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Upvote and View Helpful Comments

Upvote the top comments in classroom discussions, and sort discussions to view the best of the best.

Upvote Helpful Comments & Contributions

Was there a comment you found especially helpful? A photo that was exceptional? Or a question that made you want to say “I was wondering about this, too”? You can reply, of course (thoughtful reactions always add to the classroom!), but you can also upvote those valuable submissions by simply clicking the Upvote arrow immediately beneath the comment or post:

Sort Discussions 

Because Click Photo School classrooms are highly community oriented, conversations can run long, and it can be helpful to sort the discussions by whatever matters most to you. Here are the ways you can sort comments in Classroom Discussions:

  • By Most Recent Comment: view the newest comments first
  • By Oldest Comment: view the oldest comments first
  • By Best Comment: view the comments that received the most upvotes at the top!
  • By Most Active Student: view responses from the the most recently active students at the top