Atmosphere And Light

with Morvern Shaw

Shoot and edit with impact as you create moody, atmospheric images

Whether you are shooting inside or out, Morvern will show you how use any light to create beautiful images!

  • A full breakdown of how Morvern shoots and edits to create moody, atmospheric images
  • Tips on how to find the light in your favorite locations, use that light to create the atmosphere you want, and edit the final image for impact
  • Powerful strategies for bringing atmosphere into your images (even when the lighting isn't ideal)
  • An understanding of how light (and the creative choices we make when we use it!) can affect the atmosphere and feel of our work
This course is for you if...
  1. You're drawn to moody, atmospheric work - but aren't sure how to bring it into your own images
  2. It's not exactly 365 days of sunshine where you are, so you love the idea of embracing moodier, more dramatic images that use overcast and side lighting
  3. Light and airy editing doesn't always work with your style or location, and you want to learn some new techniques that embrace rich, deep tones
  4. You want to learn how light influences atmosphere and mood so that you can use it to create powerful photos with greater intention

An eBook on light and atmosphere in photography
A series of videos covering:
  • 5 full editing videos to see Morvern's process from SOOC to final edit
  • 6 additional editing videos where Morvern shows you how to accentuate the light and atmosphere in your images
  • 2 creative light overlay editing videos and Morvern's bonus selection of light overlays
  • 3 image study videos with pull backs of where the images were shot

you will understand how to create moody, atmospheric images from start to finish!


about your presenter

I live with my 3 girls, my husband and our slightly (ok very) crazy Labrador in central Scotland. I particularly love low light and shadows and capturing the everyday moments, connections and memories of childhood. As a family we love adventures and the outdoors, much of my work is shot in the stunning scenery that we are so fortunate to have all around us living in Scotland and I love to make the very most of all that it has to offer.

16 thoughts on “Atmosphere and Light”

    1. Hi Karlee, the majority of the editing videos are in lightroom with some additional techniques in photoshop but I do the vast majority of my editing in lightroom and only use photoshop for things like the double exposures etc. Hope that helps you.

  1. I absolutely loved this course. I took it to learn how to add more interest to my images when shooting on overcast days or in fog, and learned so much more. Movern’s pdf is filled with her beautiful images and the videos are so helpful. I look at light (or lack of light) and shadows in a different way and can tell this course has had a positive impact on both my shooting and editing.

  2. You get more than you pay for in this course: 3 image study videos, 14 editing videos, 4 shooting videos, a beautiful PDF full of great information, and 16 light and bokeh overlays. Even in overcast skies, Morvern will show you that you can still get great light in your images. (As well as many other lighting situations in both inside and outside environments). She also shows you how to bring out the various types of atmospheres, such as fog, rain, and snow, etc. Morvern is thorough in her thought process in each video. And even if your editing style is different from hers, don’t let that discourage you, you will still glean so much from this course.

  3. I have really enjoyed this breakout. It is really encouraging to hear someone say how much they enjoy overcast light, and how to use it well. Morvern is so calm and patient in her videos and explains everything really well. There are a lot of editing videos, and I thought this would be too much, but I have enjoyed watching all of them, and it really helps to see how she edits in a systematic way. I would recommend this for people looking to hone editing, or for those who don’t have golden hour light very often.

  4. I am excited about this course, the material, the creativity, the beauty in it! This all inspires me and i learn wonderful things. I appreciate the opportunity to show my photos and get feedback and to ask questions. Morvern is a great photographer and inspiring teacher!

  5. This is the perfect course if you want to learn how Morvern creates her beautiful, atmospheric images of her girls and her beautiful Scotland. Morvern has inspired me for years; she is truly the most gifted photographer and storyteller. If you buy one course this year, make it this one!

  6. Amazing course full of information and content. Will help anyone who is looking to up their skills shooting in all different lighting situations. The videos in particular are full of amazing content and Morvern goes into so much detail and really spends the time helping explain her whole process.

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