In Search of Wonder

Creating awe-inspiring landscape photographs
with Jennifer Carr

Create scroll-stopping, awe-inspiring landscape images.


Find out how to create breathtaking landscape photos in all kinds of conditions and locations.

  • A complete understanding of the gear, apps, and settings the pros use to photograph various genres of landscape photography
  • The ability to use light more effectively to shape dynamic landscapes across all seasons, day or night
  • Visualization and creative methods – including long exposure, sunbursts, and intentional camera movement – that make your images both more meaningful and more impactful
  • Simple, clean, landscape-specific editing techniques for Lightroom (mobile & desktop) that you can use to polish your images
This course is for you if...
  1. Your schedule's busy, so time in the field is limited – you need to be able to create memorable photographs in all kinds of light and conditions.
  2. For you, landscape photography is about the outdoor experience as much as the photos, and connecting with your surroundings is an important part of it.
  3. You're getting hung up on on where to start – how to choose a location, what gear should you bring along, and knowing where to look and what to include when you get there.
  4. Extensive editing's not really your thing. You want to learn to edit more efficiently (and on the go!) to maximize your time shooting in the field.

Learn on any device! All class content is organized into simple steps as part of a clear, self-guided pathway inside your private online classroom.


Ask questions for potential inclusion in a Q&A with your instructor! The final Q&A video will be available for you to watch and keep at the end of the live run.


You'll check off each interactive step as you go, from watching the videos to engaging in discussions with your instructor and fellow students.


All class materials are yours to download and keep.


In Search of Wonder: The Field Guide
  • Gear & Settings
  • Working with Light
  • Genres of Landscape Photography
  • Visualization & Creative Techniques
Educational Videos
  • Recommended Gear
  • Landscape Photography Apps
  • On-Location Shooting & Editing Videos
  • Light Study & Editing Video
  • Behind the Photographs: Image Exploration

you’ll have everything you need to create meaningful landscape photographs from start-to-finish.


about your presenter

Jennifer Carr is a landscape, nature, and travel photographer known for her vibrant, uplifting images. She spends much of her time outdoors and is an avid traveler, always with her Sony camera in hand. She is drawn to photograph the beauty of the natural world around her, capturing colors and light. Jennifer has a passion for lifting up fellow photographers through photography mentoring and educational retreats.

70 thoughts on “In Search of Wonder: Creating Awe-Inspiring Landscape Photographs”

  1. THIS course is brilliant and awe-inspiring! Jennifer has packed the material with stunning imagery and practical information. Landscape and nature photography are genres that have recently interested me since my children subjects are older. This course was useful as I transition into trying these genres. I have been a long time fan of Jennifer’s work, and to be able to learn from her presented an incredible opportunity. Looking forward to implementing the course information into practice. Thank you Jennifer!!

  2. One of the best self-paced courses, I’ve ever taken. I am a huge fan of Jennifer’s work and despite being a portrait photographer, pre-ordered it immediately. Jen makes everything so clear and easy to understand. I always believed that photographing beautiful landscapes was so far out of my reach. However, using the methods discussed in this fantastic breakout, helped me overcome my doubts. Now, I am loving exploring and capturing the world! Oh, and the app recommendations alone are worth taking a look at! Thank you Jennifer, for an amazing course!

  3. This course is so full of relevant and useful information and tips to take your outdoor/landscape photography to another realm of excellence. Jennifer is so real and relatable and makes you feel like your there, hanging out together, capturing the amazing views of our incredible world that’s out there for us to enjoy and be stewards of. There is something for everyone – from the beginner landscape photographer to the seasoned veteran. The demos and explanations of the planning apps are gold! — and you get to basically enjoy one of the most beautiful collections of images you’ll ever see throughout the PDF. Don’t hesitate if you’re on the fence on this one!!! Get in on it – you’ll be so glad you did!

  4. Lovers of landscape, step right up! Jennifer’s breakout session ‘In Search of Wonder’ is fabulous. Her pdf is chock full of useful tips and guidance to get the most out of your landscape images. Videos are fun because you get to go on a little adventure with Jennifer and see what she sees, and then get a more in-depth post-processing session to see how Jennifer chooses and edits her final images. What I love about this course are Jennifer’s insights–what she looks for in a composition, which images she feels are successful and why. We each approach our view of the world in our own unique fashion, and learning from Jennifer will motivate you to seek out your own wonder!

  5. I was so excited to see a landscape class from Jennifer that I pre-ordered!! I loved “following” along with her as she explained how and why she set up her photos and learning new editing tools. The planning apps she shared were an unexpected treat and I really appreciated how she provided tutorials on how to use them. Jennifer is a great teacher and I look forward to coming back to her lessons again and again!

  6. I am a novice/hobby photographer, always looking for more insight into how to improve my photographs. I am familiar with Jennifer’s photography so I was very excited to join the class. Top three things that I found helpful/eye opening: 1) the focus on checking the weather/planning, in order to get the best shot from the best angle. The overview of apps/tools available was really helpful. 2) the use of Lightroom mobile (on iPad) for editing. I typically travel, return, then have to plow through tons of photos. Would be great to do some work during downtime on the road (…I hope to emulate Jenny’s willingness to cull photos w/out regret) 3) tips on editing in Lightroom were great – I learned a lot and I look forward to taking some shots and working through the process following Jenny’s lead. Having the pdf/videos as reference is a great help. I found this class to be a great value and quite inspiring.

    1. I loved hearing what you found helpful in the course, Lyn! Ruthless culling is tough, but I’ve found it is a best practice for me! I can’t wait to see what you create on your travels!

  7. I am in love with this class! I am still learning how to do good landscapephotography and this class was just what I needed. The videos are so comprehensive and I learned so much from watching them. This is a great class for a beginner like me but also for someone a bit more advanced who wants to try new things and get a push. I highl recommend this breakout to anyone. Jennifer is a great teacher and she shares so much in this class!

  8. I am so happy I decided to take this course. I’ve been pushing myself outside my comfort zone this past year to learn how to use my camera better and to take better photographs. I love nature photography but hadn’t really done much with landscape photography. I learned so much from this course and the way it is laid out makes it so easy to follow and understand. I really appreciate how Jennifer shares what she’s looking for when she sets out on a photo shoot and how she makes the edits in Lightroom. If you are new to photography – or even Lightroom, like I am – this will be a wonderful resource for you.

  9. Jennifer Carr’s In Search of Wonder class is just what I needed! I have been a fan of her photography for a long time. A lot of times I photograph my family and kids, but I also love to explore other areas of photography. Her PDF and videos are packed full of valuable information that is easy to understand and to implement. It is a perfect class for beginner, intermediate or experienced photographer. She explains how to use her gear and settings , lighting, camera and creative techniques, and educational videos that explains her on-location approach to shooting and editing a scene. I also love that she included an explanation of landscape photography apps that she uses and recommends. She even included a QR code for the apps so they are easily accessible! I also like the simplicity of her editing and how she imports her photos to Lightroom classic and syncs them to Lightroom mobile, for an easy way to edit on her mobile devices. I have loved everything about this course. Her photography skills are amazing and always inspiring. I am looking forward to trying out some Milky Way photography shots using the PhotoPills App as well as implementing her other techniques into my photography. I highly recommend this class!

  10. This was such a helpful course. I appreciated the app suggestions she provided and the videos showing how to use them. The editing videos were really helpful, and I was happy to see an example of editing with Lightroom mobile because I want to start editing on my iPad. She included advice and tips for all sorts of landscape photography. I’m going to try her tips for astrophotography this weekend! I highly recommend this course.

    1. I’m so glad that you found the course helpful, Shawna! Editing on the iPad is a lifesaver, so hopefully you can implement that in your workflow. And I can’t wait to see those astro shots from your beautiful farm!

  11. I loved this course. I used to do more landscape photography, but have dropped it almost completely. This class was the perfect amount of time and information to inspire me again. I also flip between editing on my iPad Pro and my laptop, so I really appreciated Jennifer covering both during the editing videos. And the PhotoPills video was worth it alone. I’ve had the app for years, but never quite gotten the hang of it. I am looking forward to trying a Milky Way shot with what I learned in this class. I highly recommend this class for anyone interested in landscape photography!

    1. Yay, I’m so happy to see you getting back into landscape photography, Christin. Photo Pills can certainly be overwhelming, hopefully the videos helped to make it more approachable. Thanks for joining me!

  12. Jennifer does a fantastic job of showing behind the scenes editing, describing her thought process while on location, and also sharing really helpful tips and apps! I just loved everything about this course!

  13. Saranya Padmanaban

    Such an excellent course with great content that is useful for both beginners and experienced landscape photographers. Her tips for using different apps for landscape photography is truly life changing. My approach to landscape photography has changed for the better after the course.

  14. Great self-paced course – beautiful and informative- pdf file, great tips for useful apps, and lightroom tips that have changed my approach to post processing. Beginners and advanced landscape photographers alike will find a wealth of information to help take their art to the next level. I highly recommend the course – thanks, Jennifer!

  15. This workshop is a must for anyone interested in learning more about landscape photography. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, there is something here for you. Jennifer’s PDF is stunning with her images and full of valuable information that will make you think about what landscape photography is, what settings to use, how to see the light, and how to go about planning a shoot. She shares so many apps, I’m sure all platforms are covered, plus she includes the QR codes so that you can dig deeper without having to type in long web addresses (love that she thought to do this). Jennifer’s shooting videos and editing videos give insight into her shooting and editing processes that will inspire you to get out and shoot and then edit in a new way (including on an iPad). There is so much information to digest and apps to explore. I can’t wait to get out and shoot using the information I have gained from this workshop. Thank you Jennifer! I can’t wait for the Q&A session.

  16. This is such a wonderful class and I just love Jenny’s work so much. I loved seeing her process and how she goes about selecting her locations to shoot. While I am terribly jealous of her travel adventures, I know that her tips and tricks will come in handy the next time I want to star to venture further away from home again. But even close to home, I know I can use some of the apps she suggested as well as tips on different times of day to fit into my busy schedule when I want to visit some local places. I recommend this class for anyone, seasoned or beginner, who want to learn more about landscape and seascape shooting. The second being my fave as I wished I lived closer to the beach! Thanks Jenny!

  17. Blown away! Jennifer is an amazing photogrpher and teacher! She provides you with a wealth of information in a user-friendly format! I would highly recommend this course whether you consider yourself a landscape photographer or not the tips and edits she shares are super beneficial to anyone wanting to create better images of their surroundings! Thanks, Jennifer for sharing your expertise with us!

  18. I don’t even know where to begin to say how much I loved this self-paced class. I’ve known Jennifer and her work for several years, so when she announced she had a landscape online class, I was thrilled and pre-ordered it. I was not disappointed. The PDFs and videos are so very well thought out and executed. Each piece is a nugget of helpful, actionable information. Her explanation of the features of PhotoPills alone is worth the $25 cost. If you enjoy landscape photography, want to broaden your knowledge and improve your skills, GET IT NOW!!! Thank you, Jennifer, for this amazing class.

  19. Melanie Conowitch

    This self paced course was so insightful! I loved how Jennifer touches on every aspect of landscape photography, from basic to advanced. The editing videos are detailed and informative. I learned quite a bit more about Lightroom and editing. I knew the Photopills app was awesome, but now I know it is so much more awesome and useful!! I recommend this fun and exciting class to anyone who is interested in learning more about landscape photography!

  20. This was a great little course! Great price for all the information you will receive! Jennifer has great tips and she shares helpful apps. I loved that she teaches how to be present within a scene and capture your senses! I recently moved to NC and Jennifer shares some on location videos that have me very excited to go explore my new area! I can’t wait to go see these beautiful places she shared! If you are looking for some landscape inspiration this a great start!

  21. I have been an admirer of Jennifer’s stunning photography for a while now, so I was so excited to see she was putting out a course. Landscape photography has been a genre I have admired from afar, but been a little uncertain of doing it myself–it’s always been one of those things I wasn’t sure if I was doing ‘right.’ Jennifer starts this course out with the basics, walking you through how to approach light and aperture, times of day to shoot for different looks, etc. But what I really love is that she doesn’t stop there–you will be walked through photographing mountainscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, even astrophotography. And my favorite part were her tips for how to connect with your surroundings, no matter where you may find yourself. If you are on the fence about this course, don’t be–get it! You will be so glad you did.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Christina! I’m so glad to hear that you were able to gain some confidence when it comes to creating landscapes. Your work is already so beautiful, it will be a wonderful genre to add!

  22. I love this course! Jennifer Carr is so helpful and easy to learn from. I always want to learn about photo pills as I already download and still not understand how to use but thank Jennifer to give me tutorial about it! My son is now becoming adult and I now jump into landscape photography and hopefully I can combine both landscape and portraits to shoot. It is worth to spend $25.00 on this course and you won’t be regret!

  23. I have been a fan of Jennifer Carr’s work for years, and when I learned she had put out a self-paced course at Click Photo School I jumped at the opportunity to register. Whether you are a novice photographer looking for a start in landscape photography or a seasoned pro in search of inspiration, you will find an abundance of material here to spark your creativity and get you excited about heading out into nature with your camera. Jennifer’s images are jaw-dropping and her writing and teaching style is clear and easy to follow. I love that in addition to laying out all the foundational rules of the different genres/areas within landscape photography, she also shares her favorite photography/nature apps, explaining the purpose of each one. This is definitely a course that I will be referring back to for years and years to come. You don’t want to miss this one! Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, expertise and talent!

  24. I love this course! Jennifer Carr is so helpful and easy to learn from. The video content is perfect, especially the photo pills tutorial – I used it just now for a wedding I have coming up this weekend! I really loved the light chasing video, too because it made me see light in a new way. Landscape photography is so important to me as a wedding photographer. I have to consider the environment around the subjects as part of the art of the image, and sometimes I feature the environment. There are tons of great tips in here that will improve the photographs I create for my clients. Totally recommend it if you’re looking to improve your landscape skills or try a new genre!

  25. Jennifer’s passion for the outdoors and photography really shines through in this course. At $25 it’s well worth learning some new tricks and seeing her work flow through the videos. The Photo Pills video was especially helpful since there are so many ways to use this app! As a social worker, I appreciated how she incorporated mindfulness techniques into the discussion. I use mindfulness to help calm myself in nature, but I’d never thought about using those techniques to help compose my shot in order to convey emotion more clearly in my photos! I can’t wait to get out and try some of the things I took away from the videos and 100 page PDF.

    1. I love that the mindfulness practice spoke to you, Becky. It’s something so rarely considered and yet it certainly affects our experience creating photographs! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  26. I just finished Jenny’s self-paced course and, wow, what a treasure trove of information! The PDF and videos are so well done I found myself soaking up every word. In full disclosure, I met Jenny a few years ago and have had the honor of shooting along with her a few times. I am constantly learning things about photography from her. Along with simply being a genuinely nice person she strongly chooses community over competition and this course proves her values haven’t changed. The wealth of knowledge she shares about creating landscapes, searching out details and chasing light is incredible and pure Jenny. She includes apps she uses to help plan outings. I’ve struggled to use some of these but her videos are so clear and concise I’m ready to go out and try them. You will have zero regrets spending $25 on this wonderful course!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughtful review, Kathy. <3 Community is everything to me and I'm so glad to hear that you were able to feel that in the materials! I look forwards to shooting together one day!

  27. This self paced landscape course is a bargain at $25! You receive 100 pages of inspiring images and information plus 10 videos. Jenny takes you through the gear you need, the different types of landscape photography, how to prepare for a landscape outing and shows you how she culls and edits her images. On top of that, she gives you some ideas to get creative in your landscape photography.
    I consider myself to be pretty experienced in landscape photography, yet I learned several new things in Jenny’s materials. Jenny’s materials will be a great starting point for anyone thinking of trying out landscape photography – maybe you need a different creative outlet, your kids are growing older and aren’t as interested as being in front of your lens, or you are heading on a trip somewhere in the mountains or to a beach.
    I was lucky enough to attend Jenny’s Saltwater Retreat a couple years ago and it was such a treat to revisit some of the locations in Jenny’s class videos. These videos are so well done and take you along to shoot with Jenny on location and then see how she chooses and edits her final images. They provide an excellent behind the scenes look at how she gets the shot.
    I’ve always admired Jenny’s photography and love following along on her adventures to the mountains or the seashore .
    You really cannot go wrong spending $25 on this workshop.

  28. Holy Moly! This course of Jennifer’s is Ah-mazing!!!! Landscape was the first thing that drew me in to photography and I slipped away from landscape when I started to have kids and focus more on family documentary. Going through this course reminded me why I initially started to love photography and now I feel the itch to get back more into landscape again!
    Jennifer’s work is absolutely stunning and it was really great to see her break down her preparation process all the way to how to process the images. She included all different types of landscape scenarios so the pdf is packed with very practical information on all these situations. Jennifer even included tutorials on how to use the important apps!! Definitely exceeded what I was expecting for the price of this course. We have a family trip coming up so I am definitely looking forward to putting the knowledge I gained in this course to use soon!

    1. Yay! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Amy! I’m so happy to hear that this reminded you of what you love about photography. I can’t wait to see what you shoot on your camping trip!

  29. This is a wonderful self-paced course! The PDF is beautiful & inspiring on it’s own, but add in her videos & it is something I’ll be referring back to for ages. I am a hobbyist photographer & have mainly photographed my family & our life. But we recently relocated to Europe & have started to do some travel…not to mention my kids are now pre-teens & not as amenable to my favorite hobby as they used to be. I was so excited to jump into landscape photography, but find it to be very (VERY) different from my portrait & lifestyle photography. Honestly, I have been a little disappointed with my efforts thus far, so when I saw this course I knew I had to have it. All the apps Jennifer recommends are a game changer. I’ve already spotted some things I will do differently for landscape. I’m currently doing online scouting for some local (Stuttgart, Germany) locations to go practice everything I’m learning in this course so that I’m more confident the next time we travel & I only get a limited time to capture the beautiful scenes we’re seeing.

    1. Oh, Amanda! I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see what images you create in your new home and your amazing European travels. Please be sure to tag me so I can see your shares. Thank you for joining me!

  30. Jennifer’s explorations have always inspired me. I was thrilled to see she was releasing a course! Jennifer has covered everything you need to dive into landscape photography! I have always wanted to learn how to use the Photo Pills app. Jennifer includes several videos on how to plan for an awesome landscape shoot and several tutorials on the different apps …even Photo Pills! You won’t regret purchasing this course!!!

  31. Michele Thompson

    When I found out Jennifer was doing a self-paced course on landscape photography. I couldn’t have been more excited. As a fan of Jennifer’s work, I was excited to learn from her. Her course is jam packed with so much information and beautiful imagery. Her videos of how and where she finds inspiration to shoot are so well done that it feels like you are walking through the scene with her. She even includes Apps she uses to plan each outing so that you know what to expect before leaving home or so you can plan for a specific date when conditions are favorable to shoot. With 11 videos included in this course you will learn what gear is necessary and how to choose a location with the best conditions to set your self up for success. She even shares tips on editing different scenes!!

    If you are interested in landscape photography or would like to learn how to make your landscape images stronger, this self-paced course is perfect for helping you take your images to the next level.

  32. I had the absolute pleasure of attending Jenny’s Salt Water Retreat a couple of years ago. When I saw she was going to have a self-paced course on landscapes, I couldn’t wait to get started. Jenny shares her start-to-finish approach for capturing beautiful landscapes. This class is packed with a great mix of technical and creative information, and newbies to landscape photography will find this a great launch pad. I’m a fairly experienced landscape photographer, and still learned new things, plus got a lot of ideas and inspiration. She shares details about her favorite gear and camera bag, what to think about in various weather conditions and different kinds of light, and planning for your shoot. Oh, and the pdf is is filled with her beautiful images. It is like looking through a book full of breathtaking and inspiring photos. Her detailed videos on how to use various photo apps are soooo helpful! I also love her practical and creative tips on photographing a wide range of different landscape subjects – seascapes, mountains, waterfalls, forests, astrophotography, long exposures, sunbursts… In videos, she also takes us out on photo shoots and talks through her thought process, which is the next best thing to being side-by-side with her. I am feeling so inspired, and recommend this class without hesitation!

  33. As soon as I saw Jennifer was releasing a breakout, I bought it preorder. Her work is stunning and knew she would share amazing tips and tricks to get the best out of our work. I’m half way through to course already, I love her video about chasing light….as a portrait photographer the light is so different for landscape. She gives tips on getting the beautiful colors in the sky and what time of day to achieve this, when you should shoot waterfalls. Lots of valuable information if your wanting to get into landscape photography. And for $25, what a steal!!

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! I’m so glad you found the light video helpful. It’s a different approach from portraiture for sure! And you probably recognized the location ;-)

  34. As a landscape and travel photographer myself, I have been anxiously awaiting Jennifer’s landscape class and it does not disappoint! I dove right in once they course opened and binged everything. Jennifer covers soooo many essentials – from the basics to more advanced techniques. She also provides resources for so many incredibly helpful apps that I didn’t even know existed! Even if you have never photographed a landscape before, I highly recommend this class. Enroll now. You won’t regret it!

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