Meg Loeks

Ultimate Guide
to Photo Editing


Learn the exact editing techniques Meg Loeks uses to create her distinctive imagery – so you can start defining your own recognizable style.

From color manipulation to composites to editing difficult lighting situations, Meg Loeks shows you how to edit your images to enhance your voice and the stories you tell.


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What you'll get
Powerful editing techniques to strengthen depth, color, and storytelling within your frame

Start-to-finish editing workflows in Lightroom and Photoshop

Methods to maintain stylistic consistency in your images - even with diverse environments and different kinds of light

Tips and tricks to add to your existing post-processing workflow, even if your style is already well-defined

"PACKED with valuable information. Love that she gets into the 'why' of editing and cause-and-effect, explaining how 'if you adjust _____, then ____ will happen.'"

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Editing Videos
19 editing videos covering color, depth, cloning, light, composites, and more.
editing videos
12 full edits to so you can watch Meg edit her own iconic images from beginning to end
Mini Reference Guide
Image before-and-afters, Meg's gear list, and keyboard shortcuts

you'll know the secrets to Meg's signature look – and have the techniques to develop your own.

meet your instructor

Meg Loeks
Meg lives remotely in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her husband and four young children. She is a lifestyle and fine art photographer who is most drawn to low light and color. Meg is also a mentor at Click Community, instructor at Click Photo School, a Sigma Ambassador and Profoto Legend of Light. She is also a volunteer photographer for The Gold Hope Project, a nonprofit organization which gifts families battling pediatric cancer a free photo session.

189 thoughts on “Meg Loeks’ Ultimate Guide to Photo Editing”

  1. Thank you Meg for the wonderful behind the scenes of your editing processes! It inspired me so much and now i am excited to learn how to become better in my editing skills. I really like that when you edit, its very small adjustments here and there and then when you’re all done, it adds up to being actually a pretty big difference! Great class thanks again. Julianne

  2. Julianne Farrey

    Hey! Is this a class i can just purchase and do on my own? I guess im just confused what breakout means? Do i wait til you open the class?

    1. Hi Julianne! Yes it’s a self-paced workshop so you go through the materials on your own time. Whenever it’s convenient for you.

  3. Are these courses also included in the clickin mom’s membership? Trying to decide what to sign up for and need some advice please.

    1. Hi Luma! Workshops are not included in the Click membership however there are hundreds of tutorials within the Click forum that you can view once you become a member.

  4. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather learn more about editing from that Meg! Her style is classic and clean. She is so helpful and willing to share her knowledge. Highly recommend!

  5. I would be very interested! Is your workflow step-by-step explained in this guide? I don’t understand English well, can I still understand what you do? Thank you

  6. This was such a wonderful breakout all about editing. There are so many resources for shooting so it was amazing ot find one on just editing. I loved seeing Meg’s process and watching her videos step by step. I loved learning some new tricks and ideas to add into my own workflow. This breakout is chocked full of information that I know I missed things the first time around which is why I am glad I have these videos for future viewing keep them as resources for when I am stuck or want to do something more creative.

  7. RUN to this breakout… don’t walk… don’t wait. THIS breakout is fabulous. I’ve used Lightroom and Photoshop for years and learned so much. Meg is so generous and does not hold back. She made one full week of staying in this month a true joy. Her images are stunning and I felt honored to be a part of her journey.

  8. This was a wonderful class. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to step up their photography game. I love that Meg hand edit’s her photos for us to see without presets. I feel like all levels of expertise could learn from this class- if anything it’s on the more advanced level of learning. Thank you

  9. I am loving this session!!! Meg – You use the color overlay that you created in several of your edits. Is it hard to duplicate this? Or is there one you can recommend for purchase that gives a similar look to yours? Thanks!!

  10. Meg is amazing and this breakout is absolutely fantastic! So much information and knowledge in one place. Thank you so much for sharing all your secrets!!!

  11. Hi! Just noticed this breakout… if I purchase now can I still receive the bonus material? (Sky overlays).

    Took a previous breakout with you and it was phenomenal!

  12. As so many others have stated already, this breakout is truly phenomenal. Meg’s images are so captivating and this breakout allows you to see her editing process in remarkable detail. She has such a gift and heart for teaching! No stone is left is unturned and Meg has been incredibly generous with her time answering questions & providing feedback. I’ve seen such an improvement and am so much more satisfied with my own editing after utilizing the techniques from this breakout. I would encourage anyone on the fence to hop into the breakout during the live run if at all possible. There are so many extras there and an engaging Q&A section. I cannot say enough about this breakout and all that Meg has put into it. Thank you, Meg!

  13. Yet another stellar breakout from the one and only Meg Loeks!! PACKED with valuable information. Love that she gets into the “why” of editing and cause and effect – “if you adjust _____, then ____ will happen.” Helps to understand way better! The bonus editing video about how to use and create your own overlay is awesome as well – I’m not too savvy in Photoshop, so I DEFINITELY took notes during that segment! Thanks Meg!!!!!!

    1. I hope you see this! I bought this course a while ago and I don’t see the bonus video anywhere. which part is it in?

      1. probably was available before . I just purchased this about 2 month ago and I can’t find it neither :( If you find it please let me know

    1. I purchased the video tutorials. but wondering about this color overlay shes using and unfortunately she’s not replying back, does anyone know where I could purchase a similar color overlay to the one thats Meg using? Thanks

  14. I wasn’t going to even leave a review, this this BO is so good I had to.

    Incredible….watching her editing videos is like peeking into the mind of a genius. She has editing videos to cover every scenario you can imagine – from lighting to color and beyond. I am methodically going through each of her videos and taking notes.

    Amazing breakout – worth every penny if not more!!

    Thank you to Meg!

  15. Amazing information that applies to any level photographer. My biggest takeaway was that you don’t have to be a photoshop master to take advantage of the program and have a huge impact on your overall edit. Loved every video! Thanks for putting all this together, Meg.

    1. Teresa Sullivan


      Your comment resonates with me. I am wondering about this breakout. I took Photoshop with Marissa Gifford and still feel so overwhelmed by it all. Does this simplify Photoshop?


  16. This breakout is worth so much more than $50! Meg is a master at editing color and adding depth to her images. There is so much info and there’s something for everyone to learn, from beginner too advanced. Just watching Meg’s process and attention to detail blows me away. For those wondering, This breakout focuses on hand edits and not presets. I’ve done all of Meg’s workshops and breakouts and there is so much new information here. Well worth the time and money!

  17. This breakout is absolutely incredible! Maybe one of the best editing tutorial class I’ve taken. Meg is a master of her art!

  18. Aileen Bochanski

    The level of detail and thought that go into each of her edits comes through in all of these videos. It is so helpful to see her go through her process and I feel like she gave me a fresh set of eyes and taught me to see things in my photos that I would have overlooked before. I also learned a ton of new ways to enhance my image that I didn’t know about. This class is such a great value!

  19. Buy this breakout! Meg is a master photographer, and these videos really help me, as a novice, to learn how an expert edits to get the look I crave in my own photos. :)

    1. Hi Laura! I think if you have Adobe Creative Cloud (both Lightroom and Photoshop) and have some knowledge of the programs this breakout would be beneficial. I definitely recommend that you have a little bit of knowledge as to where some things are within the programs. I do take a step by step approach and start out with some of the basics though. I do think this breakout is for beginners and seasoned professionals both.

  20. I am really enjoying this breakout and watching Meg edit. I am learning so much from how she approaches her editing. I love her style and this breakout is definitely worth the $50.

  21. Detailed, easy to follow, and inspiring. I’d recommend this course for any level of photographer looking to hone their editing skills!

  22. I am enjoying the video’s so far. I think it would be helpful to also see how she photographs some of her images…like is she standing on a chair and looking down. But maybe there is another class for that. Very informative and easy to listen to.

  23. I first took Meg’s class “The Sincere Storyteller” in 2016 and have often returned to the mater. I knew not to miss this one! So much information in such an organized way. Do not miss this class!

  24. I absolutely love Meg’s style, she is my favorite photographer. I was so excited to see she was offering an editing workshop. She edits from scratch and shows both indoor and outdoor examples. It is easy to see and understand what she is doing and why. I
    Like that she explains why she is highlighting certain areas or adding a graduated filter. I’m excited to start adding a little more depth to my images. Great course.

  25. I have been a long term fan of Meg and am so insanely jealous of the work she puts out. It’s after watching this breakout that I’ve had a spark reignited in myself, knowing this is completely possible. Her skill is tremendous but we are reminded that a little bit of time and effort (also a little bit of Photoshop) and we can create this art, too. I love how she explains her processing and breaks down Photoshop to make it a little easier to understand, even if you aren’t entirely versed in it. I can’t wait to watch her next class!

    1. Hi Cathy! This is new material. All the images are new for starters and I go into several things that I don’t in my workshop like the tone curve in Lightroom, cloning and healing in PS, and several composites within PS as well. I would say there is only about 30% overlap or so, and you do get over 20 sky overlays as well. Hope that helps!

  26. This breakout is simply incredible!

    I am noticing my editing taking leaps and bounds since starting and I have been rediscovering images that felt very bland to me – now they pack a punch!

    Thank you so much for the time creating this breakout, with such love and care and patiently answering all the questions AND the Bonus material is pretty outstanding too

  27. Meg is one of my favourite photographers!! I was so excited when she released this break out and she did not disappoint! She shares so much information and I’ve so learned so many new ways to do things with both Photoshop and Lightroom. I sincerely recommend this to anyone looking to learn more or just enhance their editing. I have yet to make it through all of the materials as there’s just so much information. I can guarantee that I will be revisiting this material for years to come! Thank you Meg :)

  28. I’m very interested in purchasing this breakout, but I only use Lightroom (I don’t even have Photoshop). Is there enough Lightroom content that this would still be beneficial for me? Thanks!

  29. Meg’s extraordinary talent is palatable in this breakout. A quick review of her images drew me to this breakout and I’m so happy I dove in!

  30. I have just started diving into the materials and can already tell that the amount of info that Meg has included in this breakout is well worth it! The best part for me is that this is all done by hand editing, allowing me to learn how to have control over my own editing without relying on presets. She explains everything so well that it is easy for a beginner to understand but there is also so much detail and info that even someone who knows their way around Lightroom and Photoshop can learn something. I can’t wait to put what I have learned to use in my own editing!! Thank you for sharing your skills with us Meg!

  31. Meg is one of my favorite photographers to follow. She is a master at what she does and this breakout is absolutely amazing! Every video I watched I learned something new I can do in Lightroom and Photoshop. I love that a little goes a long way and I learned to enhance my images without overdoing it. I am so happy to have purchased this breakout and I can’t wait to use these techniques in my own images. I highly recommend this breakout! Thank you Meg for sharing your knowledge with us!

  32. I am learning so much through this breakout, especially on really fine-tuning colour. Meg has create an invaluable tool for photographers to take their editing to the next level. Meg’s videos are so easy to follow and they cover so much material. This breakout is a must!

  33. Meg’s courses are always so helpful. I think the most valuable part is watching her editing videos and listening to her talking through her process. I also love all the helpful gear and overlay advice she gives. Now I just need her release her own…

  34. I was so excited when I saw that Meg was offering this class! I’m a huge Lightroom fan and was thrilled to see she uses it quite a lot in this class. Megs style is just so refined, her teaching skills are fabulous and understandable for photographers at all levels. I can’t wait to finish so I can put what I’ve learned from her to good use! I can’t believe this class was only $50! Best money I’ve spent in a while!

  35. Christine Billick

    I’ve long admired that Meg’s photos have carried a consistent look and feel throughout her online portfolio. Jumping at the chance to learn how that’s done, I signed up for this course. So far, at the earliest stages of the course, I am satisfied that I’ll get the knowledge I am seeking. The videos and the materials are very helpful resources and I’m thrilled that we get to keep them as references. I think it’s a well thought out course and I look forward to seeing my results after I apply the techniques I’ve learned. Thanks, Meg!

  36. I am so excited about this class! I love Meg’s editing style and how she makes it look so easy. I’m a huge Lightroom fan with only a moderate amount of Photoshop experience so I’m thrilled to learn more on that front. Learning at my own pace is a bonus as well, so far the videos are amazingly informative, Meg is a great teacher. I can’t wait to finish this course and put what I’ve learned into practice! Best money I’ve spent in a while!

  37. This breakout is filled with so much gorgeous imagery by Meg. Her editing process is truly magical and breathtaking. Meg has so many great tips to get your photos looking amazing. This breakout will definitely lead you on the path to finding an cohesive editing process and style to make all your images pop. Thank you Meg for sharing so much of your knowledge with us.

  38. Svetlana Dimitrova

    This is a great breakout.Meg’s work is beautiful and watching her edit is so helpful. Not only you can learn editing, but she shares how she captured her frames. Her work and teaching motivates to get better at both shooting and editing. She answers all the question that the participants might have. Really enjoying learning from her. Thank you so much.

  39. I love this course so far! So much content and Meg is super great about responding to questions and helping us as we work along.

  40. This breakout is SO detailed! Meg covers everything editing, from basic to advanced techniques. It is so thorough, and would be beneficial to anyone at any stage of their photo editing skills. Thanks, Meg, for another fantastic breakout!

  41. Fantastic workshop! Provides step by step how to transform your images. As an advanced retoucher, I still picked up quite a few tricks I can’t wait to try.

  42. This breakout is so full of information, that helps to grow a lot as a photographer. Meg holds nothing back, and what I really appreciate the most is the fact that Meg answers ALL questions and when I say ALL I really mean it. Whatever we want to know, she answers and not only in a short way she takes the time to explain every detail, also off topic questions. Some people have problems with their gear and she posts videos which could help solving the problems. For me it is not normal that in a course about editing the mentor cares about ALL things off topic, but she does.
    I took a few workshops here on clickinmoms but she is one of the best mentors you could wish for.
    The same way her beautiful pictures speak to me, she as person and mentor is so full of passion for photography and that is something you can feel. In this breakout you can learn step by step the process of editing down to the finest detail.
    Thank you so much for sharing your passion with the community :-) Love it and I am a great admirer of your work and more and more of you as a person.

  43. Katherine Solosky

    This has been extremely helpful. I haven’t made it through all the material yet but I have already learned so much!

  44. I’m not quite finished with Meg’s class, but HOLY MOLY guys, it is amazing! As a photographer, I love learning. I want to just fill my knowledge with all the goodness, but I am also a mama, and we all know capturing our children is quite different than capturing clients. Ugh, Meg is just gold. See she’s the world and her kids as just pure art and it shows. She finds the beauty in the mundane and has fueled my soul to capture my babes in a truly magical manner. The way she shoots and captures and edits is captivating. She gives you all the secrets. This is a MUST take course!

  45. I am really enjoying this breakout! I have just been through a bit of the material and have already learned quite a few tricks already, so look forward to taking the time to go through it all over the next few weeks. I was really motivated to join the live run due to the sky overlays being offered as an exclusive to live participants…can’t wait to try them out!

  46. Okay, where do I start off first? When I saw that Meg was releasing this breakout the first thing I thought was OF COURSE I needed to get it. I love how detailed and thorough she is through her videos. Meg is someone that I know everyone looks up to in this photography community and I admire how she lets us into her editing world for a little bit.I’m so glad I bought this breakout. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these wonderful teaching videos. If you are thinking if you should buy this breakout, the answer is yes! 100% yes! without a doubt yes! Thank you so much again Meg!

  47. This is an amazing resource for anyone that edits their photos, beginner through experienced editor. Meg is so open and detailed in her videos, ensuring that folks really learn all of the tools and approaches she uses. She even goes out of her way to explain multiple options for certain techniques where she could just use her favorite and move on. I’m seeing immediate impact to my editing and it’s only been a week. It really is the ULTIMATE guide to editing and I couldn’t recommend it more!

  48. This breakout is fantastic. I am only a third of the way into it and it is already worth the money. Meg does a great job of breaking the course down into small sections (making it easy to do while little ones run around) and explaining exactly what she is doing and why.

  49. This is just what I have been looking for! In depth tutorials on the editing steps to get the timeless look I love. Thank you Meg for putting this together – and thank you ever so much for sharing your knowledge :)

  50. Of all the many thousands of photographers online, Meg has captured my attention and my heart like no other. I am a very spontaneous, feeling-based photographer and not technical at all. I feel that I can learn (and already have learned) so much through this breakout and other breakouts of hers in which I’ve participated because of the way she differs in her photography from me. She is technical and careful and plans things through and it all shows beautifully in her work. Because of her tutorials I am inspired to really think through my setup, capturing, and editing instead of going merely by my feelings. I can’t wait to see how I grow in my photography as I finish this breakout!

  51. Even if you’re comfortable in where you are at with your work, Meg somehow opens your eyes to the realization that there is still so much to learn. I’m so pleasantly surprised at how much content & material I received for the amount of money I spent on this breakout. This is worth so much more.

  52. I am a very new at all things that revolve photography. I feel like Megs class has already helped me so much. This has shown me so many little details I never would have found or understood without her. Definitely worth taking the time to do this. So happy I signed up!

  53. Sarah K. Browning

    I enjoyed working through this breakout I have worked through several classes on both lightroom and photoshop, and some of the topics covered in this breakout were purely review. But there were also several wonderful gems that I feel have stepped-up my editing game. And I think the most valuable piece of this breakout was watching Meg’s process from beginning to end, to see how she arrives at her style and end-result. I would recommend this to photographers that are looking for that extra “oomph” for their editing, and especially photographers that are interested in getting the most out of the colors in their work.

  54. Loving this breakout. My favorite so far is white balance and exposure. I can’t wait to finish the rest of the course. It is simple but yet very informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge at an affordable price.

  55. I’ve followed Meg on Insta for a while – it’s so exciting and helpful to be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at her processes. I’m partway through and soaking in every bit of it!

  56. Suzanne Obermeyer

    If you are looking for a real quick and easy preset to throw on your image and become Instagram famous, this is definitely not the course for you! If however, you stand in awe at the beauty of the images with which Meg curates her Instagram feed, and are excited to invest the necessary time to learn how to meticulously dissect your own image, correct its imperfections and enhance its strengths using Lightroom and Photoshop in order to become a better artist yourself, then this is the class for you. I’ve enrolled in each of Meg’s courses; her workflow and presentation style has improved with each class, and this is by far her best work. Thank you, Meg!

  57. I’ve just enrolled for this course today but have made my way through a lot of the content already as it’s so interesting and easily explained.
    I’m excited about how much I have left to learn and the course modules are so relevant to what I wanted from this course

  58. I’m already overwhelmed with all the great materials and I’m getting started late! So excited to check it out since I’ve been following Meg for a while now and love her style!

  59. Such a superb breakout, Meg is just an amazing artist and in this breakout she breaks down the editing process and makes everything very easy to understand, she covers such a wide area of her skill including depth, colour and so much more, this is definitely a must have breakout for the beginner or the pro photographer, superbly done!

  60. $50?! I’ve been following Meg’s work for a while now on IG and wondering how on earth I could ever push my work to that level. For all the videos and information packed in this breakout, you are getting a STEAL. I cannot wait to dive in more!

  61. Elizabeth Trauer

    This breakout is loaded with information to take your images to the next level. Meg is thorough, and her repetition helps the viewer retain the skills learned when editing personal photos. Stunning work.

  62. If you’re on the fence about purchasing this break out, DO NOT wait!! I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in both Lightroom and Photoshop yet I’ve still gained SO much from this! It is packed with information, while I’m not all the way through, I can tell you it’s already exceeded ALL my expectations and then some. Run, don’t walk, grab it now!

  63. I am really enjoying watching the videos in this breakout. Meg explains everything she’s doing as she goes along and it’s very easy to follow. I look forward to watching all the videos then putting them to use in my own editing. Being able to download them onto my computer and watch them as often as I like is great. Absolutely worth the money and I haven’t even finished watching them yet. I would absolutely recommend purchasing if you haven’t already done so.

  64. I’ve been a long time fan of Meg’s work & I learn from her every chance I get. This is definitely the ULTIMATE guide to Meg’s editing! It is to helpful to see how she works from start to finish & to hear her thought process throughout! This is a MUST-BUY for everyone!

  65. . Meg shares her knowledge and there’s so much information!! I´ve trying to improve my skin tones for so log, now I understand more how to correct it !
    . I highly recommend this breakout you won’t regret the purchase! Its everything and more of what I was expecting!!! Thanks for your generosity Meg!!

  66. Everything Meg creates is gold! This breakout is exactly that – pure editing gold! I’m SO happy I got this breakout…the amount of videos and Meg’s instructions are priceless. For anyone asking – Meg teaches full hand-editing, no presets involved – this is an editing class from start to finish. If you’re a fan of Meg’s style than this class is highly recommended! I love it :)

  67. This breakout is everything I had hoped it would be. Meg shares her knowledge in lighting, colour, composition and so much more. There is information for every photographer, I personally am a nature/wildlife photographer and even though I don’t deal with skin tones a lot (yay!!! ) the way Meg explains directional lighting, depth of colour, and working on correcting greens are invaluable. I highly recommend this breakout you won’t regret the purchase!

  68. I consider myself advanced with photoshop but I’m finding that I’m learning so many new/different ways to navigate it! Her teaching style is organized by chapters that seem to build upon each other, which I really like. If your hesitant to take the plunge and purchase this… don’t be. I’m so glad I did!

  69. I am loving this break out. Meg does very well at talking through what she is doing and makes it all very easy. I love her images so it is also inspiration for me.

  70. I’ve just started watching the videos, but Meg explains everything very clearly and it is easy to follow along! I can hardly wait for the workshop with Meg in late February!

  71. This breakout is incredible! As an experienced photographer who loves the editing process, this breakout still had so much to offer me. It’s really amazing to watch Meg work her magic She taught me shortcuts that I had not been using, and they have already began speeding up my personal editing time. Meg explains her process thoroughly and it is easy to follow along while you watch the videos. This breakout is perfect for everyone, the beginning photographer to the seasoned pro. I can’t recommend it enough!!

  72. This is the first course I’ve taken here, but I’ve loved Meg’s photos for sooo long, and wished I knew how they were done. This course is packed with fantastic information that even a beginner can use, and as I progress, I’m sure even more of it will become relevant. It’s easy to keep track of my progress, and the videos are well done and worth every penny of this class! Thank you!

  73. I’ve been a longtime follower/admirer of Meg Loeks’ work. I signed up for her workshop through Click Photo School this past Fall and really enjoyed it. I wondered if I’d like this breakout as much and decided to take the leap and get it. I’m glad I did. There’s been very little overlap between that workshop and this breakout so far (if you find yourself in a similar situation and wondering). Meg does a really good job of breaking down her workflow and teaching it to her students — I find it easy to follow her. She does use a Mac ocmputer in her work, so sometimes in her tutorials, she refers to the Mac-based shortcuts in Photoshop. If you use a Windows-based system (like me), and aren’t too familiar with the Windows-based shortcuts (they are just a little different), I find it helpful to have a Windows-based short cuts cheat sheet next to me (there are lots of free ones on the internet to print) to refer to as she teaches. All in all, this is a great breakout, and I highly recommend it.

  74. This guide is full of knowledge and expertise in editing in both Lightroom and Photoshop. I love how Meg not only walks your through the steps to get to her final edit, but also her thought process and the why behind each step. She makes it simple to follow along and understand which tools she is using and why. So many light bulbs have gone off for me thanks to this breakout! Definitely one I will be recommending to anyone looking for taking their editing to the next level!

  75. This is by far one of the best courses I’ve taken yet. Meg’s ability to teach is phenomenal, so easy to understand with such beautiful results. I am so grateful that she shares her knowledge and skills, and can’t wait to put what I’ve learned into action. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to deepen their understand of Lightroom, Photoshop, working with colors, etc. Thank you Meg for this gem – what a great way to start the new year!!!

  76. I have been waiting for this very course! I love Meg’s photographs and use of light and color. I just finished her Classic Beauty course and loved it so much I immediately registered when I saw this one. I am just diving in but just as the previous course her videos are easy to follow and understand and offer an insight to how she achieves her signature look. Highly recommend!

  77. Getting to watch Meg edit is opening up a whole new world in Lightroom and Photoshop for me! I never knew there so many ways to work with the color settings and that is such valuable information! This is definitely worth the investment if you’re struggling with editing photos!

  78. I’ve been editing along with Meg, and my photos are looking amazing. She is so helpful and kind. I love all of her classes. She has a great way of explaining things so that you can understand. Thanks for the hard work you put into your classes. Thank you​

  79. Meg Loeks’ Ulimate Guide to Photo Editing is a must have at a fabulous price. I am finding the videos and content easy to follow. That being said, I would have to say that you do need at least basic knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop to completely follow along. While I feel that I am proficient at both programs, I enjoy learning how others use them and will add new tricks and techniques to my repertoire If you want to take your editing to the next level….do not hesitate to buy this breakout!

  80. I was just able to join this breakout today and I am already in love! The step by step process that she takes makes it so simple to see clearly how and why she does what she does. There are so many different techniques that I will definitely incorporate into my own editing workflow. Thank you Meg for sharing your knowledge and talent with us!

  81. wendy carolina padilla rios

    This is the best workshop that I have ever taken. I am so thankful to Meg. She explains so clearly and she will answer all our questions. So go and get it, you will for sure learn and improve your photography.

  82. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

    Meg is one of my absolute favorite photographers and one incredibly talented artist! Her work is a stand out and rich and every image of hers is beyond ordinary! I have gone through only half the videos still and I have learned so much already! It is really for anyone who wants to up their editing as she shares her complete process from start to end! One of the best breakouts out there and worth every penny! Get it now everyone!!

  83. I am just diving in, but already so blown away by the amazing amount of valuable content here, Meg! I have always admired your work, but how generous you are in sharing your knowledge and showing support of others growing creatively as well. I can’t wait to complete this course and learn from more you!

  84. I am loving this breakout! It is so helpful to be able to watch Meg edit the photos. She takes the time to explain each step in detail, and really makes it easy to understand.

  85. This breakout is simply perfection!
    I love the fact that I can follow chapter by chapter & start where I left off.
    She shares her knowledge on helpful tools, computer shortcuts and much more! I am actually blown away by how much I’ve learned!
    I am so thankful I took this breakout! Lightroom and photoshop have become easier to use thanks to Meg’s tips!
    Don’t miss out!!!

  86. I’m not even all the way through this breakout and I’ve already learned so much. I’ve only recently started taking classes at Click Photo School, and so far I have only used Lightroom (mostly self taught) when editing because I’ve been pretty intimidated by the infinite possibilities in Photoshop. But the way Meg visually lays out each step, it seems so much more accessible to me now. She shows what she’s doing and explains why through each step. I’ve taken a workshop with Meg as well and I’m sign up for another, and so far, there hasn’t been overlapping information, which is great. I’ve admired her talent for years (I love her Dutch Masters fine art style) and I was honestly surprised this course was only $50. You can tell she poured so much effort into this breakout. Very inspiring!

  87. I’m about half way through the videos and I have learned so much from them, especially about how to depth and focus on your colors. I can’t wait to get to the full edit videos and composites. Thanks, Meg, for putting so much work into this amazing breakout.

  88. Thanks so much for creating this content! I am so excited to learn from you and can’t wait to grow in my photography through this course.

  89. This is a wonderful editing class. Meg is not only a great photographer but also a good educator. Meg knows how to communicate and teach the talents and skills that she has acquired over the years. Her style of teaching is simple and to the point. The materials that she provides are easy to follow and very comprehensive. I would highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to improve their editing skills. Even if your style is different from Meg’s, everyone can benefit from the techniques and tips that she provides in this class.

  90. I have admired Meg’s photography since I found her on IG a little over a year ago and was lucky to take her Mastering Manual Course. I learned so much from her during that workshop, so decided to try this breakout and it is absolutely incredible. She covers so many different subjects from color, to cloning, to composites, depth, etc. and her editing videos are so informative and easy to follow. You can tell she poured her heart and soul into this breakout. I have learned so much these past few days and my hand editing has improved so much more than I could have expected. I highly recommend signing up for this BO today!

  91. What a fantastic breakout! How often do you get to learn from one of the world’s most talented women? For that reason alone, it’s worth taking.

  92. This breakout is absolutely fantastic. We all know Meg for her incredible work, and she doesn’t hold back in this breakout – revealing exactly how she edits start to finish. There are nuggets of information for photographers of all skill levels in this breakout, and I highly recommend it! It’s the type of collection that would be great to keep on your computer to revisit time and time again. If you’re on the fence, hesitate no more. Definitely worth every penny!

  93. I see there are 28 editing videos. Is this edits on 28 different images or are there like 3-4 videos covering different techniques per image? How many hours of videos are there? Just trying to get a better idea of what all is covered before I purchase. Can you provide a syllabus or index that shows what exactly we’re buying?

    1. There’s actually 32 if you take the live run. I have 4 bonus videos. Almost all the videos contain new images. There are only a few that use the same image. For example, in the first chapter I cover white balance and exposure. And then in another chapter I do a full edit on the same image. Out of the 32 videos, I edit a total of 29 images or so.

      Most videos range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. I would say on average most are around 20 minutes. There are just a couple that are short and those are in the beginning chapters.

    2. Viviana Cardenas

      Hi Meg, I have been following you for a short time and I absolutely love your work. I registered for your workshop “finding beauty in your everyday” and I was wondering if getting this breakout would be beneficial since you will cover s ton of info in the workshop? I don’t want to miss out on any learning opportunity with you. Thank you so much for your help.

  94. You will not be disappointed with this breakout! Meg is a master of her craft and she breaks down the editing process into logical bite sized chunks covering so many topics like depth, color, cloning, composites, and more. Her explanations of what she is doing an why she is doing it is well explained and easy to follow. This is a must have breakout for both novice and pro photographers!

  95. I love your work! Here’s what holds me back from purchasing your breakout- equipment (lack of). I have a Nikon d750 and a few good lenses. Will I benefit from your knowledge & experience – with lesser equipment? Thank you.

    1. I truly believe that while nice equipment has it’s perks, it’s not everything. A good photo can be taken with inexpensive camera gear. This breakout focuses on post processing only. I do think it’s important to start out with a solid SOOC though… which of course can be achieved with an inexpensive camera of course!

  96. hello, I like your work, but I don’t understand English, can I look at the program settings to understand the course, lightroom and photoshop in my English?

    1. Hello :) You can download the materials right to your computer and view them full screen which I think will help. That way you can really see what I’m doing. The part you will miss out on is my explanation as to why I do the things I do. Otherwise, I do think it’s easy to visually follow along <3

  97. Hi Meg,

    I am mainly interested in learning how you obtain such deep, rich colors.

    Is this a focus in this editing guide?



    1. Hi Marshall! A lot of the rich coloring has to do with light more than anything, which isn’t covered in this breakout. This breakout solely focuses on editing. However, I do a deep dive into how to add depth, contrast and color manipulation. This is how I enhance rich colors and tones.

  98. I only use photoshop and have never used LR! Should I still take this course and be able to pick up quickly? Are there presets involved or only hand editing? (Hand editing is what I want to learn better!)

    1. Hi Erika! This breakout focuses on hand edits only. Within the videos, I try to explain why I do the things I do as much as possible. I feel it’s for all different levels from beginner to seasoned. The videos start out focusing in specific areas like exposure, WB, depth, color and then build in difficulty. Full edits are at the very end.

    1. Hi Jeanette, at Click Photo School, you are able to download the course materials and keep them to view them anytime! If you join the Live run, there are little bonus downloads. In this breakout, you will receive Meg’s sky overlays and a bonus editing video when you purchase this breakout by January 22! After that, it will be in the online store for purchase, and the bonus content will not be included.

  99. I currently only use lightroom, but I do have Photoshop Elements as well. Can Elements be used for most of what you teach, or would I have to get Photoshop to apply what I learn in this class? Thanks!

    1. Hi Cait! About 60% of the editing in this breakout is in LR. The rest PS. I’m not sure how alike both Elements and PS are. I’m assuming you can use overlays in Elements just like PS, and there are similar brushes. So I do think this would be beneficial :)

  100. I use Smal presets. I love your editing and im so keen to learn more consistency! Will this course be beneficial if I use these presets?
    Thank you :)

    1. Hi Lisa! This course focuses on hand editing. It does a deep dive into each panel in Lightroom, and touches on creative edits in Photoshop. If that is something that interests you, then yes it’s beneficial :)

      I love using presets too especially when I need to edit a lot of images in one setting.

  101. I love Megs style so much. She was one of my first follows on IG when I started this crazy journey. She is full of inspiring images and is a leader in the community always willing to share and help. This course is a must and I’m currently trying to get my preorder ORDERED!!! I have taken all of her classes and they never disappoint! excited for this one!

    1. Good morning. This looks like an amazing breakout. I love your work. I don’t use Lightroom and don’t plan to start using it. Would this mot be the course for me if I am solely a Photoshop user? Thanks! Have a great day!

    2. Hi Lindsey! A good portion of what I do is in Lightroom, BUT about 40% of editing which includes using brushes, doing composites and any sort creative edit is in Photoshop. I know that many of the things I do within LR you can also do in PS. It’s up to you of course though. Also, you do get a bunch of sky overlays which can only be used in PS.

    1. Hi Brandi! The breakout is broken up into chapters. The purpose is for it to slowly build over time. So you start out with editing videos covering exposure and white balance, and then each chapter gets a little more detailed. The breakout is about 60% Lightroom and 40% PS. Please know that I will also be available during the live run to answer questions.

  102. I currently only know/use LR…would this course still be beneficial to me if I don’t have a foundation in PS? Or should I take a PS class first? I have adobe cc so have access to both, just no background.
    Meg your work is incredible!

      1. Hi Jessica! Not at all. This breakout focuses on hand edits only and I do a deep dive in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

    1. Most editing is actually done in Lightroom… at least 60% if not more. I do a deep dive into LR so I do think it would be beneficial. Most creative edits like composites and using brushes are all in photoshop though :) I will be around for the live run to answer any questions you may have too. Thank you so much for the kind words.

    1. Hi Brenda! I used to edit in Elements but it’s been awhile, I’m not sure if there are similarities between that program and PS. I’m sure there are some. About 60% of the editing is in Lightroom and the rest is in Photoshop.

  103. I’ve been following Meg’s work for a year or so now and finally had the chance to meet her at a photo conference a few months back. Can’t wait to dive right into this! I’ve been needing to focus more on my colour theory and lighting and I couldn’t think of anyone better to learn from!

  104. I would love to take this breakout! But I just want to clarify, does it matter what editing program you use? I use Lightroom. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kim! About 60% or so of the editing is done in Lightroom. Creative edits like composites, etc are all in PS. So a good portion is done in LR. :)

  105. Hi Julie! There’s not much overlap between this breakout and my workshop. This is strictly on editing so a lot of new material, and I do a deep dive into composites, editing in challenging light like full sun, low light, backlight and artificial light. Most videos are between 20 to 30 minutes long and there are about 25 sky overlays with a tutorial on how to use them too. Another thing I discuss and demonstrate heavily is the removal of unwanted items within your frame using various tools like cloning, healing, and content aware. Hope that helps!

    1. Hey Julie! There’s minimal overlap between the workshop and the breakout. Meg answered you in full as a separate comment here just above yours (didn’t want you to miss it)!

      1. I see there are specific dates listed for this course, I’ve never taken one before. Is it possible to download all of the content and watch at a later date?

        1. Hi Sara! The course will be available starting on the 7th. The materials are for you to download at anytime during the live run which is between the 7th and 22nd. The beautiful thing about a breakout is you can go through the material at your own pace too. After the 22nd, the breakout will go to the Click store. However once it’s in the store, the bonus material like the sky overlays and extra four editing videos will not be available.

      2. Thanks you Sarah! I love Meg’s work and yours as well, so I may have to buy myself a belated Christmas present :)

    2. Hi Julie! It looks like my reply posted separate so here it is again :)

      There’s not much overlap between this breakout and my workshop. This is strictly on editing so a lot of new material, and I do a deep dive into composites, editing in challenging light like full sun, low light, backlight and artificial light. Most videos are between 20 to 30 minutes long and there are about 25 sky overlays with a tutorial on how to use them too. Another thing I discuss and demonstrate heavily is the removal of unwanted items within your frame using various tools like cloning, healing, and content aware. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks so much Meg! Sounds great! If you ever do any in person workshops I’d love to attend…I’m in Michigan as well, but much farther south (Holland) :)

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