Everyday Beauty

with Sue Bahen

self-paced course


For as beautiful as autumn is, there is a sadness that marks the change of seasons. Bidding a farewell to the blooms of summer and nervously anticipating what November has in store for us.

NEW! This program is now available at Click Photo School as a self-paced course.

All class content is organized into simple steps as part of a clear, self-guided pathway inside a virtual classroom. Registration includes one year access to the course.

Recharge your creativity, sharpen your observational skills, and diversify your portfolio with non-portrait photography.

Award-winning photographer Sue Bahen will teach you new observational techniques to see creatively through the lenses of nature, found still life, and street photography.

Approach new genres with confidence, reinvigorate your photography, and deepen your appreciation of the world.

You will explore beauty by studying traditional photographic elements and how they can strengthen and bring an emotional component to your compositions.

We’ll learn to find and appreciate the beauty in the mundane or unexpected.

Sue will show you how to find peace with inevitable photography ruts and move forward with a fresh and mindfulness-based approach.

what you’ll get

Exclusive eBook and Creativity Exercises
  • An inspiring, photo-rich PDF that teaches you that beauty is felt as much as seen and how you can capture the beauty all around you.
  • 4 creativity exercises designed to inspire you and improve your observational skills.
5 Videos
  • 2 photo walk videos where you will see how Sue finds beauty every day
  • 2 session culling videos
  • 1 self-critique video where Sue discusses a number of her favourite images and why she was compelled to photograph them

Learn on any device! All class content is organized into simple steps as part of a clear, self-guided pathway inside your private online classroom.


You'll check off each interactive step as you go, from watching the videos to engaging in discussions with Sue and fellow students.


Read through Sue's answers to questions asked during the launch event (now concluded) and watch her Q&A video!


All class materials are yours to download and keep.

about your presenter

Sue Bahen is an award-winning hobbyist photographer who doesn’t like to pigeonhole herself in any particular genre. She loves to find beauty in the ordinary, often overlooked details of life. She focuses on macro, nature and street and travel photography and looks for unique perspectives to tell her stories. Sue is a Click Community Mentor who loves to cheer on other photographers. She lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her husband, dog, and a clowder of cats. You can find her work at susanbahenphotography.com.

102 thoughts on “Everyday Beauty”

  1. I had to make sure that I left a review for this self-paced course. I can describe it in two words – game changer! I have always admired Sue’s ability to tell her stories through little things. Learning about her journey and its shape her vision was amazing. I love how she describes how to slows down to see the story and then captures it with intention. The exercises helped me focus on doing the same and I am thrilled with the results. At a time when the world was finally allowing us into it again, I’ve grown to appreciate seeing the beauty in the world around me. I’m on my second read-through. This will not be one you will read through just once. Like every great resource, you will want to revisit it often. Thank you Sue so much for this truly special course.

  2. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

    Ahhhh finally a class by Sue!! I have always enjoyed Sue’s work and gallery so much and couldn’t be more excited about seeing a class from her! I love the way she sees the world around her and finds beauty in everything everywhere! I have been in a creative rut lately and this class just came at the perfect time for me! Sue shares everything from her creative process strategies to behind the scenes and I feel so energized and can’t wait to start seeing beauty in the ordinary again! Thankyou Sue for this lovely class and inspiring so many of us!

  3. I have been a fan of Sue’s work for a very long time and was so thrilled to learn she was presenting a course. Everyday Beauty self paced course is amazing. Not only is it packed full of information – Sue has presented the material masterfully. We are taken on a journey with Sue as she describes in detail her artistic process in capturing the beauty of her surroundings. I truly loved this course and highly recommend!

  4. I’m very overdue for a review of this self paced workshop. I was so thrilled to see Sue come out with a course to give us insights on how she captures her beautiful work! Sue gives us permission to relax and take some time to just wander with our camera to see what beauty we can find. A person might be surprised to see where she finds her subjects, proving you can find strong imagery in your every day routine and surroundings. Sue’s videos let us wander with her and then watch how she chooses which photos to edit.

    Sue’s PDF is full of her stunning art and her words are inspiring and insightful. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to see behind the scenes of her photography!

  5. So challenging to find beauty in everyday and Sue’s course gave me inspiration to get back to shooting. I loved watching her process in the shooting and culling videos. I highly recommend this course!

  6. Identifying and shooting the beauty around me is such a weak point for me, & Sue really makes it seem easy and takes the stress out of it for me…not to mention the serious eye candy. I can’t wait to walk around with new eyes and capture not just the people in my personal stories but the places.

  7. Like many people, I know Sue’s work when I see it – it’s soulful and emotive. Getting a peek into Sue’s creative process and thoughts as she creates is priceless. To watch and listen as she makes that magic happen and see what she sees is so helpful and allows us – the audience – to apply bits and pieces of those principles and processes to our own and help us to “see” better as a result. Sue’s love for photography, humor and down to earth nature is apparent and makes this course such a pleasure to be a part of!

  8. I’m so enjoying this class! The materials are so well put together and watching the videos feel like a coffee date with Sue where she offers so much of her artistic process.

    1. I am so happy to hear that you have enjoyed the class, Laura!! What a wonderful complement about the videos! I really wanted them to have a personal feel to them. I wish we could talk over a cup of coffee.

  9. This is the perfect class for me as I begin to transition from photographing mainly my children to other subjects as they get older and are less enthused about having a camera pointed at them continually. I love how Sue breaks down her process and walks us through what she looks for! This is immensely helpful for me as I struggle to find the beauty in seemly mundane situations, but there is always beauty to be found and Sue is a master at finding it and helping us all find it!!

    1. Thank you so much, Mickie!! Having our children grow is a challenge in and of itself. Throw in the fact that your main photography subject isn’t interested in being photograph is like salt in the wounds. I hope my process can help you find a new purpose and peace in this time of change.

  10. I have loved Sue’s work for a long time, and I was so excited to see she was coming out with a course. I love seeing a peek into her creative process. My style and subject matter are very different from Sue’s, but there is still so much great information here for photographers of all skill levels and all genres. I have been in a bit of a creative rut lately, and after going through Sue’s materials, I am feeling motivated and inspired. I am a self-proclaimed breakout junkie, and this is a favorite! Don’t hesitate to buy if you’re on the fence….there’s something for everyone here!

    1. Thank you for your very kind words, Jamie!! Over the years, I have learned so much by following the work if you and other photographers in our community whose work is focused on people. We have so much to learn from all photographers regardless of the genre they shoot. Of course, I would love to inspire people to try some of the non-portrait genres, but I believe the material in the class can even change people’s way of approach their daily photography practice, even if that is focused around the kids.

  11. This course is incredible! Sue’s work has been an inspiration to me for a long time and through the PDF and videos she provides a unique insight into how she creates her magical images. She is so open and honest about her process and her own journey that the content feels like sitting down and learning from a close friend. The material is highly relatable and speaks to anyone that would like to expand their photographic vision. I knew this would be a good one but I am blown away!

    1. Oh Stacy!! This is such a kind review!! Thank you so much! I really set out to create a class that connected with people on an emotional level. Creativity is more complex than following a formula or a set of lessons. I’m so thrilled that you loved it!

  12. I absolutely loved this course, especially the PDF, it is so full of information and I loved learning Sue’s thought process behind her subject and story choices. I love how she gives you an insight into her mind while clicking images and also shows her how to cull and edit images. She gives you in depth details about various composition techniques and how you can use them to enhance your images. It is a must have course for everyone, whether you’re a portrait photographer or a nature photographer.

  13. I knew I would love this course when I first spotted it on CPS. I have long admired Sue’s work which is captivating, soulful, and emulates the most beautiful atmosphere. I have often spent time pouring over her images wondering “how did she do that?”

    Sue is very present on the forums and is quick to respond to any questions students like myself have. Her videos and answers to my questions blew away any doubts I had concerning street photography (just one of the subjects covered in the course).

    Sue is very encouraging and approachable online. Her video teaching, and pdf are so clear and easy to follow. The pdf is packed full of insightful information and the most beautiful images. I printed mine off and popped it in a folder with clear poly pockets to have a ready-to-hand paper copy of this teaching which I know I will return to often for inspiration.

    I can’t wait to get out and practice what I have learnt and start posting to the CC website (as well as my own personal website) in the days ahead.

    Sue, just want to say,” I’m so glad you listened to the girls on CC and created this course. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to produce so much teaching content, and so thank you for all the hard work you have put into it.” Credit to you.

    1. Thank you so much, sweet Wendy! I’m glad I took away some of the doubt and fear around street photography and can’t wait for you to be able to get out and give it a go in your village. I am also glad that I stopped listening to the self-doubt I had and made this class. Not only has it been an amazing experience for me to be able to share with you all and to connect, but it’s lit something deep inside me and the beauty in front of me is all I see.

  14. I just finished the videos and pdf and highly recommend Susan’s self-paced class! It’s so lovely to be encouraged to open one’s eyes to the beauty right outside the front door! Susan’s pdf, videos, culling tips, and shooting pointers are chock-filled with information. Her images are inspiring and her message is a simple yet important one. Go outside, and just look!

    1. Hi Beth! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them. The message is truly a simple one, but important. Go outside and look! It’s something that we often take for granted, but so important to our mental health. Seeing, appreciating and recording the beauty we see with our camera is an act of self-care.

  15. Sue is one of my absolutely favorite mentors and teachers! She has a kind and guiding soul, and her class is jam packed with absolutely inspiration. Sue inspires you to see the beauty that is all around us and that is so easily missed. This class is a must-have!

  16. I’ve enjoyed Sue Bahen’s work for awhile now and really have been impressed with her eye for pulling out magical and beautiful shots from real world locations either on the street or in nature. This class has been a real chance to slow down and take a look around me for those beautiful scenes or details all around us. So come join us ! #everydaybeauty_cps or @denakarenphotography on Instagram to see what we are finding !

  17. I am a big fan of Sue’s macro and street photography so when I saw this breakout advertised I knew I had to sign up. And I’m so glad I did… it is fabulous. The course content is really well presented and easy to follow and I love how Sue shares so many wonderful tips from her photographic journey. Everyday Beauty has really helped me boost my creativity and I would really encourage other photographers jump on in!

    1. It’s been a real pleasure having you in the class, Kylie! I’m so happy to hear that it’s helped your creativity! Thank you very much for your thoughtful words.

  18. I feel like this course has reoriented my whole brain…in a good way! I’ve got two small kids and a full-time job, so I’m not hopping off to Paris or hiking to amazing landscapes. I’ve got no choice but to find the everyday beauty in my city, neighborhood, and backyard. Sue’s materials have helped me really LOOK at things and consider light and composition. I find myself thinking “what would Sue do?” And I LOVE watching Sue’s videos to see how her mind thinks. I’m a little obsessed with seeing others’ creative process, and Sue generously and thoughtfully shares hers. She’s pushed me to start developing my own style and voice. This is the help my 365 project and photography in general needed at this moment.

    1. How wonderful to read this, Taryn!!! I am so excited that you got a creative push from the class! That thrills me to hear. Thank you very much for your kind words.

  19. Wow! Everyday Beauty is everything I didn’t know I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone. Susan’s course is full of information delivered in simple and easy to execute steps. If you are looking to try something other than portraits, invest in your education and take this course.

  20. I’ve been an admirer of Sue for several years, so when this class came out I jumped at the opportunity for an inside peek to her process. The materials she’s so mindfully created are no small peek. Sue gives you a deep dive into what motivates her, how she approaches finding beauty in the mundane, how she works her way through seasons of creative doubt and anxiety and she shows you how to do this all yourself. She teaches you to sharpen your mind and look for the elements of strong photography everywhere you go. With her swoon-worthy examples, I was enveloped in her beautiful world, and I didn’t want the materials to end. Sue has opened up her heart – not to share herself for her own purposes – but so that we may be inspired to open ours as well. It is now with a more open heart that I am walking around seeing the beauty of the everyday. Thank you for this thoughtful, gorgeous course Sue! I’m an even greater admirer of you now!!

    1. D’Ann, this is so humbling to hear coming from you. I appreciate that you can see that when I share from my heart it’s to let people know that the creativity is more than a skill set. It’s an expression of who we are. I adore you and am so grateful for your kind words.

  21. I’ve loved every minute of this breakout by Sue. I love her approach to finding everyday beauty, see her amazing examples and learn all about her process and workflow. I’ve always admired her street photography and since that is something that is way out of my comfort zone, I was super excited to see some time devoted to this topic. I can’t wait to get the nerve up and try some street work after watching her and see if I can do it justice. Thanks Sue for an amazing class!

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica!! I know you will make magic when you take your camera on the street. Just think of people as birds!! We’re all just living creatures, it’s our habitats that differ. ♥️

  22. MacTarnahan Jean

    I’ve always admired hoe Sue can find beauty in even the smallest and most simple ways. Whether it’s macro, street, landscape, or just a view of life’s happenings, Sue shows the beauty in it. I have always wanted to pursue such talent and this class is just what I needed. She covers not only the basics of seeing light and it’s effects on images, but every other aspect that makes her subject beautiful and meaningful. I’m part way through the class, and have already learned so much. She gives exercises that help guide us in practicing what she teaches us. I’m so thrilled to be a part of this amazing photographer’s teachings. Thank you, Sue! :)

  23. Tracey Richvalsky

    This is such a wonderful breakout! Sue’s material is beautiful, inspiring, and presented in a very organized, thoughtful way. The exercises help you think about applying your own style to the genres covered in the material. This class is perfect for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and skills of non-portrait photography!

  24. I always know Sue’s work when I see it. Sue has a way of seeing beauty in the the details we may stroll by in the hustle of our days. In this class, Sue breaks down her creative process, both in her incredibly detailed, informative and inspiring PDF and through her class videos. Not only is Sue’s approach instructional, as she walks us through the technical elements of how she creates her stunning art, but it is also almost meditative in the way she reminds us that there is beauty in even the smallest pockets of lights or seemingly insignificant cracks in the sidewalk. After completing Sue’s class I am truly inspired to bring my camera and my creative intention with me as I travel through the everyday beauty of my own days.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jen, such an honour coming from you. Your work is always so beautiful and emotive.

  25. This is a great course for anyone looking to kick start their process. The videos of Sue’s photo walks are inspiring. The course PDF by itself would be worth more than the cost of the class. Loving the great discussions. Well worth it!

  26. Sue’s work is absolutely inspiring and breathtaking! It has helped open my eyes to the beauty in life even after the kids are all grown up! It was a privilege to have access to Sue’s creative process. This is one of those courses that I’m sure I will refer back to it over and over! I highly recommend it!

  27. I would highly recommend this breakout for anyone that is looking for a fresh view of the world around them – especially if you usually photograph your kids. This can be the perfect opportunity to explore a little bit and enjoy subjects who will not have an “opinion” about being in your photographs! I love Sue’s approach!

  28. I have absolutely LOVED this course! I’m new here, and I’m not a portrait or family photographer, so I wasn’t quite sure if I would find anything that suited me. And then this happened! It’s like this course was made for me! Thank you to Sue for all the wonderful materials. I’ll surely go through them over and over again. You’re making me reach outside of my comfort zone and try things that I might not have tried before! The self-paced format was perfect for me, as I work full-time and have a lot of other commitments. I was able to eagerly dive into all the materials as soon as the course was open, and I’ve been going back and reviewing the lessons and the interactions when I can. I highly recommend this course to anyone, but especially to those who want to see things a little differently, finding the hidden everyday beauty around you.

    1. Oh Therese!! How thoughtful of you. I am thrilled that you have been inspired by the class. I am happy to be able to provide some educational content that appeals to people who want to move away from family photography.

  29. I have loved Sue’s work, and was so excited to see her presenting a self-paced course–and what a wonderful course it is! So often it feels like we pidgeon-hole ourselves into just one genre of photography, but Sue does such a beautiful job of showing us how we can truly make art wherever we are at, if we are only willing to open our eyes and see the beauty that is already around us. I love how she breaks down her approach to light and composition, and how she can take those approaches and span multiple genres of photography. If you are looking for new ways to see and photograph the world around you, I encourage you to take this course!

    1. Thank you very much for your wonderful review, Christina! I am a huge fan of your minimalist architectural photography so your words mean a lot to me. ❤️

  30. I cannot recommend this self-paced course enough! Sue is insightful and creative and her imagery is a great lesson in the way that beauty can be found everywhere and anywhere if your eyes and mind are open to it! This course invites you to open your creative eye and be inspired by all the elements that can make the ordinary extraordinary and how to use your photographic toolset to capture that beauty creatively. No matter what genre you usually photograph, this course will inspire you and open you up to expanding your idea of beauty. And with Sue’s imagery to go with her insightful tips, you will surely finish feeling inspired!

  31. As soon as I saw Sue had a breakout coming I pre-ordered it. As a new empty nester and another (move during covid) it was so nice to see something to help me transition to focusing more on still life, macro and street photography. It seems quite difficult finding courses to really touch on this new life without littles running around, finding our why again, really digging deep and observing our surroundings. Sue touches on all of this, as I read the PDF it’s as if she was talking about my own life. Our new freedom of traveling and slowing down a bit, how to observe my surroundings on my walks. The videos following Sue on her walks was so inspiring, I love getting to hear what is going on in other creatives minds. I loved that she shares her culling and B&A, as sometimes we see only the completed image and think we can never obtain that. Plus she uses her cell phone!! Game changer, as sometimes I just want to be present and not worry about settings etc. Go buy this class, follow along and find your new why

    1. Thank you very much, sweet Lissa!! I couldn’t be happier that the class resonated with you. Photography is a fun distraction from the emotions we may be experiencing when our kids grow up.

  32. This class is for anyone who is interested in strengthening their work. I have not only enjoyed this but have learned so much from seeing your though process from beginning to end. Thank you Sue for breaking it down and sharing. your knowledge.

  33. Melissa Bissell

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sue Bahen’s course, Everyday Beauty. I have admired Sue’s work for years, and when I learned she created a class based around her street and nature work I jumped at the opportunity to participate. I photograph many of the same genres as Sue so it has been particularly exciting and inspiring to learn about the artistic process behind her work. But this class is not just for photographers who work in non-portrait genres! I believe there is something for everyone who has a passion for photography and for discovering the hidden beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives. Sue’s teaching style is rich with inspiring educational content, coupled with a relaxed and calm presentation of the material, making this class feel like we are chatting all things photography over a cup of tea or coffee. This course is money well-spent. After you have soaked up all of Sue’s creative and artistic knowledge about non-portrait photography you will be eager to grab your camera and hit the streets in search of your own version of everyday beauty!

    1. Melissa, thanks so much for your beautiful words. As a huge fan of your work, I am so thrilled that you enjoyed the class. Maybe one day we can get that cup of coffee. ♥️

  34. Everyday Beauty with Sue Bahen is the perfect class for many reasons. The first is the instructor. And that really should be reason enough to sign up for this class…and she does not disappoint!

    Secondly, the PDF and video content are priceless. Sue covers everything from light, to color, to framing, and many more aspects of photography. And you may have already learned about some or even all of this, BUT Sue has managed to present them in a way that really does feel like you are getting a glimpse into her brain, seeing things from her point of view as she goes about photographing all she finds beautiful.

    And beauty she 100% does find!!! Just wait until you see all the mesmerizing photos she has included in the PDF. In the videos Sue shows us how she goes about capturing these beautiful images, and then spends time with us as she culls the images from various photo walks, explaining why she keeps what she does.

    Sue also covers all kinds of photography genres, from landscapes, to street, to macro. However, this class is applicable to any photography genre.

    And finally, Sue will give you many ideas to rejuvenate your photography mojo. She will inspire you to go out and find what is beautiful to you.

    Thanks, Sue, for this wonderful inspiring class!

  35. I have been waiting for a course by Sue Bahen for ages and I’m so glad it’s finally here! This is an inspirational and insightful course, helping you find your “why” and give yourself permission to slow down and appreciate everyday beauty. I love the video chat and watching how Sue captures the world around her. I feel empowered and inspired!

  36. I am so impressed by this breakout by Sue. She has an incredible eye for finding the beauty in ordinary things. As my kids are getting older, this is the path I want to go on and reading Sues inspiring breakout has given me hope that there is photography after my kids have grown up. Sue goes through how to think about and use lines, texture, framing and light to make the most of the scene. She will show how to make an image interesting without people in it, and for me that has always been a challenge. I am happy that I took this breakout and I know that I will keep coming back to it over the years. It is obvious that she has poured her soul into this and is so generous with her knowledge. I highly recommend this breakout!

    1. What wonderful words coming from you, Jenny. I have no doubt that with will continue to make magic with your camera no matter how old your kids get.

  37. I was really excited when this one was announced! Sue is so gifted at seeing beauty in the world around her and this course has inspired me to see in a wonderful new way. The e-book is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, and I loved watching the behind the scenes videos to get a first-hand look at Sue’s process. I HIGHLY recommend “Everyday Beauty” – you will come away with a whole new love for capturing all the lovely details in your world and in your life.

    1. Leslie, this means so much coming from you!! Thank you so much! I am in awe of how you see the world!!

  38. Sue’s approach to everyday photography is one of the first things I noticed about her when I met her on the Click Community forum. Her unique approach to the practice of photography is not only artistic but is calming and therapeutic. In this course, Sue shares her process for shooting, editing, and her thoughts behind what gives images meaning. This is a must take for any photographer!

  39. I am SO glad that I took this course! I have always loved Sue’s work so it is amazing to get to know her thought process and to watch the behind the scene videos she included in the course. I always find it helpful to watch other people actually do it! In the course PDF, oh my goodness, Sue literally laid out all the visual elements you can look for while making an image. Sometimes when we are in front of a busy scene, especially in the streets, it can get overwhelming trying to decide what to focus on. Having a list of things to look for in mind can help a lot! Now I can’t wait to start looking for more beauty in the everyday life! Thank you Sue for this wonderful course!

  40. Really loving this course!! When I saw Sue was teaching, I JUMPED at the chance to sign up. I logged in on the first day it opened and binged the whole thing! Now, I’m going back and working through all of the exercises and having so much fun with it. Sue’s work is stunning and I love how she breaks down her process and takes you behind the scenes of how she works. Highly recommend this class!

  41. This is EXACTLY the course that I needed right now! As we’re starting to get out and about, exploring our world again, I feel the need to rediscover the beauty in what’s in front of me, and Sue breaks that down so well! I just love the way that Sue sees the world, and I learned so much from her about quiet observation and capturing what draws me into a scene. I feel so inspired after going through this course. I can’t wait to put some of this into practice on my travels and at home!

    1. Thank you for your very kind words, Megan!! I couldn’t be happier that you are feeling inspired after going through the course materials. The timing is so perfect after the trying times we’ve been living through. A nice reminder that beauty is always lurking even if it doesn’t seem apparent. ♥️

  42. When I heard Sue was writing a course for Click Photo School, I was beyond excited! This course is packed with so much information, and I can feel the love and enthusiasm Sue poured into writing it. Her love of photography and all things beautiful comes through not only in her writing, but her beautiful photos and the way she sees life. Sue starts out her PDF with her visual voice statement that provides an artistic wow from the start! Her videos walk you through her creative process without over analyzing. Her unique view of the world is shown and she guides the reader to help develop their own personal unique view of the world as well. I’ve known Sue for many years, and this wonderful course provided an insight into her photographic journey and style that was even new to me! This course will get your creativeness flowing and help you learn how to find your own unique view of your own photographic work. Sign up for Everyday Beauty! You won’t regret it!

    1. Oh my dear, Emily. I am in tears reading your beautiful review. I am without words to express my love and gratitude for you kindness and support. How wonderful that we have developed a friendship through our shared love of photography and I love that our friendship is more than that. ❤️

  43. I am so excited that Sue has written this course!! I have been a huge fan of Sue’s work for a number of years so I had to join this breakout on the day it started! WOW – I love it. Sue’s enthusiasm for the beauty in the mundane is contagious. She has a gift of creating art out of scenes that most people would just walk past. She shares what inspires her in the most intimate and vulnerable way making both herself and the photography genres she discusses feel approachable. The PDF is filled with inspiring and relevant images to illustrate and emphasize the words. I will be referring back to the creative exercises, dotted throughout, for years to come. The videos are informative giving a deeper insight into her creative process. Don’t hesitate, if you have not already signed up, do so now, such a beautiful and thought provoking breakout.

  44. Pre-Ordered! Looking forward to jumping back into a class to get my camera clicking again! We are redesigning our website for our farm and need new photos to post and this is the perfect class to get me looking at our place with a new perspective!

    1. Thanks for joining us, Gigi!! This will be perfect for you to get you clicking again. You have the perfect location to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature. ♥️

  45. Debbie Gottdenker

    Just pre-ordered! There is no way I would miss a course with Sue. I’m so inspired by her work, I just can’t wait to learn from her!

    1. Thank you for your email, Debbie!! Thank you so much for signing up!! I am looking forward to having you in the class!! ❤️

    2. I’m not sure why I typed thank you for the email! I wanted to say thank you for your kind words. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  46. Angela Zbojniewicz

    Hi Sue! I’ve been super busy at work the last four months I’m very excited to get back into my photography! I can’t wait to start!

    1. Hello Angela!!! I’m thrilled that you are joining us!! I think this will be great to help get you back into the swing of taking pictures again. ♥️

  47. You know I could never miss this! I am on my way to Pte-order right now. Can’t we start today?!

    1. Thank you so much, dear Jenny!! Your support means the world to me. I can’t wait to get started next week!

  48. Jean MacTarnahan

    Hi Susan! It’s been quite a long time since our retreat with Nadeen! I just pre-ordered today and I’m really looking forward to learning from you and practicing how to see more with my heart and emotions, rather than just the subjects in front of me. Absolutely love your work!
    Looking forward to beginning a new journey!
    Jean ❤️

    1. Hi Jean!!! I think back fondly to our time together with Nadeen! It was so much fun and so inspiring!! I’m so excited to have you along for the ride. Thank you for your kind words and support.

  49. Cary Ann Krogsgaard

    Pre-ordered! I’m so excited to get insight into Sue’s photography process because her work is so inspiring. I’m positive she’ll be a wonderful instructor & I’m very much looking forward to this class.

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