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Progressing Through Your Class

Let's walk through the classroom experience

Starting Your Class

The classroom’s interactive path includes everything you need to complete your class from start to finish. You can start your workshop or breakout session by clicking on the “Start” button for the first section.

When you click “Start,” you’ll jump into the first learning step of that lesson.

Progressing through Steps

Steps are the building blocks of our classes. Each step has something for you to read, watch, listen to, download, or do. It’s important to hit the “Complete Step” button once you’re finished with a step so that you can keep track of your progress:


After you Complete a step, the “Complete Step” button will reload as a “Next” button. Click “Next” to progress to the next step in the lesson.


To exit back to the main lesson area when you’re inside a step, click the Back icon in the upper left corner.


If you need to redo a step you completed, click the “Reset” button (visible beneath the “Next” button, which appears after a step has been Completed).

Staying on Schedule


If you sign up before a workshop has officially begun, or if you preorder a breakout session, the class materials and steps won’t be available to you until the class’s official start date.

Similarly, if you are taking a three or four week workshop, your lessons will be released one week at a time, and the next lesson will become visible on its scheduled date.


Some classes have scheduled components such as deadlines for submitting questions or assignments. If you are a Full Participation workshop student, for example, your instructor may use due dates to help you stay on track.

You can see which steps have deadlines by clicking the “Show Steps” link at the bottom of each Lesson:

This expands the lesson to show each step and when it’s due.

You will receive an automatic email notification three hours before any deadline-driven steps are due, as well as an additional notification if you don’t complete the step by the due date.

Resume & Review

When you return to a lesson you previously started, you’ll see a “Resume” button in the place of “Start.” This bookmarks your next step.

Once you’ve completed a lesson, this button will be labeled “Review” so that you have easy access to review or refer back to what you’ve already learned.

You can review a completed lesson or step anytime during the class. Click Show Steps at the bottom of a completed lesson to view all the steps in that lesson. Select any step to open it.