The Family Photographer

with Twyla Jones, Mickie DeVries & Chloe Ramirez

Learn to photograph families and children beautifully!


Go behind the scenes with three photographers as they capture families and children. You’ll learn tried and true techniques to pose, prompt, and elicit natural reactions from families and children– even your own!

  • How to photograph families and children
  • Tip Cards that you can keep handy on your phone
  • Tried and true posing techniques
This course is for you if...
  1. You want to learn about posing familes
  2. You want to learn how to get natural reactions
  3. You want to learn how to get better pictures of your family

Learn on any device! All class content is organized into simple steps as part of a clear, self-guided pathway inside your private online classroom.


Watch Twyla's, Mickie's and Chloe's answers to questions asked during the launch event (now concluded) in their Q&A video!


You'll check off each interactive step as you go, from watching the videos to engaging in discussions with your instructor and fellow students.


All class materials are yours to download and keep.


Guide to the video + tip cards
  • A PDF guide for the instructional videos, plus a set of Chloe, Mickie, and Twyla's best tips for photographing children and families to print (or save to your phone!)
Behind the Scenes Videos
  • A series of screencasts from Twyla, Chloe and Mickie where you will learn all of their secrets, tips and tricks for photographing families and children
Shooting Videos
  • A series of Shooting Videos that allow you to watch the presenters working on-site with real families and children to create beautiful images

you'll be able to capture better images of families and children with tried and true techniques to pose, prompt, and elicit natural reactions!


about your presenters

This is a group self-paced course featuring the work of three presenters: Twyla Jones, Mickie DeVries & Chloe Ramirez.

43 thoughts on “The Family Photographer”

  1. I am about 99% done with all of the videos for this breakout and am THRILLED with all of it! The tips, the guidance, the posing cards….everything. These three wonderful photographers are so incredibly talented and giving of their knowledge! Don’t walk…run to get this fantastic breakout!

  2. This breakout is soooo helpful, especially if you just starting out and you need mentors! Chloe, Mickie and Twyla are each incredible photographers with totally different styles, so the information runs the gamut regarding prompts, settings, style priorities. I loved this and it helped me figure out a little more of what style I am while also giving me loads of tech information. I highly recommend this breakout to anyone who feels a little lost in the family photography world but also to anyone looking for guidance in the technical aspect of things.

  3. I’ve watched half of the videos and so far they are very helpful. I find this aspect of photography one of the hardest parts to learn. The format of the class is entirely videos – the photographers show photos they’ve taken and explain how they captured the emotion in the images. I was expecting to see videos of actual sessions but the videos have been very helpful. Lots of great tips. And the images are all gorgeous!

  4. Sometimes you stuck or get tired of using the same old prompts and flow posing so it was so nice to get to “ride along” with 3 very talented photographers to see how they lead their sessions and guide their subjects through posing! This was splendid!

  5. Im just a few videos in but this course is absolutely amazing!! i have been in a rut lately and with so much knowledge and tips and tricks from these amazing ladies i am looking at things differently and am loving it.!!!

  6. I haven’t even gotten through all of the content but I’m already happy with my purchase. I’m an established and experienced family photographer who just loves learning and have been a fan of Twyla Jones for quite awhile. So great to get to know more about Mickie and Chloe’s styles as well. Good content for beginner’s and experienced family photographer’s alike.

  7. I have taken over 10 classes here with Click School, and this breakout has been AMAZING!! The amount of info that is given is great!! These 3 women are FIRE and I’m so glad I took this course! Definitely recommend taking.

  8. This breakout is video heavy where most of the breakouts I’ve done in the past are text heavy with some bonus videos. I find it a little challenging for referencing the key ideas that I’m learning, but the prompt cards are a great supplement. I purchased the breakout with the intent to learn posing, but it is more focused on what makes a good connection in still photo. I do love this type of photography and find the prompts helpful in creating connection and movement prominent in the frame. I am glad I joined the live run for the the bonus of having the instructors available for questions.

  9. I love the cards that are included! They are perfect for keeping your session flowing and avoiding those awkward poses/moments. And there is a TON of video footage here. I am excited to use some of these techniques during my next session.

  10. This was my first break out and I loved it! I love how easy it was to navigate and there are some great tips and advice. Not to mention I love the fact you can ask questions too. Already have my eye on another break out that is coming up. :)

  11. After 10 years of shooting families, this workshops has opened my eyes and brought fresh perspective. I feel so reinvigorated to try the strategies that Mickie, Twyla and Chole present in this series. The best investment in my photography I have made all year!

  12. Such great videos and insight! I love the tips and tricks for posing and family interactions. This is is such a fun and informative breakout!!

  13. i’ve purchased a lot of breakouts over the years and this by far is one of my favorites!!! And i’m not even through all the material yet! Watching the videos of these amazing photographers at their client sessions is invaluable. So many times i’ve thought to myself, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a click in moms pro at one of my sessions, guising and coaching me… well this is the next best thing! Just watching how they prompt and interact with their clients and how that turns into their stunning images is so helpful for any photographer to see. Highly recommend this breakout!!!

  14. loving this breakout & $25…wow amazing value!

    Videos help me a bunch for many reasons & I already have a big takeaway that will help me.

    Many thanks!

  15. This breakout is exactly what I was looking for! I’ve taken other classes on editing, light, etc., but felt lacking when it came to engaging my kids in photos. I’m a momtog, and I’ve been feeling like my photos were boring, or kids wouldn’t cooperate, so this is exactly what I needed without taking a more in-depth workshop. No editing or detailed pdf, which I’m okay with. I’m surprised it’s only a $25 live run, and could easily have been one of the $50 breakouts considering the 3 talented instructors and numerous videos. The instructors have been very responsive to student questions. I do agree that it’s always nice when there are assignments and more feedback on student photos, but this isn’t a workshop, so…

  16. I pre-ordered this breakout and I’m so glad that I did! As a hobbyist, I needed some inspiration going into the holidays and this breakout did not disappoint. I could just watch the videos over and over again and the posing prompts are so very helpful. Thanks for putting this together. At $25, this breakout is a steal!

  17. I’m loving all these BTS videos! I feel like I’m right there learning from these amazing photographers. And the posing cards are the best!! The second I get in front of my clients, I forget all the tips and tricks to get them to act natural. These cards will help out for sure.

  18. Absolutely wonderful breakout with lots of great tips from very talented instructors! Loved the bts videos explaining where to stand, what to look for and how to direct clients. Feel like I will be able to use it a lot in my future work! My only wish it had more details about settings used as I’m not that experienced and always try to see how each photo comes out with specific settings. But overall I loved it and it’s worth every penny. Thank you so much, Mickie, Twyla and Cloe!

  19. Absolutamente inspirador, como todos los Cursos de ClickPhotoSchool. A lo largo de los numerosos videos de cada una de las instructoras, se muestra cómo interactuan con las familias a la vez que indican trucos y sugerencias para que la sesión fluya de forma natural, lo que ayuda sin duda a que en las imágenes resultantes el fotógrafo sea totalmente invisible.
    Aunque el curso es en su totalidad en lengua inglesa, escribo en castellano esta reseña porque es mi lengua materna y me resulta más sencillo explicarme.
    Muy recomendable.
    Thank you so much to the presenters for such an inspiration BO!

  20. This breakout was the jumpstart I needed to get out of a rut! I’ve already been able to incorporate so many new techniques into my client sessions. For anyone looking to be more connected with their clients during their sessions – this breakout is a must!

  21. It should be noted that the instruction is solely through videos, with no pdf instruction. There is a ‘cheat sheet’ for cards to remember, but no text walking you through the concepts they are teaching. As I learn best through reading, this hasn’t been a good fit for me. I’m also disappointed that there were no assignments to work through and share together during the live run. Often doing those and watching other people is a huge learning experience (and so fun), and creates a great community atmosphere I’ve valued so much in the past in Clickin Moms breakouts. There is a picture share in the forum, but without some guidance it isn’t as rich. There are also isn’t a syllabus for the video instruction, so you don’t know what the videos are about until you watch them all, and it’s hard to remember which talked about what concept. Combined with the new forum being less intuitive and it’s been a disappointment for me. There is absolutely no doubt about the enormous skill and talent of the instructors, and I’m glad others are finding it valuable, though.

  22. Love this breakout! I am really enjoying the q & a portion. I am hoping I can print that portion to refer back to their real time notes. The three photograpHERS are so helpful in there responses!

  23. This breakout is a steal! I don’t even take clients at the moment and still found it so useful for tips on how to shoot my own family! I couldn’t recommend it more!

  24. This breakout has been a lifesaver! Ive been in a rut and this has made me excited to get out and shoot! These ladies are truely amazing and oh so talented. I highly recommend this breakout. If you are on the fence..just do it, you won’t regret it!

  25. I LOVE this breakout. I just finished watching the videos and am going back to re watch so I an take notes. There are so many wonderful tips about connecting with clients and also some great advice about how to take photos of your own kids. I highly recommend it!!

  26. I’m about halfway through with this breakout and it is worth every penny and second you spend on it. Actually it’s worth more.This course will help you to be more comfortable, creative, and assertive with your clients. This is good for anyone from beginner to pro.

  27. This breakout was just awasome! I love seeing these ladies shooting and processing, the amount of tips and videos is truly amazing, thank you!

  28. This breakout is great! A virtual goldmine of information. The bonus cards alone are worth it! So many practical tips and tricks are available in the videos and materials, and then Twyla, Mickie, and Chloe are also holding nothing back in answering questions in the forum. Jump on in – you won’t regret it!

  29. I am learning so much and absolutely loving this breakout! Three amazingly talented photographers sharing some great tips and tricks. Thank you!

  30. This is my third click school breakout and, wow, what a treat this one has been! November is such a busy month for photographers, but I knew as soon as I saw these three wonderfully talented photographers and teachers (who’ve I’ve followed for quite some time) in one breakout, I had to join! All I can say is that this is a MUST DO breakout for any photographer looking to capture more genuine connections. I love the video format of this breakout and hearing the instructors talk through their thought process on how they went about capturing the image and made the family relax and be more connected. All three instructors are incredible and you learn new techniques with each that you can easily apply to your own photography. This is a complete bargain for the level and amount of material provided in this breakout! I’m so happy I took some breaks from all the fall editing to learn something new that I can apply to my upcoming sessions!

  31. I’m so excited about this breakout! I’ve been battling major anxiety about posing clients before walking into sessions and am so excited to have this new training in my pocket! These ladies are a wealth of information and I’m so glad I get to be a fly on the wall to see how they create their art. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  32. Whether you are looking to improve as a professional family photographer. or you just want to take more connected and emotive pictures of your own kids, this breakout is for you! These three instructors are different enough that they cover a wide variety of environments, shooting styles, and interactions; but the thread they have in common is showing the connection between people and capturing emotion throughout a session. They go into the how’s and why’s for so many different sessions they’ve done. The videos they’ve shared really help you get into the mind of these talented photographers, and I think there are valuable takeaways for any photographer, regardless of whether or not you are in business (I am not)!

  33. I just started this breakout and I am so excited already. The photos are stunning and I love to see in the videos how the different photographers work. I already asked different questions and they have no secrets about how they work (for example how they edit) and they are ready to give you advice! Although I take family pictures for years I learned different new things about how to create connection and how to make a good composition.

  34. I have begun to work my way though this breakout and have found the videos incredibly useful. It is so helpful to hear the decisions behind each photograph: what gear was used/why and how they were able to evoke emotive images through posing and prompts. I’m loving the BTS videos, too. I can’t wait to get to the rest of the videos and read through the posing cards!

  35. I’ve only watched two videos so far and participated in the discussion threads and it’s already worth it! These three women are powerhouses and it is awesome to learn from them any way I can.

  36. I’ve only gone through the pdf and all I can say is, “Wow.” The pdf includes the images taken by the presenters and I can honestly say I am awed by each one! You know those photos you see and you just stop, stop and you’re eyes and heart can’t take enough of it in? That’s how I felt all the way through this pdf. I cannot wait to get into the videos to see what preceded these images.

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