Coming Summer 2024

Twyla Jones

Creative Alchemy

4 WEEK Small Group Workshop
Blend psychology, story, and radical experimentation to craft standout, soul-stirring photos.

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Priming the Creative Pump

Ease into your workshop with low-intensity exercises that will awaken your creative instincts and set the tone for the transformative learning experience awaiting you.

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Week 01

The Muse Within

Dive deep into intuitive posing, expressive portraits, editing for emotion, and explore how emotional intelligence and neurodiversity can be your as creative forces in photography.

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Week 02

Cinematic Resonance

Harness the principles of cinematography to create visually compelling, emotionally resonant stories and cinematic portraits. Learn to choose evocative settings and style for visual impact, explore atmospheric lighting, and craft compelling narratives through framing and editing.

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Week 03

Radical Experimentation

Discover unusual and unexpected ways to find and use light, try new editing techniques, and venture into untouched territories from chaotic weather to underwater night shoots. It's an extraordinary exploration of the uncharted that challenges norms and pushes your creativity to new heights.

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Week 04

Creative Discipline & Fearless Creativity

From writing your Artist Manifesto to building a ready-to-shoot kit and embracing personal projects, this week lays the ground work for a balanced and rewarding creative life.

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Week 05

Harnessing the Creative Momentum

Reflect on growth and challenges, compile your new work, and make a plan for continued progression and peer support.

meet your instructor

Twyla Jones

Meet Twyla, a Kansas native who swapped her biologist goggles for a camera lens and a teacher's hat. Now, she's soaking up the Florida sun, raising her three energetic boys on the idyllic east coast. Twyla is all about inspiring fellow creatives to carve out their own success stories. A proud Click Pro since 2016, she kicked off her teaching journey with the Emotional Storytelling course, which soon blossomed into a full-fledged platform offering a tight-knit community, education, and resources for photographers. Twyla's emotive directing style and dramatic utilization of light shape her evocative portfolio that delves into the human experience. She gets the hustle of turning art into paychecks and is on a mission to help photographers break free from self-doubt, letting their one-of-a-kind voices shine through. Her education leverages her intuitive posing style, visually arresting editing techniques, and transformative mindset shifts to empower her students. She equips photographers to forge aesthetically captivating and deeply meaningful work that that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impact.

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