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Light Hackers

Rebecca Congleton
Jenny Rosenbring
Alex Eischeid
Jo Martindale
Bree Friesen

We challenged some of your favorite photographers to come up with 5 creative techniques using 5 common light sources – and they delivered.

See how 5 different photographers tackle our Light Hacker challenge and share their unexpected and inspiring approaches to creating incredible images with simple everyday lights, including a flashlight, lamp, car, iPhone, and fire.
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what makes it different

It’s not just a course; it’s an eye-opening, outside-the-box creative shootout. Watch as each photographer brings their unique vision to life with everyday lights, join in the challenge yourself, and uncover a new and diverse range of techniques and inspiration.

You'll be amazed to see how so much can be created with so little.
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what you'll get

More than two dozen new ideas, recipes, and techniques for playing with everyday light that will push the boundaries of your creativity

Insight into the creative processes and innovative approaches of five different photographers

The Light Hacker menu, an expansive practical structure for creating experimental light recipes and setups using everyday items

A broader understanding of how unique artistic perspectives, creative constraints, and playful competition can yield different styles, drive momentum, and inspire new ideas

"This was such a challenge! I feel like McGyver trying to create these clever lighting setups."
- Bree

check out what's in your classroom
25+ Light Hacker Demos
A series of enlightening and inspiring shooting videos that show how 5 pro photographers push their creativity and experiment with simple light sources (plus the photos that result!)
Step-by-Step Visual Breakdowns
An annotated guide to each of the final images, including settings, components, and candid notes – so you can replicate or build on these hacks at home
Light Hacker Creativity Guide
An in-depth guide that reveals the creative potential of everyday lights, provides a powerful structure for unlimited light recipe experimentation, and encourages hands-on exploration of your own light hacks

by the end of this course,

you'll see light not as it is – but as it could be.
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meet your instructors

Bree Friesen

A creative daydreamer at heart, Bree’s work is whimsical, peculiar, and packed with meaning. One of a kind, her work flows with unpredictable quirky beauty. Art is a refuge, a place of comfort and safety, where she is free to express the depth of her artistic heart. A proud wife and mother of two beautiful teenage daughters, photography is the tap from which she fills her cup. You can find Bree swimming in a stream of ideas on her farm in Alberta, Canada.

Alex Eischeid

Alex Eischeid is an award winning conceptual photographer based out of Norman, Oklahoma. Along with one-on-one mentoring, she teaches three courses through Click Photo School and is also a Click Community mentor. Three words to describe her work are storytelling, light, and authenticity. Through teaching, Alex is devoted to helping other artists develop their own personal and artistic voice.

Jenny Rosenbring

Jenny is a photographer from Sweden. Jenny loves beautiful light and has a soft spot for photographing people in magical light. Jenny lives with her husband and two children and has a business where she focuses on connection and beautiful light.

Jo Martindale

Jo Martindale lives in Cambridge, UK, with her husband and 2 young children. She is a Click Pro and a published photographer, documenting her family’s adventures and everyday life. Jo has a strong focus on storytelling and environmental portraiture, and she often incorporates bold compositions and hard/directional light into her work.

Rebecca Congleton

Rebecca, a former journalist and musician, picked up a camera at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and has barely put it down since. Through a playful, curious approach, she explores the world with wide-eyed wonder and a light heart. She is a Click Pro Elite Photographer and a 2022 Voice Best in Category Winner. When she must be serious and “work” to buy things like food and shelter, she happily shoots weddings in her current hometown of Augusta, Georgia. She is married and has two young adult children. The beach is her happy place.

4 thoughts on “Light Hackers”

  1. I’ve taken a LOT of photography classes over the years, but none have sparked my creativity quite like this one did. I’m finding myself looking around at everyday objects as potential ways to really push myself both technically and creatively. This breathed new life into my work and my motivation to shoot just for myself. It’s like I almost forgot how fun photography can be. Highly suggest for any photographer looking to push the boundaries and be brave enough to take some risks.

  2. This course is chock full of creativity and inspiration! I don’t usually love video-based courses, but each of these were easily digestible and came with a fun breakdown sheet that clearly maps out each photographer’s set-up. I’m amazed at the variety of images created and the imagination of the teachers. I can’t wait to dive in and try some new set-ups.

  3. Joseph Carterson

    As a very young photographer I personally loved this course I even had some of my more creative friends help with the ideas, the limits actually forced me to think outside of the box! Definitely worth it!!!

  4. This has got to be one of the most fun, creative and inspiring classes I’ve seen! The class is broken down according to light sources and the “Light Hackers” (instructors) take us behind the scenes of how they used every light sources to create their amazing work. The best thing about this is that you don’t need any special or expensive equipment. You have everything you need and there is a menu that is included so you can create your own lighting recipes. This is class is a must have for anyone who is in a creative rut, lives in house with little natural light or has the room for lots of professional lighting gear. Loved it!

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