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Simple, Compelling Family Photography

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Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 14 to March 29 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 14 to March 29 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 14 to March 29 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 14 to March 29 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 14 to March 29 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT March 14 to March 29
Learn stress free strategies to shooting family adventures and elevate your images from snapshots into art through simple composition, light, and editing choices...all while having fun!

Keep your kids (and yourself!) happy, connected & stress free while you capture beautiful images that you will cherish for a lifetime.


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What you'll get
Monica's favorite tips for shooting in all kinds of light (including midday!)

Stress free strategies to shooting family adventures

Monica's guide to capturing family moments that are authentic to the way your family really lives

Composition & editing techniques that will make your story really pop

“Our memories fade, but photographs can send us back to the feelings of our youth. I want my images to reflect what our life was REALLY like.”

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in the air by monica carlson photography
5 Behind-the-Scenes Videos
Monica will show you how to capture beautiful & authentic family images
7 Editing Videos
Monica will show you how she edits (in Lightroom and Photoshop!) in a series of seven editing videos...she even includes two culling videos to show how she chooses the best image for the story
A Beautiful Guidebook
From details to the decisive moment, Monica's guidebook will show you how to strengthen your storytelling skills as you capture meaningful images of your family

you'll learn to capture beautiful, authentic images that tell the story of your family (from shoot to edit!).

me by monica carlson photography

meet your instructor

Monica Carlson
Monica Carlson is a lifestyle photographer specializing in child and family photography. She currently lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA with her husband & three kids. Monica is inspired by the whimsy and joy of childhood. She hopes that her art encourages viewers to linger and brings them a feeling of nostalgia.

8 thoughts on “Simple, Compelling Family Photography”

  1. Monica’s love of capturing her family in photographs shines through in this course, both in the pdf, which is beautifully illustrated with her gorgeous images, and in the behind-the-scenes videos. She shares lots of useful tips to help you get the most out of capturing your own family and how to edit those images to tell the story you want to tell. Her discussion of why she captures the moments she does had me heading down a rabbit hole of old images, reliving memories of my own boys and being grateful I had taken the time to capture them. It also helped me to see new possibilities in those images, moving them away from a mere ‘snapshot’ to something more artistic. She also shares some useful tips for using flash, which is something I have not really embraced when capturing my own family. However, I am now inspired to learn how to use it rather than letting it gather dust!!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I’ve loved having you in class. You’ve asked so many great questions.

  2. I have loved taking Monica’s course! I love taking pictures of my family and friends and I’m so looking forward to using some of her photography and editing tips to make my photographs more interesting and fun! Part of her course goes over the importance of capturing memories of your family, it really struck a chord for me because I have always felt drawn to keeping memories of my family life. She had some great ideas for keeping your camera ready so that you don’t miss opportunities to get beautiful, real images of the important parts of your life. I love seeing the creative photos she shares during her course of her family and all of the cool editing tricks she shares! I feel inspired to go create some beautiful images!

  3. Monica is a master behind the lens because she really does keep things carefree and fun! I know this because she shoots my own family photos :) You can use her shooting tips for capturing your own family or your clients. I love seeing how she uses light and is able to shoot any time of day. The other thing that really sets her course apart from most others is that she has awesome Photoshop tips! I’m a Lightroom gal and need to step up my PS game, so I loved seeing how she uses textures, light overlays, and that MAGIC sky replacement feature!

    Monica’s work is so inspiring to me because it’s not contrived – it reflects her actual life and memories. BUT she enhances her images in subtle ways to make them even more beautiful. It’s almost like she takes the sooc snap of reality, and adds a little magic to make it match what we see in our mind’s eye, as mothers creating memories with our children. This is an amazing skill and I’m so glad to get to learn from her!

  4. This is an amazing course for anyone who is interested in creating storytelling images. The pdf is full of beautiful images which are all inspired by the joy of childhood. Loved watching Monica interact with her family in the behind the scenes videos. It’s really refreshing to see how she creates beautiful images out of everyday moments. She also offers great tips on how to use composition and photoshop to bring daily moments to life. This class is Lots of fun!

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