The Ultimate Guide to Profitable Mini Sessions

with Jenni Maroney

self-paced course



NEW! This program is now available at Click Photo School as a self-paced course.

All class content is organized into simple steps as part of a clear, self-guided pathway inside a virtual classroom. Registration includes one year access to the course.

Learn how to host a $25,000 Mini Session Weekend!

Go behind the scenes with Jenni Maroney, as she walks you through her entire mini session process from start to finish!

From natural posing to efficient workflows for stress free mini sessions, Jenni shares everything she’s learned in over 20 years of shooting!

Learn Jenni’s client workflows, in-person sales techniques, and so much more to help you host a profitable mini session season year after year!

Jenni will show you the best way to launch and market a mini session event!

Discover what you’ll need (and what you’ll need to know!) before you host your mini session and then how to choose the keepers at the end!

what you’ll get


A step-by-step, 7 chapter guide with a proven process for successful, more profitable mini-sessions

  • Ch 1: Planning
  • Ch 2: Marketing
  • Ch 3: Booking
  • Ch 4: Preparing
  • Ch 5: Session Day
  • Ch 6: Editing
  • Ch 7: Selling


7 accompanying videos that detail Jenni’s unique process in depth, from start-to-finish


Learn on any device! All class content is organized into simple steps as part of a clear, self-guided pathway inside your private online classroom.


You'll check off each interactive step as you go, from reading the materials to watching the videos.


Read through Jenni's answers to questions asked during the launch event (now concluded) and watch her Q&A video!


All class materials are yours to download and keep.

about your presenter

Jenni Maroney is a photographer and business coach for female photographers ready to transform their businesses into powerhouses while working less than 30 hours a week (because who the heck wants to do that?!).

44 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Profitable Mini Sessions”

  1. Jenni’s course is a must take for any photographer interested in offering mini-sessions. She breaks the process down in an informative and inspirational manner that makes you want to book them every weekend!

  2. All I can say is wow!!! The title doesn’t lie, this is definitely the “Ultimate Guide” to mini sessions! Jenni gives you all of the tool you need to be successful. This is such a valuable resource.

  3. So much good information in this breakout! I can’t wait to apply it all to my mini sessions this spring. Jenni gives such good, practical advice on how to make your mini sessions the most successful they can be!

  4. Worth every penny! I’m halfway through and it’s already answered so many questions for me. It’s super informative and very easy to follow.

  5. I have done other courses, group mentoring and even retreats with Jenni and each time I learn so much. This course is no expection to that and I can’t wait to start scheduling my next set of mini sessions!

  6. Heather Basinger

    I have been in business for over 12 years, and I am not even half way through all of Jenni’s material, and I have already gotten a ton out of this breakout. It just may be my favorite one yet (and I have done a ton). Thank you Jenni! I have picked my Spring mini session date, and I’m super excited to take what I’ve learned from you and put it into action! You’re the best!!

  7. This breakout is amazing. It literally covered all aspects there are when it comes to mini sessions! Can’t wait to implement what I learned here!

  8. I finished the course yesterday and I’m so so grateful. Jenni is an amazing teacher! The ebook and videos are so well organized and so easy to understand. She gives you a very direct method to her success and I can’t wait to try it out! Thank you Jenni for this, I truly enjoyed it!

  9. Wow! This breakout covers it ALL! So much information – valuable information – presented in a simple step-by-step format. The PDF’s are beautiful and include posing tips as well as all the “administrative” tasks to perform to have an extremely successful and profitable mini session weekend! If you’re thinking about doing, or want to be more effective at mini sessions, THIS is the breakout you need to get!

  10. This is such a well organized breakout session. There is a beautiful, colorful PDF for each section of the breakout and a video for each section as well. I have learned so much and feel excited to apply everything Jenni taught in the future. Definitely a breakout you don’t want to miss!

  11. I have to admit, I did mini sessions last year and was about to give up on them, but Jenni has changed my mind! I am about half way through the course and have learned so much about how to plan, build excitement, advertise and book my mini sessions this year! Jenni takes you through every step in the course and is always quick with an answer if you have one. I am excited to get my mini’s planned!

  12. This was a great Break Out. Jenni is very generous with her information, sharing everything from prepping for mini-sessions, to day-of, and offering a full service experience after the session. Thank you, this session was very informative and full of actionable steps!

  13. I love how you broke down the pricing in a simple way and so easy to do with my own goals and numbers! I never thought to do it that way, I was always looking at other photographers and just doing it that way! Learning IPS myself and found in very insightful the way you broke it down and setup the expectations beforehand like on your website (sign up page), and when they come in you have images on a wall (on computer) for them to see themselves already on a wall!! Thank you sooo much for this guide and excited to run my own minis now!

  14. Hello,
    I was suuuuuuuuuuuper skeptical on taking this class. There are so many “free” webinars out there telling you how to earn tens of thousands of dollars on mini sessions so for me to pay to take a class on the “same” info had me a little uncertain. Boy am I glad I was wrong and was pleasantly surprised at what this class held. Jenni breaks it down into small detailed understandable segments. My pricing is not at all structured like hers but unlike the free webinars, she shows you how she does ABC and why she does XYZ and then explains it all in a way that does not come across as a sales person to a client but as a personal assistant friend in a way to use your own style to enhance your sales. I even enjoyed the buying process and it wasn’t even my family or my order lol. She gives you easy to comprehend pieces of the entire process from start to finish. This was the best “pricing for ..” course I have ever taken. I can not recommend it enough. Great for anyone and everyone anywhere in their photography journey. Thank you Jenni. Can’t wait to join you on your fb group. And OMG do you make Boulder look like an amazing place and now on my next travel destination.

  15. Hey! I’ve just seen this class now and it’s past the date, so bummed as it looks invaluable! When will this be run again? I would love to register

  16. I have taken many, many BOs and I find that it is a hit and miss. So, I am usually on the fence to sign up for a new BO. But I am so glad that I signed up for this one! If you have an eye on Jenni’s BO but are unsure if it is worth it, let me assure you that is worth every penny! The information that Jenni has shared is sooo helpful. She gives a very detailed step-by-step on how to set up mini sessions for a successful outcome right from the start. She has a series of videos that support the information on the PDF. But unlike other BOs that include 5-min videos, hers are long and in-depth. It is super well organized and it gives all the information you need. Plus, she is very engaged in the Q&A and does not hold anything back. This is definitely one of my absolute favorite BOs!!

  17. I haven’t run a mini session so I’m excited to learn Jenni’s secrets! The course is set up well with videos for each section and a PDF too. I have learned so much so far and am planning to use what I’ve learned soon! Thanks so much Jenni!! Such a great breakout!

  18. This course is blowing my mind! I cannot wait until Fall is here again to crush my mini sessions! Jenni had a way of teaching that is so hands on and life, I have all the tools I need to prepare for a successful season! This course is a no brainer for sure!

  19. I love how Jenni goes through every aspect of a successful mini session! So helpful to see the marketing, scheduling, information to relay to the clients, day of considerations, shooting and posing tips, editing, and selling! She leaves nothing out!

  20. I’m not even finished with the course and yet have already learned so much. I love love Jenni’s style of teaching. I can’t wait to set up my first ever mini sesh.

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