Develop with Light:

Creative Photography Techniques
with Ute Reckhorn

Make your work stand out from the crowd with these creative photography techniques!

Searching for a way to use your camera more creatively? Let Ute show you how!

  • A detailed introduction to four major creative photography techniques: prisms, slow shutter, double exposure, and intentional camera movement (ICM) photography
  • Step-by-step video tutorials that walk you through everything from camera settings to trouble-shooting with prisms
  • Ute’s system for capturing colors and flares with creative photography techniques
  • Easy-to-follow PDFs on the basics of creative techniques and how to apply them to your photography
This course is for you if...
  1. You are looking to expand your skill-set and try out creative techniques!
  2. You love (or want to try!) experimenting with things like prisms, creative camera settings, specialty lenses, and more!
  3. You want to become a fine art photographer, make your work stand out, or find artistic fulfillment!
  4. You have ever wished to capture the emotion of a moment rather than the objective reality!

An eBook and Videos covering:
  • Section 1: Why use creative techniques
  • Section 2: Types of creative techniques
  • Section 3: The Impact of Light
  • Section 4: Composing
  • Section 5: Considering Color
  • Including additional sections on how Ute edits and blends techniques!

you will have all the tools you need to take creative, fine art images!


about your presenter

Ute Reckhorn, a Los Angeles based photographer, started her photography journey in 2012. After picking up her first Lensbaby lens in 2015, she immediately fell in love with its playfulness and the the ever-growing community of creative artists.

After originally documenting her own family of five, Ute has now blended her photographic skills with inspiration that comes from 20 years of moving around the globe. With roots all around the world and a deep love for the Californian lifestyle as her inspiration, she creates portraits and landscapes that evoke emotion and a sense of movement.

28 thoughts on “Develop with Light: Creative Photography Techniques”

  1. Jenny Rosenbring

    Ute is such a master with creative light and I have been looking forward to learning from her. The e-book is so inspiring and detailed and I read through it so fast! The videos are comprehensive and thoughtful. I feel inspired to try new techniques and play with light the way that Ute does. I love Utes creative mind and it has been a pleasure learning from her. Ute is so generous with her information in this class and I very much recommend it.

  2. I have been a long time admirer for Ute’s work so I was extremely excited about this course. It is amazing to get to see her thought process when it comes to creating an image as well as her step by step breakdown of the photographing process. It is super helpful to watch the behind the scene videos as I am a visual learner. You will not be disappointed for sure if you take this course. You will get inspired to create art!

  3. You’ll be so inspired after this course that you won’t believe how much creativity has been trapped in your head all along!
    You are about to embark on a journey of self-discovery through the lens of Ute’s photography. She will teach you everything from what camera gear she uses, technical tips … And even her secrets to all that beautiful color in her work as well!. You’re bound to find yourself adopting many pieces into your own personal style because these insights come with such ease!

  4. What an inspirational class! Ute is a fabulous instructor, her videos and pdf are easy-to-follow and well-organized. Her breakout is filled with tips for creative photography: ICM, double exposures, slow shutter speed, shooting through prisms and objects. Even though I’ve used many of these techniques before, I learned so many new tricks. My favorite part of the course was hearing about Ute’s own creative journey, especially the ‘why’ behind her work and what she seeks when making one of her magically colorful and creative images. If you want to stretch your creative self and open up new avenues for artistry, this course is for you!

  5. Fantastic course by a fantastic photography and instructor. Ute is so creative in her work, I am always just so blown away. Her course is really an open-book and I have learned SO MUCH from her. Thanks for an amazing course, Ute!!

  6. Tracey Richvalsky

    This is such a fun course! I really enjoyed seeing Ute’s process. There is a ton of information in this course and it’s very well presented. I’ve played a bit with ICM in the past but am looking forward to trying more of that as well as the other techniques covered. This course inspires you to let go and relax and enjoy the process of creating unique images!

  7. This course is SO full of great inspiration and countless tips and ideas to put into practice immediately! The possibilities are endless in what you can explore and in turn, create in your work. Ute is so generous in sharing her techniques, gear and thought processes she uses as she creates her beautiful, colorful and thought provoking images! This course is such an incredible value!

    I feel almost like I have been given permission to really go outside the box – so many ideas and doors flying open for things to try!

    Watching Ute makes me want to vacation indefinitely or move to the beach ; ) — regardless, her ways can be successfully practiced anywhere I’m sure! I am so excited to get out and give some of her double-exposure and shooting-through-things tips a go! Thanks Ute, for being such an open book!

    1. So happy to hear your excitement, Amy!! Can’t wait to see you practicing some of my techniques. I’m sure you will make them yours and inspire me.

  8. Kristin Vukcevic

    I have really enjoyed going through the course material Ute has provided and I can’t wait to try the techniques she teaches. This is the perfect course to get you out of a creative rut. Her work is so inspiring!

  9. I have long admired Ute’s artistry and had been eagerly anticipating the launch of this course. This course did not disappoint. I was rapt with attention from start to finish. Ute shared her vast knowledge in both practical and technical scenarios to demonstrate how she transforms her photography into works of fine art. The PDF and videos were rich with information and inspiration for creating unique and vibrant photographs. I especially enjoyed her insights into light and her application of various techniques in different lighting scenarios. All of the information was eloquently and expertly presented, the depth of her knowledge and experience shining through. I cannot recommend this course enough, I am excited to apply all that I have learned in my own work. Thank you, Ute!

    1. Thank you so much, Robin! It fills my heart with joy to read your comment. I love sharing my love for photography with the world. So glad you like this course :)

  10. Olesya Alferenko

    Ute’s fine art always blows my mind and takes me on a dreamy kaleidoscopic journey. I couldn’t wait to dive into her class, which is so delightful, hugely informative and inspiring! She really breaks down and teaches us how to use the techniques she uses to create her art, and also shares her thought process and inspiration for her work. I especially loved watching her demonstrate the techniques in the videos and share exactly how she created many of her images. There is so much value in this class for only $25, it’s a huge steal. Run to get this class now and see how you can experience JOY again when you are trying to take photos of the same old scene and get inspired to create your own art!

  11. I’ve long admired Ute and the work that is unmistakably hers. She constantly pushes the boundaries of art and reality, of what the mind sees and what the heart feels. Looking at work like hers, it’s easy to think that this level of creativity is unattainable, but Ute very generously shares all her secrets with us in this course that is brimming with detailed instruction, tips and inspiration.

    Besides the abundance of practical and technical information included in this course, what I found most enjoyable was Ute’s honest approach to photography. I learned that it’s okay to experiment, to make mistakes, and to let our curiosity guide us. I loved watching the shooting videos, where she clearly was having so much fun creating images, that it made me want to grab my camera and start experimenting on the spot!

    I will definitely revisit the material in this course over and over. I’ve downloaded my cheat sheets (thank you!), and now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find myself some colored icecream spoons. :))

  12. It’s been a while since I have enjoyed a photography class this much! Ute is not only super fun to watch and learn from but she’s also an amazing person, she has developed her own approach to creative photography with her heart and soul imprinted in her amazing work and this workshop is imprinted with that as well. She’s thoughtful in every detail covered in the class so you don’t have to keep wondering about the technical aspect while also learning about the creative freedom of it all. I love that she gives us space to grow and be free of expectations and mental blocks by sharing her own journey while she guides us through the material. The written materials are full of her beautiful images that are not only incredibly inspiring but they also help us to visually understand each of the concepts covered. And to top it all off, watching her in action throughout all of her videos was so fulfilling and enjoyable, but most of all it gave me the extra push to go outside and try my hand at some of the new tools I learned today! This is a class I will come back every time I need a creative push or feel the need to free myself of any kind of boundaries in my own work and I really hope you do too!

    1. Thank you for your wonderful feedback, Lucy! I’m so happy to hear you find this course inspiring. I just love sharing my experience with the world. Finding joy in photography is one of the greatest gifts.

  13. I absolutely love this course! I have adored Ute’s work for years and she shares all her techniques and approaches in the breakout. Her explanations of how light impacts each approach is so valuable and offered so much new insight for me. I also love the window into her playful and creative approach. She brings such openness and assuredness to her photography and teaching and it is like reconnecting with what I love about photography. It’s instructional and therapeutic all at the same time. If you have followed her work, are curious about creative techniques, or are just looking to reconnect to the joy of photography, this course does it all. I’m excited to walk my neighborhood and explore the techniques she’s outlined in her course so well between the pdf and all the videos. I so appreciate Ute’s approach to self expression and acceptance of personal vision in photography. It is both refreshing and revitalizing.

    1. Many thanks, Maria! I feels so honored to hear that this course inspires you. Hearing feedback like yours inspires me to work even harder.

  14. This course is so fantastic. It teaches you how to let go, have fun and really gets your creative juices flowing. There’s so much content in there!! New techniques to try, how to use every day items to create fun images, and so much information on ways to use light.
    I love Utes work and have admired her for many years. I’m so pleased she has created this course so I can learn all of her tricks on creating beautiful, colourful images. Can’t wait to try these new skills I have learnt.

  15. I have thoroughly enjoyed delving into this breakout! Ute’s openness to share her journey and creative vision is so inspiring, she makes me want to go out and photograph beautiful light in all its natural glory!
    I really loved the technical tips section for each lesson, which provided me with practical, easy to digest ideas for each method, many of which I had never considered before.
    Each of her videos are easy to follow, fun to watch and interweaved with the incredible photographs she creates while walking you through each technique. Being able to watch Ute in action and see how she seeks and creates her iconic images is truly priceless.
    Her understanding of light in all its facets is second to none and her ebook is filled with detailed lessons, not only on light but also delves into colour considerations, composition, and so much more.

    Thankyou for sharing so openly Ute, I am truly inspired!

    1. Thank you so much, Nat! I’m so happy to hear that you feel inspired to try these methods too and I cannot wait to see your images.

  16. Melissa Bissell

    I have been a fan of Ute Reckhorn for quite some time, so when I heard she had a class at Click Photo School where she was teaching her creative approaches to fine art photography I enrolled without hesitation. This class did not disappoint! Ute is an open book as she shares all of her tips, tricks and strategies to creating unique images infused with light, color, emotion and mood. From her e-book full of inspiring images and lessons on ICM, double exposures, slow shutter speed, and shooting through objects and prisms; to the 14 instructional videos, I found my creative brain filled to the brim with new ideas to try. Ute’s teaching style is warm, welcoming and easy to follow. I was completely engrossed watching the videos and felt like I was right there on the beach with Ute, learning from the master! This will be a class I will go back to again and again, and you will too. I highly recommend this self-paced course, which will help you to raise your creative photography to a whole new level!

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