FUNdamentals of Photoshop

3 WEEK Small Group Workshop
Get to know Photoshop and boost your editing skills in just 3 weeks with this fun, exercise-driven workshop.

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Setting Yourself Up for Success

Let's get you settled in before class begins! The pre-lesson covers setting up your workspace, an overview of Photoshop, and a handy troubleshooting guide.

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Week 01

Layers, Layer Masks, and Raw Editing

This week covers basic edits in Adobe Camera Raw – and why that’s so important. We also explore different types of layers, what masking is, and which tools are most helpful for editing.

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Week 02

Powerful, Easy Adjustments

Explore adjustment layers and the many ways you can use them to change the look and style of your photos.

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Week 03

Putting it All Together

To wrap up, you'll discover how to stack multiple layers and use all of the techniques you've gained over the three weeks to create amazing edits from beginning to end.

23 thoughts on “FUNdamentals of Photoshop”

  1. Hello,
    Any idea on when the next run of this course might be? I’m considering taking the Unlocking the Magic of photoshop course but not sure I’m ready for that level yet.

    1. Hi Katie! Sorry for the delay I was hoping to hear when it might run again, but the date hasn’t been determined yet. I would think before the end of the year or the beginning of next year, but that’s my best guess. I can post some thoughts I have regarding Fundamentals versus UMP below if that helps:

      FUNdamentals of Photoshop concentrates more on a workflow from raw processing in Adobe Camera Raw (although I’m using ACR in the course all the same things can be done in Lightroom Classic if you use LR, and really I’m a LR user outside of teaching so I can assist with either raw program) to finished full edits in Photoshop.  Unlocking the Magic of Photoshop concentrates on fun extras you can use Photoshop for like advanced cloning, retouching, color manipulation and toning, swapping skies, adding textures for depth, blur filters, etc.  They aren’t things necessary in every edit but the techniques taught can really elevate an image from good to amazing.

      Fundamentals is a good course to take before UMP if you really want to know more about what to process in RAW editing first, how to use the newish masking tools in ACR/LR, go in depth with masking and layers, go in depth with some of the most useful adjustment layers for Photoshop like curves in.   I show how to use curves for example for exposure, contrast, and color, same for Levels., And then in week 3 we stack the adjustment layers for full edits.  

      UMP is great for a few types of photographers.  You already edit in Photoshop with the basics but want to do more extra stuff beyond workflow for that extra wow factor.  Or for photographers that are going to primarily edit in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw and only want to go into PS to do things a raw editor can’t do well like advanced cloning, sky swapping etc.  Most of UMP’s material are things that either can’t be done in LR/ACR or can’t be done as easily or with as many options.

      With both classes I’m highly involved and provide daily feedback to anyone that posts in the daily threads and q&a.
      I have had lots of people take ump with no prior pS experience and do well. The biggest thing that helps is to practice and post if you take it fp and generally I recommend taking it fp so you can ask questions. The amount of material is much greater in ump than fundamentals. Fundamentals while still a decent amount of material eases you into pS more and goes over layers and masking more in depth than ump. Ump covers layers in masks in the Preassignment versus week 1 though it’s constantly reinforced throughout the class. There’s pro and cons to doing both. Pros:

      it’s a better foundation with no gaps of knowledge in pS.

      It’s easier and a bit less overwhelming to take fundamentals before ump as ump is definitely more intense.


      More expensive to do both

      If you want to just use PS for things LR doesn’t do well or things you can’t do in LR then some of the material in fundamentals would be redundant to LR.

      I hope that helps in your decision making!


      1. Thank you so very much for that super detailed explanation. I actually did sign up for the magic of photoshop course. I am still super interested in taking the fundamentals one when it becomes available. I hope it runs again before the end of the year!!! Very interested in taking it. :)

        Thank you again!!!

  2. If you want artistic control of your images, this course is the foundation you need! I’ve tried learning Photoshop on you tube and on various forums but always hit a wall somewhere. I’m more artistic than technically inclined so kind of gave up but then I read all the reviews on this class and decided to give it a go.
    This class is structured so brilliantly, all components simplified and built up to make learning photoshop possible for everyone. Mickie critiqued all my work so clearly and went beyond the course content to help me learn how to achieve some of my artistic goals. An absolute worthwhile learning experience!

  3. I really loved this course and grew tremendously. I was pretty much a green horn when I started this class, and I’m not going to lie, it was intense for me. I had ventured into Photoshop before but only under close supervision. I knew I needed to take it full participation, because I knew I would have questions. Mickie patiently answered every one of them. I never felt I couldn’t ask, and I’m sure some of my questions were very elementary. She really helped me get in and get dirty: the daily practice was essential discipline for me, and Mickie is so generous with her critiques. She has a trained eye for color, something I struggle with, but am much better at now. I feel like I understand basic masking and now feel confident enough to fool around in areas of photoshop that were not covered in the course. I intend to take her other class, Unlocking the Magic of Photoshop as well.
    If you’re a PS novice like me, this is an especially good place to start.

  4. Madeleine Tringali

    This was a great workshop! Photoshop has always challenged me, but with Mickie’s detailed and comprehensive video demonstrations, pdfs, critiques, daily interaction, and video reviews I finally understand Photoshop enough to feel confident in experimenting with the tools, layers, and techniques to achieve my vision for an image. Daily practice and Mickie’s thorough and encouraging feedback were essential to increasing my understanding. I feel like I’ve found a tool missing from my photographic toolbox and am looking forward to using and ENJOYING Photoshop! If you’re looking to improve your skills and understanding of Photoshop, this is the course to take!

  5. I have had this course on my bucket list for so long! I finally ripped the bandaid and registered. I say I ripped the bandaid because I had a lot of apprehension about learning PS. I am in my mid-50s and have been solely a Lightroom user for the past decade or so. I knew I needed to up my game and learn PS, because although Lightroom has evolved tremendously during the past decade I have been using it, there were still some editing tools that I was lacking. But truth be told, I was nervous to try! It’s true that it can be hard to teach an old dog new tricks. But with the compassionate and knowledgable instructor, Mickie DeVries, by my side, I was able to learn PS in a few short weeks. Mickie makes learning PS fun and painless. I am excited to start applying the PS tools to my images to take my work to the next level. And I am looking forward to taking Mickie’s other PS class, Unlocking the Magic of Photoshop, in the future, as well. Thanks Mickie for offering this awesome course!

  6. AH! I truly adore Mickie. She is an incredibly thorough teacher who is there for you throughout the entire course. Her lessons and videos are clear and concise. I found this course easy to navigate because of Mickie’s teachings and availability. I have learned a great deal already as I came to this course to get back into the PS saddle. I look forward to taking more courses with Mickie. If you are wanting that extra push towards PS or need a refresher this course is exactly that, with the extra knowledge and passion of Mickie to steer you along without fear.

  7. Before this course, I was a total newbie to Photoshop and always found it a bit intimidating. Mickie shares her knowledge in such a methodical way, breaking down the application of each tool, so that’s easy to digest. There’s a ton of content, especially in the first week, and WOW did I see my grasp on the basics of Photoshop evolve quickly! The ability to upload photos daily for feedback is invaluable. Mickie was so kind and encouraging in her feedback and answers any and all of your questions, even if they go beyond the course content. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to hone their Photoshop skills or jump in for the first time!

  8. I really loved this course! This course has really helped me to understand PS better, and has helped me to hone in on a good work flow. This course is for you if you are wondering about the adjustment layers in photoshop and how best to utilize them, as well as how to use LR or Camera Raw in conjunction with Photoshop. Mickie’s written material is so clearly written, and she has videos for every aspect of Photoshop that she teaches. Her videos are so, so, so helpful!
    I have taken other editing classes, but this is the only one that feels like money well spent. I think the most valuable aspect is how much effort Mickie puts in to responding to the daily practice images. I could submit images where I felt stuck, and she helped me figure out how to move forward. I could submit images I was pretty happy with, and with a few small tweaks she showed me how I could bring it to the next level. If I went too far in my editing, she was able to point out where I could pull the edit back a bit. I has all helped me to feel more confident in my edits, and I’m so grateful!

  9. Mickey’s class has been life changing! Have you ever been trying to figure out the secret to how photographs make their photos pop? It is photoshop! It took some convincing for me because I found Lightroom so easy and I was happy with my edits. I had taken this class, because I wanted to learn masking so I could take the advance course for overlays and advanced cloning. Well, I walked away with now being a forever photoshop user. She shows you how to start off in Adobe Raw or LR and then make those changes in photoshop to give you that wow effect. She does a fantastic job teaching the material. Photoshop is overwhelming, and I came into the class with a basic knowledge and was even worried that I would be learning things I already knew. That was not the case and learning mask and layers is incredibly hard and Mickey does a phenomenal job breaking it down and making sure you understand it between reading, watching videos and answering questions in the daily practice thread. The last week she creates videos showing you her editing process and everything you learn ties together. She makes it impossible not to understand. She writes out all the material and then explains it again in a video. She also gives detailed reviews of all the pictures posted in practice shares. She creates videos for you to see how to edit a picture when it’s easier for her to explain. I love how I could ask her tons of questions with her being more than happy to answer them and not feeling like I was annoying her. She even made a video and answered a ton of questions I had about Lightroom. Take this class and if you think you have a good basic understanding of photoshop, chances are you will learn a ton more. I would not try to skip right ahead to Unlocking the magic of photoshop. I thought about it and SO glad I did not. Thank you Mickey for such a wonderful class!!!

  10. This class is just the thing for photographers who are brand new to Photoshop. Mickie does an amazing job of explaining the basics of this beast of a program. It is the perfect tie-in to her Magic of Photoshop. I highly recommend both classes!

  11. Mickie has such a beautifully clear manner of providing an introductory Photoshop program for photographers.
    Now that I’ve taken this class I’m no longer intimidated by the program! Thank you Mickie!

  12. I really recommend this course for anyone looking into breaking the barriers and stepping into the overwhelming world of Photoshop! This is am amazing class with all the information and videos, starting with learning all the new tools from LR/ACR and transition to PS, to getting comfortable with mainly used PS tools! Micke is an extraordinarily instructor, she teaches with such ease and support that makes photoshop “not so intimidating” after all ! Her time spent behind this course, all the feedbacks, and encouragement she gives are commendable! The timing for this two week course is perfect, makes it more manageable and reasonable to commit, however it comes with jam packed information to learn and grow! I used to use only LR before this class and knew nothing about PS, glad I took this class!

  13. I highly recommend this course! In two shorts weeks I’ve become confident with Photoshop basics: layers, masking, basic cloning, adjustment layers most helpful for photography, even saving files and workflow between Lightroom and Photoshop. Mickie is so generous with her knowledge and her time. There is a tremendous amount of information, all laid out in easy to follow text and videos. In addition to the two weekly assignments, there is an optional daily practice thread where you can get feedback on your edits every single day. This was really helpful as practicing real edits is the best way to make sure you understand the material. Mickie is very responsive and her feedback is always helpful and constructive. Really glad I signed up!

  14. Jennifer Hart Lupien

    This course was so very helpful for me. I came in not having any understanding of Photoshop, and I’m now leaving with a great foundation of basic skills to build off of. This course is jam packed with a ton of material from lessons to watching how Mickie edits images. The daily practice thread also helped me a lot. I’m grateful Mickie provided daily feedback on the practice thread. It was a very busy two weeks, but so worth it! Thanks so much for such a great class! Looking forward to learning more in Unlocking the Magic of Photoshop!

  15. Haley Carpinelli

    This course made me fall in love with Photoshop! Highly recommend for anyone wanting to take their editing to the next level! Prior to this class, I was editing almost exclusively in Lightroom, opening Photoshop only when necessary (and usually not loving the results). Not anymore! Mickie makes learning Photoshop simple and fun. She is so responsive and generous with her feedback. Her videos and daily practice threads are so helpful. Now, I can confidently pull an image into the program, and use cloning and adjustment layers to make my raw image match my intended vision. I can’t wait to learn even more tips and tricks in Mickie’s next course, “Unlocking the Magic of Photoshop!”

  16. What a great course! I have already taken Unlocking the Magic of Photoshop with Mickie, This course was a wonderful refresher.. Her feedback is so helpful. I learned many new tricks to help me work quicker.

  17. Wow! I loved this class! I have always had a fear of Photoshop and this class has erased those fears. As a beginner photographer, the knowledge I gained these two weeks has helped speed up my workflow and improve my editing immensely. Mickie is an awesome teacher. Her support and encouragement as well as her feedback on my edits throughout the course made it one of my favorite Click classes I have completed. I can’t wait to take Unlocking the Magic of Photoshop!

  18. Anna Guðnadóttir

    I just finished this course tonight, I can really recommend it. Lot’s of great material, both for Lightroom and Photoshop. There is a possibility to post photos one has edited every day of the course to get a feedback. It was invaluable, Mickie is a great teacher and gives very detailed and good feedback. I spent lot of time on this course but it was really worth it. looking forward to taking Mickie next course.

  19. I absolutely loved FUNdamentals of Photoshop class with Mickie DeVries. I had tried and struggled to learn basic things in Photoshop on my own, but completely failed. Two weeks and I can already see a big improvement in my workflow and finished photos. From masking, to layers, to adjusting colors and cloning; I had heard so much about all of these possibilities but didn’t know where to start. Mickie laid everything out in clear, easy to understand videos that walk you through step by step. This was one of the best investments in editing and my photography journey.

  20. What a great course! I was already doing the majority of my editing in Photoshop when I took this class, but I learned a lot of new tricks along the way to make my workflow faster. The daily feedback threads were so helpful in terms of training my eye to see the right balance of contrast on the subject vs background in my photos and Mickie was super helpful in helping me eyeball skin tones. I am already signed up for her next course in this series, Unlocking the Magic of Photoshop and I can’t wait!

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