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Jasmin Jade

The Art of Feminine Posing & Editing

2 WEEK Small Group Workshop
Capture the strength and beauty of women with transformative posing and editing techniques.

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Week 01

Posing and Connections

We’ll begin with a lesson on connecting with your voice. We'll also cover posing women, dive into emotive posing and facial expression, and explore the use of harsh light to create different moods.

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Week 02

Movement, Light, and Intuiton

This week goes deeper into intuitive posing, creating motion, and using dresses. We'll also cover editing haze and sun rays. Finally, we'll explore exercises for getting unstuck.

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Jasmin Jade

Jasmin Jade is a boudoir, portrait photographer and educator from Germany based out of Washington, DC. Jasmin found her niche in boudoir after recognizing the incredible power behind this feel-good style of photography - specifically, evoking confidence and promoting self-love among women, while capturing their unique and individual beauty. When she isn't behind her lens, she is inspiring photographers globally to take control of their editing workflow through her preset company, Embrace Presets.

15 thoughts on “The Art of Feminine Posing & Editing”

  1. Her Empowering Journey was such a wonderful course to help me explore more on women’s portrait photography, which I’ve always loved to see. So many insights into how to take a natural, beautiful and emotive portrait with all the tips on how to guide your model/subject through different poses. Jasmin teaches you to focus on the details that really make or break a great image.

    The material is presented in a straightforward manner, and the video content is fantastic! I find it so helpful to watch and learn as Jasmin walks you through multiple shoots and talks through the poses, the changes she makes, the lighting being used. I feel this was a really great way to re-charge my creative energy since I’m normally shooting my very fast moving children! The shoots I did as part of the course assignments (and a subsequent shoot for a pregnant friend) are some of my favorites. The tips and ideas can be modified for senior or family shoots – grab mom at the end of a shoot and get some gorgeous pics of just her!

  2. Véronique Le Clec'h

    I’ve been following Jasmin’s work for a long time. I love her first presets that I used a lot. When I saw that there was this “her empowering journey” course I thought: this is the course I need to rediscover the pleasure of photography. I was not mistaken, Jasmin shows us how she works with simplicity, how she directs her models, shares her tips in her many videos … So even if you are a professional photographer like me or amateur and you want to improve your work or simply get out of a dead end, do not hesitate, register for this course you will not regret it!

  3. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

    What a wonderful workshop! I love Jasmin’s work so much and to see her in action and teach her way of thinking and posing women to be comfortable was just amazing! Thank you so much for such an incredible class!

  4. Such a refreshing course, focusing on the woman and making her feel beautiful. Eye opening and wonderful posing ideas for the new photographer.

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