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Kristin Vukcevic

Harnessing Indoor Light

2 WEEK Small Group Workshop for Photographers
Creative opportunities outshine even the trickiest lighting challenges when you know how to work with light indoors.

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Week One

Finding Beautiful Light indoors

The main goal for week one is to understand how to find good indoor light and where to place your subjects in it. You will see many example images and videos to help explain this in the material. We also review some lighting basics and how they apply to indoor light. We finish the week discussing the use of modifiers.

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Week Two

Making Challenging Lighting Work

This week is all about shooting in challenging light and how to use light creatively when you are working inside. We will finish the week talking about why and when to convert one of your indoor light images to B&W.

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Kristin Vukcevic

Kristin lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three boys and their Weimaraner. She grew up with a father who captured her childhood, so it was no surprise that she too found photography as a hobby. Kristin enjoys taking storytelling images of their everyday moments.

10 thoughts on “Harnessing Indoor Light”

  1. I loved this course, the way Kristin teach us who to use every kind of difficult light! very useful! and her picture are amazing, it captures life in a natural way …

  2. Most of my photos are taken outdoors in natural light. I often struggled taking photos inside because of the lighting. I learned so much during this class and now enjoy taking photos inside and finding different types of light in my house. Kristin’s pdf’s are beautiful and the video walk throughs of the lighting and where she takes images in her house were so helpful. I joined as a full participant and her feedback and help with questions were much appreciated. I am also now embracing my wide angle lenses. They aren’t my first choice to use outside, but inside – yes! If you struggle with indoor lighting or are looking for ways to help give your indoor images a boost, I highly recommend this course.

    1. Kerri, thank you so much! It brings me great joy to know you enjoyed the class and are feeling much better about shooting indoors. I really enjoyed having you in my workshop and loved seeing the images you shared on the forum.

  3. Christina Tribble

    I took Kristen’s “A PHOTOGRAPHER’S GUIDE TO STORYTELLING” self paced course, and there was SO much invaluable information that I was shocked it was considered a self pace course. I had learned so much and loved her style of teaching so much that I emailed her after I finished her course asking if she was planning on doing a guided workshop. At that time, she had not planned on it, but luckily she decided to create one and I didn’t hesitate to sign up. This workshop is for any level and I guarantee you will walk away learning something invaluable. I love Kristen’s style of teaching because she puts just as much effort into her videos as she does in her pdfs. The videos really help bring to life the material from the pdfs.

    She touches on a little bit of everything in this course. She reviews using modifiers, mixed lighting, pockets of light, flares, overhead lighting, continuous light, lamp light, lowlight, window portrait light, pocket of light and two window light. She shows you how you how to edit artificial light, and B&W. She does a room by room video with images she took in each room and shows the pullback as well. My favorite part was how she analyzes light and why one image worked and others didn’t. I recommend taking the full participation course for very thorough feedback video critiques.

    I have been taking workshops over the past year and Kristen is by far my favorite teacher! Take this class! You will not regret it :)

    1. Christina Tribble

      One thing I forgot to mention is that I wish more instructors would give a week break to practice in between the material like Kristen did in this course. Especially, the 4 week guided workshops. It’s so hard to read all the material and watch all of the videos and then take pictures to practice everyday. It was great to practice without the stress!

      1. Christina, thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed the course that I put together. It was a joy to see the work you shared on the forum and for your assignment. I’m also glad you like the week break. It’s nice to have extra time to shoot and ask questions.

    2. Christina, thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed the course that I put together. It was a joy to see the work you shared on the forum and for your assignment.

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