begins June 10, 2024

Nicole Houser

Mastering Backlight

2 WEEK Small Group Workshop
Discover the shooting and editing secrets for beautiful backlit photos, and create magic with light in just two weeks.

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Week One

Shooting and Editing for Backlight

This week, we'll will discuss how to expose and edit for backlighting. You'll learn about filtered versus open backlight and go behind the scenes in shooting & editing videos that tie everything together!

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Week Two

Backlighting Techniques In-Depth

This week, we're digging in to specific types of light, including haze, flare, rim light, and light pockets. We will go in-depth with each category and gain an understanding of where to place your subject in relation to the sun to control the light and achieve gorgeous results.

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Nicole Houser

Nicole Houser is a light seeking photographer located in Sarasota, FL. Her strong love of light mixed with the passion of photographing her three children, results in the unique story of their day to day life with a touch of magic. She also enjoys photographing families and High School Seniors throughout the year, creating lasting memories enhanced with light.

43 thoughts on “Mastering Backlight”

  1. What would be the timing for the interactive sessions for the full participation ? i live in uae so i would love to know it before i enroll myself

    1. Hi Saheera! So you will get all the material for each week upfront at the start of each week. You can go at your own pace with the PDF and videos. There will be an assignment due following each weeks lesson :)

  2. I absolutely loved this course. Nicole not only shows you how to take backlit images, but also how to edit them. I really feel like this course helped me with creating better photographs. I’m so glad I took this course! Thank you, Nicole!

  3. This class contains so much helpful information on both shooting and editing backlight. Nicole’s examples of both are presented in a way that is clear and easy to understand. She provides useful feedback on the assignments and was quick to answer questions. Thanks for such a great learning experience!! :)

  4. I am a huge fan of Nicole so getting to learn from her was just amazing!! I love it so much and learned so much from her! She is very amazing not just with her pictures but also with her teaching! Loved the course and would suggest it to anyone!

  5. This class is so good to help you get comfortable with backlight and eventually embrace it and seek it out! Her videos and ‘real world’ examples make it feel do-able with amazing results! Anyplace there’s a pretty pocket or stream of light has so much potential! The editing videos are great too to help you bring out the beauty of the subject in that amazing glow of warm light! I highly recommend!

  6. This class was great! I learned so much from Nicole about backlight during the brief two-week course, but most importantly, her class restored the Clickinmom spirit in me. I had completely lost interest in capturing our everyday during the pandemic and was stuck in a creative rut. Her class reignited my interest in capturing my family’s day-to-day and taught me how to find and see beautiful light indoors, outdoors and in totally unexpected places, like the school parking lot. Nicole class resources were detailed and very helpful. I particularly appreciated her editing videos, as that’s an area where I need to grow. I had many questions as began to put her lessons into practice and Nicole answered every single one of my questions and even recorded a short video to help me with a particular editing challenge. She certainly went above and beyond to help and encourage me in my journey back to photographing my family. My only complaint is how quickly the two weeks went by. I honestly cannot thank Nicole enough!

  7. This class was very helpful! Backlight can be tricky and Nicole explained how to position subjects well, how to edit backlit images, and more! I’m very glad I took it and would definitely recommend!

  8. Nicole’s class was so incredibly helpful to overcome my fear of full sun. She gives such valuable tips about how to position yourself, how to use different types of light to your advantage, and then her editing tips were just a home run. She was super available and willing to help troubleshoot. Highly recommend!

  9. I purchased this course a year+ ago but wasn’t able to take it then. Is there any way I can join in on the class this time?

    I’m not sure which email address I used to sign up.
    It’s been a while.

    Thank for your help!!

  10. Hi! I bought your break out on light. Is this course new or different information? Or should I just be reviewing the breakout?

    1. Hi Kristi! It is definitely some similar info and also new information. The PDF is completely new .There is all new videos (behind the scenes and editing ) :)

    1. The course dates for the next run of this class have not yet been released.
      Please be sure to follow Click Photo School to receive the latest workshop and registration information at
      You can add your name to our main email list in the footer of our home page. Please check the course listing as well to request a notification specific to the course.

  11. I have been struggling with editing backlit images and this class helped me to figure out what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. I felt that the material was really helpful, and the feedback was great. The tips and tricks to get different types of backlighting effects were also really good. I really wish we had more than 2 weeks!

  12. I am so excited at how much I learnt over a two week period – the level of understanding I gained about light through Nicole’s thorough and skilled teaching on backlight far surpassed what I hoped for over a couple of weeks. I cannot recommend this course enough – Nicole was so generous with her time and insight with us all and the feedback component was invaluable in helping me to grow and gain more confidence as a photographer. If you are attracted to backlight but feel slightly out of your depth in making it work for you in your photos (as I have felt until doing this course) you will love this class with Nicole!

  13. I had a great experience with this 2 week course! I loved getting feedback on my images with respect to the lighting, composition, and editing. Watching someone else shoot inside and outdoors provided lots of new ideas and also gave clear directions on how to achieve the same types of lighting. Nicole takes wonderful images but also clearly has a passion to nuture others. Thank you!

  14. Wow, what an amazing class!! Thank you for such a well put together class. I’ve already implemented some things that have really stepped up my editing!!

  15. Nicole is a blak-belt level (ninja) light master! Learning from her is a treat.
    She sees light in a different way than most and I feel spoiled to have taken her class and also seen her live in action taking our family photos.
    I recommend this class to EVERYONE! Sign up now! You won’t regret it!

  16. I have admired Nicole’s work for a long time and always wanted to learn from her. I was so excited for this class! I loved her editing and behind the scenes videos. I would highly recommend any classes that Nicole teaches! Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your knowledge and please offer more classes!

    1. It was so great having you in the class Jasmina! Your work is so beautiful and I’m excited to keep watching you grow!!

  17. Nicole’s class was fantastic – I’m so thankful that I signed up to take it! I’ve always been drawn to backlighting, but never knew how to harness it in my personal work. This class gave me the skills I needed to confidently shoot and edit backlit images. I can’t even believe the difference I’ve seen in two weeks – I truly feel like I can handle so many different backlighting situations now! The lessons from this course will stick with me moving forward thanks to Nicole’s expertise and how quickly she helped with any questions I had. Nicole – thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with me and encouraging everyone in class – you’re amazing!

    1. Hi! I unfortunately do not edit in bridge just lightroom and photoshop , but some of the settings/use of sliders may be similar to that in LR?

  18. Hi there I have enrolled in the full participation class but overlooked the fact I am in Australia and this will run I imagine, based on US time zones. That is fine as I am really keen to participate and get the feedback but I wondered if you could confirm what date/day/time the first week begins in which time zone for you and I can convert and make sure I’m there in my timezone :) It might be the middle of the night so I may look a little rough haha but I am looking forward to it. Thanks so much! Penny

    1. Hi! So there are no set times for this class! You will get the materials at the beginning of each week that you can look over and then practice at your own leisure. Assignments will be due the following week with critique to follow. I will also be around for any help or questions! Hope this helps!

  19. Hello! Will we learn how to achieve the bold contrast and beautiful colors you create through editing? Thanks!

    1. Hi Joe! I show you in my editing videos exactly how I edit. Do keep in mind , I shoot for specific lighting scenarios that I enhance with my editing. It’s not just in the editing. The class goes over how I shoot as well to help the editing go hand in hand. Hope this helps!


  20. Marie-Josee Pelchat


    I would love to know the videos length and what can I expect from the lessons?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi! Videos are anywhere from 20-45 minutes long. The editing videos are the longest at 35-45 minutes long each week where I edit 4-5 images in each video. Week 1 lessons are based more on the basics of backlighting and week 2 focuses on types of backlight (light pockets, rim light, flare etc). Hope this helps!

  21. Kristin Riggins

    Will this be covering topics for beginners? I already shoot in manual but would love to level up on my skills.

    1. Hi Kristin! I’d say this class is a little more intermediate, but does go over some basic topics! And shooting in manual is perfect, will definitely be a necessity for this class :)

  22. Hi! I’m interested in Study Along version, but I won’t be able to get started until September. Will the classes still be available to view in September if I pay now?


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