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The Power of Posing

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There’s so much more to posing than body positioning.

When you’re confident, they’re confident. And when they trust you, it shows. From family and maternity sessions to boudoir and senior shoots, you’ll learn powerful posing (and unposing) techniques that provide the foundation for incredible sessions - and discover how preparation, confidence, and adaptability can make or break your photos.
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You'll feel like you're at an in-person shooting workshop. Alex doesn’t take you behind the scenes - she brings you right where the action is. You’ll get to see how she works with clients during maternity, family, boudoir, and senior shoots - and she'll explain her process and techniques directly to you throughout each session.

It's like being right there with her, getting personal guidance and a hands-on approach in real client scenarios.
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what you'll get

Versatile posing techniques and practical, adaptable approaches to real world sessions

In-depth image analysis that breaks down what makes a pose work and why

Prep plans for session success, including questions to ask your clients in advance and the boudoir preparation guide Alex gives her own clients

Posing flows and mobile posing cards for each session type – plus prompts and activities for candid images that add emotional depth to client galleries

Unique tips and strategies you’ve definitely never heard before (like an unexpected reason for keeping baby wipes in your bag)

“Being fearless and making bold and thoughtful decisions during your client’s session will set you apart from the rest.”

check out what's in your classroom
Immersive Videos
Five insightful videos that take you to real-world sessions across maternity, family, boudoir, and senior photography genres, plus two bonus editing videos offering a peek into Alex's post-production process
Comprehensive Guides
Detailed guides on session preparation, flow, and image analysis for each session type
Mobile Prompt & Posing Cards
Digital posing cards and family unposing prompts (you’ll look like a total pro when you pull them up on your Apple watch!)

by the end of this course,

you won’t just capture their best angles - you’ll capture who they really are.
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meet your instructor

Alex Eischeid

Alex Eischeid an award-winning photographer based out of Norman, Oklahoma. Over the last eight years, she has worked with hundreds of clients to help tell the unique story of who they are as individuals and as families. She is a Click Community Mentor, teaches three Click Photo School courses, offers one-on-one mentoring to fellow photographers, and has also received multiple Click Voice wins. It is her passion to help other artists develop their own artistic and creative voices.

40 thoughts on “The Power of Posing”

  1. This is truly an amazing course. Alex is an amazing teacher and she shared so much in this course touching on so many different types of sessions. I love that I got to watch how exactly Alex works her magic in the BTS videos. What is really valuable about this course is that Alex included posing guides for beyond the family with young children category. I would really recommend this class to anyone who photographs people!

  2. This is my second course with Alex as the instructor and, boy, does she deliver. She has a great, natural way of explaining her thought process and giving direction. I have learned so much from her and I can’t wait to go out and start doing photo sessions with confidence.

  3. I just cannot say how much I loved this course! Alex is not only an amazing photographer, but a phenomenal teacher too! The way she structured her course makes it easy to follow and learn all the concepts… plus what I adored is how you circle back and consolidate all the learnings through the prompt and posing cards at the end of each chapter. The videos, along with all the information and tips Alex shares, are pure gold! This is definitely a must-have course!

  4. This course is absolute gold for anyone with a portrait business! Alex is a phenomenal teacher. I love how she walks you through different types of sessions, explaining her posing and providing some great prompts. She then breaks down the why of the images afterward. I’ll definitely be rewatching these videos before my next session and bringing along her awesome field guides.

  5. Wow, just wow! This course may be sold as a short, self-paced course, but it is PACKED with solid information. Alex not only guides you through her thought processes for posing families, maternity, boudoir and senior sessions, but also the importance of knowing what kinds of questions to ask your clients ahead of time, compositional and styling elements to take into consideration, posing and prompt cards, and demonstrations of how she shoots each type of session. Every section is so well organized and easy to follow and internalize. I have definitely forked over hundreds of dollars for courses that had less information. This course is worth every penny and then some. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, Alex!

  6. Alex is a natural teacher! She is easy going, confident and funny; three things necessary to make any photo session run smoothly. This course was wonderful to take; it was like being Alex’s assistant to 5 completely different photo sessions. I love how she took us through the complete session from shoot to edit. There was so much information to unpack in each lesson. Alex also graciously provides downloads, tips, and prompts for each session so that everyone can easily refer back to the class at any time.

    It’s always a pleasure taking one of Alex’s courses!

  7. This class is FULL of such amazing information. I love that its raw and real and explains everything so well. We all know that things are going to be perfectly laid our for us when we shoot, so being able to see a look at a real session and how to adjust accordingly is amazing. Thanks for this course!

  8. This is an amazing course and really MUCH more than you pay for! Watching Alex work is hugely helpful- you can tell that she makes people feel at ease in front of her camera. She then proceeds to tell you exactly how! She has very clear instructions and provides solid background information so that all of her information is understandable. I’ve already used some of her techniques and I haven’t even gotten through all the material yet! She has some great ideas on how to wrangle kids during challenging family sessions, how to get natural smiles and connection from couples, how to empower clients during boudoir sessions and so much more. She includes SO much information in her videos and pdfs. This is a can’t miss course!

  9. I am a senior photographer, and I spent the most time focusing on her senior lesson. I am obsessed! Alex’s senior posing breakdown is brilliant, and something I will use with every session from now on! Seeing her actively posing the model, and then seeing the breakdown of the pose helped me tremendously. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and the thoughtful combination of videos and pdfs which pull a lot of information together beautifully. Thank you!

  10. There is so much information in this course! As a previous poster mentioned Alex is so generous with her knowledge, tips and tricks. That is one reason I had no hesitation signing up for this breakout after taking “My Own Muse.” Alex is fun to “work with” even virtually. I’m not a pro, but can never get too many tips that will help with taking pictures of my own kids and grandkids.
    Thanks, Alex!

  11. Wow Wow Wow.
    Honestly, I bought this course on a whim thinking I could always learn more tricks when it comes to posing…. There is SO MUCH INFORMATION that I wasn’t expecting and I have learned far more than I thought I would. Alex is so generous with her knowledge and experience. We don’t have a lot of senior photography up here in Canada so I wasn’t going to really pay attention to this section but holy cow the information is totally transferrable to awkward teenagers in family sessions and this is one area that I always struggle with!! Thanks Alex :)

  12. Watching the videos helped me feel confident in some of the things I’m already doing as well more clear language for directing families and seniors. Noticed a difference in my first senior session after watching the videos and looking forward to my next family session! Thank you!

  13. Power of Posing could not come at a better time. I had my first senior session and an extended family session all in one week. The Tutorials were great, Alex was quick to respond to questions and the community feedback was amazing! Bravo!

  14. There is so much information packed into this course. I just started going through it and I’ve already learned so many good tips and tidbits for my next sessions! Can’t wait to go through the rest of the course!

  15. Sabrina Sandberg

    Alex is the most amazing instructor! Even for a breakout she really makes you feel part of the group and deepens the interaction! All of her tips are stellar and if you are struggling at all with posing or just need some new prompts in your back pocket definitely don’t hesitate to get this course!

  16. A long time admirer of Alex’s work, this class did not disappoint. She’s a seasoned pro and this class solidifies her outstanding ability to teach both beginners and professionals how to work with clients to create magic. The videos, pdf and field guides go to amazing detail to really breakdown and help you understand the WHY behind what poses work the best. This class leaves you feeling prepared to conquer your next session with confidence. From prep work to workflow, from building client trust all the way down to editing….this class is pure GOLD. Thank you Alex for sharing your knowledge and talent with us!

  17. This course is absolutely amazing and exceeded my expectations ! Alex is an incredible teacher and I honestly cannot believe how much detail is covered in each session module. Even if you just photograph your own family, the confidence you’ll gain in posing, lighting, lens choices, camera settings etc is invaluable. I guarantee you’ll benefit from course. Thank you Alex for putting this course together. I am now a huge fan and look forward to taking more of your courses!

  18. Alex has put her heart and soul into this class. Like literally, I feel like the amount of information given could take up a full online course lasting weeks! This class has sparked so many new and exciting ideas for all of my sessions. The pdf’s share and show the knowledge Alex has. They help guide you to have a better confidence level with tactical advice and options. I LOVE tactical advice where I can start putting new ideas into play immediately! I can’t say enough about the videos either. Amazing and full of hands on and delightful information. In addition, you get some posing and prompt cards to help you if you get stuck in a session. I literally used the cards on a session already!

    If you have any interest in upping your posing game, this class is for you!

  19. Alex is a pro! I cannot express how fantastic this course is. I am new to photography, so it takes me a little bit to understand and catch on but with Alex she did an absolute amazing job explaining and giving ideas. The videos were so helpful and the wallet (field guide) cards, superb. She gave me such confidence that I had my first mini session last night with a mother and her 2 daughters. I was nervous but referring to the cards on my phone throughout the session really helped it to go smoothly. Thank you so much

  20. This course has felt like tagging along as Alex’s second shooter on five different sessions. I’m new to working with clients, and the confidence I’ve gained feels like a different person from the one who registered for this course just a week ago! The information is so clear, so useful, so well presented, and SO reasonably priced!! It was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Alex, for being so generous with your talent and technique!

    1. *Insert happy crying face* Thank YOU Jill. Seriously I can’t thank you enough for the kind feedback. I’m so happy this course has been beneficial for you!

  21. This course is FULL of so many great ideas and cues to help you get through a session (no matter the genre you are shooting) with a newfound ease and less of a panic and “what do I do next” feeling! The downloadable mobile cards to literally have in your pocket are super helpful! Watching Alex do her thing is so helpful and gives so many ideas and a feeling of confidence/”I can do this” (and is super fun to see her in action)!

  22. I have only read/watch the family and maternity sections so far but I have really enjoyed them. Senior sessions aren’t really a thing here but I’m excited to watch the video as I’m sure it will help me with older kids in my family sessions.

  23. I am a huge fan of Alex and her work so when I saw this course listed I was so excited. Alex is seriously a master at posing. I have used many of her techniques in my personal self portrait project but now will incorporate so much into my client work. I primarily shoot seniors and the nuances I learned from Alex will definitely elevate my work. I cannot wait to try some of the poses out on my next senior shoot. If you are intimidated by posing don’t hesitate to take this course. Whatever your genre or honestly just for yourself, your family and friends you will learn so much. And Alex is very fun to watch and learn from. She is simply the best!

    1. Aw Melissa! Thank you truly for the kind words. You are such a gem and I so appreciate you taking the course with me. Love you!

  24. This is a great class for all portrait photographers! Alex is the master poser and really great at explaining why you want to pose people in a certain way. There were things that I was already doing intuitively in terms of lighting, etc, and I learned from her in one of the videos why I preferred those lighting scenarios. I jumped right in to the senior posing videos as I am gearing up for senior portrait season and they are so helpful. I am going to print the posing cards and stick them in my bag for reference just in case I get stuck during a session. The best part of this is that the more you do it, the more intuitive it becomes, so she is really giving everyone a blueprint to success, especially with the session flow sheets and her reminders to go far, middle and close on each shot. The family video was also so helpful for seeing how someone else handled a family session that was going a little sideways, and she showed us how to get some really great family shots even when a family member was being a little uncooperative! The games guide will be another great addition for my bag, too!

    1. Thank you so so much for the feedback Rachel! I’m glad that you were able to find the materials helpful because you are such a talent. And like you said, the more you do it, the more intuitive it becomes. I was so honored to have you in the class!

  25. Learn posing from the best! Alex is a master of posing her subjects in a way that is most flattering and comfortable. She clearly explains her methods for posing and gives us examples across multiple genres. Using Alex’s senior posing tips, I was able to adapt them for a group of tweens that I worked with and the results were fantastic! I loved having a confident answer to all of their questions about what to do: like, which shoulder should my hair go over? Previously, I would say, whatever is comfortable for you, or let’s try… But after watching Alex’s course, I was able to say without a doubt how to place the hair, the hands and whatever else my subject needed help with. Using Alex’s guidance to make small adjustments to how I would typically pose a subject made a huge difference! I will definitely be referring back to this content time and again with my clients. This is a must take course for any photographer working with clients, models or self portraits!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Jill! I loved seeing the images of your tween girls- they were absolutely gorgeous! I’m glad you were able to have some takeaways from this course and to go with multiple genres!

  26. Absolute gold. Tons of info, but I would have paid double just for the videos. I could literally watch Alex teach posing all day long. Her approach is so confident and inspiring and she’s even got me considering shooting boudoir – never thought I’d say that lol. If you’re on the fence just do it. You definitely will not regret it.

    1. Heather! Wow I appreciate your kind words so so much and I encourage you to find a friend who would be willing to let you practice boudoir on them. It is one of my favorite genres! Empowering other women empowers *you*! I’m so so glad you enjoyed the course, especially the videos. Because posing is so visual, I wanted to make sure those videos especially would beneficial. Thank you Heather!

  27. Hi, Alex!
    Course looks well developed. I’m perplexed, though.

    Would this be a helpful course if I mostly photograph children? I really wasn’t sure. I need help posing, but I don’t do maternity or boudoir or family. Would it make any sense for me to take this?

    Thank you for your response, and good luck!


    1. Hey Renee! The family BTS and family field guide would be the most beneficial to you. Because you never really know what you’re going to get with children, I take a more candid approach when working with children. The family BTS has 3 kids so you can see how I work with them individually and together. The field guide also includes a number of different games and prompts to help loosen them up!

  28. Hi, Alex!
    Course looks well developed. I’m perplexed, though.

    Would this be a helpful course if I mostly photograph children? I really wasn’t sure. I need help posing, but I don’t do maternity or boudoir or family. Would it make any sense for me to take this?

    Thank you for your response, and good luck!


    1. Hey Karlee! Yes, each section has its own PDF that you can print from home. Each PDF includes 10 image breakdowns so you can have a visual of why a certain pose “worked”. I also include a “Session Flow” for each shoot as well as a boudoir prep sheet to send to clients and a family field guide full of games, questions, and prompts!

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