The Hue of You


Lissa Chandler

Struggling to find your artistic voice, going through a creative rut, or feeling lost in a sea of photographers? Then it’s time to develop your editing style. In this four-week course, we’ll explore creative editing, workflow, and advanced techniques in Adobe Lightroom that will help you produce images that are beautifully, unmistakably, unapologetically you! By the end of the course, you will have powerful new creative skills and total ownership of your own unique editing style.

with interactive instructor guidance and weekly assignment feedback
view-only access to study at your own pace

“This was seriously the best workshop I have taken.”


We’ll discuss the relationships in Lightroom’s basic panel and lean into creative exposure as we pursue the art we want to create - not just the work we feel expected to create.


As we explore color and the tone curve panel, we’ll learn how to marry our shooting + editing styles, how to let our editing evolve, and how to stop thinking in terms of competition.


We’ll cover how to see a photograph before it’s taken, how to edit consistently with emotion, and how to use brushes to enhance natural light and settings. We’ll end the week with a custom preset!


In our final week, we’ll learn how to lean into the environment, combine everything we’ve learned to master difficult edits, and, best of all, learn how to unapologetically own your editing style.

instructor tip:

"Think about your home. Is it covered in neutral paint with quiet walls? Is there furniture in every corner? Do you love wearing bright colors and patterns? Or are you happiest in a white tee? You already have a style. Maybe it’s a bit dusty or maybe it’s evolved in an unexpected way, but your style is already with you."

25 thoughts on “The Hue of You: Finding Your Editing Style”

  1. I recently downloaded Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on my laptop and all the features have been so overwhelming. Would this be a good class for me or would “Getting Started in Lightroom Classic” be a better option? Thanks in advance!

  2. The Hue of You is the first workshop I have taken through Click Photo School. I originally thought about just doing the study along, but decided instead on full participation & I am so glad that I did. Lissa is an amazing instructor, and she doesn’t cut corners. I was thoroughly impressed by her willingness to answer and all questions that I had, as well as her insightfulness. I’ve been floundering a bit to figure out what was missing from my images, and Lissa approached my questions and concerns with clarity that surprised me in the best possible way. I am walking away from this course feeling like I’ve honed in on my voice, my editing style, and what types of projects and work I do want to continue with in my business as well as my personal photography journey. The best part of it is that since I have completed customized my work & the preset I start all editing from, I can truly say that it is 100% authentically me. It’s very freeing to now see advertisements for presets and keep scrolling past them – because I don’t need it, I have narrowed in on my own vision! I highly recommend this class to anyone who feels like they are still searching for their voice and style in their photos.

    1. Elise! You are awesome! Loved having you in class so much this past month and am so impressed by all your work. Your photos look amazing!

  3. I absolutely LOVED this class. I’m a little late on posting my review since I took this class during the pandemic, but this course honestly saved my photography business. I was using popular presets that I had purchased, but I felt like my work was blending in with a sea of other photographers. This class helped me learn more about Lightroom, finally finding MY unique editing style and stopped me from comparing my work to others. & Let’s not forget the brushes that are included in this class!! They’re perfect and I literally use this for every single session I shoot! Lissa makes it so easy to understand the material she goes over and gives you whole-hearted, honest feedback. I definitely recommend signing up for the Full Participation so you can have Lissa go over your progress throughout the class. Thank you so much Lissa!! <3

    1. Hey Angela! We delve into skin quite a bit! It’s not a focus, exactly, but it’s something we discuss as we talk about color and light. Hope that helps!

    1. Hey Bev! The course dates for the next run of this class have not yet been released.
      Please be sure to follow Click Photo School to receive the latest workshop and registration information at

  4. I am interested in learning more creative editing styles however I do not use LR..I am quite competent and comfort with DXO photo lab and affinity photo. .How heavily LR based is this course ? I can generally translate most instructions into either photo lab or affinity.

  5. This was seriously the best workshop I have taken, and I am so very glad I did full participation. Lissa gave tons of amazing feedback, was always readily available to answer questions, and demonstrated her own editing process with tons of awesome videos. During this class, I regained the confidence I lost somewhere along the way, and gained the tools to really hone and own my editing style. Highly, highly recommend this course if you struggle to find consistency in your work and want to narrow down your editing style.

  6. This class has really saved the day! Lissa is a great instructor. I left this class with a working idea of how to take my every day images and get a consistent style with minimal tweaks. I learned so much and encourage anyone who struggles with the yo-yo style of editing (bouncing from style to style) to take this class and find what they love. It’s fine to switch it up a bit but having a definite style defined has saved a ton of editing time.

  7. This was such a great class! I learned so much about editing from Lissa, and more importantly, I learned about what editing style speaks to me! Lissa provided so much feedback/guidance and I saw a change in my work, both shooting and editing from this class. Lissa also seemed to get to know each of us and was able to tell me things about my style/approach to photography that I hadn’t even realized yet. I highly recommend this class if you’re wanting to learn more about editing and finding a style that speaks to you!

  8. I absolutely would recommend this class to anyone who doesn’t understand or struggles with the impact of editing your images. I learned so much about my style and how to use LR like I didn’t know before. Lissa gave great feedback and help guide in such a positive upbeat ways. Her videos were extremely helpful and fun to watch. I wish Lissa could review all my work!

  9. This class is super helpful because while it is a processing class, it goes beyond processing to help you be more mindful and develop your style. I really enjoyed the way Lissa helped us learn how much the decisions we make before we even pick up the camera, plus the technical decision made in camera affect our style and voice as much, if not more than the choices we make while processing images. Lissa and the TAs were very responsive, and gave tons of feedback both in the daily practice threads and the assignment submission threads. Lissa also worked with us to identify how we want our images to look, and what in camera and processing decisions we need to make for that to happen. Thanks for such an awesome class!

  10. What a fun class! Lissa is super fun and nice and is really a champion for you in finding your voice and artistic style. She gives really great video critiques that have definitely helped me in understanding the things that I like and want to see in my images.

  11. If you are trying to find your style then this is a great course! What speaks to you and where you want to go and the journey is very much emotional rather than on the technical side. I stretched myself in editing and will continue to do so!

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