Saving Class Content for Yourself

Keep a copy of the class materials, your student notes, and other workshop content.

Downloading the Formal Materials

All class materials – whether you’re in a workshop or breakout session – are yours to keep forever.


Your instructor will provide either a Dropbox link or download option that allows you to save a copy of the class videos to your computer.


You can save inline course content (such as text and images shown in each step) by clicking the Print icon at the top of the step, then choosing Save as PDF as your print destination.


Other files attached to classroom steps can be saved simply by clicking on the attachment icon to download it to your computer.

Downloading Notes and Discussions


You can print your private class notes by using the print icon at the top (or save them as a digital PDF).

CLASSROOM DISCUSSIONS (including Q&A, Assignments/Critiques, and Discussion Prompts)

You can print (or save) your classroom discussions, too!

  1. Open the Discussion you want to print
  2. Scroll to the end of the discussion to load all responses (you may need to click “Load More” if the discussion is lengthy!)
  3. In your browser, choose File > Print
  4. Print the discussion to your selected device, or Print to PDF to save a copy on your computer.