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Managing Student Notifications

Manage your notifications and subscribe to class discussions

Automatic Notifications (Full Participation Students Only)

When you join a Click Photo School program, you will automatically receive in-app and email notifications:

Three hours before a step is due (if applicable)
When a step is overdue (if applicable)
When an instructor or fellow student has responded to your assignment post

You will also receive in-app notifications when an instructor or fellow student upvotes your assignment or discussion comment. In-app notifications will appear under the bell icon in the upper right corner.

Managing Notifications

To subscribe to weekly or daily notification digest emails, sign into your account and click on the gear icon under the notification bell. From here you can select to receive the email digest Daily or Weekly (defaults to Never).

To unsubscribe from the email digest, click on the gear icon under your notification bell and select “Never.”

In some cases, you may want to subscribe to an individual discussion in order to get every response to that discussion, and not just direct responses to your own posts. To subscribe to a discussion, select the “Subscribe” button.

To unsubscribe and stop receiving all notifications, select the “Unsubscribe” button.

You can follow any notification straight to the original discussion by clicking on the notification link. Once the discussion opens, use the unsubscribe button to stop receiving further notifications.