Ally Frantz

Shifting Perspectives

Join Ally Frantz for an illuminating exploration of shooting and editing techniques that will help you see new photographic opportunities everywhere. Discover unique ways to view, capture, and portray the world around you - and re-energize your photography in the process!

Push yourself out of your comfort zone and take a deep dive into perspective. You'll learn new ways to change up your shooting and editing so you can take your images to captivating new heights.


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What you'll get
A step-by-step process for achieving different perspectives (and how to know which one to choose!)

Clear explanations of how to creatively use perspective (including forced perspective!) to intentionally highlight or downplay features in the frame

Ally's editing techniques for some of her favorite perspectives (including under water!)

Ally's tips and tricks for using light and your surroundings to enhance your story help you choose your perspective with intention (and shape the viewer's interpretation of the story!)

“Why seek new perspectives? By altering our view, we can grow both artistically and emotionally. We can look deeper into ourselves as well as the world around us. ”

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7 Behind-the-Scenes Videos
Watch Ally capture images that showcase different perspectives, and follow along with her thought process as she chooses how to shoot and frame her images
7 Editing Videos
Ally will show you how she processes her images (including her underwater images!) and edits to enhance the light and perspective
Guidebook, Creative Exercises & Bonus Materials
Ally's guidebook, creative exercises, and bonus materials (including her favorite overlays and a guide to specialty lenses!) will help you challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort both your shooting AND your editing process

you'll have entirely new creative tools that will help you shift your perspective and rejuvenate your creative approach.


meet your instructor

Ally Frantz
Ally Frantz is a published creative artist who is drawn to light and color. She is a Click Pro Elite, Click Pro Ambassador, and Lensbaby Ambassador. When she’s not snapping photos she can be found soaking up the beauty of New Mexico, chauffeuring her daughters around, hanging out with her husband, and herding her zoo of fur babies.

26 thoughts on “Shifting Perspectives”

  1. This course is what everyone needs to breathe new life into their work. As amazing as it would be to travel and have new places and experiences to photograph, let’s face it, it just doesn’t work out that way most of the time… Ally’s approach and unique ideas to make our ordinary locations memorable and “new” are countless and boundless! Her personality and enthusiasm shine through and are contagious! So many videos, demos, and how-tos! There is now no way that you can use the excuse “I shoot this place/scene, etc. ALL THE TIME”! Ally’s tips and techniques will get you to see and shoot things, not only differently, but also beautifully!

  2. Melissa Bissell

    This is such a fun self-paced course. I especially loved Ally’s videos. She has a natural, friendly approachable style that makes learning from her a joy. She discusses how changing your perspective can tell your story in different ways. There are many interesting techniques and inspiring images to help motivate the photographer to think outside the box!

  3. This course came along at the perfect time for me as the winter blahs were hitting me hard and I didn’t feel that I had anything to shoot but thanks to Ally’s course and her enthusiasm she has reignited my creativity! There is so much packed into this course with such a broad range of subjects and ideas, I am sure I will be coming back to the pdf and videos over and over again. Thank you Ally for your willingness to share your creative thought process, skills and techniques from the planning stages through implementation and editing! I thoroughly enjoyed learning from you.

    1. Cathy! It makes my day to know that this course has left you feeling inspired. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

  4. There is so much great information in this breakout! The material presented here would be useful to any skill level. Both the shooting and editing videos are helpful and well explained. While I don’t shoot underwater often (and it’s snowing outside right now lol), it was great to see the editing process for those images and I’m looking forward to trying it out this summer as well as Ally’s ideas for shooting underwater. Thank you for sharing your process with us, Ally!!

    1. Tracey! Thank you so much for sharing your experience in this course. I am so happy you joined, and I loved seeing your perspective!

  5. Perspective in photography is so much more than how or where you hold your camera. If you’re looking for inspiration, this is a great course to take! Ally’s images are beautiful and her detailed videos make it easy to follow along. She walks you through her creative vision to her final edit. You will finish this course wanting to grab your camera and go out and try new things.

    1. Thank you so much, Kerri! It has been such a joy having you in class, and I love seeing what you create!

  6. This is a great class for when you need to get out of a creative rut, or try something new with your photography. Ally is super thorough in her teaching, and provides so much inspiration to help spark ideas.

  7. This course is filled with creativity and inspiration! Ally is one of the kindest human beings on the planet, and she’s also an amazing teacher! She shares all of her tips and techniques, and helps you to approach your photography and art in a whole new way. Walking away with a full heart and a head full of fun new perspectives to try!

  8. This is such a fun course! Very meaningful for me to consider not only the perspective of the positions from which I shoot, but the attitude with which I approach it. Ally explains everything from equipment to behind the scenes, to her steps and thought process on editing. Ally is so upbeat, it makes me motivated to get out there and try some new ideas. Thanks so much, Ally.

    1. Barb!! Thank you so very much for sharing your experience with the course. Forever grateful you chose to explore perspective wit me!

  9. What a great course for inspiring you to try new things with your photography! Ally is a wonderful artist, teacher, and overall human being. Her clear instructions and encouraging attitude will push you to quite literally shift your perspective and look at the world around you in a new and fun way. Both beginner and experienced photographers can learn so much from this course. The PDF is a great quick guide through all her information, while the in-depth videos walk you from start to finish on experimenting with new ways of seeing the world and creating your vision.

  10. When I learned that Ally was coming out with her own self paced course, I was so excited to sign up! Ally’s perspective in photography is so unique and refreshing. You can’t help but have a smile on your face when one of her colorful images pops up on your feed. Ally is not only an amazing person, but is also a talented instructor as well! Shifting Perspectives not only helps you see what is in front of you differently, but also how we view our surroundings mentally. I am a portrait photographer and sometimes have trouble seeing the beauty in my everyday. After reading through the wealth of knowledge Ally shares with us in this course, I am already bringing my camera out and seeing the beauty in the little things. This course couldn’t have come at a better time for me mentally as well. Thank you, Ally, for pouring your heart and soul into this course! Photographers of all levels are sure to gain so much from it.

  11. Melissa Foxman

    Ally is such a wonderful instructor! I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and especially I enjoyed Ally’s teaching style! She is so attentive to detail, and I felt really encouraged to try out the things she suggested. She explained each step in the course, from which lenses she uses and why, and included examples of ways to find different perspectives in the same scene. She even has a video on using a drone, and that was so helpful to see! I liked her thought process, especially with one example she shared of a castle in Disney. She showed two versions of the photo, one that looked more like a snapshot with the crowd visible, and one she explained looked more like you were the only one at the scene. Her images are gorgeous and there is room in this course for all levels of photographer.

    1. Melissa! Thank you so much for being a part of this course. I’m so incredibly glad you’ve enjoyed it, and I greatly appreciate you!!

  12. Ally has poured her creative heart into this course and created something truly amazing! I came away full of new ideas and knowledge, inspired to try new things, and excited to shoot (I was in a rut!). I adored Ally’s views on creativity and following your heart. The PDF is full of useful and concise information and the videos take a deep dive into the topics covered as we listen and watch Ally work her magic and teach us as she does so. I truly can’t say enough good things about this course! It goes well beyond perspective and into creating photographs that fill your artistic soul and make your heart happy.

    1. Amanda!! Thank you so much for joining me in this exploration of perspective. My heart is overflowing knowing that you enjoyed it!!

  13. What an amazing opportunity to to learn about perspectives from an artist who looks at life and photography with a perspective of absolute joy. Ally has really poured her heart and soul into this course, holding nothing back and giving her students an unobstructed view into how she creates her fabulous light and color-filled images, while guiding students on a path to reach their own unique perspectives through creative exercises and a thorough guidebook. She also includes an abundance of videos with example after example of how she shoots and executes creative vision through her camera, creative tools and editing. This course is a treat for beginners and advanced photographers alike.

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