Magical Light:

A Comprehensive Guide to Backlight
with Jenny Rosenbring

Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about backlighting!


Join Jenny in this self-paced course that will teach you all about the magic of backlight and how to use it in both classical and creative ways.

  • How to create artistic and fun shots while embracing all kinds of backlight
  • What to look for when choosing a location for backlight
  • Editing to enhance backlight
This course is for you if...
  1. You love backlit images and want to know how to create them
  2. You want to learn how to capture backlighting indoors and outdoors
  3. You want to learn how to edit backlit images

Learn on any device! All class content is organized into simple steps as part of a clear, self-guided pathway inside your private online classroom.


Read through Jenny's answers to questions asked during the launch event (now concluded) and watch her Q&A video!


You'll check off each interactive step as you go, from watching the videos to engaging in discussions with your instructor and fellow students.


All class materials are yours to download and keep.


Exclusive eBook
  • A beautiful guide to creating gorgeous images with backlight
Shooting & Location Videos
  • Go behind the scenes with Jenny in two shooting videos
  • Learn about locations in a video that tells you what to look for before you even pick up the camera
Editing Tools & Video
  • 5 editing videos that show you how to enhance your backlit images in the post-processing stage
  • 3 presets for backlight

you'll be able to control backlight in any situation and how to edit for it!


about your presenter

Jenny is a natural light photographer living in beautiful south Sweden. Her passion for photography was born many years ago and now her main focus is capturing her kids in magical backlight. Jenny also has a part-time business photographing children and families.

20 thoughts on “Magical Light: A Comprehensive Guide to Backlight”

    1. Deven Travelstead

      Hi! You can get instant access and start taking this class today! This is self-paced and does not have a live component at this time.

    1. Deven Travelstead

      Hi! You can get instant access and start taking this class today! This is self-paced and does not have a live component at this time.

  1. Hi! Is there a possibility to ask questions during the study or is there no feedback at all available? E.g., how to troubleshoot camera focus with backlight? My camera just won’t focus or takes forever… Thank you.

    1. Hey Kelly! This is a self-paced course that is available for immediate access. Jenny uses the basic panel in Photoshop but walks you through each step so the edits can be translated to Lightroom as well. Please feel free to reach out to with any additional questions you may have.

  2. Highly recommend this BO! Jenny is a great teacher. I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with this technique after studying the videos and pdf.

  3. A wonderful and beautiful breakout! The material (guides, BTS videos, and editing videos) are well done and easy to comprehend! The whole package delivers wonderful information on really taking advantage of backlight in many different scenarios to technically create the image you picture in your head. I’m so happy to have taken this breakout and feel so inspired by Jenny’s amazing and creative work! A definite must!

  4. This breakout is as wonderful as Jenny’s work! She walks your through everything from exposing for the image you want to create to editing to bring out the magic of backlight. The pullbacks showing exactly where to place the subjects relative to the light and shadows as well as the shooting videos to watch how she creates her magic, both shooting and editing, are so helpful. Shooting backlight can be so tricky, and moving millimeters can drastically change the image; Jenny really demonstrates how to work with the surroundings to get the image you’re envisioning.

  5. Hello! This break out sounds wonderful…just wondering if beach sunset shooting is included in the topics? Thanks!

    1. Jenny Rosenbring

      Hi Julie! There is info on all kinds of backlight and a little bit about shooting at the beach too, but I can’t say that it is too extensive. I hope you join us!

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