Megan Arndt

Color and Exposure:

Building a Strong Foundation for Everyday Photography

Take control of your color and exposure to create stronger images! Megan Arndt will show you how to nail your exposure and effectively use color in every single photograph!

You’ll go behind the scenes with Megan Arndt to learn everything from white balance, color harmonies, and accurate skin tones to removing color casts and choosing the “best” exposure!


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What you'll get
A strong understanding of how to correctly expose your frame in any situation

The difference between “correct” and “creative exposure, and how to know when to choose each one

An understanding of white balance and why not all light photographs the same

A knowledge of different color harmonies and how they impact your final image

How to combat pesky color casting to make your images stronger and how to use post processing to enhance the colors in your image

“Color is so important in photography. It dictates so many things - how a viewer perceives our images, the mood we create, the exposure we choose (hello Zone System!), how our subject stands out... the list goes on and on!”

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6 Shooting videos
Go behind the scenes with Megan to see how to use exposure and color to create a beautiful image!
A 45-page PDF
Packed full of information on exposure and color, this guidebook will help you understand the concepts in a simple way
5 editing videos
Learn Megan's favorite editing tips so you can improve and enhance your photographs (from corrective to creative techniques!)

you'll feel confident creating perfectly exposed images with intentional (and beautiful!) color!

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meet your instructor

Megan Arndt
Megan Arndt is a lifestyle and fine art photographer based just outside of Chicago, Illinois, where she lives with her husband and 4 boys. When she’s not chasing her family around taking pictures of their lives, she enjoys exploring the world around her through traveling, cooking, and photography. She is a Mentor at Click Community, a workshop instructor through Click Photo School, and the Education Coordinator of Click Away Conference.

12 thoughts on “Color and Exposure: Building a Strong Foundation for Everyday Photography”

  1. I love this course so much! Megan did such a great job thoroughly explaining how to utilize color in an image to evoke emotions. I think that is they key to bring an image beyond the literally what you see to help people feel what the photographer felt. Now wherever I go, I notice color! I also really enjoy the videos. I learn the best to see the process and result in connection to each other!

    1. Thank you so much, Amy! Those kind words mean so much coming from you! I’m glad you are enjoying the course. ❤️

  2. I just registered for this course and I am already so excited to strengthen my foundations! I started with film photography in college, and over the years have switched to digital – but the same “rules” apply!! It’s so important to revisit the basics along your journey! Meg makes it SO EASY!!

  3. Taryn Greenfield

    I taught myself exposure via You Tube videos and trial and error, so was stuck with MANY lingering questions and repeated problems and blown highlights. I *knew* about the Zone system, but did not understand in the slightest. This class has demystified everything! Including on of my most frequent questions to myself (what do I do when the dynamic range is TOO big for the camera?). The videos are SO great, as Megan explains everything so clearly and shows what, exactly, she does and why. I can not wait to put everything I learned into practice. I think my photography just got a whole lot easier/better. Thank you Megan!

    1. I am so glad you’ve loved the course, Taryn! The Zone System is a total game changer, and I know it is going to take your photography to the next level! I’ve loved having you in class, and can’t wait to follow along with your work.❤️

  4. I just finished going through all the materials in the first day, they were that good! I would think of a question to ask, but sure enough, it was covered before the video ended. Great shooting, exposure, and color tips.
    The captions mentioned above saved the day for this HoH little old lady, and I didn’t miss a thing, even with the outside videos.
    I just love Megan’s enthusiasm for teaching and sharing. And her cute little models made my day. Thank You!

  5. Hi Megan!
    Question for you – Do you cover Sony cameras in this course? I didn’t have issues with skin tone when I shot with Canon but since moving to the Sony Alpha 1, it’s a constant struggle. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Maile! I don’t go into specific camera systems and how they handle color in this course, but we talk about setting yourself up for success straight out of camera as well as adjusting in post processing to perfect your colors and exposure.

  6. Hi!

    How are you?

    Im so excited about this course! I wanted to ask if the video are captioned/transcribed?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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