The Mindful Approach


Ardelle Neubert

Photographers have the power to express and communicate messages through their work, and when we become more mindful of what we want to say and practice until we have the ability to say those things, spectacular things happen, vision develops, and we create art. In this advanced four week workshop, you will work on techniques to identify photographic elements, learn how to use those elements to create a stronger frame, break through creative boundaries, and create stronger, deeper, and more meaningful imagery.

with interactive instructor guidance and weekly assignment feedback
view-only access to study at your own pace

" This course has ignited a new spark in my work and given me the tools to critically think not only when I am shooting a subject to create a stronger frame, but also as I am analyzing and looking at my images."


This course starts with a discussion of what makes a stronger image, visual language and visual flow. Learn about six photographic elements that help form visual language and how to intentionally apply the elements to create more compelling imagery.


We’ll continue our exploration of stronger imagery with a thorough study of six intentional decisions that can manipulate the elements to form a more impactful frame.


Discover a path to your unique photographic voice as we practice intention, expression and fulfilment.


This final week, develop effective strategies to excel your work forward - self-analysis, inspiration, creativity, experimentation and project development.

165 thoughts on “The Mindful Approach”

  1. After finishing this amazing course I am wondering why I waited so long to take it. It is filled with thought provoking and inspiring material. I may actually consider taking it again as a full participation student as Adelee’s feedback to other students was so insightful! Definitely a must take class.

  2. I have been in such a photography rut these past few months and this course was amazing for snapping me out of it. It got me really thinking about my images and inspired me to pick up my camera again and play, just for me. Ardelle is wonderfully kind and insightful and it was a pleasure to learn from her.

  3. Wow, this was an AMAZING workshop. Each week had a load of materials and it was definitely more than I managed to finish confidently within a week, I will go back to the materials for sure to get more out of them as time progresses. Ardelle was an amazing instructor, with her in depth answers and helpful critiques throughout the course. She went beyond my expectations and even did small edits to a photo I shared in the Q and A section, to show how they might be made stronger. I could clearly notice that the way I viewed each scene had changed after going through the materials and I could see the impact of the workshop within my photos as well. I shot some photos within the week which I would not have even thought of earlier. She also talks about finding your own voice and reading other photographers’ works to learn more about photography. I felt like this was like – not feeding me fish for a day, but teaching me to fish for a lifetime!

    All in all, this is a must take if you want to create stronger images!

  4. The mindful approach was one of the most significant photo courses I’ve ever taken in a short period of 4 weeks! It put a words to the language of photography that I’ve sought after for years. She creates a safe space to really roll up your sleeves and work with the other participants. Her PDF’s are packed filled with thoughtfully laid out information from technique to the history of photography. Also peppered with her breathtaking and inspiring work as well as the work of other artist. Kind yet honest Ardelle leaves no stone unturned and provides crits for each assignment every week. It’s clear that Ardelle’s intention is to create an environment of growth for each photographer that engages in her class. I’m truly moved by her generous sprit and love of photography. Worth every penny!

  5. Ardelle’s course The Mindful Approach has been truly rewarding! The materials far exceeded my expectations and are replete with tools to aid in visualizing an image before it is created. A few of my current photography goals include better communication with the viewer and creating more intriguing images. In this thought-provoking class, I learned several techniques that encourage you to slow down, evaluate, and discover – all of which will contribute to these goals. Ardelle offers a unique, advanced workshop and invests a great deal of time ensuring that students understand and connect with the material. I wish the class would last another 4 weeks! Needless to say, I have been inspired! Thank you Ardelle :)

  6. Absolutely loved this workshop. I have been in a rut of sorts for sometime now and Ardelle’s detailed course made me aware of why I fell in love with photography in the first place and what I have been missing these past few months when I have been in a rut. Her assignments have helped me rediscover my passion and have taught me things that I never noticed before while shooting and editing. Thanks for this wonderful course Ardelle.

  7. I’ve asked many photographers that I admired when did it “click” for them – when did they finally start to create the images they wanted. Almost everyone said, “after I took ‘The Mindful Approach’ with Ardelle Neubert. I was amazed at how consistent the response was so I decided to explore it. I knew I wanted to do full participation, so I had to wait a couple of cycles but managed to get in during a run in 2020. Who knew that would be one of the best decisions I would make as being an artist?

    Ardelle’s approach is to make you think. She gives you tools to make thoughtful images with intent. Thinking with intent is not as easy as it sounds. And with another class, I may have become frustrated without the daily prompts, weekly discussions, and peer engagement. With Ardelle’s guidance, I finally understood that every image should have a story. It’s all about pausing and “seeing” your story and then using the elements to tell it. Most importantly, this applies to every genre – street, macro, portrait – you photograph better when you’ve decided what you want to capture before you push the shutter. Her critiques are thorough and worded to encourage growth. My classmates were also a HUGE part of my happy experience. Each one of them was incredibly talented and just as encouraging – an extra bonus gift.

    If you are trying to find your voice -or trying to remember what it sounds like – this class should be at the top of your to-do list. Thank you so much my dear Ardelle! I am so happy to be among the Mindful Approach Alumni and so much better because of it.

  8. Katie McDaniel

    The Mindful Approach was truly incredible! I was a full participation student and it is well worth the investment. This workshop helps you think through your images and really focus on the reasoning behind taking your pictures. I am drawn to light and when I see light I want to go and click, click, click the shutter without really thinking through my why other than, it is pretty light. But after taking the Mindful Approach, for me, what I was able to really take away is how I am able to focus on the reasoning behind what I am doing also, paying more attention to the visual elements within the frame to make my photographs come together. Ardelle is such a wonderful person. She cares so much about the education you are receiving from her, and the weekly critiques are in great detail and really help walk you through your image.

    If there was anything I would change, is the amount of time I could have given to this workshop. You could easily spend a few hours each day reading the content, watching the videos, communicating with the other participants, and of course shooting daily. Again, it is not a waste of your money, it is an investment that is well worth it!

  9. This class is incredible and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to dig deeper with their photography. Not only is it packed full with information – Ardelle is such a wonderful teacher. She was so generous with her time and gave such in-depth, insightful critiques. This class and Ardelle will really have you thinking about your images in a new way – really helping you discover ‘why’ an image works and ‘how’ to get the strongest image in any given scene. Absolutely amazing class and I 100% recommend it to anyone. Having four weeks with Ardelle is such a gift – you won’t regret signing up!

  10. My word for this year is “intention”. To shoot, think, plan — all the things — with intention and purpose. This course is a blueprint on how to achieve that mindset and put it into practice. Ardelle is an amazing instructor who is selfless and so giving of her time and expertise to guide you and collaborate with you to bring you to realizations and see things that you may not have seen before in a way that you hadn’t considered before. Make time in your schedule to join in and benefit from this course!

  11. This workshop changed my photography. Before taking this workshop my goal for the rest of the year is to learn how to shoot with purpose and intention and learn how read images. This workshop gave me all that and more! Ardelle is so generous with her comments, feedbacks and responses. She really put her heart and soul into this and it really shines through. This class is MUST in your photography education. I will for sure join her other workshop – Creative Approach.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind, thoughtful and thorough review Sheryl! Your kind words mean so much. I am so glad you enjoyed the workshop. It was such a pleasure to work with you.

  12. This workshop was absolutely amazing and it helped me, as a self taught photographer, truly understand and acknowledge the photographic elements and how they all work together. Prior to taking this course, I knew when a photo worked and when it didn’t but I didn’t know why or I couldn’t explain why. I am now able to verbalize what makes a strong image. I now pay attention to the elements before I take the shot. I am now able to plan my shot before releasing the shutter. It has given me more confidence as an artist. Thank you so much Ardelle for sharing your wisdom and experience with us. This is by far my most favorite and informative course I’ve taken so far.

  13. This has been what I needed in my photography journey. I’ve been involved in photography for over 5 years and hit a standstill of development. In the first week of this workshop, I was pushed to try new approaches. There was a obvious growth in my images almost instantly! I begun to understand what elements make images strong. It’s not just “this will probably look good” there is a explanation why an image works and grabs a viewers attention. Now, I am noticing strong elements everywhere, even when I’m not shooting. I am more conscious of color choice and my intention which really brings photos to another level once you understand. Ardelle pushes you to analyze these aspects of photography and makes you see why and why not some choices are better than others. I’ve had several “aha” moments during this course!

    Now that the workshop is complete, I’m excited to look look through the material again to really digest it again! I will definitely be taking the Creative Approach next with Ardelle! Her passion and commitment to teaching is one of a kind. Thank you Ardelle!

  14. So many reviews say that this workshop is a game changer – I could not agree more! Ardelle’s teaching style is amazing & she breaks down clearly the elements that make a strong photograph. I am so much more mindful when using my camera now & much of what she taught became 2nd nature over time. This course is suitable for everyone, no matter your preferred genre. You will never regret this course, I know I learned more from it than I anticipated & I went into the workshop with high expectations!!

  15. I’m interested in taking this course and wonder when the next one will be held, and how it will be announced so I don’t miss it!

  16. Ardelle’s workshop, The Mindful Approach, just pulled me out of a three year rut and, for that alone, I am so grateful. The course content is in depth, but doesn’t overwhelm. It is set out in a very clear, intentional way, making the weekly concepts feel manageable, with each week building on the one before. The weekly PDFs are so beautifully presented and Ardelle’s incredible imagery, so inspiring. I took a Study Along seat but made sure I read and watched everything, whilst shooting daily. Ardelle’s passion for photography and teaching is clear. She is so engaging, her critiques are next level, and I love that she goes beyond with daily questions/thoughts as well as weekly meetings, as both really help to cement the course concepts. I have taken sixteen classes with Click Photo School over the years and this one is right up there!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful review Katy! I am so glad the workshop helped pull you out of a long photography rut. It is a huge compliment to be among the top classes you have participated in.

  17. I had been feeling like I was stuck in a rut before I signed up for The Mindful Approach. I’ve taken many workshops both through Click Photo School and other sites. I’ve taken workshops on shooting, editing, composition, finding voice, etc. I wasn’t sure I would gain anything from taking another workshop, but I felt stuck and decided to give it a try. I signed up full participation to hold myself more accountable and be able to get Ardelle’s direct feedback. It was definitely worth it. This workshop truly stood out in how Ardelle has us slow down and think through the process. It is the first workshop that connected the elements of a photograph with the why of my intent in a very hands on way for me. I am in a little bit of withdrawal since the workshop ended. This course is definitely material that I will revisit again and again in the future. If you put in the time and effort, you will be greatly rewarded with your progress in this workshop.

  18. This course was on my ‘bucket list’ of workshops to take through Click Photo School and it did not disappoint! It will be a tough workshop to follow as it was my first “shooting” workshop and I cannot recommend it enough. I was ready for growth and this was just the ticket. Ardelle has created the full package in this course to cultivate an amazing learning environment for students: materials that are not only beautiful but clear, intentional and well thought out that build on each other from one week to the next; a safe forum where we are free to ask anything, respond to daily prompts, and respond to each other’s work through constructive critique; weekly class zoom meetings for face to face interaction; and thorough, thoughtful critiques of weekly assignment submissions. Throughout the entire course, Ardelle is present and engaging, masterfully coaching students through the materials and their own work. This course has ignited a new spark in my work, and also has given me the tools to critically think not only when I am shooting a subject to create a stronger frame, but also as I am analyzing and looking at my images and the work of others.

  19. This course was just what I needed to rekindle my spark for photography and shooting every day!
    Ardelle is COMPLETELY present in this course. It is obvious that teaching this course is one of her passions. She provides thorough, written critiques. She comments on daily work. She conducted a weekly Zoom meet-up to review material. She provides daily questions/thoughts to prompt you to think deeply about the material.
    The course was organized VERY WELL. The course is mainly focused on material presented in a PDF, with 2-3 supplemental videos. Each week has a clear theme and clear direction, that builds on the work of the previous work.
    The course provides a comprehensive look at composition. I had never taken a composition course before — merely researched on my own and through various other classes. It was wonderful to put a name to all of the composition techniques that I have observed and fiddled with over the years. I “see” things in a different way now — truly, a more mindful approach.
    Ardelle encourages daily shooting AND daily commenting on others’ images. This daily image share created a wonderful camaraderie among the course participants. I LOVE going on Instagram and recognizing the work of those that I participated in class with. I truly feel that I gained a large group of new photography friends that I admire. I love to see how everyone has progressed in the course and how they create and express themselves. It was a joy to be a part of such a supportive group!

  20. If you have seen Ardelle’s photography, then you already know what an amazing photographer she is. But, I am here to tell you what an amazing teacher she is too!! The workshop that she has created is packed full of valuable information for your growth as a photographer. And guess what – she actually CARES about your growth as a photographer! She is engaging, encouraging, and kind in her feedback. Her critiques are way more thorough than I had expected, and they really make you look at your photography in a different way. She pointed out things in my photos that I had not seen and made me aware of details I hadn’t thought of. Her way of explaining what makes a photo ‘strong’ really stuck with me. She makes it clear that it is important to take the photos that YOU love, she just guides you in making these photos much stronger and more impactful. The community that was built in the FP group was so helpful to me, and I feel that this is such a huge part of the workshop. Ardelle was present in the forums daily, thoroughly answering any questions, making us really think about our photography, and encouraging us in the practice threads. There is a reason this workshop is so highly recommended – I echo the rest of these reviews, if you can do it, then do it! You won’t regret it :)

  21. Ines A. de Toledo

    I have just completed The Mindful Approach workshop, and I can’t recommend it enough. This workshop increases the ability to think through images and understand what makes them strong. Ardelle will provide with ideas to shot with intention, create a message and be creative. Something significant is that you not only see your growth but the rest of the participants. If you have the chance to take it as FP, I highly recommend it. You will be able to participate and receive Ardelle’s critiques and comments from the rest of participants. It is absolutely an amazing workshop!

  22. This is the best class I’ve taken so far at Click School. Ardelle is there with you every step of the way. I love our weekly online meetings with her. I also love that she makes the effort to leave so many comments in our weekly postings. At first the daily practice assignments were tedious but I quickly realized the importance of them. I really appreciated all the feedback from my fellow classmates and Ardelle.
    I truly feel I had the most growth with this class.

  23. I am very new to photography, yet I have walked away from this workshop more confident and skilful. I really could not have asked for a better experience. Ardelle is an amazing teacher! She is always there to support you and provide you with invaluable feedback. She really made me reflect and think about my photography in a different way. I highly recommend this workshop!!!!

    1. Thank you Monika for the kind review! It is hard to believe you are newer to photography, you work so hard in your craft and it shows in the incredible work you create. It was a pleasure to work with you!

  24. I just finished the fall 2020 run of the Mindful Approach. I echo the sentiments of many others in that I saw improvement in my photography even DURING the class. Ardelle presents SO MUCH valuable information, but in a thoughtful, logical and beautiful way. The workshop encourages daily practice, sharing and interaction, which is extremely helpful. Ardelle is fully available and responsive to student inquiries and provides thoughtful critiques. The Mindful Approach is perfect for anyone in a creative rut or wanting to create stronger images … I 1000% recommend!

  25. Ardelle’s workshop is absolutely amazing! Ardelle really helped me to see the world differently through the content of this workshop. On top of the practical tips given on how to improve the visual language of an image, Ardelle also really inspired me to live my life more creatively. It has been an amazing experience to be part of the community Ardelle created within the workshop. We got to learn with the other participants and be inspired by each other because of this very welcoming environment created throughout the workshop. And of course, Ardelle gives extremely thorough critiques on the assignments while being the biggest cheer leader for us. I definitely will miss the time I spent with Ardelle and other fellow participants in this workshop.

  26. The Mindful Approach is one of the most in-depth and inspiring courses I’ve taken through Click Photo School. Ardelle really teaches you how to observe a setting and compose a strong image using photographic elements. She guides you through making choices that will strengthen your voice as a photographer and create work you are proud of. Not only her expertise but her commitment she puts into this course is incredible. She takes time for weekly virtual meetings to discuss the week’s topics and answer any questions, she creates a supportive community of the students taking the course – encouraging us to contribute our daily practice and share constructive criticism with each other and the feedback she give after each weekly assignment is so detailed and encouraging. I look at photographing my life differently now then I did before this course. I try to take time to think through my pictures before I take them. Taking the time to capture the moment in the strongest, most intentional way I can. And I am proud of the work I have created lately. I am thankful that I was able to take this course. Ardelle is an amazing instructor, and I would highly recommend taking this workshop!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind, thoughtful and thorough review Ryan! I am so glad the workshop helped you to be a confident artist, your work is amazing. Huge pleasure to work with you!

  27. The Mindful Approach is one of my very favorite workshops! Ardelle is an amazing teacher. She speaks so clearly and detailed, that it makes complex ideas and creative notions so much easier to understand. The way that she has broken down composition and creativity into this definable elements make it easier to apply to my own work and work towards growth. Her feedback is spot on and thorough. She helped me to look at images and critique them in a more insightful way. This course is filled with creative exercises and homework that you can actually apply and see yourself grow with. I cannot recommend this course enough!!!

  28. This workshop is my absolute favorite of every workshop I have ever taken. I recommend this one to everyone! This changed everything for me with my photography and pushed me outside of every comfort zone. I refer back to this material and was worth every penny! The critiques are just incredible! Highly recommend this workshop!

  29. Ardelle is an amazing teacher and this class is amazing! Learning what makes a strong photo and how to critique my own photos has helped me to become a better photographer.
    This class will help you slow down and be more mindful of how you shoot. We had so much fun in this class that we were all sad when it ended. Ardelle is so supportive and positive with her critiques. I felt like I was taking a college level corse but with Ardelle’s help it was easy. I highly recommend this class to any one who wants to become a stronger photographer.

  30. This is one of the best classes I have ever taken!! The class definitely helped to push my work to the next level. Thank you Ardelle for all the heart and time you have poured into this class! How I see images before I even create them and judge images that someone else (or myself) has taken has completely changed. A lot of my prior decisions were instinctive, whereas now I can break down all parts of an image and understand why it works and why it doesn’t. There is a science to creating art, and this process is more demystified for me now. And the ability to be creative with my images has been taken to a new level after four weeks of shooting daily and practicing various decisions, techniques and constraints. Not only does Ardelle give very thorough feedback, but she also cultivates a class environment where the class participants are highly engaged and you end up learning a lot from all the other amazing photographers in the class as well. Definitely take this full participation…you won’t regret it!

  31. Ardelle’s class came at a time when I was feeling a bit directionless. Ardelle’s, “The Mindful Approach” spoke to me and altered that feeling of loss of direction and pointed me where I need to go. I would say that this class was the pinnacle of all my photography classes. Ardelle reaches out to her students on so many levels. The scope of the material is boundless. At no time, did I feel as if I was missing something. Ardelle is positive and encouraging. She sees merit in images that the photographer may not see. Ardelle is personable and not intimidating in the least. She has mastered technique, but her images demonstrate her heart. She shared with us how to make images that validate who we are and what we want to say. Ardelle was available to answer questions and make suggestions on approaching subjects or themes. She wasn’t forceful or demanding, and she had faith that we could accomplish a particular challenge. The weekly video conferences were a bonus and a valuable resource for the week’s material. Ardelle was flexible and generous with her time. I can’t even imagine how long it must have taken her to put this course together. I highly recommend this class. I took copious notes, not because I needed to, because Ardelle provided everything. I took notes so I could retain the materials. Everything Ardelle said or taught was relevant to becoming a more thoughtful photographer.

    1. This class literally helped me ‘see’ differently. It changed everything about how I approach a shoot, how I think about what is important in an image and what story I want to create. Ardelle is a supportive and authentic teacher who really helps you understand your strengths and how to shift things just a little bit to take your photography to the next level. My images will be forever better an more uniquely my voice as a result of these four weeks! I cannot recommend this enough! It’s an amazing class.

  32. This course is a total game changer! I had heard for years that this was the course to take if you really wanted to take your photography to the next level, and that could not be truer. Ardelle is a fantastic, engaging, and involved instructor who really breaks down the elements and decisions of a photograph to help you understand why certain things work. Understanding visual language has helped me make important decisions to strengthen my frame and made me a more purposeful, mindful photographer. I cannot recommend this course enough!

  33. This workshop was a game changer for me. I’ve taken a ton of workshops and have a lot of information about technical aspects, but Ardelle helped me understand how to use it when creating my own work. Though the material was complex, she simplified it in such a way that I could easily digest it and apply it immediately. I felt my photography change during this class and have found my creative spark again.

    Ardelle also has such a beautiful understanding of how the format works and she utilizes it. She encouraged participation on all levels, including with each other. She has the material organized so well that it’s easy to get through each pdf and video within the first part of the week, leaving the rest of the week for creativity. She was very active and gave a ton of feedback. Class participation was also such a beautiful piece of this class with the participants giving each other feedback. The way Ardelle presented the material encouraged that.

    I 100% recommend this workshop. It is one of the best I have ever taken.

  34. I just finished the most recent run of this course (Spring 2020) and I can’t say enough good things about the course, the materials, and Ardelle. I have taken a lot of photography workshops including several workshops from Click Photo School. This was one of the best – if not the best – workshop I have taken from anyone. It is a comprehensive workshop that pulled a lot of information across various topics together for me in an understandable way. Ardelle is a wonderful teacher and her feedback on coursework and assignments is incredibly detailed and useful. She gives her students a wonderful toolbox to help create better, more meaningful photographs. Even the most advanced photographers would benefit from this workshop!

  35. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

    Ardelle is one of my favorite photographers. Not only is her work so creative and inspiring; but she’s an amazing teacher as well! She has poured her heart out in the content and you will have many wow; aha moments when you read through. Her videos on explaining how to make stronger images is incredibly inspiring not just for someone who is starting out; but someone who wants to go beyond the ‘usual’ and be a stronger artist. It is a must workshop for every photographer who wants to strengthen their voice even further! Sign up today!

  36. I was in the fall 2019 run of this class and at first I was very hesitant to take it because I don’t have kids and I wasn’t sure how relevant the class would be for me. I have to report that it was entirely relevant and was totally worth my time and money. The principles I learned from this class will serve me every time I pick up my camera. Ardelle is a very present and involved instructor and is an open book in sharing her knowledge of this subject. I honestly can’t recommend this class highly enough – regardless of where you are in your development or what your chosen genre. And if you can possibly take this Full Participation, then do! It is one course that is truly worth the extra money.

  37. This was my first full participation class and it has set the bar pretty high for me going forward. It had been highly recommended by a friend and I knew I needed to be a part of this class. I couldn’t have been more pleased with it. I loved the care and thoughfulness that Ardelle put into putting this class together, and in the daily interactions with the students. You can tell she really cares and is enthusiastic about helping people.

    I didn’t know what to expect from this class, but I have to say how excited I am with the transformation of my photographic journey because of it. I was hoping for some inspiration and I got more than I could have ever hoped. I got a new way to look at the world and how to photograph it. The information and videos Ardelle puts together, along with the interactions along the way, are so inspiring and uplifting they really help you see beyond what you’ve been able to do so far and look at your photography in a different way. Ardelle encourages you to keep growing and exploring to enjoy photography and a more fulfilling endeavor in a way that I hadn’t anticipated.

    This is definitely a workshop that I recommend for anyone that wants to take their photographic journey in a meaningful direction. I am thankful that I had this experience for sure.

    1. Wow that’s incredibly kind Jen! I am so glad you enjoyed the workshop. Thank you for your kind and thorough review.

  38. This workshop is one of my all-time favourites! First, I love Ardelle’s style of teaching. She is so thorough in her critiques and the content is incredible from start to finish. I have been a part of this workshop countless times, each time learning something new and having a new revelation about my artwork and myself as an artist. That’s what makes it the perfect class for any type of photographer… any genre and any stage of the journey. I highly recommend taking this workshop at least twice!

  39. This class is such a game changer! I took it in the spring and have returned to revisit the materials many times since then. Ardelle puts everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, she has into this workshop and she is so available and present for her students. It is packed with great information and has completely transformed the way I shoot! I only wish that it had lasted longer than 4 weeks!

  40. This class was recommended by several friends who said ‘it was a game changer’. They were spot on!

    Ardelle pours her heart and knowledge into the materials. They apply to any genre of photographer which was excellent as I do landscape, macro, people and a little street. It made me slow down and look at my craft in a whole new light. Creative, meaningful and deliberate, the materials are thoughtfully presented with Ardelle’s beautiful images.

    I highly recommend this workshop <3

  41. This class is a treasure. Ardelle is a very thoughtful and engaged teacher. The content, material, and information are structured so effectively that it really felt like a journey over the four weeks together. It made my head hurt but in a very good way and it really challenged me to approach my photography in a thoughtful and methodical way. I highly recommend taking this class.

  42. I loved this class. I took it as study along and really wish I had taken it as full participation. Ardelle’s critiques were so thoughtful and she gave such great explanations when people asked questions each week. And she was so present in the full participation forum. I felt like all the info was really well explained. I still a year later go back and look through the PDF information when I feel I am dragging in creativity or in a slump. It always pulls me up, slows down my shooting, and makes me think different about each click.

  43. Taking “The Mindful Approach” class took my work to a whole new level! Prior to taking this class I created a few images every once in a while that I loved, but they were more “happy accidents”. Now following “The Mindful Approach” I’m now able to think through my images with intention and I’ve created more consistent and stronger images with my vision in mind. I’m loving my work more and more as I apply what Ardelle taught in this class. I would have never branched out creatively had it not been for this class and her encouragement to step out of my comfort zone. I now have courage to try new things; my photography journey has been more exciting and full since applying the principles she teaches in class. Prior to this, I would have never called myself a photographer and certainly not an artist, but I definitely feel differently after taking this course!

  44. Describing this class as a game changer is an understatement! The lessons learned in this class will continue to help you develop as an artist in every step of your photography journey. Learning not only the elements of composing a meaningful image but the art of self evaluation of your work are such key skills for a photographer. Ardelle thoughtfully takes you through the process to takes you through the process to create the kind of art you envision. I refer back to the materials in this class often. I find I can continue to keep learning from them. Ardelle puts together a beautiful and inspirational PDF with such great info that I have referred back to many times. The detailed critiques and encouragement Ardelle gives in this class really make it such an incredible learning experience. I can’t recommend this class enough!

  45. I loved The Mindful Approach. I signed up for it after a friend’s recommendation. The glowing reviews are all true: Ardelle is a phenomenal instructor. She has created a workshop that not only teaches the “how” but also the “why” behind every good photograph. This is a jam-packed 4 weeks of goodness, learning, and inspiration as Ardelle takes you on a journey of photographing with intention. The materials are beautiful and very well organized so that you progress from the concrete to the philosophical. Whether you’re just at the beginning of your journey, somewhere in the middle, or a pro who is facing creative blocks, this class will do wonders for your photography and your soul. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  46. I was so excited to be a part of Ardelle’s class on the last run. If you are thinking of taking this class, I highly recommend to take it.

    Ardelle has an acute eye for composition, color, pattern, etc. Her photography is beautifully creative. She loves to teach other photographers has to be more aware and take time to capture images.

    I loved this class. Ardelle does a great job bringing together students and creating a tight knit community.

  47. I cannot say enough great things about this class. Ardelle has created an amazingly insightful course aimed to help you dig deeper into how to create compelling photographic art. I loved reading through the material each week and then working through her assignments. Ardelle was great at leading thought provoking discussions both in the forum and in virtual meetings which I also really enjoyed and helped solidify and apply the concepts she was teaching each week. Her work is amazing; she is an incredibly talented photographer! But even more than that, she is a fantastic teacher. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to push themselves further in their creative journey.

  48. Hands down this is one of the best classes I have taken from Click Photo School. I was first inspired to take the class by images that were published by the students in one of the first runs of the class. And the workshop did not disappoint. Ardelle Neubert is an amazing instructor. From her welcome video, to her responsiveness to student questions during the class, and her insightful thorough critique of assignments, Ardelle has put her heart and soul into teaching this class. The material was informative and challenging, and I often find myself going back to it for review when I feel like I am in a photography rut. Some of my favorite images were taken during this class because it was so inspiring. And Ardelle’s dedication to her students does not end after after the class. She has created quite a community for alumni students where she is very giving of her time and expertise. I would take this class over and over again as an alumni if I could. Ardelle is an amazing photographer who is so open and honest with her students, and her class made me a better photographer as does her continued support years after the class ends.

  49. This workshop is life changing in terms of photography. If you are on the fence, don’t hesitate!! Ardelle is so supportive and encouraging and the material truly forces you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. I still review the material on a regular basis and am always learning or remembering something anew.

  50. This workshop was a game changer for me. My photography skills grew immensely as I worked my way through the lessons. Ardelle is a very present and encouraging teacher and doesn’t leave anything back in her materials. Everyone can benefit from the workshop. I find myself going back to it every couple months as a refresher. I highly recommend!

  51. I had my eye on this workshop for a long time, and when it came up in the spring I took a chance and signed up. I am so glad I did! I was looking for a challenge and a creative push, and that’s exactly what I got. Before I took this class, I felt strong in my technical basics and understood composition, light, mood, etc., but this class class really stepped things up a notch and gave me a better understanding of how I can use all of these elements to effectively convey my vision to the viewer. I learned so much about visual language and how to be more intentional in my photography. The materials and creative exercises are ones that I will keep revisiting when I need a little inspiration. As an instructor, Ardelle is fully engaged, and she encourages a community of support, thoughtful discussion, and constructive critique. I really can’t recommend this workshop enough!

  52. I had wanted to take this class for a while, but the timing was never right. Now after taking it, I wish I would have made it work because I learned so much and it is by far my favorite class I’ve ever taken! Ardelle not only gives you the tools to make a strong photograph, she also teaches you how and why to use them. Someday when I look back at my body of work, there will be a noticeable change for the better. There will be my work before The Mindful Approach, and my work after The Mindful Approach. Thank you Ardelle!

  53. This is one of the best photography classes I have ever taken, and I have taken a lot of classes over the years. The content to Ardelle’s class is both thorough and thought-provoking, giving me so much new insight into how to create beauty within the frame. This class also helped me to slow down and pre-envision before I press the shutter. I feel like I have a whole new perspective on photography now. The Mindful Approach class came at a time of transition within photography for me and my photo business, so I am happy to think carefully and in a new way about the elements that make for a strong image, regardless of the subject. Ardelle is an incredibly talented photographer herself and she brings skill and knowledge to the table. She is also very present and thorough as a instructor. I can’t speak more highly about the Mindful Approach! Highly recommend.

  54. ElizabethHargrave

    The Mindful Approach. I took it FP and it was so very worth it. The clear and organized way Ardelle laid out the material in PDF’s and videos was easy to understand and follow. Ardelle and the TA’s feedback was wonderful. It was honest and straight forward. I think my favourite part was the concise way Ardelle would break down an image to show how to ‘read’ it in regards to different elements. As well as encouraging us to find what speaks to our soul.

  55. This class is absolutely fantastic. Five stars, 100/100 points. Ardelle is so knowledgable and happy to share that with everyone in the class. The exercises and feedback will push you to think in ways you never thought of before.

    The only negative to this class is that it ultimately ends. Luckily the lessons will live on forever and I have made some of my strongest images ever during this class. Don’t hesitate to sign up.

  56. Theresa Ratermann

    I just completed the Mindful Approach Workshop. It was a class that was beyond my expectations. At first I was reluctant to sign up as I felt I may not fit in with my genre of photography. I mainly photograph nature, landscapes, and macro. My children are grown and I felt I’d be out of place in this workshop. However, my fears were immediately put to rest as Ardelle confirmed this workshop is for ALL genres of photography! Ardelle has such knowledge and expertise to expand the content to evenly address all categories of photography.

    Ardelle is attentive and personable. Her pdf’s are expansive and full of information that I will be sure to refer to in the future. For 4 weeks I became so much more mindful of everything around me…with or without my camera. Each week a new set of elements or creative techniques were introduced and we practice those concepts to make our images stronger and more meaningful. Ardelle’s feedback in our weekly assignments was incredible and thorough. She helped me see things that I did not see, and noticed the things I intentionally included in my images. I am looking forward to applying my new knowledge as I go forth. My only regret is that the class is over….it was truly that good!

    1. This is a huge compliment that I take to heart, thank you Theresa! I still think about your pomegranate assignment submission, amazing image ❤️.

  57. I’ve been wanting to take this workshop for some time now, having seen raves about it on the forums and in reviews, and I’m so glad that I finally did! I can’t rave enough about it! I loved the materials, they were detailed and inspiring and I liked how they were varied, including editing videos, photo discussion videos, a shooting video, and a weekly online meeting. The instructor Ardelle is amazing, she is so present in the forums, very encouraging, and provides lengthy and very thorough critiques. I came into the workshop pretty confident in my technical abilities but wanting to explore the more artistic side of photography and it was perfect for that. I highly recommend this workshop!

  58. This was only my second workshop and my first one in years. I had been hesitant previously because I wasn’t sure that I would get enough out of it if I wasn’t able to be constantly engaged in the forums. I work at a non-photography job full time so I don’t have that much time each day but this class motivated me to take what time I had and make the most of it. The material was extremely thoughtful and really got me to focus on previsualization of my images in a way that I had not been able to previously. The class just finished but I feel like I’m posting this review prematurely because I know that I am going to get even more out of the course in the coming months. If you are on the fence like I was, don’t hesitate to sign up! It was SO worth it.

  59. This was a fantastic workshop! I was uninspired and looking for some inspiration when I signed up, and this class was just perfect to help me move on.
    Ardelle absolutely managed to make me more mindful in creating my images, and I can see a clear step up in my work. I constantly think of the concepts she taught us, easily and beautifully laid out in four chapters/lessons. Ardelle’s teaching is fabulous: she is very engaged, open, positive, constructive, and exceptionally generous with her time. The whole workshop is very cleverly thought out with materials, mini exercises, and online meetings, and it would be hard NOT to take some major insights away. I have loved it, and highly recommend this workshop!

  60. I highly recommend taking Ardelle’s class. I struggled with capturing the daily and mundane in meaningful ways instead of just pressing the shutter and saving my efforts mostly for special events, trips, moments etc. Ardelle’s method made me take a step back and really learn to analyze my environment better and finding the extraordinary in the smaller moments. I can honestly say that the images I have created during and since taking this class, would not have existed without this class’ experience. The class materials are stellar! Ardelle is a very engaged teacher and willing to help her students with any questions, issues etc. The weekly on-line meetings are very hands-on and really help to work through the materials as well as pull together the group of students. Sign up, sign up! You will not regret it.

  61. Shannon Kachuba

    Since taking this course I have had friends and family tell me how amazing my recent photographs are (I’m sure they loved all my photographs prior ;)) but they definitely noticed a difference in my most recent work-and I can 100% attribute that to this workshop. Ardelle is truly meant to teach, and she was able to share her approach in a way that just clicked with me. She is patient and thorough and it’s very obvious the amount of time, work and passion that went into this workshop. I highly (highly) recommend this class, you will not be disappointed, it will alter your decision making process before taking every shot and the thoughtfulness will show in the final image.

    1. That’s fantastic, all the hard work you have been putting into your work is showing. So glad you enjoyed the workshop.

  62. This course is amazing in so many ways. Ardelle has the most incredible work and I’ve always been so inspired by it. I knew taking her class would be awesome but I didn’t know just how much it would challenge me to think about my photography in so many new ways. If you’re looking to change or strengthen your work, this course will do just that!

  63. Annmarie Kopey

    This workshop is a game changer. It will lift your game no matter where you are and will continue to do so as you keep moving through your photography journey. Ardelle is a very engaging instructor, the materials are so well thought out and raise the bar every week. Her critiques are detailed and thorough. Even now that the class has just ended, I feel like I am just at the beginning of a great crescendo in my work that will just get stronger in voice and vision given all that we learned. Get on the next run! You will not be disappointed. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

  64. This class is absolutely amazing. Ardelle challenges you to think beyond your initial desire to press the shutter and ask questions in order to make your final image stronger. The PDF’s each week are beautiful to work through and filled with so many eye-opening exercises. Her weekly video chats were chocked full of inspiration and allowed FP students to ask questions in real time. I seriously believe this class will be a game changer in my photography journey. My only regret is that I didn’t take it a few years ago!

  65. Hands down the best class I’ve taken with Click Photo School. This class equips you with real, tangible guidance to understand what makes a good, purposeful photograph and then pushes you to go make them with intention. Ardelle breaks down the elements of a strong photograph, the tools to strengthen an image, and how to create something that will speak to the viewer clearly and with intent. If I’m honest, I was fully committed to taking a different class this spring and at the last minute changed my mind because this class looked too good to pass up – BEST DECISION EVER. This class has pushed me harder then any other and the work I’ve created from it has be incredibly rewarding. The PDFs are packed with info, and so inspiring and enjoyable to work through. Her videos are hugely helpful, and her involvment on the class forum made for such an interactive experience. If you want to be more thoughtful in your photography and really understand what makes an image strong and how to purposefully create, just do it!

  66. If you’re looking for a game-changing workshop, this one is it! I have been working on being more intentional in the way I shoot for a while now, but Ardelle pushed me to go beyond what I was already doing, and taught me to ask myself “what can I do differently?”. I’m already pleased with the results of this new way of thinking about my photography, and I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned in my work moving forward. In terms of value, this workshop is tough to beat. The materials are beautifully presented, with important information and gorgeous visual inspiration in each PDF and video. Ardelle is an active and engaging teacher, and she is exceptionally generous with her time. I will miss our weekly meetings, her “thoughts of the day” and mini-exercises. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who wants to step up their photography a notch (or two!) to take this workshop. What an amazing class! Sigh… :)

    1. Thank you Anda, this means so much! I love your work and continue to share your diptych project with participants each run.

  67. I thought about taking this class because I was at a place in my photography journey where I felt I needed a push. I didn’t know if I had the time in my schedule to fully devote to the class, so I almost decided to wait until next year. I’m SO happy I took this class NOW!!! And so happy I took it as a full participant. It was the best push I could have ever hoped for. Not only am I now a more inspired photographer, I am also more careful before I take a photo. I am so much more mindful and thoughtful about all the elements I choose to include in my frame and why I’m including them. I also see elements of strong photography everywhere I go! I can’t get in the car and start driving without seeing a line that draws me in, or colors that connect, or repetition that I want to document. There’s so much in here for anyone of all skill levels. I cannot recommend this class more highly!

  68. I decided to take this class because I love Ardelle’s work and wanted a peek into how she worked, but I walked away with so much more! It’s a class that I will always refer back to and is always in the back of my mind each time I pick up my camera, whether it’s with my family or for families that I work with. I’m always thinking about the elements and how I want to incorporate them into each frame. Before the class, I could recognize the elements and knew basics about how to use them, but once I realized how to intentionally incorporate each one to communicate a mood or vision, I felt like a whole new part of photography opened up for me! I had been really focusing on the technical side of my photography, and now I was able to take all of that and use it intentionally to create stronger images which were more “me”, unique to my own eye and vision. Besides the eye-opening materials and content, part of what made this class so wonderful was the amount of involvement from Ardelle. She was all in from the beginning, quickly responding to questions from my classmates and I, pushing us to think about our own work, and giving generous feedback on assignments. I think my favorite part of the class was the weekly video chats with her – she is so generous with her time and insight! I would take this class again in a heartbeat! Thank you for everything, Ardelle!

    1. It was such a pleasure to work with you Jonica. I still remember a few of your assignment images and won’t forget them. Thank you for the kind review.

  69. This class was a total game changer for me! I had taken a lot of technical and editing classes, and then the Mindful Approach helped me blossom from snap shots to more artistic, documentary, and storytelling images. I had so many “ah ha” moments I lost count. The materials were inspiring and challenged me to push myself creatively. Ardelle Neubert is a beautiful person inside and out, and immensely talented. She is also generous with her time and knowledge. The AHs and TAs were great as well. I highly highly recommend this class!!!

    1. Such a huge compliment Kat, thank you. I take your words to heart, thank you. It was an honour to work with you. Also so glad to have met you in person at ClickAway.

  70. I was looking for a class to really push me creatively. I had spent the last 3 years of my photography journey learning all of the technical skills and trying to find my voice but nothing had really clicked to that point. I still felt my images were lacking heart + impact. Ardelle’s class was a game changer for my photography journey. All of the things that I had learned over the past three years (lighting, composition, connection, etc.) suddenly came together. It was like a single thread sewing the pieces of a patchwork quilt together. She pushes you to look at things is a different light and really be intentional about all of your choices before you click the shutter. I would absolutely retake this class again if Click Photo School offered full participation alumni seats. I feel that this is a class you can take at different points in your photography journey and have different take aways at each level. Also, I had been kicking around the idea of applying for Click Pro for about 6 months. Ardelle encouraged a few of us to take the plunge. I did and was accepted on my first try! I have no doubt that her class was key in helping make that goal a reality.

    1. Oh I LOVE that “a single thread sewing the pieces of patchwork quilt together”. Such an honour you found this workshop lead you to where you wanted to go with your work.

  71. The Mindful Approach is one of the best classes on Clickin Moms! It is a gift that you can give yourself no matter where you are on your photography journey. I had my eye on this class for a while and I am kicking myself for not taking it earlier. I was excited each week to devour the beautiful and informational PDF’s. I was nervous taking the class FP and working full time, but the weekly assignments and exercises are manageable and meaningful. Ardelle is a wonderful teacher that supports her class with thoughtful discussions, videos, detailed critiques and weekly online meetings (my favorite!). I have definitely seen improvement in my photography by practicing the concepts and techniques that I have learned through this class. Thank you Ardelle! Do yourself a favor and sign up for the next run – you won’t regret it!

  72. Jennifer Boutilier

    This is one of those rare classes that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone, at almost any point in their journey. The PDFs were rich with information (and Ardelle’s amazing photography) and the videos were so helpful in backing up that information. I have walked away from this class more intentional and mindful of how I approach taking photographs, and am literally ‘seeing’ the elements we discussed in the first two weeks everywhere I look. The assignments, both in daily shooting and the weekly submissions, made me slow down and really think before pushing the shutter, and I created some new favourite images during our four week run. Ardelle is such an involved instructor, challenging us with daily thoughts in relation to the materials, and providing prompt feedback on the assignments. I would highly recommend it!

  73. I completed her workshop earlier this year and it was my first ever class from CM. I was mesmerized by her devoted heart to help us grow and find our own unique voices in photography. This course will make you push your limit to be more creative by trying new techniques and by thinking out of the box. Ardelle was always present to answer our questions and her feedbacks to our photos were so genuinley thoughtful and incredibly helpful so we could actually improve in many ways to create stronger images. I’m so grateful that I started my journey in CM with her amazing workshop.

    1. So very kind Chloe. I am so glad you chose The Mindful Approach as your first workshop at ClickPhotoSchool and it was what you hoped for.

  74. I just completed the last run of Ardelle’s class, the Mindful Approach, and really was disappointed when the 4 weeks was up. This class will make you slow down and be more observant and mindful when you are shooting, it will have you consider different ways to make a photograph and it will teach you what elements and decisions make better images. Ardelle does a fantastic job of supporting her materials with videos, links to other information, daily questions in the forum to reinforce the readings and weekly online meetings to discuss the weekly materials. She is present and involved the entire 4 weeks, encouraging and positive, and feedback is detailed and thorough. I would not hesitate to tell you to sign up for this class the next time it is offered! You will not regret it. This class is easily one of my favourites I’ve taken at CM.

  75. The Mindful Approach is a the kind of class that will seriously change the way you shoot. While I knew the basic rules of composition, Ardelle’s class took me a step beyond. I finally have a good understanding when I look at an image I love of why I love it so. I think being able to really understand what elements of composition make a great image has helped me seek out these elements in my own shooting. I am slowing down more and really thinking about what I want before I hit the button. It is a challenging class but so worth the effort. I feel like I have grown as a photographer and am excited to continue to use the tools I learned in the class to improve my images. Ardelle is a fantastic instructor. Her PDF is so informative and well organized not to mention filled with beautiful images. I will treasure it. Her videos are incredibly helpful and she even had weekly meetings so we could directly ask her questions. I learned a great deal from her critiques of my assignments and the TAs were extremely thoughtful as well. If you are debating whether to take this class – TAKE IT. You will not regret it.

  76. The Mindful Approach was such an eye-opening class. The PDF was so full of information but organized in such a way that none of it was overwhelming. I not only learned new concepts, but also went more in-depth with familiar concepts that gave me a new outlook on them. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone. I did Study-Along, but the Full Participation class was so engaged and I learned a lot from watching their interactions with each other and Ardelle. Overall, awesome class!

  77. I was fortunate to take this course in its first run. And what a fabulous class it was! Ardelle put 150% into the course. The pdfs are absolutely beautiful and filled with so much information. Week 1 alone was mind blowing! Everything just clicked after it, and we still had 3 weeks to go. Ardelle is super responsive to questions and helps you along throughout the class. Her reviews are super thorough, and what is wonderful is that she tells not only where you might need improvement (which is expect d), but what you did right and why and what effect it has on the image. I can’t recommend this class enough. If you’re at any level in your photography journey, this class is for you. It will push you to the next level, help things click naturally, and encourage creativity like never before. Take this class. You won’t regret it!

  78. I have just completed the spring 2017 run of The Mindful Approach and I am so sad that it is over. Ardelle is a wonderful and supportive instructor. The pdf’s each week were jam-packed with information and practical activities for participants to work on throughout the week, not to mention the gorgeous images that Ardelle creates. On top of all of the wonderful information that Ardelle provides, she fosters a warm and supportive learning environment both through the forums and the weekly online meetings. Finally, the critiques that Ardelle provided were clear, detailed, and offered practical advice to make the image stronger.

    I walked away from this workshop looking at the world differently. I understand the concept of pre-visualization, and I am better at looking at images and really vocalising why I like them. These are only two of the many skills that I have picked up during the workshop.

    If you want to create stronger images, then I highly recommend this workshop.

  79. I took The Mindful Approach during its first run last fall, and let me just say I am so glad that I did! When I first read the class description it peaked my interest but I was unsure of whether to take it since there were no reviews of the class. (Obviously) Luckily, for anyone reading this you are not in the same position. Ardelle has an amazing way of making you really take your time and think about what you are including in your photo. After taking this class I can say that I really am more mindful of what is in the frame. She encourages daily shooting and was always available to answer questions. She provided lengthy and thorough feedback to weekly assignments. I think that this class would be beneficial to anyone with a passion for photography, no matter where you are in that journey. Thank you Ardelle!

  80. This is a must-take!! The Mindful Approach was such an incredible workshop experience and I am so happy to have been a part of the inaugural run. Ardelle put her heart and soul into this workshop. Her assignment critiques were so thorough as were those of her amazing TAs. Don’t be intimidated that this is an advanced level class, but think of it as a class that will push you to the next level. I would suggest that you have a solid grasp of the basics of composition so you can better apply the concepts taught in the class to you work.

  81. I just finished first run of this amazing workshop with Ardelle and really enjoyed every single moment of it in amazing company of talented ladies and great instructor {shame to say I never heard Ardelle’s name and never seen her work, but when I look at workshop description I decided its “must do” and exactly what I need at this moment. When I seen pre-assignment introductions I felt Im in the right place with thoughtful and mindful people around.
    Materials of workshop just amazing – great structured, understandable, motivating, inspiring, creating a constrains and making you think and shoot outside the box with creative approach. PDF’s, videos and our online meetings every week was so inspiring, I will miss it! {for me this workshop stand on the same level as Composition and Creativity by Sarah what I took last year as SA}.
    Im sure this class materials set for a long run. Only continuous shooting, practice, thinking about all element in the frame and creativity can bring a success and progress.
    Im really appreciate all time in the workshop and look forward to continue connecting with everyone in Alumni group.
    I highly recommend this workshop to everyone no matter where you in your photography journey, it will set you on the right track with ability to work on finding your Voice and Vision.

  82. I knew the minute I saw this workshop was going to be offered that I would want to take it. I enjoyed every minute of this class. Ardelle pushes you to understand your vision and to take your photography to the next level. She really forces you to think about the choices you make when creating an image. Ardelle was very present during the run and answered questions quickly and throughly. She encouraged us to shoot daily and to be active in the forum. I also appreciated her thoughtful critiques. She encouraged us to push ourselves and create images that are true to our vision. Ardelle’s work is very beautiful and inspiring as well. Going forward, I know I will take the concepts we learned in this workshop and use them daily in my photography. Thank you, Ardelle!!

  83. Ardelle Neubert has created the most incredible experience in her phenomenal workshop “The Mindful Approach”. When I first saw the workshop listed, I really wanted to join but was nervous that I wouldn’t keep up with the advanced group of photographers that had enrolled. Ardelle helped me to take that leap and I will be forever grateful! Learning from Ardelle has given me the knowledge to observe and read an image, understanding which elements make an image strong and how those elements can be utilised to create stronger images. Although the elements are studied comprehensively, you will have complete freedom with how you choose to use those elements in your own individual approach to photography. There is no formula to learn, no hard and fast rules – this workshop will allow you to explore new techniques and concepts in your own unique way, gaining a better understanding of your own approach to photography.

    Ardelle’s materials have been compiled so thoughtfully, with such detailed information, guidance and inspiration. Ardelle’s images are simply spectacular and she uses the images to demonstrate the concepts so perfectly. The learning environment is so varied with pdf’s, videos, and bonus online meetings where you can chat directly with Ardelle and your classmates. Ardelle fosters such a warm and engaging community within the workshop and the interaction between classmates is invaluable. Learning in such a supportive environment has strengthened the work of all participants and it has been a truly special experience.

    If you are ready to learn a new visual vocabulary, make stronger images and engage in this inspiring setting, this workshop is for you! You are in for such a treat! This workshop is amazing and I highly recommend it!

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