The Instagram Guide

with Meg Loeks

Grow your account the right way with Instagram expert Meg Loeks!


Learn how to organically grow your Instagram reach with Meg Loeks!

  • The tools you need to understand your audience
  • Ways to assess your engagement and use that knowledge to drive future engagement
  • Meg's insights, tips, and tricks after years of research into social platforms (while growing her own audience!)
  • Strategies to create posts, reels and more with the greatest possible reach
This course is for you if...
  1. You're putting time and energy into Instagram, but you still aren't growing (and it's frustrating!)
  2. You're not into buying followers, and you're trying to grow your Instagram account the right way...without being shadowbanned
  3. You really want to hear from someone who is actually driving consistent engagement with her content (posts and reels!)
  4. You'd love to see how Meg gets that picture-perfect grid, including a peek at her editing and resizing methods (she includes two bonus editing videos!)

Learn on any device! All class content is organized into simple steps as part of a clear, self-guided pathway inside your private online classroom.


Read through Meg's answers to questions asked during the launch event (now concluded) and watch her Q&A video!


You'll check off each interactive step as you go, from watching the videos to engaging in discussions with your instructor and fellow students.


All class materials are yours to download and keep.


The Instagram Guide
  • Instagram Goals
  • Discovering & Developing a Voice
  • Consistency
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Engagement
  • How to Handle the Negative
  • Recommended Avoids
  • Time Management
Instructional Videos
  • Introduction
  • How To Create A Reel
  • Protecting Your Account
  • Resizing for Instagram
  • Time Management
  • Instagram Privacy Video
  • 2 Bonus Editing videos

you’ll be able to maximize your Instagram engagement and really start growing your following


about your presenter

Meg Loeks lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her husband and four young children. She is a children’s fine art and portrait photographer whose work centers around nostalgia. In-between photographing her family, she teaches several online and in-person domestic and international workshops. Meg is a mentor through Click Community, instructor through Click Photo School, a SIGMA Ambassador and Profoto Legend of Light. She is also a volunteer photographer for The Gold Hope Project, a nonprofit organization which gifts families battling pediatric cancer a free photo session.

Meg has cultivated an authentic, enthusiastic following of more than 300K on Instagram. You can see more from Meg and her work by following her account @meg_nlo.

132 thoughts on “The Instagram Guide”

  1. This course is EXACTLY what I needed! IG was something I never put a lot of effort into until this past year when I saw the personal marketing benefit of the platform. Incredible opportunity to learn from Meg, who has been highly successful building an IG audience naturally and authentically. Her practical tips and tricks will lead me to use the platform more intentionally moving forward. Thank you Meg for sharing so much with us!!

  2. I have loved all of Meg’s courses throughout the years, and she always gives it all, holding nothing back. This course is no exception! It’s so wonderful to learn her strategies for growing your Instagram following and taking it to the next level. I can’t wait to put some of this expertise into practice!

  3. Meg’s class is the balm for your Instagram woes! She breaks it all down and helps you figure out how to make this platform work for your unique needs. When I take a class as chock-full of information as this class is, it always takes me a few go-rounds of reading, watching videos, and trying out tips and tricks, to feel like I’m getting the hang of things. I appreciate how thorough Meg is and how clearly she organizes her material. This class leaves no stone unturned. From boosting engagement, to hashtags, algorithms and privacy settings, Meg covers it all! She even includes a two bonus editing videos, and if you’ve never seen Meg edit, you are in for a treat. Pure magic! I highly recommend this class.

  4. Meg is always so generous with sharing her expertise in all things photography and social media. I’ve enjoyed many of her courses in the past, and this course is another fantastic course. She breaks everything down and simplifies how to get the most out of your Instagram. Highly recommend if you want to take your engagement to the next level!

  5. Meg is the absolute best! She explains things so clearly and is so informative. I came away with immediate tips to try and ways to make my IG workflow work better for me. I highly recommend,this course.

  6. Meg is one of the best teachers out here! And this course just proves that even more. It is jam packed with helpful information. I especially liked the section on Reels because I honestly have zero idea what I’m doing in that arena. She includes helpful tips to ensure maximum reach. Thank you for once again going above and beyond, Meg!

  7. Thank you from Germany! :-) I really love your style and kind of images. It always remind me of a fairytale farmlife. I’m very happy with your course and gained much information of how to interact wisely with my own (business) account. And the best: important information in short videos. I like that very much because long videos aren’t easy to ingerate and listen to. Dankeschön ;-)

  8. Meg is just an incredible artist and teacher. Everything is always explained simply in how to do it, and just as important, why she does things. This is the 3rd course I have done with Meg and it does not disappoint. Thank you again Meg for a very enjoyable course full of useful information that you can put to good use!

  9. She did it again! :-) Such good content, Meg. I just love the way you explain things and make them seem so easy. Just sign me up for any course you ever put out there. Once I finish one of your courses, I ALWAYS have the feeling that it was worth the buck, and this course is no exception. Thank you!

  10. At the beginning of this year, I discovered Meg’s IG account. I fell in love with her style of photography. I took her editing course, I learned so much. When the IG course appeared, I didn’t hesitate. Meg is so inspiring. The course is full of useful information. Everything is explained beautifully and clearly. I understand everything, even if I’m not a native speaker. I really appreciated the bonus editing videos. I highly recommend taking this course! Thank you Meg!

  11. I love this instagram course by Meg. It’s full of important information, organized very well. She covers how to find your voice in instagram, strategies around engagement, hashtags and when to post. I highly recommend this amazing course!!

  12. Once again I am very pleased that I decided to jump into a class with Meg! As always this class is so full of helpful information and presented in a simple easy to understand way. I really love all her insightful information , including Apps that I have never used before. If you get frustrated with IG and would like a better way to navigate you should definitely take this course!

  13. The Instagram Guide is packed with insightful information and beautiful pictures! The course is easy to follow and I love that I can keep going back to review it. Thank you, Meg, for sharing your insight and tips!

  14. This course offers such fantastic advice for anyone who is like me, scatterbrained and wanting to try EVERYTHING all at once to improve their following. In this guide, Meg pinpoints the MOST important steps you need to take to create a simple, focused plan moving forward with Instagram. Once again, Meg has helped me to really zone in on what I want to accomplish and to feel like what I’m doing is really, truly enough. Thank you, Meg!

  15. Ok, so to have someone at this level in photography that is willing to share any type of knowledge is amazing!
    I wasn’t really sure what I’d learn off of this course but wow was I surprised! Instagram can be very intimidating, at least it is for me but Meg really helps to breathe it out and understand the platform. I have to thank Meg for sharing all that she does!
    This is a definite MUST.

  16. I have a love hate relationship with Instagram, as I know a lot of us do. I want to use the platform well and have it work to my advantage and not be a source of stress and frustration. This guide 100% helps with that! Meg packs a lot of useful information and tips for those of us who feel more “experienced” with the platform but also basic information for those who might feel a bit lost. It also serves a refresher for those of us who have not kept up as closely with so many recent changes. High quality, no fluff material. I highly recommend it!

  17. I really enjoyed going through this guide! Meg has a mindful and compassionate approach to something that could otherwise feel a little contrived (and daunting): growing your Instagram audience. I love that she stresses that one-size-does-not-fit-all. Just reading through the first couple pages, I felt compelled to grab my notepad and start taking notes. Lots of great suggestions, told simply, and with beautiful photos to accompany! I feel confident about applying some of these practices to my own account immediately!

  18. While I love photography, I hate figuring out instagram and struggle with that aspect. Meg’s course was amazing and I found it super helpful. She breaks down her workflow, what to focus on and what she ignores and basically made the whole thing feel much more manageable for me. I feel inspired to post a little more on IG and enjoyed going through her breakout. Her work is gorgeous and editing videos alone are worth getting this breakout for!

  19. While I love photography, I hate figuring out instagram and struggle with that aspect. Meg’s course was amazing and I found it super helpful. She breaks down her workflow, what to focus on and what she ignores and basically made the whole thing feel much more manageable for me. I feel inspired to post a little more on IG and enjoyed going through her breakout. Her work is gorgeous and editing videos alone are worth getting this course for!

  20. Absolutely loved the course. I loved how Meg takes every aspect of IG and questions we might have and explains the pros and cons. Really a wonderful course to take to find answers to all the questions you might have on Instagram.

  21. It was a good guide with plenty of information and I loved the bonus editing videos at the end.
    I will most likely have to revisit the notes a few times to really take in all the content.
    Highly recommended

  22. Had so much fun going through this IG guide! There is just so much to learn from Meg and she is always the kindest in giving advice and teaching others! In this guide she isn’t telling you how to become like her, but how to find your own voice, how to listen to your own audience and how to grow your own community on IG. Oh and so much more, tips on privacy & security, using hashtags and different kind of posts, how to spend your IG wisely, how to stay consistent, how the algorithm works, how to be more engaged etc., Just ALL the important things :-D

  23. I’ve done several ‘how to grow on Instagram’ courses before and none of them have been quite so friendly, intuitive and well thought out as this one. Meg, thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights with us – I’m more than a little bit in awe of you.
    I think I already do most of what she suggests in the course but the extra details, hints and tips she includes will be the difference that makes the difference I think, enabling me to really focus on those areas that will help me grow in the way I want to – authentically, honestly and with connection – exactly what this course is all about.
    10/10 recommend :)

  24. Like everything Meg does, this is gold. In the course, Meg makes Instagram approachable and not as intimidating. My favorite thing about taking classes and learning from her is that she is not only great at presenting the material, but she is an open book! She is honest and so giving with her teachings. This is no different! I am ready to tackle Instagram and squeeze its abilities to the max-with time of course! Everyone navigating the social media world should take this. I now have a set goal and I know how to achieve it! Thank you Meg, you’re a treasure to this community my friend.

  25. Instagram has always been a total mystery to me, but this informative course has given me hope that I can still make Instagram work for me!! Meg is a fabulous teacher and I enjoyed this class so much. Thanks, Meg!

  26. I have been a follower of Meg’s for years. I adore her work and learned so much from her Mastering Manuel Exposure Course. I still refer back to her videos and guides and I took that course almost three years ago. I jumped at the chance for her guide because her Instagram feed is flawless. It has consistently kept up with seasonal flow in the colors as well as her posts that she annually does with her kids. Weather it’s the remakes of the Rockwell prints or her mailbox images. I love that she has hashtags for them so you can see them all together as well as the new tag with the guides. It’s so easy to flow through her page. I am hoping with this guide I can start to find myself going towards a more consistent theme. Thank you for this Meg!

  27. As a former student of Meg’s other workshops, I jumped at the chance to learn from her again! Her encouraging and detailed teaching style mixed with her wealth of Instagram knowledge make this breakout a steal for $25. Regardless of your reasons for being on Instagram, this guide will help you to understand how to make progress on your goals.

  28. I highly recommend this course for any photographer wanting to grow their understanding of the business side of Instagram! This course contained so much great material that I was able to put into practice right away! And for $25, it is a steal of a deal! Thank you Meg!

  29. I am enjoying this breakout as much as Ultimate guide to photo editing from Meg. She always surprise you with so much information, and goes beyond to help answering all your questions. I always felt insecure posting on Instagram, but this breakout definitely made me feel more secure about it. I am not a big Instagram person, and this breakout has proven to me that this is a key change to anyone who is on Instagram.

  30. The Instagram Guide is so useful! I love all the easy to understand information Meg has shared. I liked the security features a lot since it doesn’t seem many people share how to set that up. I highly recommend taking this cours!

    Thank you so much Meg!

  31. The effect of this course is that I started to know myself and my intentions of using Instagram better. It’s become something like a little balcony garden that I’d like to nurture and grow! Thank you Meg! I’ve pre-ordered this course even though I had no intention of growing my Instagram account LOL: I call this the “Meg Effect!” I loved her beautiful ebook that is simply a joy to read! It’s so beautiful that you didn’t realize you are actually learning while reading it! The videos are all so well made as well and packed with useful information. Well done Meg! You are such a talented person on everything you do! And I can tell that you actually do them with your heart!

  32. There are only few photographers as inspiring as Meg is. I loved every course I purchased (this is – I believe – number 4) and in every single one I find tones of useful information. I found managing Instagram so draining, even stopped using it for a while. Meg’s course helped me to understand it better and fall in love with IG again. Thank you so much!

  33. It is a simple and intuitive course that can be used by anyone, not only to try to grow organically but also to understand the application and be able to manage our time intelligently and not waste time uselessly.

  34. Meg is extremely talented in photography, teaching and advertising! She is truly an expert in all areas that she teaches and I am thankful that she chooses to share her vast knowledge with others in the photography community! This Instagram guide provides so much great insight and content that you can implement in growing your audience and ways to maximize your reach. This covers so much including your vision, goals and time management which have been so very helpful. Check this guide out you will be grateful that you did! Thank you, Meg!

  35. Like all Meg’s classes, the instagram guide is so helpful, inspiring, and full of content. I’ve been taking all Meg’s classes so far, and I can say that my photography improved so much starting by the use of colors, and composition. Her instagram page is my everyday inspiration, and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to read about what’s behind, and to know her insights, tricks, and tips. Thank you Meg.

  36. This is my second class with Meg and I can’t recommend her enough. Her material is always excellent and easy to follow along with. I decided to take the Instagram guide as I just started out with the gram back in March. I have learned so many new things that I didn’t know before. From ways to naturally increased engagement to things, you should avoid. I can’t recommend this guide enough.

  37. Instagram has always been so overwhelming and mix in the ever changing algorithms and new features and you have a system that is hard to break through! In this course Meg has broken everything down and provided with bite size chunks of information that is so easy to understand and implement. I love the part where Meg goes into Time Management! She explains her process and provides insights into how to effectively use Instagram without getting sucked into this social media platform day in and out! Her take on Engagement is also very thorough and insightful. I will using all the tips and tricks I have learned her! Highly recommend this course to anyone looking into managing and growing their Instagram .

  38. I have loved every course I have taken from Meg and I think I have taken almost every single one she’s released. I love that the information in this course is informative, well researched, but also balanced with a positive approach to the app. Meg is honest about the things that she does and doesn’t do and she isn’t gimmicky at all with her information. It is a perfect blend of motivating and reminder to have our own boundaries. Thank you so much for this course!

  39. My hesitancy to purchase anything IG related is that you hear all the time that the keys to IG are consistency, engagement and reels. What to do if you’re maxed out there and/or not interested in Reels? Have no fear, Meg is here! And she surpasses expectations in this course. There is apparently so much more to do and think about than just the things we always hear on IG. Without giving anything away, right from the first pages, there is thought provoking material that is helpful and engaging. This information is not just limited to IG, but helps with development of a personal style and goals, which ultimately help with IG.. I highly recommend this course because you will definitely find things that are useful in it and be glad you did it!

  40. This course was so helpful, Meg! I didn’t know if it would be “for me”- I don’t necessarily feel the need to grow my IG, and I don’t feel like my account really fits into any one category- photography? Motherhood? Slow living? Parenting? Outdoor adventures? It’s a mix and I like it that way. But, I found SO much value on security, on time blocking and boundaries, on engaging with others in a more thoughtful way- I’ve enjoyed my account more in the past few days than the last several months. And the extra editing content!! I learn so much every time I watch Meg go through an edit. She’s an incredible teacher. I’ve done all of her breakouts and classes and I just admire her so much as a photographer and as a person who goes the second mile- she always gives well beyond what’s anticipated and somehow balances it all while doing the same for her family.

  41. Carolina Passerini

    Meg is just incredible!!! Always feel inspired by her! Don’t miss the chance to learn from an extraordinary photographer and teacher like Meg!! You’re gonna learn so much info from this awesome course that’s is gonna change totally your ig account and your life!! Highly reccomend the course!

  42. Meg is just incredible!!! Always feel inspired by her! Don’t miss the chance to learn from an extraordinary photographer and teacher like Meg!! You’re gonna learn so much info from this awesome course that’s is gonna change totally your ig account and your life!! Highly reccomend the course!

  43. This course has so much incredible information and insight into the confusing world that is Instagram. The content is tried and true by Meg herself so you know that it is good information and there are great strategies you can implement right away. I definitely recommend it even if you are an experienced IG user as Meg shed light on new tools like reels as well as normal engagement and other topics. Thanks so much for this!

  44. Last but not least ;-) Meg’s courses are always packed with all information you need and more, and more. I never was disappointed with any of her lessons, workshop neither tutorials. And it’s the same this time, with The Instagram Guide course. Highly recommended! It’s worth every penny and every second of your life :)

  45. Any chance you have to learn from a truly amazing educator like Meg should not be passed up, especially at an investment of only $25! This self-paced course is full of incredible insight and worth every cent!

  46. I’ve only just begun, and cannot believe this course is only $25.I am blown away with the depth in which Meg takes us on the journey of marketing ourselves on Instagram. I know I will be well prepared to not only run my business better, but help others as well.

  47. Loving this course by Meg! Like all of her courses she presents information in a concise and easy to understand format. She is so generous and genuine in sharing her knowledge or the photography and Instagram world! I would highly recommend anything she teaches!

  48. Even though I had promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more Click Photo School until I had finished the ones I already purchased, I couldn’t resist this new workshop by Meg Loeks when it launched! And I am happy I did! :-) Full of essential information, well delivered, as always. Highly recommend!

  49. I have taken two other courses from Meg, and like those, this one hits all the marks! She really takes the time to walk you through each step. Her videos are absolutely amazing, and she covers so much detail! I feel as if a friend is teaching me all these great insider tips. Meg truly cares about her students and she is a natural teacher. This guide is worth so much more than its price tag. It’s a unique and valuable resource, full of timely information, and will leave you feeling so much more confident as you navigate the Instagram world. Thank you Meg, for your consistently high-quality content!

  50. Finally a class on Instagram!! I knew right away this will be great! We all struggle with social media and many of us have a love and hate relationship with it. Meg breaks it down for us-the good and the bad. How to stay focused, what to ignore and in turn understand it more. This course is packed with great info. Don’t hesitate!

  51. I’ve always loved following Meg’s Instagram account so when I saw this guide I had to jump on it. Meg provides so much valuable information in this. I haven’t worked my way through the whole thing yet, but what I’ve done has been so helpful! I’m really looking forward to implementing what I learned to grow my account!

  52. I’m so happy I’ve decided to get this course.
    This course is honest and open just like her other courses I’ve taken with Meg.
    I’m a hobbyist photographer and I’ve been so scared to post anything on Instagram. Meg break down everything in a way super easy to understand.
    I highly recommend this course…you won’t regret it .
    Thanks Meg!!

  53. I learned something very helpful on even the first chapter! Meg very openly and honestly explains what has helped her with her Instagram account. I particularly enjoyed the section on time management as I have definitely wondered what her schedule is to juggle all that she does! A great course from a huge source of inspiration to me :

  54. Thank you Meg for another amazing course. Your Instagram account is always so beautiful and inspiring. Meg’s Instagram guide is filled with so much insight and valuable tips. Meg breaks everything down into an easy to follow guide, which is great for a person who is technologically challenged, like myself…but even if your not, you’ll still find a lot of great information to develop and build a beautiful cohesive Instagram account.

  55. I highly recommend this course! Meg shares so much wonderful and useful information about IG. Right from the first few pages, I was learning so much about insights, security, handling negative feedback and so much more. My IG confidence has certainly gone up. Thanks for this wonderful course, Meg!

  56. As a “hobby” photographer with a slant towards travel and landscape photography, I’ve really been struggling to grow my IG account. I love Meg’s work, and the authenticity she brings to her account. I’m learning so much! Meg’s classes are always the best, and this is no exception.

  57. Highly recommend this course for any photographer wanting to understand the ins and outs of Instagram! Meg dives into reels, creating consistency in your feed and the course is packed full with such amazing tips on how to grow your account. I was also pleasantly surprised by the two bonus editing videos! I learned how to edit skies in a whole new way! Thank you Meg for pouring so much love and knowledge into this course!

  58. This is such an amazing course! It is full of information, details and awesome tips that I didn’t know about and which I am starting to apply on my IG. Meg is the Instagram rock star, and I am so happy to be learning from one of the best. If you feel kind of lost, confused or even that you still have things to know about Instagram, just buy this course without hesitation. 100% recommended.

  59. I am enjoying this course as much as previous ones from same author. I like her practical and no-nonsense approach, and some of the little clues and tricks she’s giving us I am already putting into practise. Thank you Meg!

  60. As a hobbyist photographer I primarily use Instagram for the fun of it, posting some of my favorite images. I honestly haven’t thought too much about engagement, but Meg’s course has opened my eyes to what I’m missing. She has layered in so much useful information whether you are solely interested in posting photos or have curiosity about creating Reels. In addition are her bonus editing videos which I found absolutely fascinating! I’ve admired Meg’s work for years so to see her editing in action was a treat. If you love Instagram and want to learn the ins and outs, both personally or professionally, this is the course for you.

  61. Oh, my gosh, I needed this ‘Gram information! And who better to learn from than one of the queens of IG, Meg Loeks herself. A few of the many, many takeaways? 1) I’ve been making the process of posting on IG too hard (no more resizing!), being organized helps you from being overwhelmed 2) time management keeps you from getting sucked down the black hole (albeit sometimes a beautiful black hole) of social media and A LOT more. Do I recommend? Whole-heartedly!

  62. I am in love with Meg’s work on Instagram, every photo she posts is an inspiration for me and challenges me to create true memories with my children in my own (always-evolving) style. However not many artists have achieved such a successful IG account as she has, and this was always a mystery to me: through her account she had impacted people and me personally in the way I grow as a photographer.
    Before purchasing this course, I knew the basics of IG and I’ve always been curious to know more, but in an organic approach, and not being consumed with my time social media. When Meg advertised for this new course, I didn’t hesitate, I was curious to know more. Her approach in this course is again 100% candid and genuine, she shows us how she grew her account, she speaks her truth very simply and naturally. I have read more than 80% of the course for now, it’s easy to just study it 5-10 minutes at a time, which is always a plus as a working mom with 2 toddlers :-). I’ve already learnt so much new tips/tricks in the last few days, which will definitely impact my relationship with IG ;-).
    Thank you for your work, Meg! ❤️

  63. Such a great course Meg! It goes into so much detail about IG that I personally had not explored or thought about much till now. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts, research, and some amazing tips!

  64. Meg is the perfect person to create this instagram course! It’s incredibly valuable to gain insight into her personal experience, tips and research. She’s made me feel excited about my use of instagram now and I fee like I have a clear vision of my goals and purpose when it comes to sharing on that platform. Thank you, Meg!

  65. I started my photography journey by taking Mastering Manual Exposure with Meg so I could start taking better pictures for my Instagram, I had no clue she would be launching an Instagram guide and of course I had to take it. I know how well explained Meg’s materials are and how fun it is to learn from someone I admire so much. To know more about how she edits her photos, understanding more about algorithms etc, will help me so much to start creating my own content. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone starting their business and want to improve their reach on IG.

  66. I am loving this course, Meg! You are covering topics that I didn’t even know I needed to know, but will be very helpful moving me forward! I am really getting a lot out of the Q&A Event and learning even more from the questions/answers contained there! I have been using Instagram for awhile, but my IG feed leaves a lot to be desired, until now! You’ve helped clarify a big “hangup” I had in relation to posting personal/passion projects/business. I am feeling more confident to make changes to my IG and start enjoying it! Thank you!

  67. I’ve always admired Meg’s Instagram page. Her artistic and journalistic approach is so timeless and beautiful. It’s what I strive to do for my children, but have always had trouble with posting and keeping it consistent. I’ve tried to look up information about algorithms and hashtags in the past, but have gotten so overwhelmed. So when I saw that Meg was offering this course I was so excited. The course was everything that I was hoping to learn and more! Meg truly has a way of making things so easy to understand. Thank you Meg!

  68. This course is jam-packed with information; I haven’t finished going through the materials yet but am already coming away with so many tips/tricks and things to consider and implement. The breadth of information is extensive too. Meg includes tidbits about apps, your style/voice, etc that help with much more than just your Instagram page. Meg is a wonderful teacher, and presents information in a digestible, clear way. I know I will be coming back to these course materials time and time again. This course is definitely worth the investment!

  69. Meg is such an inspiration! Her photos are magic and her spirit is so sweet! She has so much insight and I am so blessed to be able to learn from one of the best!

  70. I’ve been eager to dive into Meg’s Instagram Guide since preordering and finally got to dedicate some time to it today. I learned so much and will definitely be returning back to it regularly. It’s packed with actionable steps, inspiration (as always with Meg’s work) and some deep introspection topics to ponder. Even though there is tons of information, it’s very accessible and adaptable to my own use of Instagram both personal and business wise. The tips about the insights tool were super practical and easy to do right in the moment with instant improvement. There are also deeper, more in-depth tips like the editing videos, time blocking and reflecting on my own purpose for engagement that I’ll need to take more time to dive into and practice. I’m sure that work will have the biggest impact on my IG feed. I had reached a plateau with how I approached IG and this guide has reignited that creative spark again PLUS it’s steal for how much that will impact my business and my work/life balance. Thank you so much, Meg!

  71. Great course Meg, thank you. I always appreciate it when you can get right into the head of an artist, and for me Meg is incredibly authentic and so open minded about photographers of all stages. As someone who constantly wants to learn and continually trying to stay true to my own voice and vision, listening and reading the content in this course just reminds me that we are all on a different journey but we are all growing regardless. Genuinely surprised how much content and great information there is on this course, and as someone who gets super busy and easily distracted I found it easy enough to follow and enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to get more serious with Instagram, or just anyone who follows Meg and her work as she is just a genuinely lovely person with a wealth of knowledge that is defintely worth investing in. Thanks again!

  72. Meg Loek’s is a brilliant photographer and master of all things Instagram. When I learned that she was releasing The Instagram Guide, a self-paced course at The Click Photo School, I did not hesitate to sign up. The guide is packed full of information that Meg has acquired from personal experience as well as her own research. Each and every page has important and usable nuggets of information that can be directly applied to anyone’s use of this popular social media app. Meg’s easy going style and clear explanations immediately made me feel more confident to get back out there and make Instagram work for me! Thank you for creating this guide Meg!

  73. This is my 3rd class with Meg. Meg is an excellent instructor. Her content is always very informative and clear. This Instagram Guide totally saved me a lot of time in researching the best tactic to grow my instagram. Meg shared all her experience and thoughts on her own account! I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to grow their Instagram.

  74. Social Media is seriously so frustrating for me… Im forever feeling like the ‘old lady showing up to the party’- I cant keep up with trends or the algorithms, and with 4 kids, living overseas Military, I try to live a pretty Present//In the Moment lifestyle- Our Season took a shift this year where my once Home-School Crew has all returned to Brick and Mortar and Im left with an empty Nest- Well, during the day… This has me diving back into photography more, my little online shop more, ME more. This course couldnt have come at a better time… The tips and tricks are of course on point, but its the little bits where Meg talks about ‘Blocking Time’ and understanding your audience that really stuck with me! I feel like moving forward I can feel more comfortable letting my style naturally grow, and by utilizing some of what she teaches in this course, actually figure out how the platform will work for me! Thank you Meg… -xoxo

  75. Meg is such a talented teacher and her Instagram Guide is well worth it! It’s packed with so much information with so many take aways! She’s done an amazing amount of research and shares all her tips and insights. I really enjoyed learning more about Reels and also how she manages her Instagram time with other work and family time. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is using Instagram for personal or business with their photography!

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