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Adventures You Take & Memories You Make

Documenting Adventures with Children
with Krista Taylor

Take beautiful (and stress-free!) photos that capture the family adventures you want to relive again and again

Learn how to take photos that really make you feel what that day was like – and instantly bring back the memories and stories of your family's adventures.

  • Ideas that will help you shoot stories with minimal posing or direction, keeping kids happy and engaged
  • Stress-free strategies for shooting family adventures day and night
  • Tips for picking and packing gear, working with different kinds of light, and composition-on-the-fly
  • Easy creativity exercises to strengthen your photos
This course is for you if...
  1. You want to take fun photographs of your children...without constantly stopping their play for photo opportunities
  2. You want to capture great family memories while still being part of the moment
  3. You don't want to get bogged down with editing and want to simplify your process
  4. You want to strengthen your storytelling skills and come away with beautiful photos of your adventures
How to Take Better Vacation Photos of Your Outings with Children by Photographer Krista Taylor 18-vertical

An eBook on photographing your adventures
A series of 16 videos covering:
  • Behind the scenes shooting videos
  • Editing videos (including a video on mobile editing!)
  • Importing and culling video
  • Image study video
Adventure ideas worksheet and GoPro Settings Cheat Sheet
How to Take Better Vacation Photos of Your Outings with Children by Photographer Krista Taylor 10

you will be inspired to head out and capture more everyday adventures...and you'll have the skills to do it creatively!


about your presenter

Krista Taylor is a stay-at-home mama, wife, outdoor lover, and adventure seeker. She is a hobbyist photographer that has a passion for documenting the beauty of childhood. She truly believes you should “have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

6 thoughts on “Adventures You Take & Memories You Make: Documenting Adventures with Children”

  1. Wow. Talk about packed full of information. Krista went above and beyond when writing this breakout. I love how she shares her experience with photographing in some challenging and less ideal conditions that often happen when doing family vacations, and how she managed to make the most of her situation.
    Her videos were helpful and I enjoyed seeing some of simple editing techniques. The Ebook is full of so much good stuff, from shooting tips and creative exercises to what to pack.
    I even liked the gear information. I’m always curious to know what kind of straps and ways other hikers like to carrier their gear. I really loved the Behind The Scenes videos with the final images in it. That was probably my favorite part. She has added so much extra information about travel, hiking and adventure tips to go along with the photography information that if you love going on adventures with your family and you love a documentary approach to photography this is a great breakout to get.


    1. Thank you so very much for that review Cristin! I really wanted to include a behind the scenes video that showed the reality of weekend crowds at some places!
      I’m so glad you liked it!!

  2. Kristin Vukcevic

    If you are familiar with Krista’s work you know she loves to capture her family adventures and travel. The launch of this course is at the perfect time with summer break and vacations in the horizon. I promise you won’t be disappointed and by the end you will be inspired and ready to capture the adventures of your family, too.

  3. First of all, let me tell you that all of Krista’s images are so inspiring and I am obsessed with the STORYTELLING in each of them! The way she captures her big and small adventures with her family are beautiful and such a great keepsake!! Speaking of that – I love that this course is for photographers who are capturing different types of adventures… whether you are going to a National Park or your own backyard or even an indoor place like an aquarium – this will apply to you! Other helpful information was going over the gear she uses. I especially loved the PDF all about different settings on the gopro… I just set my (currently dead) GoPro to charge so I can get more into that with my own! The ‘what to pack’ section was great and covered more than just photography gear. There were so many great examples of how to shoot in different types of light (flat, golden hour, hard, dappled light, low light, artificial & indoor light), creative compositions, and other ways to create compelling images. I learned a lot in the cloning video, I only knew how to do it in Lr, but Krista shows you how to do it in Photoshop as well. I also appreciated the color cast editing video as I learned new techniques to that too. Additionally, the Photo Walk Through video was really interesting and had great examples and tips. Lastly, there are really fun creative exercises throughout the main PDF that will get you trying new things and learning as you go! Highly recommend for any parent photographer who wants to capture the moments you want to remember! Thank you for putting this all together Krista!!!

    1. Wow Ali! Thank you SO much for this kind review! I really did try to make this course apply to ALL types of adventures, even if you aren’t outdoor enthusiasts like we are! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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