The Art of Abundance

Business Strategies for the Boutique Photographer
2 WEEK WORKSHOP Begins September 18, 2023
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D'Ann Boal

With a decade of experience owning and operating her 6-figure photography boutique, D’Ann Boal is holding nothing back. During this 2-week workshop you will learn to create an abundant business – for you and your clients. Learn to price yourself for profit and set your clients up for a remarkable experience from the first email to the final delivery of beautifully-wrapped products.

with interactive instructor guidance and weekly assignment feedback
view-only access to study at your own pace

"If you want to have a life outside of work – if you want to love photography in ten years and have time for your family – then you must create value."


We will discuss photography goals, branding ideas, the cost of doing business, and how to find your perfect client.


In week two, we will discuss packages, in-person sales, products, and pricing that will help you achieve your financial goals.

11 thoughts on “The Art of Abundance: Business Strategies for the Boutique Photographer”

  1. Jenny Rosenbring

    I absolutely loved this class! D’Ann is one of my biggest inspirations both when it comes to photography and business. She is a star, and who would not want to learn from her. I have gained so much knowledge from this class, even if I have been in business for several years. D’Ann has pushed me to belive in myself and to price myself according to my worth. This class also goes through all the necessary things you need to do to stay relevant, to communicate with your clients, to make a budget and what kind of things to sell. I am so happy I decided to join. It has given me a strong foundation to stand on in my business and it has already been so benefical to me in so many ways. D’Ann is very generous and shares so much of her knowledge about how to make the clientexperience luxurious and make people want to come back. Highly recommend this to anyone in business, regardless of where you are in your journey.

  2. Every photographer needs to take this class. You can spend all your time and money on becoming the best photographer but if you don’t have smart business practices it only going to leave you burnt out and undervalued. D’Ann will walk you through every step of the way to transform your business to be much more profitable, leaving you with more time, more money and more inspiration.

  3. Deanna O'Connor

    D’Ann has poured her heart and soul into this course – the materials have been so carefully crafted and professionally presented! I’m so thankful to have taken this class, it has been a tremendous help as I begin my own business. Before taking this course, I felt overwhelmed with where to start – and now I feel focused and energized to see where this takes me! In addition to that, I feel so organized and ready to communicate confidently and clearly with clients. D’Ann is the most amazing teacher who shares her knowledge and talent with her students. Her years of experience shine through, and she was so helpful to all of us, whether we were just starting out or already established in business. Thank you D’Ann – this class was simply the best!

  4. I just finished up this workshop and I cannot say enough good things about it.

    First of all, D’Ann made me realize the passion I have for photography that I was losing. She put the fire back into me for this next year and I am so thankful for that. She is so giving about how she runs her business and so encouraging for yours to succeed. Each part of her PDF is not only beautiful, but so full of wonderful information. I was scared about jumping into IPS with my business, but I knew I wanted to do because I feel it is so important to print your photos, but her wonderful feedback and knowledge has helped me gain the confidence I need to do it. She put me in the right mindset to succeed and be truly joyful when it comes to my work.

    Thanks to this class, I now have a beautiful Welcome Guide, Style Guide and Product Guide for my clients and have purchased samples to show them. It also made me see my worth and shift my pricing. Thank you, D’Ann!

  5. This is one of the best courses and investments I’ve made in my photography career. D’Ann is so open about how she runs her business and encourages her students to value their time and talent more. IPS is much less intimidating to me and I recognize the changes I need to make to create a more profitable and sustainable business. I’m so grateful for her guidance in this course. Highly recommend to anyone in business or even starting out!

  6. I have just completed “THE ART OF ABUNDANCE Business Strategies for the Boutique Photographer” by D’Ann Boal and cannot recomend it enough.

    D’Ann is obviously incredibly talented, creative, and experienced and she shares all of this extensively with her students throughout the entirety of the course. Not only that, she shows an incredible generosity of spirit as a teacher as she provides a guiding light to her students to assist with navigating their way through the many twists and turns of setting up a boutique photgraphy business.

    I am in the throes of pivoting my small business and was considering adding a boutique portraiture element to my offerings. This course and D’Ann’s input has been absolutely invaluable in giving me the know-how and confidence to pursue my dreams of growing my boutique portraiture services. I would not be in this position without D’Ann.

    My only negative is that I would have loved for the course to be longer as I would have just loved the opportunity to learn more from D’Ann.

    If you are in the throes of growing or levelling up your photography business, do not hesitate to do this course!!!
    Thank you D’Ann, words can not express how grateful I am.

  7. This is one of the best courses I have done – people just starting out in business and veteran business owners alike will find incredible value in this course. D’Ann is a master in both stunning image-making and running a profitable and joyful business, and the love in what she does shines through SO brightly. This is a must-take for anyone who wants a sustainable business.

  8. I absolutely loved this course! Full of great insider tips and information, clear and concise. D’Ann showed us every step of how she built her business and encouraged us to value more our work. Hands down, one of the best classes I have taken in Clik Photo School!

  9. Carolyn Frackelton

    This course has been so helpful! It has taken the daunting task of changing my business model and put it into bite sized pieces that are easy to manage. I’ve learned so much!!!

  10. D’Ann is simply amazing! I’ve attended multiple classes with her, and she has been an incredible source of inspiration. As a photographer with a decade of experience, I was seeking guidance and motivation to make my business thrive. Thanks to D’Ann’s class, I finally revamped my price menu and learned the art of selling in person.

  11. This workshop is absolutely amazing! I have been such a big fan of D’Ann’s work and have so much respect for all that she had achieved. To be able to get behind the scene to see her steps to build a successful business is so wonderful. I love that D’Ann touched on business mentality of abundance and scarcity as well. It is a great reminder to get into the right mindset as business owners. D’Ann also included bonus marketing material that is actionable. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who would like to run a sustainable and profitable business!

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