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For the Love of Light

Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 28 to April 12 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 28 to April 12 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 28 to April 12 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 28 to April 12 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 28 to April 12 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 28 to April 12
Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 28 to April 12 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 28 to April 12 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 28 to April 12 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 28 to April 12 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 28 to April 12 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 28 to April 12
GO BEHIND THE SCENES WITH D'ANN BOAL – from the moment to the final image! Learn how D'Ann creates her images, from shoot to edit! Come along with D'Ann as she reveals her process and shows you how she created 15 of her signature images. Elevate your images, use light (including off camera flash!) intentionally, and edit to enhance your photographs...beautifully!

D'Ann shows you her entire process- she covers it all, from shooting and lighting behind the scenes to full edits of her images.


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What you'll get
D'Ann's favorite tips and techniques for how to use (and create!) all kinds of light, including backlight, moody light, and more!

Strategies to elevate your images through use of light, homemade overlays and adding depth & dimension to your final images

An understanding of off-camera flash, how to set it up, where to place it, and how to make it look like natural light

Lots of editing tips and tricks – homemade overlays, how to make a sun flare, sunbeam and soft sun glow, how to add 3-dimension to your images, how to add dreamy magic, how to edit quickly to save time

“Light: Luminous, sparkling, moody, bright, hazy, direct, soft, gold - I love it all.”

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D'Ann boal for the love of light 7
Over 375 minutes of video instruction
From shoot to edit (and from backlit images to self portraits!), D'Ann will show you how to create beautiful images!
D'Ann boal for the love of light 8
Advanced editing techniques
From composites to adding skies, D'Ann will show you her favorite tricks for creating art in her everyday photographs!
D'Ann boal for the love of light 6
A Beautiful Guidebook and D'Ann's extras
From her behind-the-scenes guidebook to her "Nearly Every Image" Lightroom preset and her "Warming Overlay" for Photoshop, you'll receive what you need to create beautiful images...just like D'Ann's!

you'll learn to capture beautiful images with D'Ann...from shoot to edit!

Click Away Instructor D'Ann Boalsmallres

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D'Ann Boal
D’Ann graduated with a Master’s degree in education, but it wasn’t until her son was born and she moved to the Caribbean that she picked up a camera and never looked back. Today she runs a successful photography boutique specializing in newborn, child, and family photography. She teaches around the country, leads photography retreats, is an instructor at Click Photo School, a mentor at Click Community, and this is her third self-paced course. Living on a farm in Colorado with her husband, son, and daughter, she is inspired to capture the light and magic of her children’s lives. She enjoys daily cups of jasmine tea, hikes and ski days with her family, and swimming laps in the sunshine.

47 thoughts on “For the Love of Light: The moment and the image”

  1. This was such an informative course! I loved all the behind the scenes and the detailed editing videos. So much creativity and inspiration! Just the push I’ve needed to add more OCF into my own work. Thank you D’Ann for the great course!

  2. Melissa Reneger

    I just finished this course with D’Ann and I learned so much! I’ve been focusing on learning more about OCF and being able to control light to put my vision into reality. D’Ann was very open in showing her process for taking and editing photos. Her photos are so dreamy and swoon-worthy and I enjoyed watching her work. This class was wonderful and I can’t recommend it enough!

  3. There’s so much to dive into in this course — from light and off camera flash, to enhancing light and mood in Lightroom and Photoshop. If you are like me and wondered how D’Ann captures her magnificent images, she does a wonderful job at describing so many of them in depth. There’s something to take away from this both for beginners and those that are advanced. Definitely recommended. I’ll be rewatching the videos over and over!

  4. I am so excited to learn from D’Ann! I have always loved the way she uses light in her images. She’s the reason I decided to get a Profoto A2 setup and I am so thrilled I get to learn from a master about light! What an amazing opportunity to improve my photography!

  5. Obserwuję Cię już od dłuższego czasu i niezwykle ucieszyła mnie informacja, że pojawił się nowy kurs z instrukcjami jak opanować światło sztuczne w plenerze! Do tej pory korzystałam, jedynie ze światła naturalnego. Cudownie jest podejrzeć jak pracujesz i dzielisz się swoją wiedzą:)

  6. This self paced course by D’Ann is simply amazing. It’s filled with beautiful images, detailed editing, and tips for lighting. D’Ann explains her editing process in great detail, and has so many great tips for shortcuts, tricks, and creating beautiful unique overlays. This course is so inspiring and magical.

  7. What an amazing class from such a talented photographer! The behind-the-scenes videos are such a valuable learning tool in both lighting and editing. This class packs so much information into it, I was truly spending every free minute consuming all the knowledge that D’Ann so generously shares. I’m so grateful I found this course, it is exactly what I was looking for!!

  8. I have been a fan of D’Ann’s work for a long time. I love when she posts her behind the scenes on IG so knew I needed to sign up for this break out. It’s been wonderful! Seeing D’Ann in action and also watching and learning from her meticulous editing has been eye opening. She also is incredibly responsive and so thoughtful. It has truly been wonderful.

  9. D’Ann is an absolute master with OCF and creating beautiful cinematic/painterly imagery. This course is so detailed on not only how she creates but her thought process. I’m so impressed by the amount of videos included in this course! For those who are visual learners, this is for you. Bonus that D’Ann’s voice is so calming and easy to listen to. Thank you D’Ann for sharing your knowledge!

  10. D’Ann has SUCH magical work, and I am always drawn to her beautiful portraits! Her use of light is stunning, and the way she edits brings all the magic out in every scenario. I loved watching her shoot and edit to see a little bit into her brain as she works through her images. She pours so much into this course, and whether you are a natural light photographer or an artificial light photographer, you will learn so many great things. This is a definite must-get for those photographers wanting to take their work to the next level!

  11. D’Ann is the queen of light. Her knowledge of light and how to use it is evident in every image she creates. I have been following her work for a while and have always wanted to learn from her, especially her flash photography set ups. This course doesn’t disappoint! D’Ann shows you her lighting set up and how she got every shot. I have already learned so much about lighting by taking this course. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about flash photography and editing

  12. D’Ann has been one of my favorite artists for 5 years now. Yes, l still remember finding her on Instagram while having a coffee because it’s when l started to have some interest towards photography and l was truly amazed by her beautiful work. So, when saw l that she was releasing a new course l couldn’t be more excited since l have taken all her classes at Click Photo School and l absolutely loved all of them. l always tell everyone that D’Ann is the queen of light and l hope that one day l am half as talented as she is so if you haven’t taken one of her classes yet this is the time. This course is absolutely incredible and packed with so much information that you will want to go through over and over and besides being an amazing artist, she is an awesome teacher and a beautiful human being. You will absolutely LOVE everything about this course!

  13. D’Ann is a magnificent artist and a look into her process is such a gift to any photographer. Her background in education shines through, she is a fantastic teacher. I’ve taken ALL her classes and she is by far my favorite photographer/teacher on this platform. Highly recommend!

  14. I have admired her work for some time and this is the second course that I’ve taken from her. It’s an amazing opportunity to see her process in action and learn techniques that she uses to create her beautiful works of art. I love that she explains how to make homemade overlays and how to make each image your very own. I love peeking behind the scenes to see how she sets up a photo and then watching the transformation in editing. OCF is something I’ve never used and it was very informative how she uses it to enhance light in her work.
    Thank you for this thoughtful course, I love it so much and will reference it often.

  15. D’Ann’s work is absolutely dreamy! The images she produces are so magical. I jumped at the chance to purchase this course when it was announced and I’m so glad I did! The pdf is stunning and the video tutorials are very thorough. She’s not only a talented Photgrapher, but an amazing teacher as well! She explains things so well! The course is jam packed with amazing examples of how she masterfully uses light. After only diving into the first few videos I already felt like I got my moneys worth. This course is worth every penny! No matter your level of photography there will be great take aways from the material. I’m so grateful to D’Ann for this class!

  16. D’Ann’s “For the Love of Light” course has so much informative content. I will be watching her videos over and over again on my journey to add more light to my photos. I can’t thank her enough for this wonderful course and giving me so much excitement for learning. I have always loved backlight and the glow it gives but struggled with how dark it makes my subjects sometimes. I’ve never used OCF but now it is on my radar for the future. I have a new found courage… thanks D’Ann!

  17. This is a dream class! I admire D’Ann’s art since a long time already. In this class, she shares tons of tips and tricks behind her magic work.
    She not only shows the set up for her pictures in detail (including information on OCF and light in general), but also explains her thought process around culling, composing, editing, color changes and much much more. You can feel D’Ann’s love and passion for her photography in every single second of her teaching. She put together all her videos with lots of passion and attention to details. This makes it an incredible pleasure watching and learning. I can’t stop soaking everything in since I signed up for her class.
    Simply put, this class is nothing short of AMAZING! You will be wowed by all the information you will be getting to hone your own craft. Thank you D’Ann for such a valuable and passionate class experience. It is beyond inspiring!

  18. When I look at D’Ann’s art I am immediately drawn in by her mastery of light, color, and storytelling. Watching these tutorial videos it’s obvious she is a master of her editing tools as well. For the Love of Light is packed with a TON of editing tips and tricks. What’s even better is D’Ann explains everything so well that it’s easy to apply them to your own work right away. I am having so much fun just playing with PS! D’Ann gives you the confidence to create what you love, what is in your heart and then to use the editing tools available to bring it all next level. D’Ann is incredibly generous and detailed throughout from concept, set up, shooting, to final edits. I get so much out of these types of courses that have a live two week run. Looking forward to the Q&A video! Thank you D’Ann!!

  19. Caroline Wilmot

    D’Ann is a magician with light and her images are soo magical. When I saw that she was releasing a course that took you behind the scenes to show her end to end process, I jumped in straight away. This course is packed full with beautiful images. D’Ann is a fantastic teacher and explains her thought process and how she achieves her end images. I have also picked up a lot of new techniques in photoshop that I have never used and will most definitely be trying them out in my future editing.

    If you want to elevate your images to anther level, dive right into this course!

  20. This is a dream class! I admire D’Ann’s art since a long time already. In this class, she shares tons of tips and tricks behind her breathtakingly magic work.
    She not only shows super detailed the set up for a picture (including information on working with OCF as well as natural light), but also explains her thought process around culling, composing, editing, color changing and much much more. You can feel D’Ann’s love and passion for her photography in every single second of her teaching. The love and attention to detail with which she put together all her videos as well as her guidebook makes it an incredible pleasure watching and learning. I can’t stop soaking everything in since I signed up for her class.
    Simply put, this class is nothing short of A-MAZING! You will be wowed by all the information you will be getting to hone your own craft. Thank you so much D’Ann for such a valuable and passionate class experience. It is beyond inspiring!

  21. I’m pretty much a D’Ann super fan and have taken her prior self-paced courses as well as her “Understanding Natural Light” workshop, so I was basically giddy when I saw she was releasing a new self-paced course on light that would include OCF. This course is jam-packed full of information, from a stunning PDF to BTS and editing videos. I have been working to incorporate OCF into my photography for over a year now and seeing her BTS videos has been immensely helpful in understanding how I can shape the light to match my vision. But even if you don’t shoot OCF, the information is still so relevant to natural light photography…as D’Ann says, “light is light” and you will learn so much from her. She is the kindest soul and gives so much of her time & expertise to answering questions. I truly cannot recommend this course (and honestly ALL her courses) enough. It is always a privilege to learn from her!

    1. I adore you back, my friend!! Thank you for these sweet words. I hold them to my heart. So happy you’re enjoying the course.

  22. When I saw D’Ann was releasing a new course at Click Photo School, I jumped at the chance to learn more from her. Her photography images are truly works of art. I’ve already learned new techniques in her editing section video in the course. I’ll be referring back to this course in the future! It’s so nice to have a teacher with such talent! I highly recommend any of D’Ann’s courses through Click Photo School.

  23. I’ve been following D’Ann on social media for awhile and just waiting for one of her classes to pop up. She’s such an impactful storyteller and her images just make you stop in your tracks. This class is rich with all of the details behind the scenes to see how she truly hones her skill to produce layers of detailed images that evoke emotion and reflect the vision in her heart. I’ll be watching these over and over again because there are just so many details I don’t want to miss. I absolutely recommend this for anyone wanting to expand their skill set for story telling and crafting beautiful, timeless images.

  24. D’Ann is an amazing teacher! This course is fantastic and I can’t wait to apply what I have learned to my photography! Thank you D’Ann for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!!

  25. I highly recommend D’Ann’s class she is a master at her craft in every sense (lighting, storytelling, technical camera skills, color theory, composition, advanced editing, etc) and all her years of experience, knowledge and unique artistry creates beautiful masterpieces! She shares all this in her jam packed course from start to finish. This course is beneficial for all photography levels. I have 25 years of experience with Photoshop and I am delighted to still learn new things from D’Ann. I consider myself a beginner in OCF so this was really helpful to understand on how to connect the dots in lighting. Lastly, I really enjoy D’Ann kind, thoughtful sweet personality it feels like a friend explaining the complexity of lighting so you can easily understand it. Her personality matches her images in every way amazing! :)

  26. I have been wait for this one for a loooonnnggg time. D’Ann creates her magical images using both natural light and flash and i can’t wait to dig in and learn from one of the best out there . xoxo

  27. no kidding, I have been spending every spare minute learning from this course for the last 48 hours. I have struggled with OCF and lighting in general and D’ann’s methods and videos are so so helpful! I can’t believe how simple she makes the concepts and easy to learn (& put into practice). I took this course as a jumpstart to get back to taking pictures of my family and friends and am so excited to get to creating again! Thank you for all the brilliance you bring to this community. Your teachings are invaluable!

  28. Hi!! La sigo desde hace tiempo y siempre he admirado su trabajo, es increíble que ahora pueda aprender de ella, y al mismo tiempo perderle el miedo a la luz artificial y poner en uso todo el equipo! Estoy comenzando y ya siento que con sus palabras despertó en mi el interés, por aprender y entender mejor la luz! Gracias por tan hermoso curso! I am very happy!

  29. D’Ann is a master of her craft, and she is sharing her whole heart and wealth of knowledge in the wonderful course. Not only does she share her technical secrets with light, but she goes in depth with exactly how she sets up and edits her magical images. Each image has an in-depth editing video from beginning to end that will leave you speechless, and ignite creativity in your own work. If you are interested in getting started with off camera flash and how to mix it seamlessly with ambient light, D’Ann walks you through making it seem easy, and you can finish the course feeling confident in creating magical light anytime yourself. You can see in every image how much joy and passion go into her work. Don’t walk, run to check out this amazing course!

  30. When I saw that D’Ann was coming out with a new self paced course that focuses on lighting, I immediately knew this was a class for me. I have been fascinated with lighting for the past couple years and to have the opportunity to learn from a master like D’Ann is a dream. D’Ann explains her lighting setups in such detail that it makes me super confident to know that no matter what situation I’m thrown into, I will be able to execute my vision. I super appreciate that she also includes natural light examples and setups that include just a lamp (who doesn’t have a lamp to utilize for created light?!). Watching D’Ann edit is also so inspiring. She takes the time to explain everything that she is doing and why and helps me to envision a magical edit is possible with just a little imagination. This course is perfect for photographers of all levels. Yes, she focuses on OCF, but you do not need to know anything about it to start with this course because of the way she breaks everything down. I highly recommend For the Love of Light to everyone!

  31. Jenny Rosenbring

    When I saw that D’Ann was releasing a course covering her creative process with light and editing, I knew that I would be all over it. I have going through the comprehensive materials and I can not stop! D’Ann is the most talented photographer ever and always a huge inspiration to me. Her Fine Art work is top notch and it is a privilege to see how she creates her images. It is helpful to go behind the scenes and see how D’Ann creates her magical images using both natural light and flash. Seeing her work with the flash in the shootingpart of the videos; how she uses it and where she places it, is especially helpful for me, as someone who wants to use flash more myself. Also how D’Ann approaches a scene is so helpful and has opened up new ways for me think in my creative process. D’Ann is sharing her extensive knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop and watching her handedit her images has given me so much new info. Every video has provided me with new ways to edit and enhance my work. This is one course that I will keep coming back to. Highly recommend!

    1. Your words are like receiving a real-life hug from you. Thank you so much, my friend, for this highest compliment. Coming from someone I admire so deeply, means so much!

  32. Have you ever wanted to create a work of fine art, that tells a story shaped by beautiful light like a master, but you weren’t sure how? You wondered how to think – and see – like an artist? How to create, find, and use that light? Well, you are going to get all the inspiration and knowledge you need in this course. I am such a huge fan of D’Ann’s, so I was especially excited to get this course. Her signature beauty and magic are on full display throughout the guidebook, where she tells the creation stories of many of her images in great detail, and with so much love and joy, that you can’t help but be inspired. And the behind-the-scenes and editing videos take you through the entire process for each image, breaking down all the steps from the idea, to creating the right light with off-camera flash, natural and ambient light techniques, to camera settings and angles, to adding and enhancing the light and atmosphere in each one with jaw-dropping edits. You will absolutely love “For the Love of Light.” This is one you don’t want to miss.

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