begins June 10, 2024

Tarah Sweeney

In the Zone

4 WEEK Small Group Workshop
Go beyond portraits and infuse your family sessions (or photos of your own family!) with love and magic.

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Week One

Direction, Posing & Authentic Moments

This week, you'll gain the skills to effectively direct and compose beautiful family lifestyle sessions. You'll discover techniques for intentional posing, light, composition, and lens choice that help you transform ordinary photos into extraordinary stories of love, joy, and connection.

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Week Two

Capturing Connection

Find out how to harness emotional intelligence to create deep, authentic reactions and connections. Get Tarah's session flow, discover pause and prompt strategies, and learn to read and respond to your clients' feelings, guiding them naturally into heartfelt moments and genuine expressions.

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Week Three

Mastering Location and Atmosphere

Learn how to make the most of a variety of different settings, including fields, urban environments, beaches, and more, and explore their unique lighting conditions, atmospheres, and vibes. Master the art of conducting an initial walkthrough in home sessions, and find out exactly how to guide clients in wardrobe selection to enhance the aesthetic of your photos.

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Week Four

Dynamic Editing

This week features video-heavy instruction that shows you editing in action, including batch editing, beach editing, black and white, and more. Tarah also takes you through strategies for workflow efficiency, how to make presets, and Photoshop editing techniques you'll love.

meet your instructor

Tarah Sweeney

Tarah Sweeney is a self-taught professional and successful portrait and wedding photographer in San Diego, CA. She is first and foremost a wife and mother to three little ones and she spends her days photographing their daily adventures.

52 thoughts on “In the Zone: Family Photography Uncovered”

        1. Hi Sara,
          For four week workshops, registration is typically open through the start of the second week, so you’ll still be able to register tomorrow (Tuesday, 22 August) if you like!

  1. Hi! If i dont shoot families in the winter, is there value to taking this course full participation? Or when is the next run going to be?

    1. Sarah Wilkerson

      Hi Devorah! The next run of this workshop is this Monday, June 13, and registration is open now.

    1. Sarah Wilkerson

      Hi Dana! Sorry we missed your question – hopefully you’ve already gotten in on this class with Tarah (it’s phenomenal!), but if not — there’s another run starting this Monday, June 13, and registration is open now.

  2. I took this course as a SA and greatly benefited from it! I wish I could’ve done it as FP because Rarah gives great feedback. I left with so many tips on session flow, trouble shooting and editing. Thank you Tarah!

        1. Nina O'Connell

          Hey Brittany!

          We have not finalized the fall or winter schedule yet. Check back for those updates.

  3. I don’t usually book family sessions in December so I was wondering if I would be better off taking this study along since I likely wont have any subjects to shoot? Or can I use old shoots for assignments?

  4. If you do the study along, can you refer back to the class information at any time in the future? Or only until the class closes?

    1. Hi Keely!

      The materials are yours to download and keep before the class closes. This way you can reference back to them whenever you need to.

    2. yes!! as Nina said, you are able to download all my materials and keep them for life! I even have alumni fb groups for all who have taken the class so you can continue to learn and grow together! <3

  5. I took this class as I had missed the sign up for Tarah’s other class (TIV) and had a couple of months wait until I could take that. I love everything Tarah does and I was feeling a bit in a rut with trying to get authentic connections within my own family so I thought it would be good to learn from her. Well I did that and more! This class was unbelievable. The amount of content that Tarah shares, the feedback she gave to the FP students – she’s just incredible. I went from just wanting to take nicer photos of my kids to deciding that I wanted to set up in family photography and taking the first steps towards doing that! I adore connection and emotion in photos and this class teaches you how to facilitate that with your own family or with clients. She doesn’t hold anything back, you can ask her anything and she is always so helpful. If you are interested in family photography at all, even just for your own family, take this class! You’ll learn all of Tarah’s tips and tricks to really elevate your connections! My only regret is not taking it FP because I’d have loved the feedback but I loved the class that much, I may still do that in the future!

  6. Such an awesome workshop! Tarah is a wonderful teacher and just has joyful and open spirit. Her explanations are easy to understand and totally relatable! I loved her tips on session workflow and have definitely gotten some great results from her family posing suggestions. She is an open book and so great at sharing her knowledge!

  7. I’m just wondering what days/times the full participation classes are for the next available class? How many students can sign up for full participation? Thanks in advance!

  8. Gabriela Villagrana

    I am in the process of leaving my hobby to turn it into a business. I took this course based on all the comments I read and it was one of the best decisions I have made! Tarah shares a lot of information, tips and advice that she herself uses to create that magic that she shows in her work. I took the study along and I still learned a lot because you have access to the forums, questions and opinions! This was a wonderful way to invest in my future business!

  9. I completed The Illuminated View with Tarah Sweeney last year which I absolutely loved, so I was really excited to do this course – and as I expected, it was amazing! I especially liked the way Tarah helped with workflow – giving specific flow directions so a session has structure yet variety. Her teaching is excellent and she’s such a bubbly personality, you can`t help but be inspired to create!

  10. This is the best investment in yourself and your craft. Tarah shares a piece of her heat and soul with this workshop and you won’t be disappointed. She helped to push me out of my comfort zone and try new things, she also provided incredible feedback that I so desperately needed. I loved her ITZ class so much I immediately signed up for her Illuminated View workshop. I love the pace of her courses the content is incredible. I’m taking away so much from this class and suggest if you are wondering if you should take it…there’s NO QUESTION.

  11. Woah, I don’t even know where to begin! I won’t lie, I am one of those people that does a ton of research, reads all the reviews, wondering how many of them are just leaving fluff but I can 110% tell you that TARAH IS AMAZING!!!! This is one of the best workshops I have ever taken! She lays it all out for you, shares so much heart and knowledge. She is such a passionate, giving, spunky, loving person and only wants to see you grow as much as you can!
    I can not thank you enough for pushing me out of my comfort zone and for your openness to teach us all so well!!!
    Seriously, if you are debating whether or not to do this class… DO IT! You will not be disappointed!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Tarah!!!

  12. Tarah’s course was AMAZING. I learned so much, and even though I was SA, it was really easy to follow along. I’m signing up for TIV because I love Tarah’s teaching style and because In The Zone was so good I can only imagine how great TIV will also be! I’m so glad I took it, and I’m looking forward to diving into the course materials again to refresh my memory!

  13. Tarah’s class is all that it’s spoken about and MORE! Seriously amazing. I loved all the feedback and also, everyone in the class is encouraging and helpful. I have taken online classes before (not for photography) and gotten WAYYY less out of them. I highly recommend her courses! I just signed up for TIV and also am taking BOOM.

  14. This workshop was so powerful. I did FP, and now that it’s over I’m a) very sad about it lol, and b) I cant imagine NOT doing full participation for it. So so glad I went with that. I cannot say enough great things about Tarah and her teaching, as well as this entire course. I thought I was in this for a few problem areas with posing, and I am blown away at all of the extra stuff I learned on top of that. She really does not hold back on what she gives. I’m a somewhat seasoned photographer, and there were still so many lightbulb moments for me in this four weeks. You dont need to have the same style as Tarah, or even have family sessions booked during the 4 weeks, to learn from the wealth of knowledge she pours into this class. So amazing and inspiring. Looking forward to my next workshop with her!

  15. I have been waiting to review this class and The Illuminated View until I finished both since I took them back to back. So, here I go! First of all, Tarah is an incredible and inspiring teacher. Her enthusiasm and outgoing personality shines through in all of her videos and in her PDF. I was excited to get up in the morning, pour a cup of coffee and watch another video every day. I had so many a-ha moments! I feel like my photography has improved so much just from these two workshops. Not only does the PDF have wonderful information, but her videos are incredibly in depth. You can tell she has poured her heart into all of the material and is excited when others learn. I was a Study Along, but watched all the critiques and read through all of the question and answers. It was amazing what an open book she was with all of her tips and tricks. All I can say is TAKE THIS CLASS and then go and take The Illuminated View! You will not be disappointed.

  16. Christina Lindsay

    I’ve been lucky enough to have Tarah be my family’s photographer for a couple years now and her talent has been the reason I got back into photography after 15 years of being a nurse. She really does pour everything into her workshops and gives you all the tools you need to improve your skill. I just wish these workshops were longer!

  17. This workshop was the best I have ever had by hat! I never learned so much and Tarah as an instructor is mind blowing! She is amazing technically and inspirationally and can easily identify paths for you to grow. I will enroll in whatever Tarah put her hands on because I know I will grow. She pushes you to be better and shows you the way. Love, love, love!!!

  18. In the Zone has been nothing short of amazing! It helped improve my photography so much and the connections with my families!! All of the videos and information Tarah gives is a game changer. She is absolutely incredible as an instructor and as a human! She is so knowledgeable and beyond talented and she still will take time to answer every single question you have. She is amazing with her critiques and she really does want every single one of her “students” to learn and become better. Her tips and tricks she teaches have helped improve my composition exponentially. I took TIV in the spring and this was an amazing follow up! You will not regret this workshop. Promise!

  19. I’m pretty confident to say this is the best workshop out there. Tarah shows you every steps from the start (how to choose location) to finish (editing and delivering). I’m so glad I took this and you won’t de disappointed!
    Her materials are very well organized and easy to follow. I loved her videos feel so friendly, like you’re taking to your friend on video chat, but also have tons of information you need to make your image pop! Like everybody in this review is saying, “Take this workshop! “.

  20. If you are considering taking this course….stop it and REGISTER NOW. Not only does Tarah so willingly show you how she creates her magic but she mentors you, coaches you and cheers you on throughout the course. If photography runs its creative course through your veins, this course is a no brainer…along with any of Tarah’s others course. Invest in yourself!

  21. Amazing class!!! I have taken both of Tarah’s workshops and have absolutely loved them both, so sad I’ve finished them now. I learnt so much, the materials are packed with information and her critiques are really helpful. Thanks Tarah!

  22. A must take course! Really amazing and full of helpful and inspirational content. tara’s work is so gorgeous and she really shares so much to help others achieve their vision.

  23. Tarah knocks it out of the park again with this class. She always goes above and beyond with her teaching and I always walk away with new tips, tricks, and tools that not only improve my photography, but also workflow. Along with staying close to the heart of everything and being a wonderful reminder of our “why”. Absolutely loved this class. If your deciding if you should take it or not… DO IT. <3

  24. I am a hobbyist with no plans to ever go into business. Most of my classmates were in business or thinking of it and this class is great if you are in business but it was great even for me , just a grandma hobbyist who shoots family photos. I learned lots of ways to get natural looking connections, flow of shooting from portrait, to lifestyle, to documentary and lots of editing ideas as well. Tarah is very responsive to q and a. The class provides lots of videos and also video cc, which i find very helpful. Tarah is honest in her cc and gives constructive ideas on how to improve your photos. I recommend this class . You will learn, grow, have fun .

  25. This was my first class with Tarah Sweeney and I absolutely loved it. The materials were packed with tons of great information and tips on what makes a strong image, what she does to draw true connection from her families and so much more. It was very clear that she put a lot of thought, time and quite a bit of herself in these materials and what she was teaching. While I’m not new to photography, I am new to photographing other families outside my own and this class was the confidence booster that I needed. I loved her mindful approach to how she goes about focusing on getting her families to feel so loved and connected to one another, but how she made her work stayed true to who she was as a person. This class was incredibly inspirational as well as educational. I can not wait to take more classes from Tarah!

  26. By far the most amazing workshop I have taken to date! Tarah shares her heart and soul, her thought behind why she does what she does, and she engages with students SO much! She really is an open book in this workshop. If you are on the fence this worshop is a must! Thank you Tarah!!!

  27. Tarah is absolutely amazing in this workshop! She tells all, and really is an open book about her shooting, editing, photography business, posing, and directing. She is helpful and involved, while her critiques on assignments are encouraging, challenging, supportive, and constructive. This workshop is one of the best I’ve ever taken. It will improve your photography and challenge you to grow while also encouraging you right where you are. I’m so thankful to Tarah for all her help and encouragement during this workshop. She really does put her heart and soul into her classes.

  28. Whether you are a seasoned, or just starting out, this class is a must! I have taken every class or breakout Tarah has done and each one exceeds the last. The time she devotes to the class and the critiques she gives on the weekly assignments is rad. We get to watch her every step of a session – from shooting, to culling, to editing, and so much more. This class helped me break my normal thought train as far as family portraits go and create some magic between the posed. Take. The. Class. Worth every cent. ♥

  29. Lizzy Hannaford

    Tarah’s work speaks for itself. It is exceptional and you can clearly see she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. This includes her workshops. Her critiques are in depth, her attention to detail is perfect and honestly she makes you feel as though you are the only one in her class. She opens an alumni pg for her WS and as an active alumni myself in TIV, she dedicates her time so selflessly to continue supporting your growth. So highly recommend <3

  30. This workshop is full of tools, support, education and non stop learning opportunities! I highly recommend taking this course. There is a ton of content and it will help to challenge you in the best ways! You will not regret investing in this workshop!!

  31. I seriously cannot EVER take enough courses with Tarah Sweeney! Ever. She is INCREDIBLE and here she does it again. This course is fantastic!!! I am just starting out with my business and haven’t had many families yet- honestly because I’m a little worried I won’t be able to “get their kids to smile”. Fear is gone! I now feel confident to go into a session, get into the zone & capture the family & their connections and unique beauty. Thank you so much, Tarah! I seriously cannot wait for another workshop from you (haha no pressure, I can’t imagine how much work goes into these!!) THANKS A MILLION!!! :)

  32. I have never been too excited about family sessions in the past — it’s not what I prefer to photograph usually — but, this class has definitely made me more excited and willing and even planning/plotting how to do more in the future. I feel like I have a full tool belt now of what I should be looking for in a family session and how to get it. I am definitely a “need clear directions person”, so this is huge.
    Tarah really does answer every question and share everything — how she does lighting, posing, composition, and even her post-processing tricks and trips. I am seriously in awe of how fast she edits, and she teaches exactly how to do just that in this class. I would highly recommend this class for those who want to get their family photography “in the zone”!

  33. This is my second class with Tarah Sweeney and it did not disappoint!! Tarah doesn’t hold back AT ALL and spills all her “secrets.” She promised to be an open book and answered any question we had. I left the class feeling confident that I had the tools to be “in the zone” for magical connections in my photography with posing, lighting, composition, emotion, and post processing. I especially appreciated her pdfs that are simple and not overwhelming, but inspirational and POWERFUL. Not to mention, her behind the scenes videos are eye opening!! Tarah is a genuine soul and a true gem in the world of photography. Take the class :)

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