Francesca Marchese-Reeder

The Family Photography
Session Guide


Gain the skills, strategies, and confidence you need to capture photos that you (and your clients!) love at every single session.

This course will help you go into your family sessions feeling confident, knowing that you are a good match with the client and have a realistic plan to produce a gorgeous gallery of love-filled images.


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What you'll get
Steps to prepare for sessions from the client questionnaire and styling to greeting them when they arrive

A plan that ensures you have a smooth session flow and a wide variety of family images that your clients love

Strategies for photographing families with littles all the way up to photographing grown adult children and everything in between.

Posing advice (including that "everyone looking at the camera smiling shot") and the shot list Francesca uses at every family session

Ideas for creating imagery for clients that return year after year

"This was exactly what I needed to recharge just in time for FALL PHOTOS!"

check out what's in your classroom
a comprehensive guide to planning and holding successful family photography sessions, with actionable steps for building confidence and comfort between you and your clients
shooting videos
3 shooting videos, including an in-home family session with young children and baby, an outdoor family session with older teen/adult children, an outdoor family session with baby and toddler
gallery video
See how Francesca builds an image gallery from an in-home session with long-time clients

you’ll remember exactly why you fell in love with family sessions - and you'll have new strategies, new ideas, and the confidence to make your next session your best ever.

meet your instructor

Francesca Marchese-Reeder
Francesca Marchese-Reeder is raising her 3 kiddos and photographing family, lifestyle newborn, and maternity sessions in Southern California. She is most inspired by capturing connection, movement, emotions, details, and added bonus if it’s in fabulous light! She is honored to be a ClickPro and was named one of the 100 photographers to watch in 2019 by ClickinMoms/Click Community. For years Francesca’s family photography imagery has been sourced to use in Shutterfly/TinyPrints and Mixbook product samples.

20 thoughts on “The Family Photography Session Guide”

  1. So much great information in this course! I am just starting out and found all I learned very helpful. Thank you for the beautiful pdf guide as well!

  2. I signed up for this course because while I’ve been photographing families for many years, I have found myself feeling like I’m stuck and repeating the same things over and over.
    I have the blessing of many repeat families- such a gift!! But I have been doubting myself and whether or not I’m “delivering” to these clients. There is a comfort in knowing these families and friends.
    Francescas class reminded me:
    1. They chose me. There’s a reason for that. It’s pretty amazing, if you allow yourself to soak that in.
    2. The beauty of families and repeat families isn’t about the props or the locations- it’s THEM. Capturing who they are, in THAT moment… because as she so eloquently stated: the people may change, but the picture does not.

    Thank you! This was exactly what I needed to recharge just in time for FALL PHOTOS!’ ♥️

    1. Melissa this could not make me any happier! This right here is exactly why I wanted to teach this. This is one of the components I hoped for you fellow photographers to get out of the course. Thank you for your kind words!

  3. Great course~ Lots of information, so happy I took the class, lots of good info to take into as i get back in to my family sessions . Thanks Francesca I really enjoyed it!

  4. This a great course for a photographer tackling family photography! Francesca gives you several tricks to use with small kids or teenage young adults to make them feel comfortable and in-turn relaxed in-front of the camera. I really enjoyed watching her photograph a family with two kids-she made them feel so relaxed and not too stressed out! You will find so many helpful tips in this breakout if you are a novice or even experienced family photographer.

  5. Laura Campbelll

    I really enjoyed this course. All the information is priceless. I have several families that have asked for a session and I now feel even better thanks to this class. Thank you for this jam packed course!

  6. Wow what a course, this is the absolutely one and only class you need for family photography. From pre-session preparation to shooting to posing clients. Francesca covers every single aspect you’ll need for a successful family session, she also gives tips and tricks on how to start a family photography business. For $25, this is worthy every single penny.

  7. For $25, this is a steal. Francesca gives you lots of information on every aspect of family photography including how to be business smart, styling, posing and what to do before a session to have the best success. Her videos also walk you through a variety of situations and ages of clients, so no matter what age you are dealing with, you are prepared. Did I Messi on the beautiful images throughout the pdf!? If you a starting out in business, I highly recommend this resource!

  8. What a wonderful resource! In the course, Francesca covers pretty much every aspect of family photography. There’s so much knowledge packed into each page of the guide — everything from business to styling to posing. Not only was this course helpful for me now, but looking back, it’s something that would have given me such a leg up when I first started out.

  9. What an amazing course! Francesca gives so munch information on preparing, styling and shooting families and clients. She leaves you feeling confident and comfortable to take on any family photo situation. She gives great tips and resources for styling your clients, some of which I didn’t even know existed! She gives insight into the business side as well, which is much appreciated and perfect for those just starting out, or who need help with running a business. Lastly, I cannot forget her stunning imagery filled with gorgeous poses. That in itself is worth getting this course! For $25 this is a NO BRAINER. Go grab your copy!

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