Creative Approach Advanced Photography Workshop Online with Ardelle Neubert

Creative Approach


Ardelle Neubert

Creative Approach is an advanced level course that will guide you with all the tools you need to expand your creativity and elevate your imagery. As photographers, we are deeply connected to this craft. Our cameras are our tools of expression, exploration, and documentation. But often something happens to our process. Creativity blocks leave photographers feeling uninspired, drained of ideas, and unsure how to break out of habit. This workshop will get you thinking about new possibilities, shooting using different techniques, pushing beyond your comfort zone, and flexing your creative muscles in fun new ways.

with interactive instructor guidance and weekly assignment feedback
view-only access to study at your own pace

"It takes courage to challenge yourself. I know you are ready for this!"


We'll begin with a deep dive into creativity, including stumbling blocks and constraints, self analysis, and individual challenges.


You'll push beyond conventional approaches this week with new compositions, creative focus, movement, exposure (and multiple exposure), and creative tools.


Cultivate creative through the senses, examine abstraction and intrigue, and shoot across genres.


In this final week, we will discuss photography projects, the Photographer's Journey, and 35 challenges designed to ignite creative thinking.

In lieu of formal critiques this week, full participation students will engage in an extended guided discussion.

117 thoughts on “Creative Approach”

  1. Amanda Vandecoevering

    The Creative Approach was an amazing course! Ardelle packed so much information into the 4 weeks full of exercises, videos and examples. I will be able to refer back to this information to help my creativity, especially when I am in a rut. Her weekly meetings were invaluable and extremely helpful. I love that there is a daily practice to help push me to learn and practice what I was learning. I loved seeing other students work and getting feedback from them. Ardelle was inspiring and gave wonderful critiques, pointing out the skills that I used and helping me think ‘what if’ I tried something different next time. I would definitely take a class from her again.

  2. This course is AMAZING! Ardelle is such a fantastic instructor. Her PDF’s and video’s are packed with a ton of invaluable information and imagery/examples. Ardelle’s weekly critiques are so detailed and she is always present in the daily forum and Q&A. Her weekly zoom meetings are a brilliant addition to this course. I enjoyed them so much. This course is intense in a good way. If you are looking to grow, challenge yourself in new ways, or need more reasons to pick up your camera this course is a MUST! I was always intimidated to take this course because I see so many talented artists share images from here, but I am so happy that I took the plunge! I even reached out to Ardelle ahead of time to make sure it was a good fit. I will forever be grateful for all insight, creative challenges and her generosity. Get on the wait list and take it as a full participation student….every minute of the experience is so worth it.

  3. This course is AMAZING! Ardelle is one of the best instructor’s. All her PDF’s and videos are extremely informative, detailed and filled with beautiful imagery/examples. I was in such a rut when I signed up for this course, but also intimidated by all the artists I see taking the course as well. I reached out to Ardelle and she provided such valuable insight. I will forever be grateful to her wisdom and detailed critiques. She is also very present in the forum and responds to all the daily shares and questions. Her weekly zoom calls are such a brilliant addition to the course and I found myself enjoying each one while learning so much as well. I learned so much and still have a lot of material to keep practicing. There is a lot of information in this course and I’m so thankful for every piece of it.

  4. Heather Caporali


    I took Ardelle’s “The mindful approach” workshop, immediately followed by “the creative approach.” I could not recommend these courses more. I’m a hobbyist photographer who just wants to improve, grow, and have fun. I feel that my work has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few months, thanks to Ardelle! I have no doubt that I’ll think of her words often as I photograph in the future. I struggle with creativity and Ardelle has helped me to come out of my shell and explore. I will always be grateful to her for sharing her time, knowledge, and feedback. It’s been invaluable!!

  5. Myriam Farah Cobb

    What a wonderful workshop! I’ve learned so much in the past few weeks thanks to the PDFs, videos, Zoom meetings and constructive feedback on our assignments. I’m so glad I joined in Full Participation, it was so worth it. I’m excited to apply all that I’ve learned and keep growing as a photographer. Thank you so much Ardelle!

  6. I was thrilled to finally take Creative Approach! I’ve heard that it always fills up immediately and I can see why. It will change you for the better.

    Ardelle has put her heart and soul into this class and during the live run, she is there for any question, comment, or concern we had. Tons of ideas, and suggestions and the kick in the pants of daily shooting was necessary to try them out for myself and experience the magic happen. The best thing for me about this class is the way I now shoot…it’s a lot more intentional. This is due to the repetition of Ardelle’s comments of the things she liked that made the photo work. “I like the way the lines lead the eye and the color brings the subject forward, and the repetition of shapes helped imply movement.
    Rather than just realize that an image is pleasing, this class had drilled in me to break down WHY—what specific things led to that pleasing image, and then consider those things while shooting.
    I’ll be coming back to the notes of this again and again. Sign me up for the Ardelle Neubert fan club!

  7. Julia Signorotti

    How to explain how deeply Ardelle and Creative Approach changed the way I take photos? From day 1 of the class, the readings, the videos, the peer feedback, and the constant supportive help from Ardelle, were total game-changers. I had recently completed an “immersive two-day course in Inspiring Creativity in photography” that left me confused and UNINSPIRED. The very next day, I had an email about Ardelle’s class! It was fate! The work that she put in to weekly PDFs is phenomenal. We were given tons of inspiring videos, books, lists of photographers of all genres to explore; weekly zoom meetings with photo inspiration. I’ve taken many classes with Click, and I can honestly say, they just keep getting better and better………thank you Ardelle!!

  8. Creativity is a big, abstract concept. I have to be honest, I had my doubts the first time I saw this course advertised on Clickinmoms but Ardelle’s work captivated me. I decided to give it a try and enrolled in this course in the Spring of 2022. Despite all the craziness of Spring, I have been enjoying every single word/ image/ video/ assignment of this course! Not only Ardelle is a super talented photographer and a huge inspiration, but she also is an amazing instructor! She is super organized, and inspirational, and the material she prepared is clear and full of information. Her critiques have helped me tremendously to understand my own work. If you are looking for a way to improve your photography, this is a course for you!
    I can’t sincerely recommend her workshop more!

  9. Karyssa Rosales

    This course is definitely the creative kick in the pants I needed! The material is so easy to follow and understand, the assignments and daily practice are so challenging (but good challenging) to get your creative juices flowing. I am very very happy I took this course! I loved how Ardelle made me think about each photo differently, it made me think “how can I make this photo more interesting and creative” before taking the picture! I highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone, no matter where you are on your photography journey!

  10. Melissa Foxman

    I so enjoyed Ardelle’s course! Such a fantastic way to dig deeper into the creative mindset. Ardelle provided wonderful examples of different ways to access your creativity. I first saw this course offered months ago, and waited for the live run to open up again. The wait was so worth it! We learned techniques like shooting with prisms and wands, and even multiple exposures done in camera. I’d never tried any of those before, and found Ardelle to be so welcoming and encouraging. I think the best part of the course for me was freeing myself to look for ways to incorporate these creative techniques in my images. Highly recommend!

  11. Ardelle is such a kind and supportive instructor. The material in the Creative Approach is presented clearly with numerous creative examples along with an abundance of tools to extract the creativity from within you, no matter your genre of photography. Not only is she generous of her time providing thoughtful critiques to weekly assignments and answering questions in the Q&A thread, she also plans and leads a weekly meeting with the participants that is enormously beneficial to learning. Ardelle puts everything into her courses – this is the second one I have taken with her, and I would happily take a third and fourth!

  12. I have taken many classes at Click and this class is just incredible. Ardelle poured her creative soul into this class and the result is pure magic. She has collaborated with other artists to share their process and discuss how they think about creating art. She is so supportive, and the material is stacked with information. This class is so valuable as a full participation student for many reasons. First, Ardelle gives feedback in a way that makes you think like an artist – she dissects each technique so carefully, as would be expected in a university setting. She gives clear advice on how to improve your work. And as if that wasn’t enough, the caliber of artists taking this course and also providing feedback in the daily shares is invaluable. I have made so many friends here that are ultra-talented, unique, and supportive. If you are an advanced photographer searching for a community, this is the place! Thank you for everything, Ardelle!

  13. This class is such a treasure! If you feel like you are in creative rut, if you feel like you want more from your photography, if you want to evolve as an artist and see what other genres and ways of shooting are out there, this is the class to take! Ardelle is such a wonderful, talented instructor, kind and considerate yet always providing you with ideas and suggestions on how to improve yourself and get to the next level. I can honestly say that in this past month I have shot in ways I had never even considered before, and I feel like I have grown as a photographer and an artist and still have so much to draw from the course materials! The PDFs and the videoa are beautifully composed, well organized and inspiring, Ardelle’s critiques are very thourogh, encouraging and helpful, and I know I will be returning to the materials again and again to spark my creativity whenever I feel uninspired again. This was the first time I felt like I was creating art, and it was so much fun! If possible, I would absolutely recommend taking this class as a full participant because there is so much to gain from submitting the daily exercises, getting feedback from other students, giving feedback yourself and just communicating with all the talented photographers who will accompany you on your journey in this class! The weekly Zoom meetings, Ardelle’s critiques and the interaction with others is what makes this class so valueable and special. Thank you so much, Ardelle!

  14. Stephanie Glotman

    What an incredible workshop! The Creative Approach is beautifully crafted with stunningly presented and thorough material that can be applied to many if not all genres of photography.
    Ardelle is an inspired and inspiring instructor. Her passion and love both for photography and for teaching and mentoring students is palpable. She is available and responsive throughout the entire workshop. Her course material and feedback is thoughtful and informative. She provides insightful interpretations of student’s work. There is so much that can be learned from Ardelle both in terms of creating powerful imagery and learning visual literacy. This is a workshop that will continue to inspire and guide my photography for a long time to come. Thank you Ardelle.

  15. This seriously is one of the best photography workshops I have taken. Ardelle puts SO much into her workshop. There is a ton of rich information here. She helps grow your creativity by teaching so many different skills and ideas. Personally, she helped grow my appreciation for other genres of photographic art. My mind was just blown by her work but also work of other artist that she introduced us to and helped us learn from them as well. She reaches far beyond what is expected in a workshop to pack as much material, ideas, opportunities for growth and creative experimentation. And I feel like I got a bonus with extra material to keep my creative juices flowing long after the class is over. I can’t say enough about her workshop.

  16. Madeleine Tringali

    I actually signed up for Ardelle’s Creative Approach workshop by accident. I knew her workshops filled quickly so when I saw the announcement, I registered and it wasn’t until it started that I realized I wasn’t signed up for Mindful Approach! I’m so HAPPY for that accident! I spent the last year immersed in photography education and The Creative Approach workshop was AMAZING and the icing on the cake!! Ardelle’s thorough collection of material, ideas, and techniques stretch creative muscles and help you approach photography in refreshing ways to achieve work you may never have imagined. I’ve learned so many things that I never considered or thought were out of my reach. Ardelle’s detailed and insightful critique of our weekly assignments was so helpful and encouraging that it inspired me to really explore creativity. She always provided detailed responses to all questions. I also wanted to add that the feedback and connections from the other participants was invaluable; the daily interaction with everyone was supportive and helpful in working through challenges. One of my favorite aspects of the workshop was everyone’s generosity in sharing information with the goal of helping to make us better.

    Creativity is in all of us and Ardelle’s workshop helps to release and embrace the possibilities and encourages us to follow and achieve our artistic vision. 1,000% recommend signing up for this course!

  17. I just completed Creative Approach and I wish it could go on for another month. The material was so inspiring and packed with so much great, thought-provoking info. It opened up my eyes to how I was shooting and to all the ways I could be trying things to communicate my vision differently.
    Ardelle is well-organized and takes the time to give a detailed feedback on the assignments, which is so useful to understand what works and what could be tweaked.
    The weekly meetings and daily interactions with the other photographers in the group help as well to create a community of photographers who help, learn and support each other.
    I strongly recommend doing this class as a Full Participant if you can. This was the first time I joined as a FP and it provided me with so much growth.
    Thank you so much for a great class!

  18. Jennifer Woizeschke

    This class is absolutely amazing! Ardelle really pours her heart into it, and it shows. The feedback she gives is invaluable: thorough and thoughtful, encouraging yet pushing you to the next level. I feel like I have grown so much in just the past month just from this class. The best part is that the assignments she gives are able to take you beyond the class and the material she provides I know I will return to again and again! Thank you so much, Ardelle! I was not able to nab a full participation seat for the Mindful Approach and am considering trying to get one for a future run, just to get the full experience. SO grateful that I was able to enroll in this Creative Approach class!

  19. I can’t say enough amazing things about Ardelle and the Creative Approach course! She is such an amazing and thoughtful instructor and her course materials are so well put together. If you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing, Ardelle and the Creative Approach are definitely for you! Don’t think, just join before it’s sold out!!

  20. This workshop has been nothing short of a miracle for sparking creativity and taking your work to the next level. There is SO much amazing information that you will want to come back to, over and over. I really look forward to how this course will change my work going forward. The PDF’s are well-organized and thought-provoking, with weekly Zoom meetings to reinforce what you have just learned. The other participants in the workshop were so supportive and kind. Ardelle, besides being so amazingly talented, is so kind and responsive, and gives wonderfully detailed feedback to help you grow as an artist. If you are on the fence, take this workshop, and take it as full-participation!

  21. This is is not only in an invitation into YOUR own creativity but Ardelle provides structure in such a way to keep you moving forward. This is a unique container to really roll up your sleeves and deep dive into creative thoughts, technique and experience. Ardelle’s generous critique’s provide exceptional feedback that is only found in a 1:1 mentoring experience – this is as close to any formal art training Ive ever received. She’s thorough yet free and sets this context for creative freedom. Plus she’s just kind of an amazing person with a huge heart. This is a must for any photographer looking to lean into their own creativity!

    1. Glad you enjoyed Creative Approach Geraldine! I appreciate this thoughtful and thorough review. Your kind words about me are heartwarming and very meaningful, something I will always remember. Thank you.

  22. This is one of the best workshops ever! The material is thought provoking and leaves an imprint in you each and every week. I have found myself thinking in ways I’ve never thought before. The workshop has made me want to experiment with my art. I highly encourage anyone who is looking at taking this workshop to sign up for full participation. Ardelle is very thoughtful and detailed in her critiques which is crucial for artistic development. I have also enjoyed the connections I’ve made with the other students! 12/10 recommend this workshop!

  23. Ardelle has helped me take a step further to believe in my work and my ability as an artist.
    Her creativity is infectious, inspiring, and it ignites your own personal creativity.
    I believe her other workshop is The Mindful Approach, and I think this workshop comes under Mindful Creativity! The careful analytical reasoning but freedom to have fun and play, I have enjoyed this class so, so much – THANK YOU!
    Even better, the class finishes with a list of creative challenges to keep you on a roll for the rest of the year

  24. Thank you, Ardelle for an amazing experience! This workshop is just what I needed. We get so set in our ways, but you have helped me jump way outside my box! The best part is that there is so much material to digest, that I’ll be working on it for months to come. If you are considering this workshop, don’t hesitate to take a Full Participation seat!

  25. This workshop is one of the best that I’ve ever taken. I was feeling burnt out after a busy season and this course was just what I needed to get my creative juices flowing again. We all know Ardelle is a creative artist but she’s also a talented teacher who helps you knock down walls by challenging you. This is a workshop that will be reviewed over and over again. Highly recommend for anyone who is ready to think outside the box and take their photography to the next level!

  26. This was such a fantastic class. I just love Ardelle’s style of teaching by using so many amazing visuals so that we understand exactly what she is trying to convey. The PDFs were very valuable as were the videos. I loved the variety of this class and how it covered so many fun and creative techniques. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to break out of a rut or just gain some new creative perspectives.

  27. Sanja Markovic

    This is one of those courses that leave a lasting impact on your photography. I took a short family vacation right at the end of the course, and had so much fun documenting it with this newfound creativity and inspiration. Never have I gotten so many compliments when I posted the album – the fun I had when taking the photos translated into more unique and fun photos as well! I am sure most of us know Ardell’s teaching is always amazing, and of course she outdid herself with the course material! So, step out of your comfort zone while ‘stepping into the box’ (you need to take the course to find out what this means ;) ) and have so much fun while learning and discovering creativity!

  28. Ardelle has done it again! She is so gifted and generous as a photographer and a teacher. Her mission is to get us excited and inspired to create. Creative Approach is one of the most inspiring classes I have taken. I will revisit the materials over and over when I feel like my creativity is waning. Ardelle is such an attentive and present teacher. She always gives her students so much for their money and it’s worth every single penny.

  29. Ardelle did it again! This is such a wonderful workshop that people from at any level could enjoy. The concept of creativity goes beyond genres and styles. Ardelle designed challenges and exercises to help us students to literally see the world from a different perspective. The content is solid. The feedbacks we get each week is fantastic and thorough. Ardelle is super amazing that she left us something that we could continue to work on beyond the workshop time frame. I know I will come back to the content of this workshop often. On top of that, it is just a really cool feeling when all the students are working on the same assignment yet coming up with all different interpretations. It felt more like a collaboration amongst a group of talented artists than a class. If you want to live a creative life, you have to take this workshop!

  30. Alice Hammerton

    This course is just what I wanted and needed! It has given me soooo many creative ideas to try, I now have some really great resources to rely on when a creative rut strikes or I am just feeling uninspired. Each week gives you some extremely valuable lessons and I can already see the impact of those lessons in my recent work. Ardelle makes you feel at ease throughout the course with no question too small to ask. If your photography needs a push and you want to feel inspired and enthused- look no further and sign up NOW!!
    Thank you Ardelle!

  31. Ardelle is hands down one of my favorite teachers. She is kind, patient, and so knowledgeable about bringing vision and creativity to photography. I took her first class, The Mindful Approach, a little over a year age and was so thrilled that she decided to put together a second course. The material and the month definitely did not disappoint. She goes above and beyond with her students and really puts in time to personally answer every question, comment on daily shared work, and put together weekly virtual zoom discussions. She encourages her students to speak and makes everyone feel at ease. I can’t recommend Ardelle and The Creative Approach enough. Go take this class—it is so worth it!!!

  32. This is my 2nd class with Ardelle. Once again she does not disappoint. I always learn sooo much with Ardelle. I love the style she has that’s all her own. Our weekly zoom meetings are my favorite. I love hearing directly from other students – all the different perspectives really help you grow as an artist.
    With the Creative Approach – Ardelle presents multiple ways to enhance your creativity. It’s pretty awesome how much your photos can be enhanced with something as simple as a sparkly scrunchie or random items from the dollar store. Her amazing photos are definitely enough to spark creativity. I also really enjoyed seeing other students work throughout the course. I really wish this class can be broken down to an 8 week course. Ardelle – hint hint

  33. I knew when I saw this course, I had to take it, especially after taking the Mindful Approach. Ardelle is a wonderful person and teacher, and her passion and love for photography is weaved through the entire class. Her PDF’s are full of detailed information and inspirational videos, and of course her stunning photos. Ardelle is an encouraging and positive teacher. She gives the most thorough and detailed critiques, and the way she looks and sees a photo is so helpful. I learned many new creative techniques, and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. It was just what I needed. If you’re looking for something to challenge you and see and think outside the box, this is the course for you. The talent from all the other photographers was also incredibly inspiring. I wish it wasn’t over.

  34. The Creative Approach is a much needed kick in the pants when you find yourself complacent or in a rut. Ardelle’s materials are a thoughtful and comprehensive round up of challenging ideas, creative sparks and technique deep-dives. There’s something for you regardless of where you’re at in your photography journey and irrespective of whether you’re a hobbyist or in business.

  35. If you are in a rut or feeling down about your photography, Creative Approach is the course to take! I had been feeling drained as I scrolled through the millions of pretty images I saw on social media and I was feeling very “blah” about my own abilities. I had run out of fresh ideas to express myself through my work. Then through this course, Ardelle gave me the tools and the push to see that I can create meaningful, creative, and artistic imagery that is true to MY art and my vision. I’m so happy I took this class!!

  36. The older we get, the less creative we become. Why is this? For most, creativity gets buried by rules and regulations. We forget how to play and experiment. We become afraid of failure or being judged and so we keep doing things the way we’ve been doing them for so many years. And this is why you need to take Ardelle’s course. She helps you open your mind and your eyes to the familiar world you live in and see it anew. Ardelle’s course is loaded with all the goodies you might hope for: excellent videos, thorough pdfs, engaged detailed feedback on your submissions and encouragement to interact and learn from others in the class. But mostly Ardelle makes this class about you–and that is so freeing! She gives you the permission to take a walk out of your wheelhouse and try new approaches in a supportive environment. If you want to grow as a photographer, take this course!

    1. Oh Beth, your words mean so much. Thank you for the thoughtful, thorough and kind review. My intention was that participants leave with exactly this, I’m so glad it was well received.

  37. This class is nothing short of amazing! Ardelle is one of my all-time favorite teachers. Her feedback is so thoughtful and clear. She explains things in a way that just make the ideas easier to understand and apply. The class is full of inspiration and exercises to keep your creative soul full and excited. There is a wealth of information and a genre or inspiration for every artist!

  38. I loved this course!! totally exceeded my expectations.
    When I signed up it was oversold, so I signed up for the Study Along. I think it was good since it was the first time, because at first it took me a bit to understand the dynamics, so next time, I know how it works, and maybe I would do it full participation. My only fear was that since my maternal language is not English, it would have been difficult for me to participate in the meetings, but now that it’s over, I think I wouldn’t have had a problem with the language.

    Suggestion is to do this with time to dedicate, because it is very demanding, if you want to take full advantage.

    Congratulations very good course and Ardelle very nice person.

  39. Ardelle is the most talented photographer I know. Her course the Creative Approach is full of valuable content. The course is super organized and Ardelle has great taste! I learned so many new techniques, She is so generous with providing for us so much. I am really looking forward in putting all this new information in use. This is my favorite course and I have taken many courses! I hope Ardelle comes up with many new course as she has so much to offer.

  40. I love to think deeper about how my photography can feel to the viewer. Pushing my creativity in ways that I haven’t considered before. If you are ready to take a deeper look into your photography work, or maybe you just feel like you are stuck! The Creative Approach is a workshop that you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take! Ardelle is a wonderful teacher who explains the technical side as well as the creative side to your work.

  41. GOODNESS. This workshop is like 4 workshops in one. It is absolutely PACKED full of amazing information and inspiration. Ardelle is such a talented teacher, and really pushes you outside your comfort zone to help you break through to the next level, get out of a rut, or just hone your creativity. I highly, highly recommend this workshop for photographers who really want a boost and to dive deeper into their voice. I honestly can’t say enough good things about it; you just have to experience it for yourself!

  42. The Creative Approach… well, what can I say? You absolutely need this workshop in your life. IT. IS. AMAZING.
    Ardelle is fantastic and an incredible instructor. Leading with her experience, mentoring with unwavering patience and giving you undivided attention, her desire to inspire you will motivate and challenge you in ways you didn’t think were possible. The material she covers is vast, beautifully organized and allows you to think beyond the normal avenues of photography. It helps to gently push you to see, think and capture subjects in a new way. This workshop will ignite your creativity and let you experience the freedom of moving out of the ordinary. I highly recommend anything Ardelle teaches, and this is no exception. When available again, run to register for The Creative Approach workshop!

  43. Such a beautiful course to waken up your creativity and jump start you if you have fallen into a rut and just need a kick start! Ardelle is a master of creativity and thoughtfully walks you through 4 weeks of wonderfully and beautifully prepared materials and exercises. Her content is organized and easy to follow. It is a workshop I will revisit and lean on for years to come both personally and professionally. This is a “must take” and “highly recommend” workshop

  44. This year had me feeling completely uninspired and ina rut of all ruts. This class single handedly brought back the joy of shooting that I was missing so much. Her lessons give you the freedom to find your voice within and in some cases surprise yourself at the creativity you never knew you were capable of. It was such perfect timing to take this class and I feel motivated and proud of my work all over again.

  45. What an amazing workshop! Week after week you could feel how much heart Ardelle poured into this course. She is so inspiring and pushes you to think outside the box. I highly recommend you take this now! The material is invaluable!

    1. Hi Laura. Thank you for your message! The next run starts May 17th 2021. The past run sold out Full Participation seats in 2 hours to Lifetime Members. If you are interested in a Full Participation seat I encourage you to grab one early if you are a Lifetime Member, or when it opens to general April 5th.

  46. This class spoke to my creative heart from the moment we began Week 1, all the way through to Week 4. Ardelle did such an amazing job of curating and delivering inspiring pdfs and assignments. Ardelle’s critiques were also so helpful and illuminating. I love how it expanded upon and reminded me of what we learned with her in the Mindful Approach. I am definitely motivated and excited to keep practicing using the different methods and techniques.

  47. Ardelle’s Creative Approach workshop is exactly what you need to get the creative juices flowing. Whether you are in a rut, or just want to try something new in your photography journey, this is where you need to focus your time and energy! Each week is FULL of prompts and thought provoking ideas to spark your creativity, giving you “permission” to step out of your box and really reach as an artist. Ardelle puts her heart and soul into her teaching, from the development of the beautiful materials, to the weekly zoom chats for full participation students. Don’t hesitate to sign up for the next run of this workshop – you’ll be so glad you did!

  48. It’s been a long, dry year with all that the world has experienced and my creative soul was drying out as well. This class was the perfect antidote for all that was ailing me. Ardelle infused life into all that was dry, giving us so many creative tools and the encouragement to use them. This class is WAY MORE than a 4 week course and will continue giving for a long time to come. If you’re on the fence in any way about whether or not to take this – don’t hesitate – sign up at your first opportunity. This experience was more valuable than I ever could have imagined – and I knew it was going to be an excellent ride! I will be working through these materials for months to come and I’m really excited to do so. This was like being a kid again and feeling like everything was new and shiny and possible.

  49. Kimberly Archambault

    I spent the past 4 weeks as a study along student in this class and I cannot express how well spent my 4 weeks here were! I was feeling stuck and trying to get back to my “why” of photography and I feel so inspired and excited to photograph again! I feel like I’ve not just renewed my passion but that I’ve actually discovered my “why” for the very first time and now I’m more passionate than ever! I cannot recommend this course enough. Ardelle is an amazing photographer and teacher and she is incredibly inspiring! But what I love is that she doesn’t inspire you to be like her, she inspires you to be yourself and to express yourself through your own photography journey. Truly amazing course!

  50. Creativity is one of the most difficult things to teach others, yet Ardelle has managed to do it in an inspiring and motivating way! This class is designed to reach photographers of all styles and genres. It is incredibly thorough, uplifting and the perfect way out of a stagnant period in your art. There is a reason Ardelle’s courses sell out so quickly – she is a gifted instructor who gives 100% to each and every one of her students. Highly recommended!

  51. Jennifer Boutilier

    Amazing class! I was feeling uninspired and bored with my work, and have come out of the last 4 weeks with so many images I love, and so much inspiration to keep shooting and trying the creative ideas shared. Ardelle seriously poured herself into this class- the content is phenomenal, and I know I’ll be referring back to it for years to come. This class (and The Mindful Approach) should be on everyone’s ‘to take’ list- both classes challenged me in the best way to grow artistically and to be more intentional in my work. Ardelle is such an active instructor, both in the forum and the weekly zoom chats, and the PDFs are so comprehensive and filled with her gorgeous work. I’m excited to keep growing and challenging myself with the techniques we covered, and would absolutely recommend this class to anyone- especially anyone wanting to push themselves out of a photography rut!

  52. If you’ve taken one of Ardelle’s classes before, you’ll know she really delivers, and Creative Approach is no exception. This is a class packed with content and Ardelle has managed to break it down into weekly lessons that are manageable and do not overwhelm. Ardelle is a gifted teacher — she will inspire you, she’ll have you thinking deeply and a little differently, and she will challenge you with creative techniques that will push you, but are so much fun. What I love most about Ardelle’s classes is that she always leaves you with something to continue working on, long after class is over. If you feel that your work is in need of a creativity boost then I highly recommend Creative Approach!

  53. This is the second class I’ve taken from Ardelle. The first class was The Mindful Approach and now the Creative Approach. (study along). I am unabashedly an over- the -moon fan of Ardelle. Her teaching style is intuitive and well thought out. Ardelle builds on previous lessons incorporating her knowledge and experience in a way that is exciting and inspiring. She is completely non-judgmental encouraging her students to explore and create with freedom and abandonment; not worrying that she will think anything you do is anything less than marvelous. I encourage any one, who wants to let go of some personal and photographic constraints, to enroll the first opportunity that you have in either or both of Ardelle’s classes.

  54. This is such a fun and inspiring course! If you are needing a great jolt of inspiration and creativity, do not hesitate to sign up. So much thought and content to move you into more creativity in your work. Anyone who is looking for new and interesting steps forward in their photography journey should take this workshop!

  55. WOW … Ardelle has done it again!! This workshop is fantastic. Beautifully created, not only with fabulous & inspiring images but so well laid out. An incredible amount of information in manageable sections. This workshop is for photographers of all genres who are proficient in manual mode & are looking to increase the creativity in their photographs. Although it is not a requirement the workshop really is the next step from Mindful Approach. The material included is so much more than I could practice in a month & I know that it will motivate me for years to come. Thank you so much Ardelle for another phenomenal workshop.

  56. yinet gonzalez gomez

    This course was amazing and I learnt so much! Ardelle filled my heart with inspiration and ideas, I cant recommend this workshop enough!

  57. This workshop is truly one of the best that I have ever taken. There is so much useful and inspirational information thoughtfully presented in both written and video formats and Ardelle’s feedback and individual critiques are intentional, detailed and extremely comprehensive. It is obvious that she has put her heart into developing this workshop and she is committed to giving her students the creative push necessary to grow as photographers. The workshop is designed to help students continue to grow long after the completion of the live run. I’m feeling energized and motivated to continue building on the material! I HIGHLY recommend this workshop!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful and thorough review Stacy! It was such a pleasure to work with you again! I really enjoyed the work you were creating throughout the 4 weeks and will look forward to seeing what you create beyond.

  58. I took the fall ’20 run of A Mindful Approach and was so lucky to get a full participation seat to the first run of Ardelle’s Creative Approach workshop. It was definitely the push I needed to just play with photography. It was very freeing to focus on just the goal of creating something, without worrying about the result of the final image. And as a result, I created some of my favorite images ever. I tend to shoot mainly documentary-style images of my family, which I love, but I had been feeling like the stories were getting very repetitive – especially with covid and remote school, our days all seem the same. This class has definitely broken me out of my rut. Ardelle is a fantastic instructor and covers so much material in the class. I only had time to work on one of the challenges from week 4 – so I have plenty of material to keep me going for weeks and months to come! This workshop definitely pushes the photographer beyond their boundaries and gives them the freedom to try something new!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful and thorough review Lindsay! It was such a pleasure to work with you again! I really enjoyed the work you were creating throughout the 4 weeks and will look forward to seeing what you create beyond.

  59. Ardelle’s new creative workshop is amazing!!!! I highly recommend it especially if you are somebody who likes being pushed out of comfort zone and want to learn how to tap into your creativity:)

  60. This class is a total game changer. I am a professional photographer, but this class gave me the push I needed to see and photograph the world anew! Ardelle is so thorough – from her weekly videos showing every step of her creative process – to the gorgeous weekly PDFs with mind blowing images. Time and again she knocks it out of the park with her images, and in this workshop she shows you exactly how she does that. If you have a chance to sign up for this, RUN at the opportunity!

  61. Before this workshop I had been in a really long rut with my photography. This was just what I needed to get out of that. I know I will be working my way through the material again and again. Ardelle is an amazing instructor and the challenges and assignments really pushed me to do so many different things. This is the sort of course I could actually see myself taking again in a year or two. It was that good!

  62. Ardelle’s newest class, The Creative Approach, is a brilliant workshop that any photographer looking to elevate their craft must take! This class is jam-packed with so much thought-provoking content and creative ideas. I knew this class was going to be special when during the first week, I was pushed right out of my comfort zone! I always appreciate how Ardelle organizes and designs her classes. She provides practical applications for fostering creativity, no matter what genre you shoot. Her daily encouraging and constructive feedback are invaluable and I know I will be revisiting the content of this class for future inspiraton! This is an amazing follow up to her Mindful Approach class. Run, don’t walk, to sign up for The Creative Approach!

  63. Oh – my – gosh! In the Creative Approach workshop Ardelle gives you her creative photography soul in spades!

    An excellent follow on from the Mindful Approach, her new workshop will leave you inspired and uplifted. With thorough and beautifully presented material, this is for someone who has mastered manual mode and who might be looking for a creative jolt. Ardelle is such a thoughtful and active instructor. Her feedback and weekly zoom chats are inspirational. An invaluable workshop that I would absolutely recommend!

  64. As always, Ardelle delivers a well though out, beautifully curated guide on tapping into our creativity. I love taking Ardelle’s courses for many reasons. One of them is that she utilizes the forum in such a beautiful way, her organization is amazing. Another is that her workshops are so full of content and tips for application that I can continue working through it for much longer than the run of the live workshop. It’s something I can go back and revisit over and over. Lastly, every time I take something of hers, I grow tremendously. This workshop was essential for my growth as a photographer and has helped me develop my voice as an artist. It’s a perfect blend of theory that gets me thinking and practical steps to help me understand how to take action on my vision. I HIGHLY recommend the Creative Approach Workshop to anyone wanting to elevate their work.

  65. Ardelle has done it again! This workshop is fantastic. A perfect next step for the photographer comfortable on manual mode who is looking to spread their creative wings and grow as a photographer. Ardelle’s materials are beautifully created and her feedback and weekly chats are invaluable as a learning tool.

  66. This is one of the best photography workshops out there! Hobbyists and professionals of all skill levels will get so much from this course, but I think it is especially designed for creative artists who are looking to take their work to the next level. The videos and PDFs are organized, well-designed, and packed full of information about creative photography, and the exercises will push photographers out of their comfort zones to try new skills and techniques. Could not recommend this workshop more!!

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