Marquette, MI 5/23/2020 - Meg Loeks and her daughter along the clothesline at their home. Canon 5D Mark IV and 105mm 1.4 DG HSM. 1/800, F1.8, ISO 160

Finding the Classic Beauty in Your Everyday

4 WEEK WORKSHOP begins September 25, 2023 (FINAL RUN!)

Meg Loeks

From day-to-day activities to getting in the frame, you’ll gain the skills to document life in a purposeful and beautiful way. We’ll cover ways to use color to strengthen images and to add depth. We’ll discover how to manipulate light to enhance images – both indoors and out – from rim light to challenging forms of light (like full sun!) to golden hour haze and backlight. We’ll examine how to make important decisions about what to include in the frame for stronger compositions. Finally, we’ll explore editing techniques to enhance the images that you’ve created.

with interactive instructor guidance and weekly assignment feedback
view-only access to study at your own pace

“Meg is a master at everything, and teaching is no exception.”


We'll take inspiration from the arts to create beautiful photos within our daily routines, get in the frame, and study connections and non-verbal communication.


This week concentrates on the study of outdoor & indoor light, the importance of shadows, creating atmosphere, and fueling creativity.


Explore color theory and symbolism, gain techniques to add depth, and strengthen composition and meanining.


We'll undertake a deeper study of light and composition, painterly atmosphere, and shooting with purpose. Finally, we'll see how editing brings it all together.

instructor tip:

Repetition with color throughout your frame to enhance depth and add balance is a wonderful way to achieve a painterly image. I often pick one color and then complement it with another one or two colors.


174 thoughts on “Finding the Classic Beauty in your Everyday”

  1. 4 weeks was simply not enough. Luckily, I can at least access the course materials forever! Meg shared so much of her approach to photography, ranging from what inspiration is and where to find it, to optimal approaches for photographing different situations, to EVERYTHING about post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Meg’s feedback was SO HELPFUL! I had such a good time in this course and truly wish I could have 4 more weeks to pick Meg’s brain. Go for it, and definitely grab a full participation spot if you can, you will absolutely not regret it!

  2. I have followed Meg since before I ever dreamed of being a photographer. I tried to sign up for this course every year, but it has always sold out so quickly. Now, I get why. This course was 4 weeks. I didn’t know that it was possible to grow so much in such a short amount of time. The videos, and course materials are amazing, but the best part is Meg’s unbelievably kind feedback. The way she sees your photo and then helps enhance it, is invaluable. Meg’s work is flawless, and she gives everything she has into this course. She teaches you absolutely everything about bringing magic into your own life and images. I can’t recommend taking this enough! It has been so in depth, so helpful, and so welcoming and kind. It’s being wrapped in a cozy blanket on a cold morning. It is everything you thought it would be but so much more!

  3. Meg Loeks needs no introduction. Her work is unique, beautiful, and such a beautiful representation of fine art. And on top of all of that, Meg is a wonderful teacher. She has broken down some very important elements into digestible information to make it easy for anyone to follow along and learn. For beginners, there are some integral techniques taught that will help anyone have a strong foundation in photography and editing. For the more advanced photographer, she breaks down how to create a vision for your work. There are so many videos showing how to both edit and set up a scene, and because an experienced photographer may know some of the technical stuff, one can really pick up on some of the nuances of taking an image from good to great. I recommend this workshop for anyone at any level. It isn’t just a portrait workshop, it is a workshop for those who want to create art with whatever subject you enjoy capturing. You will learn about light, composition, color theory, and post processing in both Lightroom and Photoshop. I cannot recommend this workshop enough.

  4. Hello,

    I’m very interested in learning more about working with light and I love the look of your work. However, I rarely photograph people (I’m more of a pet photographer). I do not have any children to practice with either. Will I still be able to use this course?

    1. Hi Katie! Yes definitely! I have had many students over the years that have taken this course and didn’t have children. This workshop heavily focuses on finding inspiration in your everyday, which of course will be different for everyone. We study art, color theory, and more. Hope that helps!

  5. LaDonna Huizinga

    Meg is one of the most talented teachers I have ever come across. She absolutely knows her stuff, she goes the extra mile to help her students, communicate quickly, and truly understands where you are stuck. Not only does she point out the things you could do better – not just point them out but show you how to do it – but she points out the things you did right and may not even realize you did right. That way, next time you can do it right again on purpose, rather than having those moments of creating a great photograph be left to luck. The course is so full of content that I couldn’t get through more than half of it during the course. Fortunately you get access to the material for a year!

    I thought this really would be a course about FINDING beauty in your every day, like documentary photography. However, I’d describe this course more as CREATING classic beauty from your everyday. Look at her photographs: those children didn’t just happen to be in those clothes with colors creating the perfect palette with the background. Those kitchen tables don’t just happen to be devoid of all implements that don’t help tell the story. This isn’t about chancing upon a perfect scene and running to get your camera, or even about trailing your kids all day to catch the perfect moment. It’s about creating those moments, thinking through the lighting, choosing the colors, and enhancing the results to perfection in Lightroom and/or Photoshop.

    Had I known it was more about creating moments than discovering them, I probably would not have taken the course. I’m glad I didn’t know! Even though I’m a Day in the Life photographer, I learned soooooooooo much in this course which will influence the way I go forward in my own style.

    If I have one warning, it’s that you’ll get far more out of this course if you already know at least a bit about post-processing and flash. If you don’t, my advice would be first to take a beginner’s course on Lightroom and/or Photoshop, and to take at least “Flash & Continuous Light” by Michelle Turner (if not both her courses). Then you’ll be able to do all the things Meg teaches in this course without having to learn too many skills at the same time.

  6. Michèle Stucki

    I think this is the best workshop I ever took. I wish I would’ve taken it earlier in my photography journey. Not only did I learn where to find inspiration, but I also received a lot of editing tips. Meg is an open book and loves to share her knowledge with us. Thanks to the full participation I also had the opportunity to get specific and very constructive feedback on my photos which I really appreciated. Meg is a kind-hearted person, very encouraging and simply inspiring.

  7. So much inspiration and new materials for my photography journey are absolutely and priceless for me. This brought me to a higher level in my photography. I highly recommend it, because Meg is a gifted teacher, a sensitive Coach and a valued role model. Her videos are so detailed in explanation and I’ve learned so much in color editing and using light. All questions were answered from her and no question remained unanswered. I’m thankful for the last 4 weeks and I’m happy to be a part of this wonderful course “Finding the classic Beauty.”

  8. I cannot recommend this class enough! Meg is an amazing and gifted teacher and all the materials offered are so beautifully done and so comprehensive. I have taken classes with Meg before but this was my first time doing a FP class with her and her feedback is priceless! She is so encouraging and and kindly helps you take steps further in your photography journey. This class teaches everything photography (besides from the basics) and I’m honestly blown away by how much it covers. I’m sure I’ll be going back to these materials over and over in the future! I’m ending this class feeling so inspired and I have new found appreciation for my every day life – I’ve really been finding the beauty in the smallest moments.

    So THANK YOU Meg :)

  9. I will echo so many of the other comments here. Meg’s class is phenomenal. She walks you through her entire process, from inspiration to planning to shooting and editing. I highly recommend taking the class as a full participant so you can utilize her helpful feedback for your own images. Highly recommend!

  10. I absolutely loved Meg’s workshop. I have wanted to take it for a long time as her work is so inspiring. She masters colour like no other and is so detail oriented. You can see the passion in her work. It was so great to be taught by her and learn techniques and receive such beneficial feedback to help produce the images I want to create. Thank you, Meg!

  11. I cannot recommend this workshop enough. Meg’s way of explaining every theme is so clear. She explains every detail in a kind way. Also in this workshop she opens the doors of her creativity by sharing absolutely everything. There is a lot of material. Her art and inspiration

  12. This is the best course I’ve taken through Click, Meg is such an outstanding teacher. I’ve taken it more than once and found it just as wonderful the second time around because Meg is always making new video tutorials and she gives so much of herself to the live aspect of the class. Couldn’t recommend higher!

  13. I did the full participation and have loved doing this course. The lessons are rich in information including many videos. Meg has a unique way of explaining her photography process and I have learnt so much, especially about light, colour and composition. Meg is also quick to answer any questions. I have learnt so much in these 4 weeks, and would highly recommend this course!!

  14. I loved this workshop so much and I’m going to miss it after it ends. So filled with details and inspiration!! Meg doesn’t hide any of her skills and teaches us one by one so politely. Definitely changed my mind of photographing (in a good way of course). I leaned so many important things in this class. I would like to thank Meg again for this wonderful opportunity and I’ll definitely take more workshops again in the near future!! Thank you!

  15. Amy Schoonover

    This course was truly eye opening! I learned so much especially created light (soft box, strobe, etc). This has allowed me to get more creative with my kids in and capture my daily life in an inspired way. I recommend this course to everyone!

  16. I’ve really enjoyed this course. I think of myself as not very creative, and I have felt empowered throughout the last 4 weeks and also feel like I’ve learned so much. Imposter syndrome is a real thing, and that is something I struggle with daily, but during this course, I’ve felt so good, and I am so sad it’s over. Don’t hesitate to take this class, you won’t regret it!

  17. This class has been the best investment I have made in my photography journey! Meg is not only the most talented photographer I know but also the kindest. She shares all of her knowledgeable with her students and answers all of the questions in such a timely manner. She is the best professor to learn from. I can’t wait to take more courses with her.

    1. Hi Agustina- while Meg’s self paced course (Behind the Scenes) does have Spanish translation, this workshop is only in English at this time.

  18. I loved this course! There was so much content that I will be continuing to learn for many, many months even though the course is now finished. The videos of Meg editing and demonstrating the course materials were incredibly useful and inspiring to watch; and I learnt so many new editing techniques. I’m so glad I chose full participation and had the chance to submit photos and receive feedback from Meg on these too as these were incredibly helpful in moving my photography on. Thanks Meg.

  19. I’ve been a photographer for 13 years and have taken several online and in person classes over that time. Believe me when I say, Meg’s class is hands down the best one I’ve taken to date. I’ve been hesitant to take anything new because so many of them can be redundant. Meg is an amazing teacher, her cc is honest and incredibly knowledgeable and she is so down to earth and kind. Take the full course. You absolutely will not regret it.

  20. This is my second time taking Megs class and I cannot believe how much information was updated and how much more she shared. She is such a great teacher and so full of information! I love how she breaks down the categories and builds on each lesson. This class gave me the inspiration I needed to start picking up my camera again. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to build their skills and be inspired!

  21. Colleen Davenport

    Meg’s workshop is wonderful! I have been wanting to take this course for a long time and I am so thankful I finally did. Meg is so kind and encouraging and her attention to detail is astounding. Her videos are so thorough and her feedback is so helpful! Her class has helped me grow as a photographer and I feel like I’m on a new trajectory because of this workshop. I cannot recommend this course enough!

  22. I’ve wanted to take one of Meg’s classes for eons. Her images are so compelling, especially her use of color and light. When ‘Finding the Classic Beauty in Your Every day,’ came around again, I was so excited to enroll as a study along participant, although I highly recommend taking this class full participation (it was full when I signed up). This class is amazing. Meg is amazing! She is a very thorough and organized instructor. Her weekly pdf reading is so well written and informative. She speaks clearly in her videos and holds your hand every step of the way. Even though the genres I shoot are quite different from Meg’s, I gained so many tips and tricks from this class. Her post-processing knowledge is phenomenal! I know she is very responsive and I’m sure as a full participant you will also receive timely communication and fantastic feedback on image submissions. If you see this class come around again, hit the purchase button immediately!

    1. Hello,
      Looking to kick off my love for photography and being able to take on new clients. Would this course be good for a beginner?
      Thank you,

  23. I learned so much in this workshop. Meg’s attention to detail and insight is honestly, next level genius. She is so kind and encouraging as she guides her students to see the beauty in every day. This course was absolutely amazing!

  24. This is such a magnificent workshop! Meg shares so much valuable information such as editing videos, light, composition, use of color, etc … but what I most value is how she drives you to be inspired and creative. Lately I was feeling lack of inspiration and this workshop just gave me that push to continue being creative and put in place some photograph projects.
    Meg has always been there for anything we needed, everything was explained with so much detail and love I can not be more grateful!
    I wish she had many other workshops so I could continue learning from her and receiving her feedback!

  25. Even as a seasoned professional, I gained so much knowledge after taking this course! Meg gives so many tips and tricks to elevate your portraits into art. If you’re hesitant on investing the money for a full participation seat, don’t! What would you pay for a master to critique an image a week for a month, in addition to giving you all of her knowledge of color, connection, emotion and composition? It’s a steal. You won’t be disappointed. And again, I’m not a newbie. I’ve been a working full-time professional photographer for over a decade. Even if I walked away with more knowledge to better photograph my own children I would be elated to do so. But Meg did so much more than that.

  26. I have followed Meg’s work for a year and love everything thing she does. I was a little hesitant to take the class because I have eaten up any and all free content she has put out; I couldn’t fathom that I would get that much more out of her course. Holy smokes, was I ever wrong! I took this course as a study along participant and I could not believe how much information she had available. This is my fourth Click Photo School Course I have taken and it, by far, had the most content and Meg was by far the most responsive teacher. When full participation students asked questions she gave lots of good feedback and would often pull their photos into LR or PS and show them how she would edit the photo to fix whatever issue they were having. In the fourth week she also had 1 hour zoom meetings with groups of full participation students where they talked about the upcoming assignment and gave each person valuable feedback about their ideas. At the end they also had time to ask her anything. Over and over she said she was an open book and she truly was! I learned so many tips and tricks about shooting, editing, lighting, and gaining inspiration, and corralling children for photos. I would have loved to take this course as a full participation participant, but even as a study along, I have gained so much from being a silent observer.

    1. The course dates for the next run of this class have not yet been released.
      Please be sure to follow Click Photo School to receive the latest workshop and registration information at

  27. Anneliese Sullivan-Wilson

    Will there be another full participation workshop?
    If I were to sign up to the study along is everything downloadable to keep?
    Beautiful imagery Megan.

    1. There will be although the date has not been set yet. It will most likely be sometime in the winter of 2022… maybe towards the end. If you like, you can go to and subscribe to my email list. I will reach out to everyone on the list when the next workshop is going to start first.

      If you sign up for the study along, everything is yours to keep just like it is for full participation.

      Thank you!

    1. Hey Elaine!
      If you choose the Study Along option you do receive complimentary viewing access to the main Full Participation classroom. This allows you to view all of the instructor’s feedback or CC and to follow along with any discussions. That viewing access proves to be such a valuable tool in the learning process.

  28. Finding The Classic Beauty In Your Everyday is a class for photographers at every level. I consider myself an advanced hobbyist — one that is prone to ruts as I navigate a transitional stage in my photography journey. Having taken Meg’s self paced course, Ultimate Guide To Photo Editing, and absorbing every generous tutorial she has shared on the forum, I knew I wanted to take this class too.

    I had a Study Along seat and soaked up every page, video, discussion and critique. I went in looking for a creative push (and a bit of PS hand holding) — Meg delivered it all and then some! My biggest takeaways were to pay more attention to color and balance in the frame when shooting, and I was also able to overcome my PS fears with some very clear guidance — huge for me, I can’t even tell you …

    Over the years I have taken the same classes that Meg references as an influence in her own journey, with the same amazing instructors, and I relate wholeheartedly to her experience in those classes. I hope Meg realises that as an artist and educator she is right up there with them. Quality material and instruction — truly one of the best. Thank you so much, Meg!

    1. Hello Katy!! I was wondering if this class has as much editing tutorials as her guide to photo editing? Not sure if I should purchase both or if enough materials over lap? Thank so much!

      1. Hi, Elaine. I just checked and the total number of videos (shooting and editing) for the four weeks of class is 35. Instructors do update material/videos from time to time so keep that in mind. I took the April/May run and Meg may have updated some videos to account for LR updates, though I can’t be sure. Whilst there will be some overlap, the class goes beyond editing so for me it was worth taking both. Hope that helps!

        1. Thank you Katy!

          Elaine as Katy mentioned Classic Beauty goes beyond just editing. It’s heavy in editing (not quite as heavy as the Ultimate Guide to Photo Editing) but it also covers a lot of different things like natural and created light, color theory and composition, self portraiture, flatlays, etc. Hope that helps!

  29. I absolutely loved Meg’s course!
    The way it is structured and organized by weeks, covering all the different aspects, from storytelling to light and colors, allows you to gradually access all the information, without feeling overwhelmed.
    The videos are very clear and packed with information, both for Lightroom and Photoshop users which makes them very versatile.
    I learned so much and there are a lot of techniques that I now use in my daily editing workflow.
    Meg is an incredibly talented artist and photographer and she answers questions covering so many different aspects and techniques in the photography world!
    Most of all, I could really feel her commitment and willingness to help us, not only by reviewing our work (I did full participation which I definitely recommend) but also by being available to answer all our questions and doubts.
    I definitely recommend this course to everyone, no matter what stage of photography you’re in, I’m sure you’ll learn a lot!
    Thank you so much Meg for this amazing opportunity to learn from you! I’m truly grateful and honored to have had this opportunity!

  30. Jenny Rosenbring

    I absolutely loved Megs class! I was looking for a creative push and I really got it from Meg. There is a new assignment every week and it is so fun thinking about and brainstorming for that. Meg is a master at using colors and light in her work and she is very generous in sharing her thoughtprocess. creative process and her editing process. It gave me so many new ideas and inspired me to try new things. Her editingvideos are so good and I learned alot from them, both in Lightroom and Photoshop. I very much recommend this class, and you can take it both as a beginner and as a more advanced photographer.

    1. Christine Dannhausen-Brun

      Hi Jenny! How much time did you put in each week for this class. I just signed up for Susan Grimes’ Composition class which starts 2/28, but I have been wanting to take this class as well. I’m trying to figure out if I can juggle both while working too. Thanks!

      1. Hi Christine! I think around 2 hours per week maybe more some weeks. I love interacting with the other participants so it was really a labor of love. It is such a good class!

  31. This is such an inspiring workshop. It will really change the way you see and capture your everyday and elevate your art. It is so full of information and the materials are very well presented. The PDFs and videos are so helpful and very detailed. Meg is amazing artist and instructor. She is always very encouraging, responsive, and thorough with her instructions, answers and feedback. I especially love the weekly assignments that pushed me out of my comfort zone and Meg’s detailed constructive critiques. Would highly recommend this!

  32. This course is a wealth of information that will help you reach new levels of photography no matter what part of your journey you are on. Meg is a wonderful teacher and she has so much wisdom to offer. I highly recommend taking this course!

  33. This workshop is eye-opening and AMAZING! It covers so many areas, such as getting inspiration, lights, composition, and colour. If you love Meg’s style of work, you must need to take this course. I have learnt so much! I joined in Full Participation, and Meg and the student class are very encouraging.
    This is my 2nd workshop with Meg – she is an excellent instructor – super patient and encouraging! I wish she will have more workshops in the future.

  34. In this course, Meg masterfully teaches how to tell the story of your own life. I’m walking away feeling inspired and with a bunch of new tools to capture and edit both my family and my clients. From learning new equipment like OCF to finding inspiration in art, I feel that Meg pushed me outside of my comfort zone, which is just what I needed right now. Thank you so much, Meg. You are truly the Miyagi of photography.

  35. Natasha Saravanja

    I have come away from this workshop armed with all new sorts of ideas and resources, and I finally feel like my inspiration rut is melting away. I thoroughly enjoyed Meg’s classes and her thoughtful and helpful feedback. This course is fantastic for photographers at all stages in their journey, and everyone can benefit from her sage advice.

  36. I love everything Meg has to offer and this course satisfied my creative desire to make memories with my kids into artistic keepsakes. I feel much more confident in my editing and composition. Meg was very transparent and available to answer questions for those in the seated course (I did the study along and my questions were answered this way too). I would recommend it to anyone!

  37. I really want the full access but with the study guided will I have access to see the live teaching? Whens the next class for full access?

  38. Hello, will there be another one of these classes soon? I would like to do full participation but it is sold out.

    Thank you!

  39. Meg was kind and gracious and patient and so very helpful. I have learned so much from this course, from the technical aspects of my camera, editing in photoshop, and most importantly, how to push myself to try new things and to be okay with making mistakes in order to learn from them. It’s just recently that I have taken the plunge into pursuing a career in photography, and while my focus has been to go into family/lifestyle photography, taking her course has definitely made me want to build my creative muscles as I document my daughter’s childhood. Definitely worth it!

  40. Jordyn Trisket

    I wish I had taken this course years ago. Meg is an incredible artist and she pours her entire heart into her work- it’s evident in every image she produces. I have admired her for a long time and finally decided to take a chance and grab a full participation spot. I learned so much in just four short weeks and her cc is invaluable. It’s like she has opened my eyes and now I can’t unsee the mistakes I was making, which is only going to push me to improve. So many a-ha moments and I can’t wait to continue to put everything into practice. Thanks for everything, Meg! You’re an amazing teacher and I am grateful beyond words.

  41. Meg!! Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this course. I highly, highly recommend it. The course flew by for me. Each week was a new adventure, a new challenge, and loads upon loads of inspiration. I feel that my photography journey finally turned the corner during this course to the point where I love what I do again! For so long, photography was fun (I work as a family portrait photographer), but just not fulfilling. Thanks to Meg, I’ve re-discovered my passion and am seeing my photos as art. I now see the classic beauty in my every day. Just like the course title. And I’ve never been happier with my photos! From planning colors, to choosing what to include in frame, to techniques in post — Meg covers them all. She is so approachable and encouraging. I simply loved every minute. Again, I highly recommend this course. Thank you!!

  42. I’m just finishing this workshop as a Study Along student. What an incredibly instructive four weeks. I’ve been clicking away like crazy and am so motivated to practice all the tips and techniques shared by Meg. And I find the editing instruction to be clear, relevant and nothing short of brilliant. Although I was not submitting my own work (as a Study Along) I learned a lot from seeing how Meg critiqued the Full Participation submissions. The materials are first class, and I know I will refer to them again and again. Meg’s approach to light and color as a vehicle for storytelling is exactly what I needed to make my candid and planned shots more purposeful and rewarding. I would recommend this workshop for both pros and amateurs who want to make their images special. Thank you, Meg!

  43. Hi! I could have swore I signed up for full participation for this course starting on 4/19 however I never received any follow-up communications. Was it rescheduled?
    Thank you!

  44. Meg my name is Erica and I’m an Italia photographer.
    I world like to partecipate to your masterclass as “study alone”. Your image are incredibile!
    My English is not perfect and if in your course are present subtitles for me world be perfect and fantastic!
    Thank you very much

  45. Hello Meg,

    I am thinking of signing up for a follow along workshop and I had one question regarding editing part of it. Can you please let me know how much time is dedicated for editing portion and if you are using actions and presets to edit or you show your workflow from scratch.

    Thank you!!!!


    P.s. In love with your work of art!

    1. Hi Lauren! Yes the next run will be July 12th which means registration opens on June 3rd for CM Lifetime members and to the public on June 7th. Just a heads up full participation did sell out for the last run within 30 minutes so I would act quickly on registration day. <3

      1. Hello:
        I am concerned about the class selling out before June 7. Is this a possibility? I can’t really afford the CM lifetime membership fee.

    1. Hi Brittany! The next class starts April 19th. Full participation sold out shortly after registration opened but study along is still available. If you want to take full participation, I believe the next run will be in the summer but I don’t have an exact date just yet. I will soon and will be sure to make an announcement.

    2. Hi Brittany! Just a heads up the next run will be July 12th which means registration opens on June 3rd for CM Lifetime members and to the public on June 7th.

    1. Hi Chen! Full participation sold out shortly after registration opened but study along is still available. If you want to take full participation, I believe the next run will be in the summer but I don’t have an exact date just yet. I will soon and will be sure to make an announcement.

    2. Hi Chen! Just a heads up the next run will be July 12th which means registration opens on June 3rd for CM Lifetime members and to the public on June 7th.

  46. Meg is a fantastic teacher and amazing artist. It’s so inspiring to watch how she creates her art from her initial thought process to the execution. She helps you and encourages you to find your own artistic style and voice. She is patient whether you are just beginning to learn or a very experienced photographer. I’ve learned so much from Meg and always enjoy her classes.

  47. Bernadette Manaay

    THIS IS THE WORKSHOP THAT I FEEL EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER OF ANY LEVEL SHOULD TAKE! PERIOD! THIS IS SO WORTH IT! I had been eyeing this workshop for the longest and I am so glad I finally did and I took the full participation. It feels different when Meg sees your work and let you know the strengths of your frame and how you can make it stronger in a way that inspires you and challenges you to do better every week. The four weeks of this workshop was packed with so much information that I won’t learn on my own even for a decade of trying to figure things out. I saw her heart and desire to mentor so many of us who wanted to improve not just our photography skills but our intentions of taking the shot and how we can enhance our own unique stories through photographs and story telling. She was so patient, so detailed and so available to all of us who participated in this workshop. We all loved the Zoom meetings she did in small groups so she can reach out better to all of us. I highly recommend this workshop and I advice you go for the full participation to get the wonderful experience of being mentored by one of the greatest artist/photographer I know of this generation. Meg, thank you for generously sharing your story, art and talent to so many. You changed me in this workshop. I saw the classic beauty and the lovely of my everyday because of you. Thank you forever!

    1. Thanks for such a detailed review, Bernadette! It helps people who want to take the workshop with Meg so much. Do we also her to learn about Meg’s editing process in this session?

      1. Bernadette Manaay

        Hi Sinjita, I’m glad my review here helped you know about this workshop. With regards to your question, yes you would learn about Meg’s editing process every week. Week 4 is when she edits from start to finish to give us an idea of her workflow. It is very informative and I’m already applying most of them in my work.

      1. Dear Meg,

        I missed your workshop (FP) due to the time difference between India and the US! I even wrote you on Instagram, but it may have got drowned somewhere in your inbox! Really really keen to be a part of your next “Finding the Classic Beauty in Your Everyday”. Please let me know when you are planning to host the next round. I will be the first candidate!

  48. I highly recommend this class — Meg is such an amazing instructor and provides excellent feedback. Her videos are so in depth but also easy to follow along without becoming too overwhelming which is a special skill to have when it comes to editing videos I think! I loved that this course pushed me to photograph in indoor lighting and in all areas of my home and that she also covered flat-lays, self portraits, and shooting outdoors. Learning more about colour theory and how to incorporate colour into your images in a more thoughtful and meaningful way was so excellent. I can’t recommend this class enough.

  49. Meg is an exceptional educator and photographer! Taking her course was HANDS DOWN the BEST investment I have made for my photography business. I learned more from Meg in four weeks than I ever have in any other class that I have taken in the past five years. The mount of effort Meg puts into her lesson notes, editing videos, creative feedback and follow up answers is truly amazing. She goes above and beyond to make sure you understand the concepts and feel fully supported in your photography journey. I just signed up for another one of Meg’s courses. Do yourself a favour and learn from this master!

  50. Meg is the sweetest!! I absolutely love Meg’s photos so I decided to take one of her workshops. I was a little nervous about taking a workshop because I still take pictures as a hobby but wanted to learn more. Meg’s feedback was very helpful and insightful but she never made me feel bad or embarrased about my work. The videos and editing information she provides are extremely helpful and I know I will go back and rewatch them in the future. While there is a lot to learn about photography and editing in this course, Meg’s goal is to help you realize the many opportunities in your everyday life to photograph. I’m so thankful this was my first workshop, it was a great experience. This will not be my last!!

  51. This course was worth every penny, and more! Meg shares all of her secrets and holds nothing back, and she makes sure that every question gets answered. She has incredible skill and incredible patience, and I feel like I have so many new tools at my disposal to use going forward! I will review the materials many many times because it is so full of amazing information.

  52. This is an amazing course, packed full of so many videos and examples to learn from. Meg is an incredible artist and it’s such a privilege to learn from her over this course. Thank you Meg!

  53. This class is truly enriching and inspirational. Meg’s style of teaching makes concepts easy to follow and understand, and her thoughtful critiques are extremely helpful. I could not possibly recommend this course more. It is a must-take, and I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an incredible teacher and artist!

  54. This class is amazing. Meg takes so much time in answering questions, critiquing work, and getting to know the participants. The material is awesome. She has put so much of herself into this course. She shares how to use natural light as well as artificial light in her images and it has been a game changer for me. Her use of color and showing step by step how she achieves it in LR and PS is so good. She’s so patient with the participants, walking us through everything. Love Meg, and loved this class. I cannot recommend this class enough!

  55. Hello Meg!

    I was just wondering if you would be offering this class again later this year. I’m very interested in taking it and the syllabus sounds like it’s just what I need. However, since we’re in lockdown here ( in Germany) and the kids will be at home with me for nobody knows how long, I would prefer to take it sometime later. Also, ideally, I would like to take this class as a full participant. However, if you aren’t planning on offering another round of this class, I would take it now rather than miss out on it completely.

    I would very much appreciate a short reply, – sorry if that’s a wrong place to post this!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Irina! Yes this workshop is usually offered about 3 times a year. I would expect the next run to be sometime in the late spring.

  56. Hi! I would love to participate this workshop. Could you please provide information regarding the time of the classes, a schedule perhaps? Thank you!

  57. Ma’am will we get certificate after the completion of full participation ? Ma’am as full participation is sold out will you plan another class ?

  58. hi – wondering if any of the past students or Meg can help me – what kinda commitment (time wise) would you recommend allocating for this course? i can’t seem to find the schedule of lessons and Q&A’s ??

  59. This is the best class I have ever taken, I learned so much. Meg is an incredible artist, and I was so honored to get her feedback on my work. I can see how my photography improved after this class, especially my editing, the color theory, and definitely my planning and visualization technique. Looking forward to take another class with her.

  60. Meg is an incredible photographer and having the opportunity to learn from her as a full participation student was amazing. If you can swing it, definitely go full participation so you can get the feedback on your own work! I loved the focus on inspiration and different places to find it as well as a focus on self portraits, finding your individuality as an artist, and using light to create art. I took this class at an extremely crazy time since it fell during the start of the school year, but I still so looked forward to tackling the materials and exercises. This class was one of my favorites!

  61. I have completed the Classic Beauty course recently and I’m so happy to take this course as I learned a lot of photography tips and editing skills such as a composition, light, color, creativity,…
    Meg is a wonderful artist and instructor and I can’t recommend this course enough.
    I’m looking forward to doing Mastering Manual Exposure course with her soon.

  62. Just turned in my final assignment for this class and it was a wonderful experience. As a hobbyist/semi-professional photographer who is not currently making any money with her camera, it was tough for me to justify the cost of the full participation course but I am so glad I did! I learned so many things about improving my SOOC through light study…I didn’t know what I didn’t know before. There is a ton of content packed into these 4 weeks and I am leaving the class with a renewed excitement of photographing my kids and turning everyday life into art…an excitement that I had lost as I pulled back from shooting for clients. Thanks Meg!

  63. This is a wonderful workshop, Meg’s work is so beautiful and it has been so inspiring to see how she works, creates, why she does what she does and how she makes her work stand out the way it does. The workshop helps you to look at your own life, house, kids and surroundings in a different light (no pun intended). It is also filled with tutorials on how to achieve the look she creates and the feedback you get from Meg is also really helpful.

  64. This is my SECOND time taking this class! I took it back in September 2018 (see review below) and decided I wanted to register again after Meg announced that she has updated the course materials. Funny how this class has kept my sanity during the summer of 2018 and now during the covid lockdown of 2020 haha…This class is just SO GOOD! I love learning from Meg – she holds nothing back, goes into every detail, and makes sure to answer every single question no matter if you are a beginner or a pro. If you want to bring art into your everyday life with your own family then this class is for you. If you want to add more depth to your client work then this class is for you. If you want to learn how an artist observes light and color and learn from the best then this class is for you. If you’re looking for inspiration then this class is for you. To sum up – this class is for you. I took it twice and enjoyed the updated materials and in-depth learning process. Thank you Meg for a wonderful class yet again!

  65. Meg’s Finding the Classic Beauty class has been so creatively inspiring and fulfilling! She goes into such amazing detail about her editing process – she is a master – and the content is presented in such a beautiful way. It is inspiring to study her stunning imagery in a deeper way to better understand what makes them stand out so I can apply the ideas to my own photographs, and the weekly prompts and exercises are great motivation to think about how to see my everyday surroundings and the people I love in a new, fresh way. I tried SO many new things over the last 4 weeks and learned so much, and I cannot recommend this class enough!

  66. Hi Meg,
    I love your photos and interested in doing this workshop. Can I have further information like when it starts and how do I register?
    Thank you

  67. This workshop was such a bright light and source of joy in my photography journey. Each week I looked forward to diving into the new materials and I felt more inspired than ever. This workshop has helped me to slow down and look at things around me in a new way. The feedback from Meg is so thoughtful and valuable. I recommend this course to everyone wanting to take their photography to the next level!

  68. This course left me so inspired to create and capture photographs of our daily lives! Meg is an outstanding instructor! She offers wonderful technical and artistic advice to help you improve your skills. The content included was phenomenal (a wonderful range of editing techniques and ways to make intentional artistic choices to name a few) – I absolutely loved taking this class as a full participation student! Once you experience this class you will be amazed by the transformation in your own work over the four week time period! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Meg – the wealth of knowledge she shares with her students is amazing!

    Thank you, Meg, so much for this opportunity – I learned so much from you and will be forever grateful for this class!

  69. It is so inspiring to take a class with an artist of Meg’s caliber, and to have that creative push to make authentic everyday images in my own voice. Editing videos cover everything from skin to sky, matte and haze, and Meg’s commentary really illuminates the why behind her intentional choices (subject positioning, clothing, light and mood, editing). The daily shooting prompts helped push me to make some of my favorite images. Take this class full participation to get the benefit of thoughtful, encouraging and honest image critiques!

  70. Meg is a wonderful instructor. She’s very generous with her knowledge. I recently completed a full participation course and she really helped me to see light and set up a scene. Her instructional videos are amazing. Definitely will be referring back to them as I practice my new skills. Even if you don’t take the full class there’s plenty to be learned from others questioning. Having Meg provide feedback was what I really wanted for myself. Extremely happy with my growth from this course.

  71. This is one of the best workshops I’ve ever taken. Meg is a wonderful teacher. She will show you how to find light in your surrounding and how to set up your scene. Her editing skills is amazing and she’ll gladly share her knowledge. I was able to learn skills that will help me bring life to my images. She’s very responsive to questions and you can always learn from others in the course. I highly recommend Meg’s course to anyone looking to elevate their photography skills.

  72. Meg is such as a inspiring artist!! You can learn a lot from her work… This class was amazing, it pushed me to see the everyday opportunities and also to be more aware of light and shadows, besides that all the content, the detailed answers to questions, the feed back, the videos… everything!! It is one to take as a Full Participation

  73. This is a truly remarkable workshop and Meg is a gifted instructor! I actually took the course first as a Study Along student and immediately knew that I wanted to take it as Full Participation….yes, it is so good that I have taken it twice and am glad that I did! I really cannot recommend this course enough. The PDFs are inspiring and full of practical information to transform your photos from snapshots into art. Meg includes numerous videos each week detailing behind the scenes and editing, so there is ample opportunity to see her thought process when setting up, composing and editing her images to bring the vision to life. And of course, she is incredibly responsive to questions within the forum and clearly wants to see each participant grow and succeed. The weekly assignments and critiques are thorough and well thought-out. For me personally, I particularly loved learning about her use of light and color, and I feel like I learned so much. I would highly recommend this workshop and am grateful to Meg for all her genuine and thoughtful instruction!

    1. Thank you so much Nicole! Truly appreciate your kind words and enjoyed working with you over the past 4 weeks <3

  74. Hi, living in Europe I wanted to know when are the workshop giving (what hour?) and are the material and contents downloadable (so we can when keep them and look at them at everytime)?

    Thanks for your answer :-)

    1. Brittany Peters

      Hi, I am *very* new to using my camera. Is this course for beginners? And if not, can you suggest one so that I can work my way up to this?

      1. Hi Brittany! It’s best that you have a solid understanding of the exposure triangle and manual mode before starting this course. If you are new to shooting in manual mode, I would suggest starting with Mastering Manual Exposure first. I also help teach that workshop and it starts today! Next run is in a month.

    2. Hi Celynek! You go through the materials at your own pace. There are weekly assignments due for full participation students. Those are due on Sunday evening each week. Otherwise you can read the PDFs and watch the videos when it works best for you. Materials are downloadable for you to keep.

  75. Sooo disappointed I was waiting for the opportunity to buy the full participation and not I can’t! I literally have been checking weekly! Frustrating…Is the study along worth it, or should I just wait for another workshop. This was the one my husband agreed to and I missed it! So bummed.

    1. Nina O'Connell

      Hi Brandi!

      I am so sorry you missed Full Participation. Meg’s class tends to fill up very fast. Being a Clickin Moms member is not required to take a course with us but Clickin Moms Lifetime members do receive an advanced chance to register for our classes. This class tends to run a few times a year so I would keep your eyes open for another run.

      If you have any additional questions you can email

    2. Hi Brandi! Just a heads up registration is about to open up again for the next workshop <3 I'm sorry about the other run!

    1. Nina O'Connell

      Hi Alexander!

      Study Along students have access to all materials and are able to view all content and conversation in the main workshop. Study along students will not be able to ask the instructor questions or request instructor feedback on their assignments, but they can follow along with instructor critiques of the Full Participation assignments. Please email if you have any additional questions.

  76. Hi i am frim iran and i want to have pdfs please tell me how? Thanks alot i really like to learn .

    1. Please, I’d like to know of this course we have the option of the subtitle. It because I’m Brazilian and my English is not perfect and I’m afraid to “lost” some explanation. Thanks!

  77. This is absolutely a workshop every photographer should take. Meg covers so much valuable lessons to apply in daily life in this workshop. I learned so much from those beautiful .pdf files and extremely informative videos. Meg is such a wonderful person and amazing teacher! Her feedback is very helpful and she answers every questions in so much depths. I am so thankful to be able to learn from Meg. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone!

  78. It was great to have the opportunity to take a class from Meg. She is so gifted with color and polishing already stunning images, among many other things. I would recommend this class to anyone. With the number of editing videos there is something for everyone to learn or think about differently. I also appreciated the feedback she gave as she has a good eye for things of course, and can help advise on any image. Definitely recommend!

  79. I came across Meg’s work almost a year ago, and became a total fan. She is a master at storytelling, and her imagery is stunning. I was so excited to take this class, and it did not disappoint in the least. Meg is not only a phenomenal photographer, but she is an incredible instructor as well. The material was very thought-out and well put together. She obviously has put so much into this course, and my only wish is that I had taken the full participation instead of study along (the SA was still amazing, don’t let that hold you back from taking this class – still totally worth it!). I would recommend this course a million times over.

  80. It is an amazing workshop! <3

    Full of Meg's great and detailed PDFs and videos! The „Finding the Classic Beauty in your Everyday” course is a proffesional material!

    It was perfect that every week there was a final assignment what we had to do and Meg sent her creative critique. I was always very useful and helpful! We worked during the week, we try to see our surroundings with Meg's eye, posted pictures to each other, and there were a lot of questions and answers what helped for us. We got to know each other a bit, even though we live in different parts of the world. And we realized how similar we really are. :)

    MEG, I would like to thank you for all your help, your inspirational work, your humble and helpful attitude, in short: for everything!

    I would recommend it to anyone! You won't be disappointed!

    I'm sorry that these few weeks are over, I really loved it !!!

  81. I have been inspired by Meg for quite some time. I was so happy to have taken this course! It’s been a real eye opener in my own work. It’s definitely taught me to see and capture the little things in life I want to document. I also thought the editing videos were very informative. There was so much I learned in her teachings on how to edit and image in lightroom and photoshop and that a little goes a long way. I used to use presets and now I have learned to adjust the sliders in lighroom to achieve what I want in my image. In photoshop there were tools I never thought of using before taking this course. Also, learning how to shoot in certain types of light was so informative as well. Because harsh light has not been my strong suit and it was something I definitely wanted to improve in. Meg is a master at what she does and I love learning everything I can from her. She is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend this workshop!

  82. I love how this workshop covers a variety of topics that will turn you into a well-rounded photographer. Meg provides incredible feedback and has created a beautiful PDF and step-by-step videos to guide you! You will see your everyday moments differently after taking this workshop.

  83. This is the 3rd class I’ve taken with Meg, and I’m pretty sure I’d take any other class she’d run in the future! Meg is as encouraging as she is inspirational, and she is definitely a master at teaching what she knows. This workshop had so many detailed editing videos that show exactly how Meg enhances the light in her images, which alone are worth the price of the workshop. Meg has a great eye for colour and composition and has given me insightful feedback on how to take my photos to the next level. During this workshop I have taken one of my favourite pictures of myself with my child, and I will be forever grateful.

  84. Wow! So I am just a stay at home mom with dreams of someday opening a photography business. I stumbled upon Megs work on Instagram and fell in love! Her style, light, edits were just what I wanted to be able to achieve. I looked her up and found this course, but full participation was sold out. I signed up for study along and have enjoyed it so much! I wish I could have done full participation as then you have a closer relationship with Meg but it was still more then worth it to do study along. I did the assignments and tried the techniques, and I can say I have seen a definite improvement in my photography! Her editing videos are priceless and I learned so much! So I definitely recommend this course!

  85. I absolutely loved this workshop from Meg. She is a great teacher, and I’ve grown as a photographer in these four weeks. The materials are well-thought-out and easy to implement. Meg’s feedback (full-participation) is also spot on, kind, and helpful.

  86. This was an amazing workshop. I did the full participation and it was worth every penny. The editing videos are invaluable and I’ll be going back to them again in the future. Meg is very personable and present throughout the four weeks; she answered every question asked of her thoroughly and thoughtfully. I feel inspired, which was desperately needed as we head into winter! Thanks Meg!!

  87. Who doesn’t love Meg’s work? Her gorgeous imagery graces our Instagram feeds and reads like a children’s story. Her everyday images are beyond gorgeous and amazing. I first came across her work many years ago, and I continue to be inspired and in awe of what she is capable of. Her passion for photography gives us a glimpse into her life and we can truly see how much love she has for her family and others. Her class is very informative and straightforward, but will also have you digging deep into yourself to bring your own everyday story to life. Beyond her wisdom, her knack for teaching is also a gift to all of us. Meg is very approachable, answers questions quickly, gives valuable feedback, and keeps up daily in the forum. I’m amazed and blown away at how a person can give so much of herself (a mother to 4 young children, a wife, a teacher, and so many more roles I’m sure we don’t see) but she holds nothing back. If you don’t follow her work, do yourself a favor and follow her-be prepared to be inspired. Her class has definitely taught me to look at my everyday moments in new light, to slow down and be more present, and to find beauty where you normally wouldn’t have looked.

  88. Meg is an amazing instructor and you can tell she pours her heart into this workshop. She was very active on the forum, responding to questions and adding additional videos if requested by students. I feel so much more confident in utilizing light to take the ordinary to extraordinary and I also have a better understanding of color and the impact it has on an image. In addition, she shares all of her editing which really is nothing short of pure magic. Take this class if you want to document your every day in a beautiful and artistic way.

  89. WOW! What a great course. I cannot appreciate enough what and how this course has changed my vision of looking at my daily life in such a different way. I don’t even know where to start when talking about this course. The PDFs are beautifully put together with stunning, inspiring photographs on each page. The exercises within the PDF are wonderful, covering color, composition, emotion and perspectives. The bonus videos are incredible, encouraging intentional shooting and giving you guidance on how to do so, this alone for me was worth joining in the course for however there is so much more too. Meg’s manner is so timely, calm (even in personal crisis) insightful, kind, encouraging and above all she is an outstanding teacher. Meg continues to motivate to improve, inspires to continue progressing, encourages and shows our the tools to do it. Thank you Meg for pouring your knowledge on this course. I would recommend this course whole-heartedly to anyone who wants to take the next step towards improving their craft.

  90. I have no doubt that I’m going to look back one day and say that taking this course was one of those moments that changed the course of my photography journey. I can honestly say that the images I produced on the last week of the class were images I would not have been able to produce on the first week of the class. I also wanted to note that I’ve appreciated Meg’s willingness to give and share what she knows elsewhere on the forum. However, the depth of material WITHIN the class was so much, I’m not even sure I’ve been able to get through all of it. I am really glad that I got the full participation seat, but if you could only get the follow along, I would grab it. The materials are absolutely worth every penny!

  91. This WS is one I have stalked on CM for a while! I wanted to take it full participation, and I see now why it always sells out! It was wonderful!! Meg is a fabulous and encouraging teacher- and she helps encourage you to shoot “your everyday” as it is to you! Her helpful critique is worth the cost of the workshop, so all the editing and shooting information is bonus! It is definitely a WS I would consider coming back to and taking again after I have processed, absorbed and grown from all I have taken in this round- there is so much info and growth that I can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks already! I can’t wait to see the summer (and we’ll beyond!)captures I am going to get from all that I have learned!

  92. The course was good. The editing videos were very helpful and Meg is a quick responder when posting on the Q&A. I wish there was more feedback from her directly. I was under the impression that we would but the full seat only gets 4 weekly feedback on the assignment. I did appreciate that she covered a lot of technical info. I found the format of the click photo school to be clunky and not UX friendly. However, this isn’t a jab at Meg’s artistry. Meg is an amazing photographer and even the small window into her process was valuable.

  93. This course is so inspiring and the materials are extremely well presented. There is a lot of rich material to learn from and yet the weeks build from one to another in such a beautiful way that you never feel overwhelmed. I was able to keep up with the PDFs, videos, and forum even while working a full time job. The concepts and editing techniques will help elevate your photography no matter what your style or interest. It will help you slow down, observe your everyday, and be intentional about what you want to capture in your frame. I just know I am going to look back at this class as pivotal in helping me find my own voice and intention in my photography journey. Meg’s instruction and feedback have given me a lot to think about in my work, and the editing techniques have helped me fine tune my images to be closer to what I envisioned when I took the shot. The CM courses are all so amazing and this one is next level! Don’t hesitate – grab a full participation seat for this as fast as you can.

  94. How would a Furr baby look in photos these days? How to get the greatest, or best. From spending time with them. Rather if their sleeping, or playing. Maybe just even exploring? What would be the best angles of the shoots?

    1. Hi there, will the videos be available to watch at times other than when they are broadcasted in case I cannot make the scheduled time? I want to sign up but cannot watch on the 29th. Please let me know, thank you!!

  95. I hadn’t taken a CM class in a while, so it was nice to get back to the CM Forums. This class was just jammed packed with info! The editing videos give great insight into PS and LR and helps transform every day photos into works of art. I also loved the opportunity to play with both natural and creative light. I too have to sit one afternoon and revisit the videos, it really is a ton of great insight packed into 4 weeks. Treat yourself to a full participation seat!

  96. Kristen Kaganovsky

    Truly an exceptional workshop, I learned an incredible amount the past four weeks that I will be digesting for months to come! “Finding your voice,” a very desirable thing amongst photographers, comes with time and growth, with observation and listening to your heart. If there ever was a course to guide with this, “Finding the Classic Beauty in your Everyday” would be it! Meg’s extremely informative videos and personal one on one guidance help you turn your ordinary moments into works of art. I have the privilege of documenting my family’s precious memories and I feel so fortunate to have taken this course that not only gave me the tools I need to do so but really made me dive deep into my “why” of photography and storytelling.

  97. I signed up for this course because I have loved Meg’s work since I found her on Instagram a few years ago, but what I didn’t know is what an incredible teacher she is. I learned so much about seeing beauty in my everyday to the point that I’m driving my teenage children a little crazy with pulling out my camera. Just the section on light was enough to make this course worth the price. I am looking at light now throughout my day and seeing it completely different than I was before. I felt the entire four weeks that Meg truly cared that we learned and grew as photographers. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to turn their everyday ordinary moments into art.

  98. Those who follow Meg on social media know what a master she is at capturing the beauty in her everyday — her tones, use of color, composition, lighting, editing. This class delves into all of those areas, helping you see how Meg sees and to explore her master toolbox. I appreciated the encouragement to capture every day moments every day of this course. This best part, for me, was getting feedback on my images and seeing the beauty that others created as well. I also loved applying the editing techniques that Meg instructed on. Meg was always responsive to questions, sometimes even personal questions about how she manages work/life/etc. And, the critique on weekly images was also very helpful. This is an excellent course if you want to work with a master creator and really improve your everyday images.

  99. Meg Is a wonderful and very generous instructor. She shares her knowledge in a very practical way. Every lesson is filled with useful content and materials carefully put together.

  100. This class has not only been a journey to refine my photography skills, but also a journey to think differently about my day to day. It made me slow down, be more observant, think and be more intentional. Like an artist staring at their canvas with brush in hand- a lot of soul searching precedes that first brush stroke. Sometimes it is a challenge to photograph children because well they are kids, but if you slow down and think it through…all the beauty is right before your very eyes. Meg will help you see it and catch it in the best light and then help you enhance your story to make a stronger narrative. Don’t hesitate, let this course envelop you and change you and give you a fresh set of eyes like it did me. You should also know, this review is from the heart. This is me, I have nothing to gain from this review other than knowing that this might encourage another aspiring artist to catapult themselves into a whole new chapter of their photography journey. Best of luck to you!

    1. Thank you Heather. I really appreciate you taking the time to write this. It was an honor having you in this last run.

  101. I just finished Meg’s course and it totally lives up to the title. The class is full of actionable advice to really make all of our lives look more beautiful through our lenses. The course materials are great – especially the videos. I admit, I haven’t had a chance to go through all of them, but I’ve saved them for a quiet afternoon. :) The full participation seat is more than worth the price. Meg and her TA’s commentary and critiques were thoughtful, detailed and so helpful. Thanks so much Meg! I’m sad this course is over – I’d definitely sign up for a part 2!

  102. Do yourself a huge favor and take this class. I’ve been a massive admirer of Meg’s work for many years, and after purchasing and learning from her breakout The Sincere Storyteller I just knew that I had to continue learning from her.
    I took this class during August (2018) while I had 3 kids (baby 1, toddle 3, kid 5) at home with me while on summer break – this class also served as a break for my sanity during this month (we love our kids…but this summer was rough! so you know…mom needed a little something to keep her from going nuts). I stayed up late at night to catch up, and spent my days taking those everyday low light shots that Meg turns into art. It was great. I learned SO much. Meg goes out of her way to teach and share her magic with us – and I can’t wait to try what I’ve learned from her during the cooler months (when I can escape the 24/7 AC and this dreadful heat). We did everything – light, composition, color, skin tone and more…you name it, she teaches it. It was a great class.
    I swear, if Meg ever creates a photography retreat I will fly across the globe to attend it, 4 weeks just makes you want to learn more about how she creates her magic!

    Meg – Thank you!

  103. If you have ever wanted to know how Meg creates such amazing images, how she views life through her lens, or how Meg brings those amazing portraits to life, take this workshop! As I was told, try and grab a full participation seat, its worth the money spent. Meg holds nothing back! If you have a question, all you need to do is ask. She is constantly adding new content when needed (she even made quick videos when we need more instruction) or fully helping us even when we ask things beyond whats even in the material. Megs organization skills with all the material is superb, I can quickly download to dropbox and she has it all organized and labeled nicely. Her workshop backs her images, very high quality. I have grown so much in the past four weeks, more than I had ever imagined.I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking to grow in their own work, its absolutely worth taking this course! Even if your style is a bit different, thats ok.You will learn. I was told years ago, learn from as many as you can even if they are different from you. It will help mold your own style and you can learn something new. Is that ever so true!

  104. Such a great breakout! Meg really opened my eyes to the beauty in my everyday and pushed me to find new artistic ways of capturing those moments. Her teaching style is so supportive and encouraging. I continue to be inspired by her work and words! Thank you so much!!

  105. Janene Wadsworth

    Highly recommended! I am amazed at the amount of information Meg presents. She is super organized and yet totally understanding. I will be reading through the course material repeatedly – so many great tips for editing in light room and photo shop.

  106. Meg is a master at everything and teaching is no exception. This course is filled with extremely useful information and I’m beyond happy that I took it! It’s worth every penny! Meg is so kind and helpful and I’m leaving this course feeling more confident. Thank you so much!

  107. This was my first workshop I have taken as a full participant and it was well worth it! There is so much information about the whole creative process, from how to look for photo opportunities in our every day to detailed editing techniques. Meg is very engaged in the forum and provides thoughtful and encouraging critique. I would recommend this course without reservation! I only wish it was longer!

  108. I loved this course and would highly recommend it. Meg’s work is amazing and over the four weeks she thoroughly breaks down the elements that go into a successful image and explains them clearly, from the moment before the photo is taken right through to editing. I did the course full participation and I’m glad I did as I feel that I really benefited from Meg’s critique and she is very engaged and comprehensive in answering questions. I think that photographers of any level would come away from this course feeling that they had benefited from it. I’ve done quite a few courses with Click Photo School now and this is definitely one of my favourites – I was sad when it ended!

  109. I am blown away by this workshop! It was my very first one workshop that I attended as a full participant and I am so glad I did. There are so many materials in this course and Meg goes through them clearly, explaining every thing carefully. Her editing videos are so precious I know I will be re-watching them again and again and again. Her participation in the forum was priceless and all her feedback unbelievably helpful. Not to mention the critiques – I’ve learned so much from her critiques and I can see how much progress I’ve made over the four weeks alone. One of the biggest lessons was to stop and analyse the frame, before you take the picture – and it has helped me tremendously.

    I am so grateful that I took part in this course as Meg is a wonderful teacher and an amazing artist – I highly recommend it to everyone!

  110. I have gone through Meg’s Sincere Storyteller breakout which is why I decided to take this workshop. It expands on that material and she teaches many new concepts. She inspired me to start finding my own photographic voice. I look forward to her Mastering Manual Exposure workshop in November!

  111. I have taken quite a few workshops at Clickin Moms, and this one was my favorite. Meg’s work is absolutely beautiful and inspiring, but she does an amazing job of explaining what she does step by step so that it seems achievable. Her editing videos are worth their weight in gold! I’ve been really hesitant before this to do any editing in photoshop because it just seems really overwhelming, and I am comfortable in lightroom, but after her videos I’ve been brave enough to try the techniques that she demonstrates- and they make a huge difference! Her cc’s are thoughtful, thorough, and encouraging, and I feel like I could spend another few months really digging in to everything I’ve learned over the course of this class. It really is a fantastic class, and you will be so glad you took it. I have seen a huge improvement in my work, both in my sooc shots and in my editing over the last month. This workshop is AMAZING!

  112. This was my first workshop ever, and it was just the perfect course! I took this as a full-participation student, and Meg’s involvement in the forum was so appreciated! Not only does Meg show how to capture daily life in a special way, but she also goes in-depth for editing techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop. She is a talented artist and a gifted instructor. And she is sweet and kind throughout the course with her advice and critiques. I can’t recommend this course enough.

  113. I’ve always been photographing others and I couldn’t seem to find the motivation to photograph my everyday since I was trained to think that the photos are better during a “session”. Meg’s course has inspired me to document the little moments around me, even in the mess and even with a little pocket of light left! The PDFs and videos included are very informative. Not only does it contains inspiration to push you to take photos daily, Meg’s course teaches about skin and the use of light in your everyday. Although the study along was worth it and my study long group was supportive, I highly recommend taking the Full Study so you will be more motivated to complete the lessons every week and to get feedback from Meg.

  114. Once the class started I could see an instant change in my work. I was still producing my style of work but in a more authentic way. The information that is included in this workshop is informative for both the novice and pro. Much of the technical information I knew but applied it in a different way. The PDF’s were packed with beautiful images and wonderful information on how to achieve your own vision. The editing videos were also very detailed. As a study along student I was not able to ask questions or get weekly feedback, but I was able to see how involved she was with her class. She willingly answered questions and would even post new editing / shooting videos to answers questions if someone was struggling with a concept. Her weekly assignments were well thought out and she also gave wonderful feedback that was kind but also to the point to help you grow as a photographer. I loved that I learned so much new information to further develop my editing style as well as shooting style. I use so many of these tips still and I am now producing work daily that I am in love with.

    Seriously if you have not gotten a seat in this class yet you need to get one as soon as possible. I promise it is something you would never regret. I have seen the most growth in my work in the last 4 months then I have in the previous 12 months before this course. I am forever thankful for Meg and this course. She helped bring me back to life in regards to my photography. Thank you Meg from the bottom of my heart!

  115. This workshop was wonderful, so inspiring and it pushed my photography to a new level. Because of Meg I am able to observe new photographic opportunities in my daily life. I would definitely recommend this course!!

  116. If you’re looking to move your everyday life images from flat and bland to extraordinary, I cannot recommend this course enough. Meg shows you how to use and manipulate light to elevate you images. She’s also generous in sharing all her tips and techniques in both Lightroom and Photoshop, with step by step video instruction and in the forum. Additionally, Meg is very responsive to questions — she definitely wants to be sure you are understanding the material. I highly recommend this workshop.

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