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Shadow Work

Do you want to create interesting images full of depth and dimension? Learn to embrace shadows in your photographs with Sally Zarka!

From working with light to editing, go behind the scenes with Sally in a PDF and a series of videos to learn how to create beautiful images with intentional shadow use and placement.


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What you'll get
Observational strategies to identify opportunities for shadow-driven photos

Clear explanations of different types of light, the shadows they produce, and how to make that most them

Editing techniques that enhance the shadows in your photos

An intentional process for choosing an exposure that prioritizes shadows in the frame

“I love light and shadows and I want to show you the beauty that can be found in the in-between. Where there is beautiful light, you will be able to make a beautiful image. Let's find those shadows together!”

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Three editing videos
A series of three editing videos to help you enhance the light and shadows in your imagery (Sally holds nothing back, and this content builds on her editing description in the guidebook)
Sally's guidebook will help you understand different types of light and different types of shadows—you'll walk away with the ability to intentionally choose your light and shadows to create exceptional imagery!
Supplemental Materials
Sally includes a series of exercises (from chiaroscuro to light studies and everything in between—practice working with light and shadows to perfect your technique!), an equipment walk-through video, and a PDF read-through video

you'll have the skills you need to confidently use light and harness the shadows in the image to create show-stopping images!


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Sally Zarka
Sally Zarka is a natural light photographer living in Sydney Australia. Her enthusiasm for photography started at a young age but became her passion over 10 years ago. She is mainly a hobbiest but does photograph families and couples part time.

7 thoughts on “Shadow Work: Embracing Shadows in your Photography”

  1. Tracey Richvalsky

    I really loved this course! The material is all well organized and clearly presented. But I most loved the exercises that prompt you to find all the different types of shadows discussed in the presentation. It really makes you think about light in a different way and I love some of the images I was able to create as a result. Thank you Sally!!

  2. I always crave diving into the weeds of a topic when I take a photography class, and Sally’s course does not disappoint! I love how she takes a topic seemingly as simple as shadows, and delves into the ins and outs, encouraging students to train their eyes in their everyday environments. She shows how every day objects can become works of art when we learn to see the light and shadows around us. If you want to challenge yourself in your photography today, I urge you to take this course!

  3. Hello,
    I am thinking of joining this course. Does it cover camera settings when shooting with mirrorless? Since switching to mirrorless, I find it much harder to manage the light, spot meter etc and therefore cannot shoot for the light and shadows. Thank you!

    1. Hi, this is Sally. I don’t specifically cover camera settings but I am more than happy to help you with this as I also use mirrorless :)

      I hope this helps.

  4. Sally’s course is an amazing way to look at what makes photographs stand out. Hearing her story, knowing where she came from and what brought her to this point in her photography career, it is clear how she is inspired to make images that stand out. Her description about how she sees light and even more so – manages the shadows that tell the incredible stories that she captures, allows the photographer to see their images in a whole new way. Understanding how shadows tell a powerful story and add to the depth of an image, taking Sally’s class is a masterclass in learning how to elevate shadows – at the intersection of light and knowing and the shadows where deep dark pools of imagination reside. Sally – amazing job. Thank you! I am so inspired.

  5. Sally’s rich, deep, textural and moody images always draw me in as a viewer, so I knew she’d have a wealth of knowledge to share on the subject of shadows. This is a wonderful guide to looking for and embracing them in our photographic interpretation of the world around us. Instead of looking only for where the light is and it’s vibrance within a scene she guides us to consider the depth and intensity of shadows and how they impact our work. She’s thoughtful and considered in her approach and also includes useful editing videos to lead us through the process of utilising those shadows in our post processing instead of just letting them fade to black.
    If you’re looking to add this kind of depth and mood to your images then Sally’s guide really is a must

  6. As I dove into Sally’s course, I felt like my eyes were being opened to a whole new world. The world of SHADOWS !! We learn so much about LIGHT during our photography journey, but I can honestly say I have never given that much thought to the role shadows play in my images. As I read through Sally’s course I felt inspired + now I can see the shadows alongside the light in my images even when I am composing them in my mind’s eye. Sally’s editing videos are so straightforward and make everything feel do-able no matter your skill level. Shadow Work is a game changer if you are looking to embrace + explore shadows in your images !!

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