t need to focus for more than few minutes at a time. Each lesson is also summarized in helpful “cheat-sheet” with notes and shortcuts – I can’t even imagine how much work Bri put into that.
    I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to be more efficient while editing pictures and develop own signature. Bri is an amazing teacher and she shares the most useful tips which will definitely take your editing game to another level.

  9. Bri is as amazing a teacher as she is a photographer. It’s obvious she put a lot of thought and work into this workshop. So much information (46 videos!) BUT not at all overwhelming. Love the short videos, love the specific instructions, love the way the course is organized. My style/voice is much different than Bri but that doesn’t make any difference at all. The skill she teaches can be used by anyone. After every video, I find myself thinking, “I have to remember where this lesson is because I’m definitely coming back to use it.” Highly recommend.

  10. Incredibly inspiring class! Bri’s breakout is packed with tons of amazing tips, easy to follow-tricks and new ideas on how to enhance your photography. She shows in small steps how simple editing tricks can have a huge effect on your pictures. I love that she explains everything in small portions so you are not overwhelmed and can digest everything one step at a time. Her tools to enhance your photography are powerful and will be transformative for your art! She also shows a great way how to achieve coherence within your portfolio – an amazing, yet simple tip that already helped my editing big time! Take this class, if you are looking for big, transformative editing results with atmosphere! You will absolutely enjoy every minute of it! Thank you, Bri for such an amazing learning opportunity!

  11. The course is a lot of fun! Briahna explains the tools and her tricks and tips so clearly. It’s fun to learn new things and her pictures are simply beautiful. Highly recommended!

  12. I really enjoyed this workshop. So many useful videos and they are easy to work into your own workflow! Along with such great advice. The PDFs are very helpful. I highly recommend this class. I couldn’t stop watching! Thank you for such a wonderful workshop!

  13. I haven’t had the opportunity to complete the course yet, but what I have learned so far has done a lot to make small subtle adjustments that help really bring my work to life….and help me achieve beautiful skin tones. I appreciate so much that she’s included some actions/brushes, but also details how she created them/how they actually work to help have a better understanding how to use them and tweak them or create your own to match your own work. I’m excited to try so much more of what I learn including tweaking colors to help create a consistent body of work. Thank you so much Bri for sharing your knowledge in an easy to digest format!

  14. I have admired Bri’s work for a long time. Maybe because I’m close to showing childhood in the way she does, with an artistic finish and a bit of magic. As soon as I saw this course, I knew I would use it. Even though I already know a lot in Photoshop, I learned many new tricks and photo processing techniques during the course. I recommend Exploration in editing to anyone who wants their photos to have that unique, artistic finish.

  15. Jenny Rosenbring

    I knew this class would be amazing and it is. For me who is always pressed for time, the short videos are so easy to watch and easy to follow. Bri is a mastereditor and it has been so rewarding watching her use her knowledge. I know that I can use this so much in my own work. She also explains it in a way that makes sense, let’s be honest, Photoshop can be tricky. I know that i will keep coming back to this class again and again, because it is so well done. Bri really shares so much info, and I have gotten so many aha-moments. Recommend!!

  16. Bri is a master photographer, and this is so apparent in this editing course. She holds nothing back – sharing editing techniques in bite sized videos that are so inspiring and easy to grasp. This course is for photographers of all levels. I have been a professional photographer for over a dozen years, and I am loving every single lesson Bri offers, and learning new tips and techniques too for atmospheric editing. From making your own brushes to her signature colors and light shaping techniques, you’ll walk away with inspiration to edit in a new way. Bri’s teaching style is as wonderful as her imagery and I’m so happy I have these videos for future reference.

  17. Thank you so much to Bri Viglianco for creating this class! I started it today and will finish tomorrow because I can’t wait it’s that great! The lessons are wonderful and easy to understand. I can’t wait to use all these new tools and techniques I have learned so far! I was feeling like I couldn’t get my images to the point that I really wanted, and now I am certain this course is going to boost my creativity and take my work to the next level I was looking for! YAY! I am so grateful! It has also given me insight and direction on more things to really need to take into account and think about when editing and adding things to my images. No matter what level you are in photography and editing you will definitely learn a ton.
    Well worth it to learn from an uber talented photographer. Thank you!!

  18. Rachael Toschlog

    This class is amazing! I love editing tips and tricks and this class is FULL of them! So thankful to Click Photo School and Bri for putting this together! It’s definitely a favorite, and I’ve taken a LOT of them!

  19. Loved this course! When they say binge worthy, that’s no kidding! I binged till I was done with all the videos. Lovely editing with short and sweet instructions! I’m very impressed with Bri’s artistry and teaching!

  20. I have been in search for a workshop just like this! I had a good basic understanding of PS, but I was looking for some more tips to take it a step further. This did just that! It was just the right touch of review and new to take my editing to the next level. The videos were informative and the pdfs a great sidekick to have on hand as a refresher. I definitely recommend this workshop to anyone wanted to get more out of their time in PS!

  21. For anyone looking to level up their photoshop skills, I highly recommend Bri’s course! From simple edits that make a big difference, to complex adds and editing maneuvers such as body swaps, the instructions are clear and easy to follow and all include a reference sheet that jogs your memory of the video edit. Each video is under 10 minutes, which is perfect for binge watching an entire module or grabbing a quick lesson in between things during the day (or at night before bed!) I’m halfway through and have already transformed my post processing routine! This is a great class for helping you discover ways to make your images come to life, and learning various features of photoshop edits that I never knew about. In addition to basic edits and complex moves, Bri teaches you how to make your own brushes, ways of scaling for realistic overlays, and how to make a uniform portfolio. Amazing class at your own pace. I will be using her videos for a long, long time!! Highly recommend!

  22. I have been a fan of Bri’s work for years. She isn’t just another extremely talented photographer, her work is instantly recognizable. Her work draws you in and is so unique. I was so excited for this to come out to learn all of her techniques around her beautiful editing! This is what I was expecting and MORE. Bri doesn’t hold back, she shares every little and big tip and technique she uses to create magical photographs. She goes through every detail, including light shaping, which I think makes her work so personal. Bri is easy to follow along and prompt to reply to questions and comments. She’s a fabulous teacher and she has created a much needed course. Everyone who is looking to better their technique and editing NEEDS to take this. It’s not just any other editing course. It’s THE editing class you want to take. I feel empowered to create images with richer tones, more cohesive lighting, and just better overall!

  23. I’m so glad I got the chance to take Bri Viglianco’s class! It is packed full of so much editing information! She doesn’t skip out on anything. You can be a seasoned photographer or a brand new photographer learning all about photoshop she will teach you something! She goes over so many ways to do things in Photoshop, things I didn’t even think of and I have been using photoshop for 15 years now. She explains things so well. I highly recommend her class to anyone that wants to learn more about the way Bri edits her work or is just in the market to learn more about photoshop and making your photo into a work of art! Don’t miss out on this amazing class it is so worth the time to sit down and learn endless amount of information!

  24. Claudia Krempel

    High praise! I have rarely seen such a great workshop. No instruction video is longer than 10 minutes – simply great! It keeps the attention on the topic. Everything is documented again in a pdf. At the end these are summarized in a complete pdf. This is an ideal handout for later practice.
    Conclusion: A compact course that explains everything important in a nutshell in crisp videos with a handout for practical use. I have rarely attended such a well thought-out and user-friendly course. Keep up the good work! Many THANKS!

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