Understanding Light

4 WEEK Small Group Workshop
Master the art of natural light photography with powerful strategies that help you find and use light with confidence.

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Week One

Finding the Light

We begin with discovering how to find, identify, and read light. We'll also explore the qualities of light - color, type, direction, and intensity.

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Week Two

The Science of Light

Learn about the science of light and tools and techniques you can apply to control it, from feathering and filtering to reflecting and diffusing. You'll also learn about catchlights and getting started with natural light indoors.

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Week Three

Outdoor Light and Natural Reflectors

This week, we're working in different types of natural light outdoors, including open shade and covered shade, overcast skies and full sun, and light pockets. We'll also cover natural reflectors and ways to reflect, diffuse, and feather the light yourself.

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Week Four

Backlight and Creating Mood

This week, we'll get into a photographer favorite: backlight and flare! We'll wrap up with an examination of how to choose the right light for your image, how to use light for mood, and the role of light in different styles and genres.

161 thoughts on “Understanding Light: Natural Light Basics”

  1. This was such a wonderful class! I learned so much, and am so thankful to have the wealth of course materials to continue looking back on. Karlee was a wonderful instructor: She was encouraging and supportive in such a positive way, and made really insightful suggestions to improve my images and challenge myself to try new things. I have a fresh perspective on light, both indoor and outdoor, and am better at noticing light in general and in other media, too. Thanks for the illumination!

  2. I’ve just finished taking this course with Karlee and honestly, I can’t say enough good things about it. I was convinced I lived in the most poorly lit house in dreary England (where good weather is considered anything not pouring with rain) but after this course not only can I spot beautiful light everywhere, I know how to capture and manipulate it. Karlee was a phenomenal teacher who went above and beyond to answer the many, many questions I had with both photo series and extra videos. I’m glad I took this course relatively early in my photography journey as it will definitely shape everything I create going forward.

  3. I learned so much about light in this course and gained more confidence in manipulating light for my photos. I am excited for my portrait season to begin so that I can improve on the quality of my photos. Karlee was a great instructor with very valuable feedback and was very responsive to the participants questions. It was so valuable doing the full participation so that I could learn from others as well. I loved learning about how to take photos indoors as I have mainly been an outdoor natural light photographer. Highly recommend this course!

  4. I have love taking this course with Karlee as my teacher. I’ve taken many courses and she truly has been the most dedicated teacher I’ve had. She’s answered endless questions, shared photos to help me understand and even made videos especially about a query to help. Honestly, she is the best and while I have learned a lot, I do wish I could have an extra four weeks of Karlee, I’m going to miss her!

  5. Hello! Is there an approximate date/time frame when I could expect this class by D’Ann Boale? Thank you very much in advance!

    1. Hi Elina,
      I’m not sure when I’ll be teaching the next run of this course. I imagine it will be sometime this fall. <3 I'll be sure to announce it in social media, so stay tuned!

  6. Loved this class! It really has me thinking more intentionally about light and the different ways to use it in the frame – before I click the shutter. I also want to say that the pacing of this class was perfect. Many times I fall behind in a class but even with cold and cloudy weather throughout the month the assignments were easily accomplished inside or outside with as little or as much sun as was available. I was able to practice a few times with each assignment before images were due so that I could better understand the concepts each week.

  7. Christi Richardson

    I enjoyed Karlee’s course so much!! It’s exactly what I needed at this stage in my photography journey. I’m seeing natural light in a whole new way. And I’m noticing beautiful light everywhere, everyday.

  8. The “Understanding Light” class with Karlee Hooper was incredible! Just WOW. I have taken away so much from this class. I felt absolutely limited by light, scared to shoot in so many situations. This class has freed me from these fears and limitations. I feel in just a few weeks my photography has improved so much! What I have learned in this course far surpasses many google searches and research that I have done on my own. I highly recommend this class!

  9. When I started this course I told Karlee that I don’t have pretty light in my house. By the end of the course I see light everywhere and know how to use it to capture beautiful images. Karlee takes you by the hand on a tour through her house, showing you all that is possible with te very type of light. In every house, every weather and every season. It changed the way I see light and it completely changed the quality of my images. Karlee is a great teacher, she has an image available to illustrate the answer to every question you could possibly think of. Besides light, I learned so much about composition, storytelling, editing, workflow and her thinking process before taking a picture actually. Couldn’t recommend this course more.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback Tessa. It means so much to me and know it will be helpful to others considering the course!

  10. I am just finishing up Understanding Light with Karlee Hooper, and I am so glad I signed up for full participation with this class. It has enabled me to see light in a whole new way. I never really paid any attention to the pockets of light around my house before, and although I know how important light is to photography, this course helped me focus on how to see and use the light. Karlee is such a fun and supportive instructor, and the videos and PDF are totally worth it. I will be going over them again I’m sure.
    Thanks so much Karlee!

    1. Thanks so much for your detailed review Barb! It was such a pleasure to have you in class. It brings me such joy to see others really “see” light around themselves.

  11. I have just finished Understanding Light: Natural Light Basics with Karlee Hooper and cannot recommend it enough. The content is detailed and in-depth and it opened my eyes to seeing light everywhere. Also, Karlee is involved and responsive and goes above and beyond in terms of responding to questions and giving amazing feedback. I highly recommend the Full Participation seat because of Karlee’s involvement and what you will learn from her feedback.
    Absolutely fantastic course!

    1. Thank you so much Lara for your kind words! I agree that if you can swing it, full participation classes are so valuable. So excited to follow along with you and your images on IG.

      1. Absolute pleasure – I loved your class!!! Likewise I love having discovered you on IG and love following along. You will always be the queen of pullbacks for me!!

    1. Hello Emily. The next run is usually about three months after the current one so I am guessing late December or early January but D’ann teaching that run so I am not 100% sure.

  12. This course was chock-full of material and I learned so much. The pdfs and videos were so insightful and have me looking at light in a whole different way now. D’Ann was super kind, helpful and responsive. I really appreciated her feedback to my assignments and answers to my questions. I think anyone from beginner-level (me) to more experienced can gain something from course.

  13. This course was eye-opening to put it mildly – I will never see the world the same way again. I’m just starting out on my photography journey and feel incredibly lucky I had the chance to take the full participation class with D’Ann as my instructor! She was so open, encouraging, friendly, and helpful – her video feedback was tailored specifically for each individual student and very detailed with advice, tips, and examples and she was always willing to help with further explanation if needed or additional resources to help make me better and achieve my goals. I am so grateful to her for helping me learn and grow the new skillset I now have for controlling, creating, and capturing light to express myself, freeze a moment in time, or create something special for another person. This course, along with her guidance and teaching, has really upped my photography game, boosted my confidence and I am SO MUCH PROUDER of photos right out of the camera! I am so excited to take the next step on my photography journey!

  14. Understanding light with D’Ann was a great class, and I am glad I took it! She is super responsive to questions and makes wonderful suggestions for improving your use of light. She even helped me come up with ideas for using the light in my own home. I highly recommend this workshop!

  15. D’Ann Boal is a Master of light, and this class was so helpful for my photography journey. I’ve been a photographer for many years, and thanks to this class I’m more aware of all types of flare, catchlights, and how to use directional light. Beautiful. D’Ann was giving me feedback so promptly, thank you!

  16. Light was a bit of a mystery to me before I took this class, but I feel like this class gave me a solid foundation. There materials are extensive and Karlee is a fantastic, friendly and approachable instructor who gives very helpful feedback. I highly recommend this class.

  17. I just finished this course with Karlee Hooper as my instructor. It has been so valuable to learn how to read and use the light in any scenario, and has really increased my confidence that no matter what type of light is available, I will be able to create an image that I’m happy with. Karlee’s feedback videos on all the assignments were amazing and filled with encouragement as well as helpful suggestions, as well as pushing me further with editing techniques to get the most out of my images. She also offered assistance and feedback on practise sessions throughout the week which was so appreciated as it gave me the chance to learn on the go. Karlee’s enthusiasm and love of photography is truly infectious and I loved learning from her.

  18. I just took course with D’Ann as my instructor. Understanding Natural Lights is a must for all photographers! I have learnt so much from this class, and tips on how to add/subtract lights to enrich my pictures. D’Ann is an excellent instructor – super patient, helpful, responsive, and encouraging!

  19. This was such a fantastic course. I learned so much about light and shadows that I will never look at them the same again. D’Ann is an amazing instructor. She is so knowledgable and willing to help others learn and grow no matter where they are in their photography journey. She is very genuine, responsive and takes time to make sure you understand. I am so so glad I took this course. If you are trying to decide whether or not to take this course, do it! You will not regret it. I also highly recommend full participation. The interaction you get with D’Ann and your classmates is priceless.

  20. I’m so glad I took this class! I was feeling a bit frustrated with certain lighting scenarios when I signed up, but after this past month I feel much more comfortable and eager to experiment with different types of light. I had several “A-ha” moments, both about light itself and also what types of light I am most drawn to, which wouldn’t have happened without this class. D’Ann is a wonderful instructor who so is encouraging. She is very present in the forum, provides lots of useful information throughout the class and is so generous with her knowledge. I loved seeing how everyone’s work evolved over the four weeks as a result. If you have a chance to take this class, I definitely recommend it!

  21. I am so grateful for this class and D’Ann as an instructor. Not only did this class help me recognize the different types of light in my daily life but it gave me permission and encouragement to move beyond my “safe” light choices and use shadows and light to add more depth and interest to my work. As someone early in my photography journey I have been somewhat mystified by backlight; experiencing success mixed with failure in images and not quite sure why. This class helped me to more completely understand the techniques of shooting in backlight and more consistently harness the magic and beauty of it.

    D’Ann has a gentle, encouraging demeanor about her and is very present on the forum. She welcomes any and all questions and provides timely and meaningful feedback. She creates such a nurturing atmosphere on the forum that photographers from all abilities and experience levels are comfortable sharing.

  22. For anyone on the fence about taking this class, please do yourself a favor and register! D’Ann helped me understand light in more ways than I knew were possible. I am a beginner and worried that the class would be too advanced for me, but D’Ann teaches in a way that that helps everyone grow, from masterful artists to brand new hobbyists like me. I am now much more thoughtful about my vision for an image, and I see light differently all around me even when I don’t have my camera. D’Ann’s style is so kind, generous, uplifting, all while giving extremely thoughtful constructive criticism. She went above and beyond, answering questions not only related to the course but about anything related to photography, and provided extra editing videos. She was constantly present in the forum and really showed how much she cares about each person’s success. Thank you for everything, D’Ann!

  23. This class was AMAZING. D’Ann is an incredibly gifted photographer who shares even greater gifts with her students: her genuine and thoughtful feedback, her extensively detailed answers to ANY photography question, and her cheerleading attitude of real mentorship. I learned more in this one-month photography class than I ever expected. My only disappointment is that it was over too soon (can it be two months, please?!). My understanding of light has grown immensely and I can see it reflected in both my professional and personal work. D’Ann creates an environment safe for any question, no matter the level, and finds a way to answer it so that everyone in the group benefits. One hundred thumbs up, take this class if you have the chance!

  24. Understanding Light is an amazing course that I’d highly recommend — it’s been one I’ve been looking forward to taking and am so, so glad I did. The information in the pdfs and videos is phenomenal, with so many examples to help you understand what you’re learning. Concepts that I had struggled to grasp in the past made so much sense in how they were explained and presented. This course will not only teach you about natural light, but give you a foundation and confidence to continue to practice and learn how to use light to strengthen your photography. D’Ann is such an amazing instructor as well — kind, thoughtful, and generous with her experience and wisdom. If all the information in the pdf and videos wasn’t enough, all of what she shared in the feedback videos and in the Q&A forum, along with all of the other questions and reflections from other students in the course, deepened and enriched what I learned. I’m taking so much away from this class and I feel like what I’ve gained is creating a shift in how I shoot and how I see the light around me. Thank you so much D’Ann and Click Photo Schoo for offering this workshop!

  25. This class has been aha moment after aha moment for me. I’ve spent the past month learning how to really see and appreciate and understand light in ways that I thought I might have an inkling of before this class, but now truly have a grasp on. I finally understand clearly what is meant by open shade, have figured out that I love short light and flat light and backlight most and know what that actually means. Most importantly though I have learned how to better see and USE light in ways I’ve previously hoped for but not been able to see/achieve. I have been stretched and I have grown. I have taken a lot of classes at CPS and I can honestly say that I haven’t been this invested and excited about a class in a long time.

    And then there is D’Ann! It seems so appropriate to take a class on understanding light from a being made of it. She is so knowledgeable and has such a clear kind, supportive, heartfelt, funny, warm , open way of relating information and answering questions and interacting with everyon. It is so clear in her way of relating that all questions are safe to ask. She is one of the most generous teachers I’ve had the pleasure to learn from and her body of work is so breathtaking that it is inspiring. If you have the opportunity to learn from this brilliant woman, do it. Truly. You will be so grateful you did and your world will be a little brighter and more full of light because of it.

  26. There is magic in this class! I think whenever you are coaxed and taught how to observe light, your life, not to mention your photography are improved tremendously. What I found so incredibly meaningful in this class, as taught by D’Ann Boal, was her tone and use of language. Her practical comments and knowledge of the subject are made so much more vivid by the poetry she infuses in everything she says. Sometimes when we are learning the nuts and bolts of a subject, it can steal some of the magic that we find so appealing. D’Ann has a speaking voice that is soft and mesmerizing, but it is the combination of technical content and painterly use of words that has made this class both informative and beguiling. I’m sorry it’s over in such a short time.

  27. This workshop was such a game changer! I never knew there was so much involved with light, & this workshop covers it all! Karlee instructed my workshop & she was absolutely fantastic! Nothing was too much for her, she went above & beyond to provide help & assistance, & is just an all round kind & wonderful person. Since the workshop I find myself seeing light & shadows like never before & it has inspired my creativity having been stuck photographing the same way for so long! I can now take control of the light around me & use it in a very intentional way. If you’re hesitating about doing this class, just don’t, it is totally worth it, sign up now!! Thank you Karlee for an incredible 4 weeks of seeking out the light together!

  28. This class connected so many things about light that I just didn’t understand. I feel like in four weeks, my work has elevated and I feel more empowered during sessions and documenting my kids. You can ask all of the questions, Karlee’s active and there to help you. If you’re struggling with controlling light, where to move to utilize light creatively and intentionally, or just want honest thoughtful feedback, this is the course for you.

  29. Karlee did such an amazing job teaching this workshop! Understanding light is so critical to photography. I shoot with a documentary/photojournalistic approach most of the time and the content in this workshop has definitely strengthened my ability to see light and use light. It is great to go through all the fundamentals. The assignments and exercises helped me to solidify all the concepts so seeing and using light become part of my instinct. I absolutely enjoyed this workshop and would highly recommend anyone who wants to fully understand light to take this workshop!

  30. Karlee is the master of light! There is absolutely no-one better suited to teach you the how to see, understand and use light in your photography. This class is filled with everything you need to take your art to the next level. Cannot recommend this class enough!!!

  31. I recently completed Understanding Light with D’Ann and she was wonderful. Her critiques always came from a place of wanting us to grow and see the magic of light – not just “perfect” light, but also challenging light. I learned not only from her reviews of my assignments, but also her reviews of other participants submissions. D’Ann was very approachable and always responsive to our questions. She was generous in sharing information or making recommendations; for instance, I asked about artificial light and she shared a lengthy list of equipment types, functionality, and links. Given that the class was only four weeks, it’s remarkable to me that D’Ann was able to connect and interact with the class in such a personal manner that she was like a dear friend. I highly recommend this class!

  32. Emily Condill

    I just finished up Understanding Natural Light with D’Ann. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed being in her class. D’Ann creates an amazing, joyful, and supportive learning space, Not only does every student learn from her but from everyone else in the class as well. No question is too big or too small. She met each one of us where we were and helped us to grow. Her thoughtful weekly critiques of my work and everyone else’s propelled my work forward. I really cannot believe how much I learned in just four weeks, which flew by all too quickly! I will never look at the light streaming into my home or out and about it the world the same way again! Thank you again, D’Ann, for adding even more beauty into my life. I cannot say enough good things about this course. Take it! I promise you will not be disappointed.

  33. Wow. To say I was blown away by D’Ann as an instructor is an understatement. She is kind, compassionate, nurturing, generous, informative and beyond talented. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to learn from her. If you’re thinking about taking this course, do it. You won’t regret it!

  34. This was my first FP Workshop, and I’m so impressed by how involved and thorough D’Ann is in her explanations! Earlier in the course, something wasn’t clicking for me, and she gave me a little exercise to try so that I can see for myself! The other students were also able to do this and have the ah-ha moment themselves, which was so great!! When I wanted to learn how to create sun flares just like in one of her photos, she gave me specific tips and I was easily able to create intentional sun flares! I’ve taken a few other photography classes before this, so I knew some things about light, but this class challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and play with other types of light! Thank you so much D’Ann!!

  35. I took understanding light with D’Ann, and she was absolutely amazing. I cannot recommend this course enough. D’Ann was very prompt in getting back to all of us, and is so kind, generous, and thoughtful. She has so much great advise regarding light and is extremely knowledgeable in so many other photographic aspects. Before I took this course I felt like I had a basic understanding of light, but that I had trouble “seeing” the light and making it work for me. D’Ann showed us that all light can be great in it’s own way, how to use the light purposefully, how to create the light you want for your vision, and so much more. I did full participation and D’Ann’s feedback has been truly valuable. I feel like I have a much better hold on handling light now. Thank you so much D’Ann.

  36. I am currently finishing up this course with D’Ann and it has by far been the best class I have ever taken! D’ Ann was such an incredible teacher. She always responded quickly to answers and her answers were always full of information! I had a few issues with my exposure and she took the time to help me with something this class wasn’t over. She would make you feel comfortable to ask ANYTHING related to photography even if it wasn’t about light. If I get the chance to take another class by her I will be all in! I now feel confident shooting in any type of lighting. Thank you so much D’Ann!!

    1. Kathrin it was complete JOY to teach you during our month together! Thank you so much for all these kind and loving words. I’m so happy you understand light now at a much deeper level.

  37. Tereza Rhinehart

    I have taken this class with Karlee and I cannot recommend it enough. It was by far the best class class I have taken. Karlee was extremely helpful not only with the understanding of light but also with other parts of photography that tie it all together as editing and composition. She also gave me a great impulse in being more creative and playful with my everyday documenting. I would gladly take another class with Karlee as she is one of the best teachers I have met. Thank you Karlee for awesome 4 weeks.

  38. I was unsure at first if I should take this course since I felt I had a basic understanding of light but there is so much that this course covered. There are so many videos, pdfs, and tips for difficult situations that are addressed. On top of the info that I received, Karlee is such an encouraging and involved instructor. She answered all my questions and gave great suggestions and feedback on every picture share, even outside of the assignments for each week. Highly, highly recommend this course if there are any types of light that you have difficulty with or that you just don’t understand. There are so many aspects of light and shadows that you may not even think about, but everything is discussed in this course.

  39. I’m just finishing Understanding Light, and it’s been such an AMAZING class that I wish I could start at the beginning and take it all over again. The class materials of the PDFs and videos are a wealth of information about the different kinds of light and how to work with it, but what really makes this such an outstanding class is the instructor.

    Karlee is an incredibly talented and gifted teacher and artist who is so generous with her time, knowledge, and talents. She goes above and beyond to answer any questions or to explain an idea with her own personal examples and videos. She also helped me to see how to see and use light in different situations — I used to think I could only take good photos at certain times of the day, but with Karlee’s encouragement and detailed and insightful feedback on assignments, my perspective has really changed. Now I look at light everywhere I go and am so excited to go out and experiment with the light!

    Thank you Karlee for your guidance, encouragement and inspiration. I’m so sad that this class is ending but am truly grateful for this experience with you!

  40. Karlee is an amazing teacher and I can’t say enough about how valuable her insight and perspective is. This class is perfect for anybody who is wanting to learn about the basics of light and how to use it to enhance your images. I would definitely recommend full participation in this class because the feedback is so helpful.

  41. As a photographer, an understanding of light, how it falls, ways to control and manage it is such a vital tool, and this workshop has been a real game changer. The material covered was easy to follow and the video tutorials really demonstrated how to utilise the tips and tricks of watching light and shadows. Karlee was an amazing instructor. She’s not only a talented and inspiring photographer with a keen eye for seeing the magic in the mundane, but a generous soul and educator who shared so much of her knowledge. No question was too big or small, and she facilitated such an inclusive and supportive environment for all participants to share their work. It was so beautiful to connect with her and my fellow photogs these past 4 weeks, and I think we all really grew and benefited from her tuition and guidance. Thank you SO much Karlee x

  42. I signed up for Understanding Light with Karlee Hooper with a beginner level knowledge of not just light but photography in general. I struggled with light and often wondered why the photo I envisioned in my head wasn’t portrayed in my product. This class not only made me more confident shooting in a variety of lighting situations but it also reinvigorated my love of photography. I constantly want to take photos now to practice what I’ve learned. I don’t feel limited to only taking photos during golden hour. The coursework is empowering but the instructor is even better. Karlee is a true gem! Her feedback, handy tricks; and sweet, approachable personality make her an incredible instructor. She truly wants to see others succeed. Thank you, Karlee!

  43. I have never felt confident working with light and how to manipulate it to get the desired outcome. This class is fantastic! I learned the technical terms of the different kinds of light, we had assignments to encourage us to practice the light we were studying that week. And, one of the best parts was being able to post practice pictures in the Q and A section and having Karlee and classmates jump in with feedback and encouraging words. I would definitely recommend this class if you are not confident working with a variety of lighting scenarios. The full participation was great! Karlee gave us detailed critiques of our photos but didn’t just leave us with that, she gave us ideas on how to make the image even stronger. Karlee Hooper is an excellent instructor and I am sad to see this class end. I suggest you sign up as soon as you can for the next class!

  44. With this being my first official workshop, and my first introduction to Click Photo School, I was a little intimidated with all the amazing artists that are here. My fears(more like insecurites)quickly vanished though, and it has been amazing, and I am so glad that my sister in law (who is a click pro artist herself) introduced me to this amazing community of women! I really love what light can do, but to really be taught the ins and outs has helped me “see” light in a whole new way. Karlee Hooper was a delight to have as an instructor! She gave great detailed explanations and insights as she reviewed my work. She was very genuine and was encouraging the whole 4 weeks. I loved her sweet approach that helped me gain more confidence in the work that I was producing. She even went above and beyond to answer any questions the class had, even sharing her “secrets” to producing a better quality art peice. I would highly reccomend taking this workshop, it will help you in so many ways, especially in the world of light!

  45. If you’re looking for a class to take after Mastering Manual Exposure, this is the one! I am SO thankful I had the opportunity to take this with Karlee. She has been incredibly generous in our discussions as well as in her critiques. I am so inspired by her ability to transform a “regular” location into something magical. What an empowering month it has been learning about all of the ways we can use natural light beautifully. Thank you Karlee!

  46. Hi, Would I feel confident taking this class if the only knowledge I have is from the class Mastering Manual Exposure? I am new to photography and didn’t want to get into a class that may be too advanced for me?

    Thank you,
    Kathrin Brown

    1. Hi Kathryn

      So sorry for the delay in responding to this. This is a great class to take after mastering manual exposure!

  47. Hi there, Just wondering other than a DSLR camera and a reflector, are there any other specific equipment, lens etc needed for this workshop? Thanks

  48. I’m taking the study along this month and I’m just wondering what size reflector do you recommend. I would like to purchase one before the class.

    1. Hi Linda. I have a 110cm 5 in 1 reflector. You could also use a piece of foam bird with a black side and a white side of that is easier for you.

  49. Hi, I have only done the breakouts so I am not familiar with the workshops. If I choose the full participation, is there a specific time I need to have available to interact with the other class participants and instructor or is there just a discussion board?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Lisa, sorry for the delay. Full participation allows you to ask the instructor questions anytime during the four week class that suits you. The materials are yours to download and keep. The only time sensitive aspect of full participation is when you submit assignments each week. You submit at the end of each week and the instructor will do a personalized video critique for you. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  50. This was such a wonderful class on seeing and observing light. I live in the woods and it is often dark in my house. I am glad I was able to take this class and learn to find light in all the places, not just when I am outside shooting in the open. The PDFs and videos were wonderful and I love that I have them as a reference to keep looking back on.

  51. I took Understanding Light as a Study Along student, and I am already seeing an improvement in my photography. The course materials (including videos and PDFs) were packed with thorough instruction and examples that helped me really understand the different types of light and how to use them effectively. Additionally, D’Ann’s helpful and insightful feedback to the Full Participation students really inspired me to learn and try new things. There were times before when I got lucky and had good light in my photos, but now I’m learning how to make it happen more consistently. I’m especially excited to use the strategies outlined in the course to shoot in direct, middle-of-the day light because that’s when life happens a lot of the time!

  52. I’m a hobby photographer and have taught myself for years, I realized I was missing so much on just bringing life to my images and found myself shooting with the same type of light. I was looking forward to taking this class to help me finally understand light from a professional perspective and it did not disappoint! I learned so much about natural light and how to use it, how to observe it and get creative with it. I’m seeing my home in a new “light” no pun intended :) I’m also able to use light now creatively and purposefully. I cannot believe how much I learned from the class and D’Ann in such a short amount of time. I’m really thinking of making my love for photography more than just a hobby after this. The course work was easy to follow and understand. Michelle Turner did an excellent job with pulling the curriculum together and the videos. D’Ann as an instructor is amazing. She’s so encouraging but also gives excellent constructive criticism. I’m such a big fan of her work so was so happy to have her lead this course. She’s very knowledgable and I was so grateful for her time to go through each of my images and give pointers for improving my shots so that they really end up like works of art. She’s so kind and sweet! I highly recommend this class!

  53. I am not one to gush, but my goodness, this course is everything I needed to understand the world of light as it relates to photography. D’Ann is a treasure – a true master of her art as well as a patient, encouraging and articulate instructor. I took this as a study-along student, and how I wish I had been able to communicate daily with the lovely ladies in this group. Full participation from now on!!! The volume and quality of material plus the way it is presented allowed me to really grasp the concepts. I have also taken one of D’Ann’s breakouts, and loved that too. I will keep an eye out for any new material she offers through Click Photo School, as I am confident it will be outstanding!

  54. This class is by far the most informative, eye opening and game changer in my photography journey. Don’t even think twice in taking the course, every single PDFs and videos are jam packed with so much information. This course really helped me understand how light can make an image. Before this class, I notice light around me but never really understood how I can use it in my image or identify it. Now, I find myself identifying or analyzing the kind of light I see everyday. D’Ann was the key to this course. I’ve never come across an instructor that answered our questions in such an insightful way and so thorough with all of her feedbacks. Her weekly video was a nice touch. She’s truly a wonderful and talented teacher and an artist. I rarely feel I get lucky in something and this is one of it! Thank you D’Ann for such a magical 4 week journey with you!

  55. l just finished Understanding Light with D’Ann and this has been the best class that l have ever taken and has inspired me to do many more when possible. D’Ann is a wonderful and inspiring teacher that has helped me so much during these last few weeks and l am so happy that l registered as a full participant. She was always quick answering everyone questions and her videos talking about each participants assignments given each week were the best.

  56. This class changed everything for me and I how I view light. I feel like I have so much more control over my photographs and can make the adjustments to get the light I want. I’ll keep these PDFs forever!!

    I also really loved having D’Ann as a teacher. She’s so inspirational, kind, and a total role model. She answered everyone’s questions with such care and really make the class an interactive and positive experience.

    This is a 5-star class I would recommend to anyone looking to learn about lighting.

  57. Anie-Claude Breton

    I have just completed Understanding Light, with D’Ann and it was an incredible learning experience. It was a very intense 4 weeks, packed with learning, practice and interaction. The course contains so much that my poor brain will need several more weeks to unpack all of the information. Every aspect of the course is well explained, with details and tons of examples. This class has increased my confidence when taking photos, and I feel like I understand more and more what I am doing and why I get or don’t get the results I wanted. And while the course material is wonderful, D’Ann herself is a reason sufficient enough to take this course. She is the most kind, generous and patient teacher. During this run of the course, we overloaded her with questions and shares on the forum, but yet, she managed to answer each and everyone without fail.
    This class will change the way you look at the world forever. I can’t help but notify (and classify) the light I see all around me all the time now. Do not hesitate to sign up!

  58. This is the first full participation workshop I have done in click photo school and I was blown away, by the information in the pdf, as well as the videos that were given to really explain the concepts in depth. But most of all D’Ann’s participation in the question/answer forums, here patience in explaining each of the concepts with lots of examples and her eye to details really was the cherry on the top. Light is one of the most fundamental concepts in shooting and I really learnt to see and find light in different areas inside my house and even learnt how to use light in various times of the day outside. I am sure I have to keep coming back to the pdf-s/videos multiple times to really understand everything and keep practicing till using light becomes more intuitive, but I know I have a stepping stone and a path forward. Thanks a lot D’Ann.

  59. I did this course after I finished my mastering manual photography course,here on CPS. I must say this is a stepping stone to take you to the next level of photography. This course has completely changed my perspective towards viewing light and has given me so much insight on using the light we have in ways that will best enhance my subject as well as the picture. D’Ann is one of the best teachers I have ever met. She has actually nurtured a group of women into loving different types of lights in different types of situations. There was no question too basic or no question too random. She took the time to patiently explain and get our doubts on anything cleared. Thank you D’Ann for everything. And thank you CM for offering such beautiful courses to moms who love clickin….

  60. A massive thank you to D’Ann. I could not have asked for a better instructor, and her commitment to all of us was so genuine and caring that I felt she treated us more like friends than students. She really wanted to see us grow in our photography journey in a really personal way. She encouraged us to share our images regularly, and that led to a deepening friendship for all of us. I have been blown away by the material, and from being pretty ignorant about light, I now feel so much better informed to take my photograph skills to a level beyond snapping away and hoping one of them might come out okay. I wouldn’t hesitate at all if you are considering this class.

  61. You know how you hear about courses that are game-changers?  For me, this course with D’Ann was truly just that.  I felt like I had an “okay” understanding of light prior to this course but after taking D’Ann’s “Room by Room” breakout earlier this year, I knew I could learn so much more about light from her.  This class–and more importantly, D’Ann herself–did not disappoint!  There are so many different light concepts covered in this course and the PDFs clearly describe how to handle pretty much every imaginable natural light situation.  As a more left-brain person, I really appreciated the details of diagrams and angles…those technical aspects really clicked with me and gave me a solid foundation of light to then use in my everyday shooting, whether indoors or outdoors.  Additionally, the videos provide real-life examples of the techniques covered in the PDF.  But really the star of the workshop is D’Ann!  She has a true gift for teaching that shines through in every aspect of the course.  She is extremely active on the forum and provides detailed & insightful feedback not only on weekly assignments but also on the daily image shares, which was amazing!  I am so glad that I trusted my instincts to join this class with D’Ann.  Before this course, I would avoid challenging light situations or just stay in my comfort zone (i.e. put my subject by a window and hope for the best).  But now I feel so much more confident going into essentially any natural light scenario because I know I’ve learned the tools to harness the light to achieve my vision.  Thank you D’Ann for such a wonderful 4 weeks!  

  62. I absolutely loved this course with D’Ann. I honestly don’t know how I was taking photos prior to this course, because it has opened my eyes to seeing and using light both in my own home and outdoors. This class was very thorough and covered so much material in 4 weeks—I only wish it was still going because I learned so much and felt engaged throughout the entire time. D’Ann created such a cohesive and encouraging environment that made me feel like no question was too silly to ask, and the share forum was one of the most engaged I have ever been on. D’Ann provided such thoughtful feedback on the image share forum and on our weekly assignments that I felt I could go forward tackling new things. I now find myself looking at the light on my son’s face as he plays, or tracking the light on my phone to see the best day to shoot during golden hour :) Definitely a must take course to enhance your photography knowledge and skills! Thank you so much for an incredible month, D’Ann!

  63. This class has opened my eyes to seeing light in so many various ways (indoors and out!) and has given me tools to manage the light as well as resources to identify types of light. The course was jam packed with information each week as well as videos to further explain the concepts. Watching the behind the scenes videos was so helpful for me to think about my surroundings and the ways they could be used. D’Ann is the queen of light and was SO generous with her time in giving feedback throughout the week as well as on the assignments. If you aren’t sure about taking this class, know that this was well worth the time and money spent! I only wish it were 8 weeks long! Thank you D’Ann for your expertise and patience over the four week course!

  64. This is the third Click Photo School class I have taken and I have to say it was EXTREMELY thorough! This class is absolutely a must take in my opinion and is great for photographers of all levels who are looking to understand, control, and use light intentionally in your images. The PDFs are long and cover all types of light – what they are, how to identify them, how to use them, how to control & work with them. The videos give a behind the scenes practical look at everything the PDFs cover plus some bonus material. I took this class with D’Ann and I was absolutely blown away by her generosity in how active & involved she is in the Q&A forum in giving feedback and answering questions. She also added additional videos of her own each week on various light topics that were incredibly helpful. D’Ann was SO kind, so encouraging, extremely knowledgeable and her talent speaks for itself. I feel so lucky I was able to take this class and I can see the difference in my images already but I know I have SO MUCH MORE to glean from these course materials. Honestly, the best money I have spent so far at Click Photo School!

  65. I have loved every single moment of this course, even the really frustrating ones – they have probably taught me the most! This course is absolutely jam packed with information. It’s been four weeks and I’m exhausted. I’ve learnt so much, and yet the journey is only just beginning! Light is what makes an image beautiful, dynamic, engaging, and this course gives you all the tools needed to utilise it! Such a worthy and meaningful investment, I only wish I had done it sooner! It has been such a brilliant learning experience, made truly magical by D’Ann who is without doubt the most beautiful light you will find on this course!

  66. I am wondering what the details are of this class? What time of day, and which days? If you do study along can you watch videos later? Is it recommended for experienced photographers? Thanks in advance!

    1. If you do Study Along you can download all the materials and do the class whenever suits you. You just have to download all the material before the end of the course. I have had all levels of photographers in this class, it covers light basics as well as more advanced techniques.

  67. I just finished Understanding Light with Karlee Hooper and it was beyond eye opening. This was my first class with click photo school and my first time to really start taking photography seriously. The amount of information offered in this course completely exceeded my expectations. However, I think what made this class so successful is Karlee. Karlee is not only an extremely gifted photographer she is also an extremely gifted instructor. She was always willing to go above and beyond to answer questions and she took time to give thoughtful and detailed answers with photo examples. Her teaching style is patient, encouraging, kind and positive. No matter how much I was struggling with a concept or idea, she always found a way to provide encouragement. Her video critiques were packed with helpful information, but done in such a personal way that I felt like I was sitting with her having coffee and talking about photography. I will be forever grateful for Karlee and how this experience has inspired me to continue on in my photography journey.

  68. Understanding light was such an eye opening class. Karlee teaches it in a way that is easy to understand. She is so kind and encouraging in all of her critiques. I had so many “Ah Ha” moments during the 4 weeks. When I learned about using window light I discovered that I had an amazing spot in my house that creates the most beautiful light for portraits.Then week 4 there’s backlighting. I was able to take the techniques taught and capture a beautiful image of my daughter. When Karlee told me that I rocked that backlit portrait I was in the kitchen doing a happy dance! If you get the chance to sign up for this class, take it! You will be happy that you did.

  69. Marie De Bartolo

    I am just finishing up this course as a full participation student with Karlee Hooper and I will be so sad when it is done! All of the course materials are really detailed with so many inspirational photo examples and great videos to supplement the weekly pdf’s. But while the materials themselves are really informative, what really took this experience to the next level was having Karlee as an instructor. She is so incredibly kind and generous with feedback and resources. Any questions that anyone had were quickly answered and often with enlightening photo examples or extension videos. Her photos are spectacular and illustrate so many different natural light scenarios.I was hesitant to sign up for full participation, but Karlee and the rest of the supportive class really made this such a positive learning experience. Thanks Karlee for helping me see the light and work with the light! I am super excited to keep taking photos with everything I have learned!

    1. Marie it was such a pleasure to have you in class. It makes me so happy that you enjoyed the class so much! Can’t wait to continue to watch your photography grow!

  70. I was thrilled with D’Ann’s recent section of Understanding Light. I had not taken a class like this through Click Photo School yet and signed up for the full participation to hold myself accountable to assignments and have the opportunity to hear feedback from D’Ann and classmates. I was blown away by the community giving constructive feedback and encouragement. D’Ann’s instruction and weekly video feedback was thoughtful, thorough and deliberate. She offered support and clear direction on any questions asked of her. I felt I had a good understanding of light prior to the course, but feel much more empowered to work with any light and not just wait for the easiest, most ideal conditions. This was such a valuable course for my photography journey and am grateful to have been able to follow along and share my work with the group.

  71. I absolutely loved Understanding Light with D’Ann Boal! I wish it could have been longer. I feel like I could learn so much more from D’Ann. I appreciate all of her feedback and could not soak up enough. Not only was the content of the material excellent, but I learned so much from the Q & A and picture shares and all of D’Ann’s feedback. I would highly recommend any class D’Ann teaches. She is so encouraging and specific with her feedback. Thank you D’Ann for such a wonderful learning experience!

  72. Jennifer VanCura

    I’ve wanted to take this workshop for some time now, but it never seemed to work out. I just finished this workshop with D’Ann as a full participation student, and I wish I would have taken this workshop sooner! It was a huge eye-opener! Light plays such a crucial role in photography. After taking this course, I realize how important it is to have a good solid knowledge base on how to find it and how to use it. This workshop definitely lays that foundation! I always disliked working with indoor light, because I didn’t fully understand how to use it to get my desired result. I am now able to create beautiful portraits in any room of my home with a single window. And a huge bonus is once I was able to find the light and use it correctly, it made my post processing so much easier! Everything in an image starts with light! I used to always seek out flat light, and after taking this class, I am able to create depth in my images that I’ve always wanted. D’Ann was such an amazing teacher! She always responded quickly and gave insights that I never would have thought of. I grew so much as a photographer under her mentorship in this four-week workshop! This is a must-take course!

  73. Is this workshop suitable for someone who doesn’t photograph people? I don’t have any nearby children and mainly shoot flowers, both indoor and outdoors.

  74. I highly recommend this class! Light is THE most important thing in photography and this class will change how you look at light. You learn how to use light intentionally in your photography. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced photographer. I took this class with D’Ann and she’s an expert in using light but also in teaching. She is sweet, positive and knows what to say so you can take your photography to the next level. She is present a lot on the forum and will answer any question! She will also adapt her teaching to what the students need. The pdf’s are very clear and easy to read and understand. The videos only make it more clear but are also great for visual learners. At first I signed up for study along but I’m very glad that I could change to full participant as I wouldn’t have learned as much as I have know.

  75. Just finished Understanding Light with D’Ann. It was a fabulous class and I learned so much. I took photos in places that I never would have dreamed of taking photos before this class. It took me out of my comfort zone and I learned I could take photos that I liked in places I never thought of because the light was great. I still have a lot of practice to do (lots and lots of practice), but now I understand much more about the different types of light and how to have it help me make the photos I envision.

    D’Ann went above and beyond in our class. Not only did she answer questions about light, she answered a multitude of questions about editing. She even edited a photo that we submitted that we wanted to see edited by her! I also took the breakout ‘Room by Room’ which D’Ann was doing live at the same time as our Understanding Light workshop. It was a great breakout to take at the same time and the workshop and breakout complimented each other. If you get the chance, take this workshop. D’Ann is a fabulous photographer and teacher.

  76. I just finished up the Understanding Light with D’Ann and I learned so much! She is a fantastic teacher and really went out of her way to provide explanations, shooting videos and editing tips! This class was so helpful in learning to understand how to use light and find light both indoors and outdoors. I feel like I am much more prepared to place my subjects and understand what to look for when I go out with my camera. The detailed weekly feedback on assignments was fantastic, really detailed comments and editing help as well as suggestions for things to look for and positive critiques.

  77. This class was a gift! D’Ann teaches in a way that is so encouraging and positive – and it pushes you to want to be better for yourself and for her! The PDFs and the videos are so well done and so easy to follow. I know that I will refer back to all of the materials again and again. In addition, the FULL PARTICIPATION was incredible. It far exceeded my hopes for the class. The interaction with other members in the group was so positive and helpful. It was a special group. Thank you! Thank you! I cannot wait to take another class

  78. I am relatively new to photography as I’ve only taken the MME class before this one. Understanding Light was a huge eye opener for me! Until I took this class, I never realized just how important light plays a role in producing beautiful photos… hence the title “Understanding Light”! :) I do wish I took this class as FP as I was only a SA student, because from seeing the way D’Ann responded to her students, she would answer ANY question, light related or other, and she always gave a very personalized response which I admired. I would recommend this class for anyone who wants to take their photography to the next level… even if you’ve been taking pictures for a long time, I think this class would be beneficial!

  79. I really enjoyed this class. It is jam packed with information! The instructional videos are some of the most informative I’ve watched, and I know I will be returning to them and the PDF in the future. This class has completely changed how I view the light in my home, and because of it, I now have some new favorite locations and times to shot!

  80. I can’t believe how much I learned in this class! It has opened up a whole new way to look at like and completely changed what I am looking for in pictures. Rooms in my house that I used to hate shooting in are now spaces where I take some of my favorite portraits. My understanding of shooting in backlight has grown amazingly, but what I appreciate most of all is that I am recognizing beautiful light. It inspires me to go get my camera all the time! I am so grateful to this class, and D’Ann’s amazing instruction. She gave so much insightful feedback I highly recommend the full participation class.

  81. I just finished this course with D’Ann and it was amazing. It helped me learn to find light on location more effectively and quickly, as well as to understand how to use reflective light. It really helped me with positioning my subjects relative to the light to achieve the different light/shadows. I’ve taken SO many different courses in the past 18 months and I really feel like I had gathered many bits of information here and there about light but I was having a really hard time pulling it all together. I felt like this course really helped me with understanding light (pun intended ha!) and applying those principles. ❤️

  82. Another game-changer! I love how this class helped me look at light and how to use it in my photography. It’s amazing how D’Ann was able to explain and answer our questions and give us great feedback. I see light a whole new way.

  83. When I heard about this class I knew “Understanding Light” was what my work was missing. I am so happy I stumbled across D’Ann and Click Photo School. I really enjoyed the reading, videos and assignments and the feedback was kind and extremely valuable. I was sad for the course to end! I definitely want to take more of D’Anns courses. 100% recommend this course and doing so as a full participant.

  84. Camille Trujillo

    Amazing light journey! I definitely needed this class to extend my knowledge in photography. So educational and informative and D’Ann’s edits are so stunning and inspirational! I feel so much more confident with shooting after I have taken this class and found a whole new passion for light. Thank you so much D’Ann. This class was amazing and I am so happy, thankful and blessed that I got this opportunity to have conversations with you and my classmates in this class.

    If you are considering taking this class or wondering if this is the next class you should take, just do it. Light is such an important part of photography and it’s the key element in completing your journey to finding your voice. The technical knowledge is such a key in putting your photography to the next level!

  85. D’Ann’s teaching is absolutely world class and second to none. She goes above and beyond ALWAYS. She has taught with her whole heart and not just imparted her knowledge. She has not only given me the tools to understand light, but more importantly a new found confidence and belief that I can always find my artistic voice in my work. She is one special lady and if you can take the opportunity to have her as your teacher you are extremely lucky. Not all people that teach have D’Ann’s talent and warmth. I have turned huge corners because of this lady and I believe more than ever than I am on the right path. I cannot thank you enough D’Ann and I really hope one day I will have the pleasure of meeting you. You are welcome to Austria always! Come for a cuppa in Bregenzerwald please!

  86. Understanding Light is a must take class for any photographer! This was my first experience as a full participation student and it far exceeded my expectations. It has completely changed the way I see light everywhere! I notice it when I walk into a room, when I’m outside playing with my kids and every time I look at someone’s face! I see shadows and catchlights and contrast in a whole new way. Before this class, I would never even think of shooting if the light wasn’t soft and flat. Understanding Light has taught me how to use and manipulate all kinds of light, regardless of it’s intensity or direction; which has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me!

    D’Ann was an absolute dream teacher! She was consistently present throughout the course to answer questions and offer guidance. The feedback she provided on assignments was always thorough and encouraging. D’Ann is just one of those teachers that genuinely wants to see her students do well and it shows. If you’re on the fence about enrolling in this class, take the leap and sign up for it! I promise you won’t regret it.

  87. I just finished up this workshop with D’Ann. It by far exceeded all expectations! She is a great instructor- very thorough and so quick to respond. I enjoyed her own videos and images she provided, plus her extra edits. I felt like I could ask her anything about photography, not just light. The PDFs and videos by Michelle turner were very informative and helpful. I can’t say enough! I only recommend taking this as a FP as I did. Thank you D’Ann for being the best instructor and CPS for offering this course!

    1. This response is probably a little to late but in case anyone else is wondering it is typically offered 4 times a year (every 3 months).

  88. This class has been such an eye-opening experience for me that I will never look at light the same way again. Karlee Hooper instructed the class, and not only is she wonderful, but her CC’s were incredibly helpful. I truly believe this class, along with Karlee’s CC’s, will have an ever lasting impact on my photography voice.

  89. I just finished this class with Karlee Hooper. It was amazing and I learned SO much! This was my first full participation class and I highly recommend it. I was very intimidated to post at first but Karlee is just the sweetest and her critique delivery is kind but also very helpful. I previously purchased her breakout and thought she had the best personality and was so talented so I HAD to take this workshop. I even emailed her with a question about her Elements presets that I purchased in the Clickin’ Moms store and she made me a VIDEO explaining how to solve the issue I was having! Even if you think you know about light you will learn something in this class. It’s easy to understand and touches on everything!

  90. I was hesitant to take this class…I have taken several classes and break-outs and most of them discuss light a little. I was worried that an introduction class wouldn’t offer anything new. Boy was I wrong! I learned so much! There is so much information about light and how to use different types of light. Karlee was amazing! I was a study along participant, but was able to learn so much from her feedback on other student assignments. She was so encouraging and her feedback really reinforced the course materials.

  91. I highly recommend full participation with Karlee. I found her to be very down-to-earth, funny, inspiring, and sincere. As an instructor she is quick to respond to questions and to provide feedback on weekly assignments. She even generously created supplemental video’s for the class to clarify or introduce various post processing techniques. Karlee really takes the pressure off and makes the class a community. I was shocked when she shared at the end that this was her first class! I was hesitant to purchase this class because it was offered in the dead of winter. I’m am so glad I didn’t hold off. All the assignments accommodate for whatever mother nature is giving you. The classroom PDF’s offer valuable information, vocabulary, and assignments. As a visual learner, I appreciated all of Michelle Turner’s videos! She is fantastic at explaining and reinforcing the lessons.

    1. The community aspect is my favorite part about Click Photo School classes so I am so glad you highlighted that here. You were such an amazing classmate!

  92. This class was so helpful, informative, and perspective-changing. Thank you Karlee for being so open, encouraging, and creating a safe place for all levels to feel welcome. loved it so much! xo

  93. I just finished this class (as full participant) with Karlee Hooper! Her critique and feedback have been invaluable. She not only tells you how you are doing with light but also gives you on ideas to improve your image with composition techniques or editing. She is always so quick to answer any questions you have and even creates additional videos to show you the answer to your question.

    The material was fantastic and taught me so much. I’d been struggling with getting rim light and finally found out the trick for capturing it. Like composition and mastering manual exposure, it is one of those foundational classes for capturing your vision.

    1. Thank you so much Laura for the kind review. I am so glad rim light is finally clicking for you and that you found the class so beneficial. It was a pleasure having you in class!

  94. Over the past few years I’ve taken a few CM courses as a study along student, but for this course I registered for full participation – IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! The amount of material that was covered in four weeks was just incredible – the PDFs and videos were so helpful and well organized. The way I see light has forever changed since taking this course!

    Karlee Hooper is an outstanding photography instructor! She shared a wealth of knowledge with us and gave such wonderful feedback on assignments. Karlee was so helpful with questions that came up, and she really went out of her way to help her students with topics they needed help with. Karlee is a gifted artist and teacher and I’m so impressed with her work. This course has had such a positive impact on my photography journey – after taking it I feel empowered to face any lighting scenario that comes my way!

    Thank you, Karlee! So grateful to have had the chance to take this class from you – you’re amazing and inspirational!

    1. Deanna, thank you, you actually made me a little teary in the best way. I can vividly remember taking the natural light class with Click Photo School years ago and I am just pinching myself that I actually get to teach it now. To have you say that I am outstanding at instructing this class means the world to me. You have done such a great job over the last month and I am so excited to see what you create from here!

  95. Anna Piacentini Lacher

    I have long been an admirer of Karlee Hooper’s images, and jumped at the chance to take this course with her as an instructor. The materials are very rich and dense with gorgeous photos and detailed examples, and Karlee’s critiques on the weekly assignments were so amazing! I’ve been photographing for several years and I still found myself trying new techniques for controlling light and shooting in unused pockets of my house for the first time that I was seeing with new eyes.

    1. Oh Anna, that really means so much to me. I am so clad you found my weekly critiques useful! It was a pleasure to get to know you and your work! I am so excited to see more from you in the future.

  96. Inés A. de Toledo

    This class with Karlee Hooper has been amazing! I have taken the full-participation and I highly recommend it so so much, really worth it! Previously took the MME class.
    I feel I have grown as a photographer, having learnt how to use and search light. The materials are easy to understand and so well structured, making things much easier. During the course, we where asked what additional things we wanted to learn and Karlee worked on extra videos which where fascinating and inspirational. Her CC’s are very constructive and help so much to understand your style! Thank you so much Karlee for your dedication and support!!!

    1. Ines, it was my pleasure. Thank you for being such a wonderful student! I am so happy to hear that you found full participation to be worth it!

  97. I am just completing this class with Karlee Hooper and it was amazing!!! I look at all my photos differently now. It really helps you to see light properly and know what to look for when taking a photo. Karlee is so lovely, friendly and knowledgable! I learnt so much from her and looked forward to her assignment feedback every week. Would definitely recommend this course!

    1. Vanessa is was such a pleasure having you in class. I am so glad you found the course helpful and appreciate your kind words so much!

  98. Just finishing up this class with Karlee. It is a great class and she was very “available” which was so nice! This may be the first Click course I have actually finished and she was very encouraging. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is newer to light and photography. I would take it again and plan to!

    1. Betsy, I knew we would finish the whole class together! It was such a pleasure to have you in class and thank you for your thoughtful review.

  99. This was a great class and Karlee is knowledgeable, engaging, encouraging and approachable. I will never look at light the same!

  100. I just finished this class as a full-participation student with Karlee Hooper. It was absolutely phenomenal! The course materials are amazing – I know I will reference the pdf’s and all the videos many, many times. I also can’t say enough about Karlee as an instructor. Her CC’s were so thorough and insightful. Seriously, I want her to critique all my work from here on out! She was so helpful and responsive to all of our questions and even made extra videos for us to explain new concepts or to show to us how to achieve a certain look. I highly recommend this class and if you can take the full participation – do it!

    1. Thank you so much Jessi. You were such a joy to have in class! I so enjoyed critiquing your work and hope I get to see more in the future!

  101. what a great class! I have taken about 4 classes at CPS and this has been my favorite! the videos the images and everything has been very thorough and helpful. I HIGHLY recommend this class. ( i took it as ass tudy along and wish I would have as a regular student for the feedback)

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the class Carla. I wish everyone could be full participation, it is so nice getting to “know” everyone.

  102. This was my second class after Mastering Manual Exposure and I really loved this class so much! D´Ann was such a warm and personal teacher and the way she explained things (often with her own photos as examples) was so thoughtful and easy to understand. I loved the way she encouraged every one of us and mulled over creative ideas on how to enhance the story in our photos on top of teaching us about light and shadows. She even went outside the curriculum by adding extra materials like videos of her own workflow etc. She was genuinely excited for us when we grew and expanded our understanding of the theme, and was always available in the forum for questions, feedback and some chat. This created what felt like such a safe environment for us to share our thoughts and photos through the whole class!

    And oh – the light! I`ll never view light or shadows in the same way again after this class, inside or outside. The curriculum was explained very well in the PDF and videos, and I liked the way each week built on the next one while having a new theme. After this class I’m actually finding myself mentally making notes on where the good spots are when I`m in a new place! I notice how the light falls and what quality it has to it. The four weeks flew by way too quickly, and I wished this class would have lasted longer. I was having so much fun, felt so inspired and I`m so happy I went for the full participation! I recommend this class so so much!!

  103. If you are looking for your next class after mastering manual exposure this is it. The information and how it is explained with videos and a PDF is so helpful, and the amount of information is everything you need to know to set the foundation with your understanding of light and how to utilise it in your photography confidently. I am glad I took full participation as getting your personalised feedback is invaluable

    D’Ann is THE MOST AMAZING TEACHER. I feel like it is the little things that make the greatest impressions and speaks volumes and in the online workshop she was so caring, patient, always available and answered every question and even made an extra video for the students in her class. She is kind and understanding and supportive in that she took a genuine interest in her students and was so personable. I feel like when you are trying to learn all you can about photography the person who teaches you and how they teach is just as important and D’Ann provided such a positive learning experience in this workshop greatly appreciated it. Thank you so much D’Ann.

  104. An investment that you will not regret, D’Ann is the quintessential queen of light. She is committed to her students and always readily available to answer any questions and goes the extra mile to help you in your journey. I’m just shy of six months into my very own photography journey and i credit D’Ann for most of it. Take this course, it will change the way you view the world through your camera!

    1. Angelina you are the sweetest. Thank you!!! Watching you grow seriously makes my heart jump for joy and it’s an honor to be part of your photography path.

  105. Gayle Johnson-Becker

    I was a study along student for this class, and while I didn’t have a “voice” or an opportunity to have my work reviewed, it was still a wonderful class for me. (fall 2019) The students who participated were involved and asked a lot of questions. I read every single thread and article, and I viewed every video.The Q&A threads were wonderful opportunities for learning. D’Ann was a great teacher. Like others, I am amazed this was her first class. She has a great eye and could give great suggestions on how to make a good photo even better. She was great in adding comments about what the student did well, too. And not to mention that she is very thoughtful and kind in her responses. I will never think again of just having my subject “go stand in the shadow.” Oh my goodness, the subject might be at the edge of the shade, move back in the shade, turn 1/4 this way or that way. It makes all the difference in the world. I was just telling someone today that at the moment, I am so distracted by light and shadows. I see a scene now and I start analyzing it: Where would I put the subject? Where would I stand? Where is the sun? What should the background be? Are there any reflective surfaces? I will never look at light and shadow the same. I took the exposure class and it fundamentally changed and improved my photos. I would say that this class is also a game-changer. Thank you to D’Ann and all the students who participated for making this a great class. I HIGHLY recommend this class!

    1. Gayle! I’m so happy to hear from you, and to read how much you got out of this class. I think the take away I most hope attendees have is a changed way of seeing the world in all its light. Like you, I’m constantly distracted by beautiful light everywhere I go! Thank you so much for taking the time to write these thoughtful words.

  106. Wow is all that I can say!! I feel that my eyes have been opened. D’Ann is an amazing teacher and explained things in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I feel that I can now begin to take my photography to the next level. Thank you so much

  107. First of all – Congratulations to D’Ann, can’t believe this is her first time teaching Understanding Light workshop – she is outstanding!. D’Ann is amazing at all levels of teaching and breaking down everything or finding a few different ways to explain a concept if not clear! She is so dedicated and always prompt at answering any questions asked, going over and beyond not just with anything related to light but also with other elements of exposure, composition, LR or PS suggestions. She was always there to support and encourage everyone not just weekdays but through out the weekend and give a detailed review back on HW assignments.

    Understanding light WS is an eye opener, its comes with so much of materials and videos to learn from! I really appreciate indoor light and outdoor a lot more, specially learning about how to study about the directions, the way light falls, and understand what could be expected – opened up so many more possibilities to work around with – in situations that might not always be according to what we want, along with the bigger picture of how control light the way we want to! I have read so much on using basic light in past few years, but this class is so much depth and much more to learn from, and the FP and forums help a lot! Would highly recommend any one interested in taking this class!

    1. Thank you so much Manisha. I’m so happy to hear that you got this much out of this class, and that you learned and grew with how you see light. It was a joy teaching you and watching you grow!

  108. I just finished this class with D’Ann and I cannot even begin to describe how eye opening it was for me. I see light in a completely different way than I did before. I notice it everywhere. D’Ann is an amazing instructor. She gives freely of all her knowledge and is so good at making everything easy to understand. This was my first full participation course and I can’t recommend it enough!

    1. I loved getting to know you Erika! Watching you grow and have aha moments is what teaching is all about. Thank you for this kind review. I’m so happy I had the opportunity to be your instructor!

  109. I took this class as a Study Along student, and although I greatly missed the interaction with D’Ann and other classmates I still felt it was a huge gain for my skills. I started realizing what made my “lucky” shots look nice and how to replicate all of those components in a more consistent way for friends and family. Most importantly it was great to see what techniques and habits professionals do in order to assess light and use them even when situations are less than ideal. I was expecting to hear about what equipment to buy and while some were recommended (like a 5-in-one reflector, lens hood, etc) I also really appreciated learning how to reflect light with objects around me. I live in a crowded, urban environment where nature is scarce. This course helped me look at my neighborhood through a new perspective and realize what I used to see as a hindrances (ie tight alley ways with limited light) can still be utilized to capture flattering and beautiful photos if I’m studying my light well. I’m now tracking my neighborhood streets and making notes of when and where to try something new. Beauty can be found in the less than ideal when you know how to chase the light. Thanks D’Ann for helping shift my perspective!

    1. Angela,
      Thank you so much for this thorough and thoughtful review! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get to know you in the FP forum, but so HAPPY you were able to learn and grow as a SA student. I hope to see you around in the forum!

  110. Megan Dzwonkowski

    This class was a game changer for me – at the most basic level I now look for light and see the differences in light. I cannot say enough about Danielle who went above and beyond to answer questions, and explain nuances in detail This class provides so much information about using light to your advantage. I feel like I have a whole new arsenal of tools to make the best with the light that I have. And I now understand why I was having issues in some scenarios. I have taken two other CM classes as a SA. This was my first FP. Not sure I can ever do SA again. The feedback is invaluable. I am sad it is over especially because I had so many overcast days – I want to take this class in every season just for the awesome feedback!

  111. This class opened my eyes to the light around me. It helped me improve my use of light in photography and my appreciation of the beauty of light in my everyday life. Danielle Awwad takes the time to create extra videos to help elucidate difficult concepts. She ensure the course material is personalized to the level of each student. Well worth the investment.

  112. I LOVED this class! There is so much information and it has already made such a difference in my images. The information is well presented and thorough. Elizabeth is so thorough and thoughtful in her evaluations of your work. She has an amazing eye. If you are debating between study along vs full participant I highly recommend full participation to get the feedback. She answers every question with thought, examples, links, she really cares that you understand it. This was my second Clickin Mom’s course, my first was MME and this was a great second class to take.

  113. If you are thinking of taking this class, stop thinking and start taking! This class was the most informative and photography-changing class I’ve had. I learned so much about finding and using light and I feel like my photos are finally starting to match my intention. Elizabeth was a supportive and involved instructor, who answered every question we posed as quickly and thoroughly as she could. Her feedback was invaluable! I can’t recommend this class enough!

  114. This was my first class on light and I learned so much more about it than I expected. Every week was packed with information and Elizabeth guided us through each concept, answering all our questions with thorough explanations, personal examples, and video. She was seemingly always available and eagerly offered plenty of helpful, friendly encouragement. It’s a foundational class that’s changed the way I see light forever and how I use my camera every day since. I’ve read tons on this subject, but nothing substitutes the feedback and interaction of a workshop, especially when you’re able to take it FP and pour yourself into it each week. I seriously learn more in a 4 week workshop than I do in a year on my own.

  115. I really loved this class. If you are looking for a class that will help you “see the light” both indoors and outside, this is definitely it. Elizabeth is a very supportive instructor, and she was also willing to dive into directions not in the syllabus based on questions asked by students. It is the first class I have taken, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I would definitely recommend it as a full participation course. My only regret is that it was just 4 weeks. I want more!

  116. Understanding Light is a fantastic introduction to all things light! The materials (pdf’s and videos) were very thorough and really help to build a solid foundation for seeing and understanding how to use light. Elizabeth is exceptionally sweet and encouraging. I really felt like she cared about each one of us in the class, and that is a great feeling! She is more than willing to answer all questions and help you in any way that she can. She provides detailed video feedback on the weekly assignments that is very helpful. This is the class to take if you want to start building your knowledge of light, both indoors and out!

  117. This class was by far the most eye opening class I have taken. My only regret is that it didn’t last longer. Elizabeth constantly encouraged us to ask questions, no question was too small and she answered in such detail. I have learned to see light in a whole new way and it has changed my photography. I highly encourage full participation in this class, the constant feedback is invaluable.

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