The Imperfectionist


Jyo Bhamidipati

Looking for a new way to boost your creativity and take your photos to the next level? This 4 week workshop will show you powerful ways to break traditional rules in photography and explore new techniques for adding depth and movement. You’ll experiment with freelensing, creative composition, and different types of light. And you will discover how the imperfections and chaos of childhood, motherhood, and life give you the perfect foundation for creative photography.

with interactive instructor guidance and weekly assignment feedback
view-only access to study at your own pace

"I thought I knew all there was to know, but man was I wrong! Get ready to have your creativity and your perspective rocked in the very best way!"

– Tianna

We start off by taking deep dive into observation versus seeing techniques along with how our senses impact how we shoot and create. We will also explore the psychology behind chasing perfection in our art.


This week is all about creative blur, dramatic light as well as bringing impactful color in your artwork.


In this week, you will be challenging yourself with creative compositions, learn about the power of perspective as well as incorporating textures in your work, work through various shooting techniques as well as challenge yourself with creating multiple exposure images.


This week will be all about creative edits, embracing the chaos of motherhood and everyday life, making art through self-portraiture as well working through self-critique while creating images with emotion.

133 thoughts on “The Imperfectionist: Creative Photography for the Intentional Artist”

  1. I loved this class so much!! Jyo is such a generous instructor and talented artist. This class is perfect for getting you think outside the box.

  2. Jyo course is a deep dive on photography because she addresses something that is sorely needed – and meets us at the conception of the photograph …where the photograph actually begins which is in the mind/sight connection. She takes the time to really cultivate this point throughout the course. Sometimes its easy to get busy with our hands or our to do list but really going back to the mind and the senses through observation and consideration of what we want to create before we ever pick up the camera. As an artist, I believe this is essential to the process of creating a vision a story and having a direction with your own voice. Jyo does this in a very non-threatening way – and of course, she has all the tools, and technical know-how and shares her wealth of experience and knowledge with enthusiasm. Having others who are doing the work of an artist in our tribe is essential! I highly recommend taking this course for those who are interested in introspection and a box of new skills1

  3. Jyo’s workshop, The Imperfectionist, is absolutely amazing!! She will provide many different techniques and ideas to shot with intention and creativity. I was gently pushed out of my comfort and this challenge for sure will make me a better artist and photographer. She is an incredible instructor, encouraging all of us and giving tips to elevate our images one step further. Thank you so much, Jyo, for putting this workshop in place, this has really been a game changer for me.

  4. I just completed Joy’s Imperfectionist course and what an amazing course it was. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and tips Jyo so graciously provided us with every week. I learned things about my camera and lenses I had no idea existed. Such a rich and wonderful course for someone who’s just starting out or someone who’s working on a personal project. Jyo is super thorough and totally willing to provide you with as much information as she can derived from her personal experience. Truly one of a kind! Highly recommend taking this course!

  5. I am so happy I took this course. I learned so many new techniques, which pushed me outside of my comfort zone and forced me to be much more intentional with my images. Jyo is an amazing artist and so willing to share her knowledge and help others grow. The content is beautiful and well laid out. In addition to trying new techniques I gained the confidence to share images (even if it was only with the class) I wouldn’t have attempted or shared in the past.

  6. Four weeks of pure inspiration! Jyo’s class is filled with everything you need to practice creative photography, from techniques (prisms, double exposures) to lenses (Lensbaby!) to innovative processing. Jyo is so supportive and truly wants participants to experience the freedom of removing the limitations and boundaries we so often place on ourselves. She encourages personal reflection and exploration, both of ourselves and our photographic journey. If you want to break out of your usual routine and find new ways to be creative and convey emotion in your work, this class is for you!

  7. Emily Turner Condill

    Words cannot express how much this class has meant to me as a developing artist. Jyo is the most inspiring and involved teacher. Her ideas, materials, videos, critiques and support have been invaluable to me and my growth. After working on the technical side of photography for quite a long while, Jyo helped me to see that creating photographs that match my vision is just like a painter creating multiple sketches before putting paint on the canvas. Play. Try new things. See if it works. If it doesn’t, change the camera’s settings, step back, think, try a new angle…just keep going. Jyo’s weekly zoom meetings with our group were not only inspiring, but she really created a sense of community amongst us. We laughed. We shared. We learned a lot from Jyo and each other. It was a wonderful experience. I simply cannot say enough good about this course. Take it! You will not regret a single moment of it. from

  8. This workshop has really helped open me to new ways of taking photographs. It’s well paced, and has a very interactive format that lets you get to know and also learn from the other participants. I definitely recomend.

  9. I learned so much from this workshop. Lots of information about how to expand your thinking when taking a photo whether you are just shooting for yourself or for clients. This course takes you way beyond the point and click and challenges you to embrace things like blur and harsh light. I will be referring to the class material very often in the future as I practice all the various techniques. I enjoy that we got a behind the scenes to what gear Jyo uses and even settings. Jyo, I LOVE your photos and point of view, I hope one day my photos can tell stories like yours do.

  10. I learned so much from this workshop. Lots of information about how to expand your thinking when taking a photo whether you are just shooting for yourself or for clients. This course takes you way beyond the point and click and challenges you to embrace things like blur and harsh light. I will be referring to the class material very often in the future as I practice all the various techniques. I enjoy that we got a behind the scenes to what gear Jyo uses and even settings. Jyo, I LOVE your photos and point of view, I hope one day my photos can tell stories like yours do.

  11. I’ve really enjoyed the content in this course and Jyo’s approach to creative photography. She gives a lot of information and there are a lot of techniques to practice and learn. Her support and and feedback are timely, helping you get the most out of the class and out of yourself. With a focus on great composition and story telling, you’re not just learning a technique, you’re learning how to use it in your own work. Each week, the lesson adds another layer of artistry to your composition and more tools to your creative tool box. Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone, try new things, and even fail often, as you bring a new level of expressiveness and emotion to your photography.
    Thank you Jyo for the wonderful class.

  12. I really loved learning from Jyo and her approach to her photography. Sometimes it feels tough to let go of the idea of perfection and simply play and experiment, but it’s when I let go of that ideal of perfection and embrace the beauty of the imperfect that I feel my true photography voice comes through. This class has been *exactly* the push I’ve been needing to get inspired and creating again after feeling stuck for so long! Thank you Jyo!

  13. Jyo’s workshop has really pushed me to take my creativity to a new level. I feel that I now have a toolbox of new techniques, as well as new ways to think about observation, evoking the senses and adding emotion to my images. I have greatly enjoyed this workshop!

  14. Patricia Tedeschi

    The Imperfectionist course is full of valuable content and so well put together/user friendly, it blew me away. After studying photography in college, and completing many online courses and workshops, I can easily say this is one of the best courses I have taken. The amount of effort and information Jyo puts into the course and her obvious commitment to the students is evident throughout.

    Even though I took the class as a “study along” student, all the materials were made available to me; and I learned quite a bit from Jyo’s critiques of the “full participation” students whose work was inspiring. I will definitely be taking this course again and will be on the look- out for other classes Jyo teaches at Click Photo School. Thank you, Jyo

  15. I love this course! In it, Jyo encourages us to embrace the imperfections within our art–not out of ignorance but rather a willingness to let go and see how we might grow through them. In a world that focuses so much on perfection, this is such a freeing message, and one that I feel like will further my growth as an artist. I also love the depth that she goes into with each lesson. Thank you so much for putting your heart into this course, Jyo!

  16. One more week to go with this workshop. I was a bit nervous to join, but I’m so glad I did. I am learning new techniques and simple yet effective ideas that are pushing me to experiment more with my photography and just enjoy trying new things. Jyo has been so reassuring and generous with her knowledge, ready to answer any questions. No matter what level you are at, you will learn something.

  17. Kaitlin Michael

    This course is just what I was looking for, it is teaching me to look for the why behind the photos that I take as well as new composition technics to add to the mood and the emotion that I am trying to convey. Thanks Jyo for this amazing course, it my first Click Photo School course and it has not disappointed!

  18. Absolutely love this workshop! I’m so lucky to join this workshop at a right timing, and all the techniques / ideas in this class can make the magic changes to the photos.

  19. This is one of my absolutely favorite workshops! Jyo is a never-ending source of inspiration. I want to see the world the way she does, and this class will open your eyes to all new possibilities with your art. Jyo pushes past all of the normal things that you learn or read in classes, and go so far beyond that. She makes true art and will fill your creative soul with this class.

  20. I have been a perfectionist my entire life and I had no idea what to expect going into this class. However, from the first week, this class far surpassed all my expectations. Looking at social media, so many images look the same with identical lighting, composition and editing. It was so refreshing to take a class where uniqueness and creativity were emphasized and to take a class that encouraged you to shoot not just what you see but what you feel. Jyo is a kind and talented instructor who always makes herself available and who puts the needs of her students first. Her feedback is thoughtful and full of so much wisdom. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to learn from her and I have been so inspired to try new things and to see the world more mindfully.

  21. This class has become my quiet self care space during Covid. I am enjoying it so much. I stress about making technically “perfect” photos, but I realized that some of my favorite works by other artists were more creative, more artistic. This class is giving me the courage to go with my gut and explore new techniques and to feel my way through my images versus focusing so much on the technical. Thank you Jyo for all you’ve put into making this class so great!

  22. Melissa McCann

    I cannot recommend this class more! It was a fantastic four weeks. Jyo’s class truly helped me to ignite my creativity and elevate my work. I love all the images I created in the class and learned so much from Jyo’s thoughtful critiques. The materials are outstanding. I will be turning back to the PDFs and the videos in the weeks ahead. There is a wealth of information in them. Jyou has an amazing way of making things clear and doable. The weekly Zoom calls were so much fun. I loved getting to know my classmates. Everyone was so supportive of each other. I looked forward to looking at everyone’s submissions. I think we felt more connected because of Jyo’s Zoom calls. I am a little sad the course is over. If you need a boost of creativity, if you are in a rut, if you crave learning some new shooting and editing techniques – SIGN UP. I have taken countless classes and this is one of my all time favorites.

  23. I’ve been in such a creative rut and wanted something to push me out of my comfort zone. Jyo’s class did just that, she’s so thorough and answered every question. She pushed me way outside of my comfort zone and I found things about myself and my photography I never knew were possible. There’s so much amazing techniques and information, Jyo is so giving of her time and knowledge. Absolutely recommend taking this course FP if you can and really push yourself to create again. Thank you Jyo for the past 4 weeks

  24. You started shooting because it was fun. It satisfied a creative itch you had in your soul. Then one day you took a chance and switched your camera to manual. You failed, but you kept trying and then when you finally nailed exposure, it was fun again. Many images later, that “fun” feeling may have taken a backseat to getting things perfect. Well, Jyotsna is here to tell you that the fun can be yours again – if you’re willing to set “perfect” aside long enough to try new things, take risks and just enjoy the process. She’ll cheer you on as you unleash the creativity that is hidden inside you and let yourself have fun again! Jyo, I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve given of yourself during these fleeting weeks. I’m leaving this class with a ton of ideas, loads of inspiration, and only one regret – that it’s ending too soon.

  25. If you are wanting to let go, this class is for you. As a perfectionist, I initially questioned why I would sign up for a class that’s labeled the exact opposite. I found very quickly that I was right where I needed to be. Jyo does a fantastic job of leading students through a natural progression of materials, gently coaxing us to let go, try new things, and have fun while doing it. I have gone from picking my images apart, to feeling more creative freedom and giving myself grace and permission to experiment and try new things. From striving to achieve tack sharp images to actually softening images on purpose! And I tried freelensing for the first time in this class! I have been gently pushed out of my comfort zone in this workshop and it will make me a better artist and photographer. Thank you so much, Jyo, for all of the hard work that you put into this workshop – from the content to your presence & engagement on the forum. I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

  26. This workshop is amazing!It’s exactly what I needed to get out of my own head. It has given me the confidence & the freedom to be comfortable experimenting, To be comfortable sharing the creative even if it doesn’t fit into a particular box. This is truly a workshop for all photographers & all genre. Jyo has been a wealth of information & support. There is more than enough material in this workshop to keep the creative wheels turning & stay inspired for a very long time.

  27. This class is one of the best classes I’ve ever had and Jyo work is truly and inspiration!! She shares so many techniques to create unique images and also helped me feel more confident with the images I create… I feel inspired and excited to keep practicing the new creative techniques I learned in this workshop. This class has been a game changer I highly recommend it!

  28. Michele Maloney

    I loved this class! Winter in Michigan had me in a rut since shooting is pretty quiet. I have been shooting weddings for 8 years but I am pretty classic and wanted to break out of my own mold.

    This wedding season is going to be fantastic. I learned so much about layers and making images that had specific moods. Love that I feel like I have the tools to create purposeful double exposures. It’s a lot of excellent information, and I am so glad I signed up for the class!

  29. Jyo’s class is absolutely amazing! The way she sees the world is such an inspiration, and I have learned so many new skills to enhance my images. The weekly zooms have been both fun and helpful, and her thoughtful feedback is much appreciated. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take this class, and I highly recommend it!

  30. Take this class if you’ve always wanted to create something a little bit different in your work. Take this class if you want to stretch your mind in a supportive environment. Take this class if you want materials including videos, PDF’s, weekly Zoom chats and instruction all well organized and ready for you to explore. This class is incredible. I have barely touched the surface of the lessons and I know I’ll keep coming back to the materials for years to come. Thank you, Jyo, for your encouragement and knowledge.

  31. Laura Twining (DrMarm)

    NOOOOO! How can this AMAZING class be drawing to a close already? These weeks have flown by–Jyo packs every week with an amazing amount of material. I will be referring to these lessons for many years to come and will certainly join her again. As a retired educator, I must commend Jyo’s manner of teaching.! To be able to connect with students solely through an on-line course is incredible. In addition to videos, audio files, and PDF’s she provides a manner for questions directly related to the topic and off topic during the weekly assignments, monitors them & addresses any questions promptly. Jyo is a champion for encouraging us to move to our next level of learning. and has created an environment that is safe to take risks in…She provides instruction through demonstrations, examples, breaking down concepts, and has a weekly open forum for us to check in–in real time and will add resources for us to be successful! Above and beyond! Thank you Jyo for broadening my horizons and interests! Excellent course, I highly recommend attending!

  32. I’m enjoying this journey so much! I’ve found so much inspiration! I’m finding new ways to see my life through the lenses of my camera, and this is because of you Jyo! This fall hope to put my effort in applying all the insights!

    Thanks for this workshop!

  33. Myriam Farah Cobb

    I couldn’t be happier with this workshop: it has made me fall in love with photography all over again! It is packed with detailed information, is beautifully presented and easy to follow. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned in my work. Thank you Jyo!!

  34. It’s like drinking from a fire hydrant!!! So much inspiration AND information. Jyo is so encouraging. She makes you feel your potential, which for my learning style, encourages me to grow so much more than criticism. I’ll be practicing the myriad things she’s teaching for WEEKS before I even get thru it!!!

  35. Regina M Boston

    OMG this class is amazing!! Jyo lays everything out and explains her lessons in such an easy way to understand and practice. There is so much information that I be going back to weeks from now to reference!! I highly recommend taking her class and expanding your photography knowledge and adding new techniques to your toolbox!!

  36. I have LOVED this workshop! It has pushed me creatively- I’ve been inspired by Jyo (I mean seriously- her self portraits blow me away!) while being giving the how’s so I can learn to create myself. This is one of my favorite CM classes!

  37. I just finished the Imperfectionist and thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel inspired to try many new techniques that Jyo introduces including double exposures and overlays. If you are feeling uninspired or like you just keep taking the same photos over and over this is the perfect course to change that.

  38. This was an amazing course – I can’t even believe how many new creative techniques I acquired over the course of 4 weeks! Jyo is such an incredible instructor – she’s so encouraging and she really helped me along my photography journey! The amount of growth that happened during this course has blown me away. I feel so lucky to have taken this full participation class with such talented classmates. So excited to continue incorporating all of the techniques Jyo taught me into my work moving forward. Thank you, Jyo for sharing your talent with me!

  39. This class inspired me to stretch in directions I wouldn’t have considered without that extra push. I’m a big believer that creating refreshing art takes experimentation, and the support and content Jyo provides is invaluable. Many of the participants in this run of the course were already Click Pros and advanced in their journey, and I found it so valuable to get the opportunity to learn alongside these incredible women! It was a very robust group and everyone was so thoughtful and took the challenges head on! Jyo’s feedback was spot on and very well tuned. This was such a great growing experience for me!

  40. I have taken many classes though click photo school and this is one of my favorites! Jyo is an amazing teacher and very responsive and involved with the class. She has so much information packed into these 4 weeks that I feel you get a lot of new ideas and technique – that both a beginner or a more advanced photographer would benefit from. If you need a creativity boost I definitely recommend this class!

  41. I really loved every moment of this class. The PDFs were packed with so many useful information and went much deeper than any other class I took. It gave me courage to try several new experimental techniques and even to start my 365 project! I recomend it to every photographer who is eager to try new perspective and see photography in different light. It gave me the kick I needed and I am so grateful to Joy to push my photography further. Thank you!

  42. This class is just want I needed. After focusing for years on the technicals, it is so freeing to learn more creative techniques and just shoot from the heart and soul. I have made some of my all time favorite images during this class. Jyo is a wonderful instructor and really takes the time to get to know her students and help them when they get tripped up on something. I highly recommend this class!

  43. This workshop has been nothing short of magical! I was a bit apprehensive to sign up for this course as I am still in the beginning stages of my photography journey, but I shouldn’t have worried at all. Jyo is an amazing instructor and I have felt nothing but encouraged and inspired by the coursework. I am so, so glad I decided to take the full participation class. The feedback has been amazing and the camaraderie fostered amongst the other students in the class has been phenomenal. I have learned so much and I know without question that I will be revisiting the materials from this class for years to come. This has really been a game changer for me.

    1. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

      So happy to hear that Jessi! Plus working with you beyond the class has been so much fun too! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  44. This workshop gives you the encouragement to be creative and infuse your work with mood and emotion. From the beginning, Jyo teaches you how to engage your senses and observation skills to look for new ways of seeing the world around you. I found myself trying new techniques and embracing the blur!

  45. This is such a unique course. Jyo is a breath of fresh air as a teacher! She looks at the collective image when she critiques and walks you through the emotions that come out of an image as opposed to nit-picking each and every detail. I’ve enjoyed most of the classes and breakouts I’ve taken to some degree, but I left this course feeling inspired and confident in the power of my imagination. Jyo teaches in this course that letting go of perfection isn’t leaving the technical aspects of photography that we’ve all learned behind, it’s using them to take our storytelling/imagery to the next level. I can’t recommend this course enough to beginners and more seasoned photographers alike.

  46. I really really love the workshop. Jyo is such a talented women, she describes everything very simple and makes that you immediately grab your camera to go out and practice. It’s such a relief that nothing has to be perfect, but it’s good when you photograph just right out of your heart. Thank you Jyo, thank you so much!

  47. So glad I signed up for this workshop, it was exactly what I needed! There are so many creative techniques covered. It was the push I needed to try new things and stretch my creativity, all while learning to re-think “perfection.” Jyo is next level with her creativity, and it was an honor to learn from her.

  48. This class has been extremely inspiring. Jyo takes the time to break things down for you and explain tips and tricks to artfully expand your knowledge and know how. She encourages you to push your limits and learn new skills with the camera and Photoshop. It was lovely to have the extra push and to play around with new techniques.

  49. Katherine Strauss

    I love this workshop so so much! It was just what I needed to be able to express myself through photography from my essence, without so many rules or so much planning. Thank you Jyo for sharing your knowledge so generously. I have recommended this course to anyone who asks me, and I will continue doing it!! it is a must take course!!!!

  50. I love this course so much! I was looking for a way boost my creativity and take my photography to the next level and this course does just that. Jyo is a great instructor and the workshop is packed with amazing content, techniques, videos and inspiration. I just wish the class would run 6 weeks instead of 3! (How about running a Part 2?) :)

  51. Jyo is an excellent teacher and has poured her heart out into this course! If you are in need of a creativity boost, this is definitely the course for you!!! This course has helped me think deeper and look at creating photos from newer perspectives! Highly recommend this workshop!

  52. I am doing the study along with Jyotsna and it is a real eye opener on how to be more creative with your photography. As a business owner in photographer, you always focus on taking that perfect image for you clients. What I have learnt so far within this course is that sometimes an imperfect picture can be perfect. I am looking forward to seeing how I can be a little more imperfect in future sessions and not only surprise myself, but surprise my clients.

  53. This class is everything I needed right now. There is so much content, and so many creative techniques that inspire me to learn grow as a photographer. Jyo is an engaging and thorough teacher that gives frequent and helpful feedback. I will definitely be coming back to this material again and again.

    1. I took this course as a study along student and feel I have learned a great deal through the materials and feedback Jyo has given to the image shares. There a soo many creative techniques that Jyo uses and it is fun to give yourself permission to make great photos that are less than “perfect” but still taken with intention. It is also neat to see how effectively Jyo uses a combination of techniques even in her self-portraits! I have so many ideas now to incorporate and have fun with.

  54. This class came at the perfect time for me as I have been feeling very uninspired lately! I love all the creative ideas to try, it has made me excited about shooting again!

  55. This was exactly what I needed. After years of photography I was feeling burned out and uninspired. I wish I would’ve done full participation, but even so, I absolutely loved it. I would highly recommend it and am excited for the new journey through a fresh perspective! Thanks Jyo!

  56. This is such a wonderful course because Jyo shows us how to incorporate creative techniques into our work that go beyond the basics, and presents them in an accessible way. As a mentor she gives wonderful, timely and helpful feedback with practical things we can do to improve. I look forward to continuing the exploration of what we learned in this course for a long time to come!

  57. This class has been so wonderful in reinforcing and stretching my creative approach with my own photography. And Jyo is a very nurturing, generous, and highly accessible teacher. 3 weeks doesn’t seem enough, but I know I will continue to refer back to the materials continually in the future.

  58. This class is the kick in the pants that my creativity needed! It’s so easy to start feeling burnt out when in business. When that happens, it’s incredibly important to remember why you started shooting in the first place and to begin honing your vision and your craft for yourself again. This course is full of techniques for photographing things differently, for creating images that make you feel something. Jyo is amazing at encouraging her students to get out of their comfort zones and to create something that is meaningful to them. This class is a breath of fresh air when you’re feeling suffocated by shoulds and the illusion of perfection.

    1. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

      Ahh thanks Jackleen! And that’s exactly what I wanted everyone to take away from this class. You can learn and apply creative techniques to your client shoots as well and stand out amongst your peers!

  59. Not only is Jyo a talented artist, but she is an effective teacher and mentor. She not only walks you through thought-provoking concepts and breaks down techniques in an understandable way, but at the same time she empathizes with the emotions of the photographer & gently brings a sense of relief from unnecessary pressures we tend to put on ourselves. Thank you, Jyo!

  60. This class has been nothing short of amazing and was exactly what I was looking for in my photography journey. There are so many creative techniques presented, as well as other materials that really encourage you to think outside of the box and push yourself. Jyo is also an incredible instructor and artist. This is a game changing workshop for sure!

  61. This is my second full participation course and I couldn’t be more pleased! Jyo it’s an amazing instructor and I have really been enjoying this past two weeks. I really like all her different ideas and techniques that would helps continue get inspired through our own work. I really enjoy how well organized the course is and you know what to expect every week. Also, getting feedback from our fellow peers have been amazing! So much learning in this course. I highly recommended. ⭐️

  62. Pallavi Sureka

    Honestly, This is one of those classes which is feeding my soul. I learnt freelensing and I can’t tell you how freeing thats been. I can’t wait to master double exposure as shown by Jyo. This class has given me material to practice for the whole year and beyond – and even then I would want to come back and go through the materials again and learn something new! Jyo has poured her heart and soul into this course and I feel lucky to be part of this learning process. Thanks Jyo! <3

  63. Stacy McEligot

    This class has completely drawn me out of my photography rut and energized my shooting again! Jyo’s work is inspirational and her passion comes through in all of her teaching. There are so many techniques and ideas that are presented to help the artist create with intention and vision. I will be working on these ideas long after the class concludes!

  64. I love this class. My first EVER full participation course and I am so glad I did. I cant express enough how great is to be a full participation student, you learn so much from your image critiques and being able to ask questions anytime is he best. Jyo is so talented and so sweet. Her techniques are something i would have never tried myself and for that i love it. If you want a class were you will learn not only how to think creatively but also techniques you didn’t know or maybe were afraid to try, do it.. this is the place for you!! You will be so GLAD you took it.

  65. Tiffanie Terry

    I cannot recommend this workshop enough! It has brought out sooooo much creative juices and opened my eyes to so many more possibilities. I have started observing and seeing things in a different way to help create even more compelling and unique images. Jyo is an incredible teacher and instructor, making new techniques not only easier to understand, but also walking you through how to do them. Her feedback has been super helpful. I went into to this workshop knowing I would be trying new things, but I never dreamed of how often I would use them & learn to see the world around me in a whole new light. If you are on the fence, don’t be — you need this workshop!

  66. JUST WHAT I NEEDED! I was skeptical. I admit it. I didn’t want to invest in something that might not challenge or grow me. I thought I knew all there was to know…but man was I wrong! Jyo has built an amazing workshop here! She gives you SO much knowledge and attentiveness, not only making sure she teaches you but making sure you ‘get’ it. The PDF’s and videos are SO in-depth and helpful, allowing you to really practice what you are taking in Purchase this course and get ready to have your world, your creativity, your perspective rocked in the very best way!

    1. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

      THANK YOU! It so good to have you in the class, Tianna! Your work is just so stunning already and it was a pleasure to work with you :)

  67. I absolutely loved this workshop! It was one of my favorites at ClickPhotoSchool! Jyo was a really great instructor and put SO much information in these 3 weeks! I refer back to this information often when I find myself in a rut or wanting to try new things. Her use of light is just incredible and this workshop definitely helped me create a lot of image I am proud of. I could not say enough great things about this workshop!

  68. Jyo has put her heart and soul into this creative workshop! This is such a great class for anyone to feel more expressive. It’s especially great for anyone who is feeling stuck and needs to break free from the typical rules of photography. Jyo is a wonderful teacher and really wants you to express the artist with you. It’s a must-take class, for sure!

  69. Maureen Flanagan

    What a wonderful workshop! As an SA student I knew I didn’t have time to keep up with the classes, but now that I’ve covered most of the material I am blown away! I have learned so much from Jyo’s instruction, videos, and feedback to student work. The workshop has opened up a world of new creative possibilities and I
    I am eager to try them out. Thank you, Jyo, for an inspiring and enjoyable class which is motivating me to try out new directions with my work.

    1. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

      Thank you for such a lovely review Maureen! I am so glad you loved the workshop! I can’t wait to follow your journey along!

  70. It had been a long time since I had done a workshop – a bit of a rut and also not finding something that interested me. This workshop was just what I needed. Jyo pushed me out of my comfort zone and I found I actually liked to be in this new space, trying something new and being excited to pick up the camera. I didn’t really want it to end. Jyo is very encouraging and I definitely recommend it for, whether you are experienced or not, in a rut or not – it was a lesson in creativity and just giving it a go, with no expectations. Thanks Jyo.

    1. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

      I absolutely loved having you in the class Wendy! Your work is already so beautiful and I am looking forward to following your journey!

  71. Jyo put together an extraordinary class that paired creative exploration with a deep sense of commitment to technical quality and artistic vision. Her insightful forum responses, posts, and critiques, along with the class materials, opened a door for me into a more playful and imaginative, creative space. Seeing into her own process helped me gain a greater appreciation for the power of shadows, consciously chosen color palettes, and committed editing. I’m also incredibly grateful for the spirit of authenticity, openness, encouragement, and support that characterized forum discussions. Allowing me to feel completely safe pushing beyond the edges of my comfort zone. For anyone looking to unlock what they might feel as creative restraints or simply wanting to celebrate the role of photography in your life, I highly recommend fully participating in this course.

    1. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

      Ahhh thank you so much Kellie! I am so glad to read this. I have seen how much you have been pushing yourself to start ‘seeing’ and taking in your surroundings more in your work. I can’t wait to follow your journey. And we are close! Hoping to meet you in person one of these days too!

  72. This is such a fantastic course! Perfecting the techniques alone could be a several month project for me. I love all of the new ‘tricks’ that I learned and can’t wait to use them. There was so much more too and Jyo was fantastically helpful with answering questions and being supportive. I highly recommend this course if you are interested in creative photography.

  73. I was feeling deep in a creative rut.. I wasn’t picking up my camera and I was feeling really uninspired! This course has been a complete game changer. I’ve learnt so many new techniques. There’s been so much detailed information, I definialety feel that I could re-read the course materials and still be learning. . I definitely recommend this course, thanks Jyo!

    1. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

      Thank you Katrina! It was a pleasure having you in the class! Please continue to share your beautiful images and I cannot wait to see where your journey takes you!

  74. Don’t think twice about taking this class!. The excitement and desire to pick up my camera every day again and again with each page read in the materials is just amazing. I’m SO thankful. Jyo has put so much thought into all the possibilities of photography without compromising the quality of an image that you will cherish forever. From both how you felt behind the camera to the actual image. One last suggestion…take full participation so you can ask all those questions you will have because your just so excited.

    1. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

      THANK YOU Annette! I am soo happy to read this and it was my pleasure to have you in the class! I am following your journey and please stay connected!

  75. “The imperfectionist” is a mind blower, it opened up a new creative world for me! I fell in love with freelensing… its magical… so happy I took this course! Jyo is such a great teacher, very kind, lovely, helpful and inspiring. Thank you!!!

  76. I cannot discuss “The Imperfectionist” without mentioning Jyo who could not be more present, helpful, encouraging and inspiring. Her feedback is wonderful and her heart and soul have been poured out into the workshop. The techniques that she shares will keep me playing for years – this is a course that will inspire you forever, there are so many techniques packed in there, some traditional but many that really make you think outside of the box and inspire you to try things that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. Her images are placed throughout the PDF really make you want to push yourself. This course is for anyone that wants to expand their horizons but if you feel stuck in a rut do this now! Seriously this course has brought back the enjoyment of creating for me which I had begun to loose as I was chasing the “perfect” image which ticked all the boxes of traditional photography. I cannot recommend this course enough.

  77. I have just finished Week 2, and I can tell you that this week was probably the best, materials-wise, that I’ve ever had in any Clickin’ Moms course. There is sooooo much material, and through it all, Jyotsna is inspiring, kind, and helpful. Let me reiterate: This is the BEST CLASS EVER!

    Thanks for helping us take it to a whole new level, Jyo!

  78. After nearly five years owning my photography business I noticed my tastes and style has changed and I wanted to add some fine art elements to my sessions. After two weeks of taking the The Imperfectionist workshop, I knew this was the perfect course for me. Not only has my style grown in the past two weeks but I have implemented some skills I’ve learnt in client sessions already and clients are raving about the results. I cannot thank Jyo enough for teaching me new skills to create some truly special and original photographs.

  79. I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface of this workshop and already learnt so many techniques that are new to me. I’ve been very focused on learning all the technical aspects of photography and letting go of some of that has been so much fun. Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

    1. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

      I’ve been enjoying seeing your growth already! I’ll be following your journey along and I am so happy to see you’ve been pushing yourself!! Thank you :)

  80. I am not sure I would have pushed myself to try freelensing (a goal of mine for this year) so quickly without this course and Jyo answering all of my questions. I really enjoy the in-depth lessons she provides, as well as the community that has been formed from this course! It’s not only helpful to push myself to be more creative in situations I may have shied away from previously (like harsh light), but also learn ways to approach those situations with more confidence.

    Thanks, Jyo!

    1. That’s so nice to know Cara!! I’m so glad you’ve been pushing yourself!! I can’t wait to follow your journey along ❤️

  81. I have gained a new perspective on my approach to viewing my surroundings I am wanting to capture. After week two of this workshop, My work looks different, I feel more free as an artist to express what I want to convey in my images. Empowerment is the one word I would use to describe what the workshop will leave you with.

  82. I’ve always focused so much on the technical side of photography, this class was exactly what I needed to expand my knowledge base and learn how to let go and be more creative with my camera. If you want better understand how to create those dream-like images Jyo produces, this class is definitely for you! Jyo is a great teacher; I’ve learned so much more than I ever thought I would!!

    1. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

      Thank you so much Mandalyn! Reading this makes me soo happy! I’m loving seeing how you have been stretching yourself creatively the past two weeks!

  83. This workshop is exactly what I needed to help me fall back in love with the creative side of photography! I am enjoying Jyo’s easy to understand method of teaching and she is always open to questions and explanation. This workshop is already stretching me and making me excited to be holding a camera in my hands again!

  84. I am only a week in and am LOVING this class. I have been shooting pro for several years but for the past year have really been missing that passion and creativity that drew me to photography in the first place. I needed something to get me thinking outside of the box and out of my rut and Jyotsna has done exactly that!

    1. Jyotsna Bhamidipati

      Ahh that makes me soo happy to read! That’s exactly what my intention was and I am glad you are enjoying yourself!

  85. I love the workshop! I learned so much from the first two PDFs and the videos, I can’t wait for the third one. Jyo gives many great ideas and techniques to try and I am eager to try some of them! I joined as SA, and even though I can not participate in the conversations, I am getting a lot from this course.

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