Ashley Mosier

The Senior Experience:

Fresh & Authentic Photos for Today's Seniors

Want to know the secret to taking photos that seniors want to post on social media and parents want to hang on the wall? Go behind the scenes with Ashley to learn how!

Learn Ashley's favorite tips for creating insta-worthy, scroll-stopping images!


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What you'll get
Ashley's complete senior workflow, from booking the session to delivering the final products

New ideas for finding amazing locations in even the most non-photogenic areas

The confidence you need to pose, stye, and edit senior sessions

A look at why client communication is so important for creating a unique experience for each senior

A behind-the-scenes look at Ashley's creative process!

“In a market that is loaded with talent, we have to do more than simply take pretty pictures.”

check out what's in your classroom
Eight videos
Including shooting, pre-session consultation, styling, location selection, posing and movement, editing, social media, and bonus: setting yourself apart
Guidebook & List of Cues
A 30-page guidebook and Ashley's favorite movement cues
Supplemental Materials
A booking video, email templates, and other client communication templates

you'll know how to create unique, amazing senior images!


meet your instructor

Ashley Mosier
Ashley Mosier is a senior photographer from Missouri who specializes in creating organic, candid senior photo experiences with an editorial edge. After spending fifteen years in the beauty industry as a hairstylist and makeup artist, Ashley combined that experience with her love of art, fashion, and photography and turned it into her dream job. She lives with her husband, two boys and two spoiled dogs, eats too many Reese’s, and enjoys camping.

13 thoughts on “The Senior Experience: Fresh & Authentic Photos for Today’s Seniors”

  1. Ashley is absolutely awesome at what she does. I am slowly entering the world of senior photography and this class has helped me a lot. I love all her tips, specially the ones on posing and her use of light. I hope to attend one of workshops in the future. Thank you so much, Ashley!

    1. Ashley Mosier

      Aww, thank you so much Juliana! I’m so happy that you loved the course, and I can’t wait to hopefully see you soon! Thanks so much for the positive feedback!

  2. I love, love, love senior photography, so when I saw that Ashley Mosier was putting out a course on it, I knew I wanted to take it. Ashley walks you through the ins and outs of her process, all the way from booking to shooting to editing. I really appreciate her editorial approach to portrait photography, as this is what I am also drawn to. I loved seeing her creative approach to posing and shooting. If you are interested in senior photography or just portraits in general, I can’t recommend this course enough!

  3. Wow! Out of all the photography education I’ve invested in over the years, Ashley’s course (and Click Away class) have been my favorite! I can’t believe how much valuable info she put in this course, it seems like a steal for this price! I love her posing techniques, use of movement and the ways she is always pushing her creativity, even if she doesn’t end up using the photos. I’ve always been afraid of shooting in harsh lighting, but now she’s got me feeling all inspired to go for it! If you shoot portraits, this course is definitely for you. Thank you Ashley, for inspiring me and sharing so much valuable info! I’ll be sure to tag you on social when I post my first dappled light pic! ha! ;)

    1. Shelby, oh my gosh, you don’t know how much I love hearing this! Thank you so much for taking the course and fit the kind words. I canNOT wait to see that dappled light photo;) Get it girl!

  4. I am loving this course so much! Ashley is amazing, creative, and inspiring but also organized and detail-oriented. This course has so much information about working with seniors, and I’m also learning a lot that I can use when I work with families.

    1. Bonnie, it’s so great to hear that you loved the course! I love how you feel like you can use so much of it for family photos too, that is awesome! Thank you so much for your kind words:)

  5. I had the pleasure of taking one of Ashley’s classes at Click Away in Chicago, so when I heard she had a Self-Paced course coming out, I KNEW I had to grab it! I am so glad I did. This course will not disappoint! She covers so much during this course from pre-consultation, to styling and locations, to shooting, to editing. Each video is full of so much wonderful information, so make sure you take notes. I love that she included a virtual call with one of her clients! Watching her work and seeing her workflow has sparked my excitement to get back to working with seniors this year. The PDF includes great tips for styling (and recommendations on where to shop), a list of movement cues, some of her favorite gear, plus so much more! On top of all of this wonderful content, she provides bonus materials that are so helpful with emails and sharing expectations with your clients.

    I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to get started with senior photography and those who are already into senior photography. You can see that she put her heart and soul into this course and truly cares about helping other photographers.

    1. Dallas, thank you so much! I loved meeting you at Clickaway and have really enjoyed getting to know you through social media. It makes me so happy that you enjoyed the course! I can’t wait to see what you create with the Class of 2024!

    1. Hi Emily! I would say I use both equally. I use presets and do color grading in Lightroom, but I do the majority of detailed skin edits in photoshop. I use both LR and PS on nearly every photo that I fully edit, but my edits can be done completely in LR. Thank you for the question!

  6. How much of this course will focus on working with senior GUYS? Feels like most courses out there are mostly based on photographing girls and it’s so different with the boys!

    1. Hi Rebecca! This is a great question. For me, the entire experience is the same for the guys and the girls. The only difference would be in posing, and that is just a small part of this course. To directly answer your question, there is nothing in the content that focuses specifically on the guys. The shooting video does feature 2 female clients. I’m with you, I think some material that focuses on the guys would be great! I do have a lot of boy seniors, and they get the exact same treatment as my girls as far as styling help, care in choosing locations, editing, etc. I hope this helps! As a boy mom, I appreciate this question:)


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