A Beautiful Bite:

Creating expressive and emotive food photography
with Amy Smith
food photography workshop

Create captivating, mouth-watering food photographs!


Go behind the scenes with Amy Smith as she shares the secrets of beautiful food imagery!

  • A list of props and backdrops/surfaces you need to create compelling images (plus budget-friendly tips and tricks to help you get started!)
  • An explanation of full setup, including the gear and camera settings that Amy uses to create her images
  • Lighting techniques (both natural and created!) to help you create bright images or dark and moody images
  • An understanding of Amy's full process, from shoot to post-processing
This course is for you if...
  1. You love looking at food photography, and you’d like to give it a try – but you’re not exactly Betty Crocker.
  2. You truly enjoy the creative process and are drawn to the idea of bringing everyday items together to create something beautiful (you’re just not sure how to do it!).
  3. Photography just hasn’t been the same since your kids got older, and you miss creating work that’s really meaningful to you.
  4. You love both photography and food itself (whether that’s going to the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings, trying that new bakery in town, or baking your grandma's famous cake recipe) – but you haven’t explored them together.
  5. The idea of creating photos according to your mood – bright, deep, calm, or complex – is appealing to you, especially if you can do it with things you have on hand.

Learn on any device! All class content is organized into simple steps as part of a clear, self-guided pathway inside your private online classroom.


Ask questions for potential inclusion in a Q&A with your instructor! The final Q&A video will be available for you to watch and keep at the end of the live run.


You'll check off each interactive step as you go, from watching the videos to engaging in discussions with your instructor and fellow students.


All class materials are yours to download and keep.


Exclusive eBook
  • The equipment you need
  • How to use light and set up your frame
  • Creating compelling compositions
13 Detailed Videos
  • Gear and prop videos
  • Behind the scenes videos

you'll be able to take any blank surface and turn it into a beautiful food photograph that is totally unique to you.


about your presenter

Amy Smith is an artist residing in Louisville, Kentucky. She has always had a love and talent of baking and crafting, and she has merged her talents in the kitchen with her love of photography to style and bring to life the beauty and artistry that food can possess. Currently, she is a Click Community mentor, specializing in food, commercial and branding photography and videography. Amy also enjoys hiking and exploring, photographing the beauty of her surroundings and travels.

35 thoughts on “A Beautiful Bite: Creating expressive and emotive food photography”

  1. kristin vukcevic

    If you are interested in jumping into food photography, this is a great class to get you started. Amy goes through her entire process in creating an image, with a beautiful PDF and very informative videos. She also gives you some great budget friendly and DIY prop ideas. I highly recommend this class!

  2. This was such an inspiring self paced course. I’m often intimidated by the idea of elaborate set ups and extra equipment but Amy’s approach is simple and she makes things like lighting and tethering feel doable. Watching her videos felt like I was hanging out with a friend sharing all her food photography tips and tricks! I am quite new to the genre of food photography and Amy has economical suggestions for various props and surfaces, as well as some nifty problem solving tips which I really appreciated. I highly recommend this course!

    1. Thanks so much Katy for the kind and encouraging words! I am so happy that you feel that it was practical and enjoyed the presentation of the material. Thanks so much for the support! : )

  3. I have always wanted to try food photography, but it has felt so intimidating! I love how Amy has broken it down to make it more simple to understand the foundations! She uses a no-nonsense, direct and easy approach! I highly recommend this course if you are even remotely interested in food photography!

  4. I love food photography, but I always feel so lost when I’m attempting to set everything up. NOT anymore! Amy shares everything you need to know to take amazing photos. What I love most about this course is that so much of what Amy teaches can be applied to other genres of photography as well! She’s such a great teacher, and this course is worth every penny!

    1. Jamie, thanks so much for the kind words and I am so happy that you found the information to be applicable to other genres as well! That makes me super happy! I am excited to see what you create! Thanks again!

  5. Thank you so much, Amy! I am excited to go through your PDF that is filled with all your beautiful imagery! I am jumping in a little late, but look forward to ‘digesting’ all the materials in the next month or two as time allows. I love the critiques that you have given in the live run as they are so helpful and constructive. I am not a baker or cook lol, but I do love creating beautiful salads and look forward to capturing them soon. My hubby is the baker, so maybe I will have to be his photographer and just stick to my salads lol!

  6. Amy’s course came at such a great time. I recently was contacted by a company to do a little food photography as part of an assignment, and while I managed to get the images they requested, I realized just how much more there was to food photography than I had ever considered. As someone who has not dabbled much in this genre, I really appreciate Amy’s thoughtfulness and the way she breaks it down simply into light, composition, color theory, textures. So many wonderful ways to break down something that can feel so intimidating, and I look forward to studying it even deeper in the months ahead, as I try to tackle this genre a bit more. Thank you so much, Amy!

    1. How exciting Christina! I am super happy for you to have gotten a great assignment like that! I hope the course was helpful and going forward will give you better insight and provide amazing images to your clients!

  7. If you are interested or enjoy food photography I highly recommend this course! Amy provides a behind the scenes pass into how she creates incredible food set ups from start to finish. I have been a long time fan of Amy’s food photography, and to be able to learn from her presented an incredible opportunity. It should be noted that while I digested the material of the course, I also digested a few treats (the imagery is craving worthy). Looking forward to implementing this course information into practice. Thank you Amy!!

  8. Wow ! What an exeptional value for the money spent. Put together well with a wealth of insight and logical explanations of techniques to help you create great results. I have not done food photography yet, but I have purchased a great book and looked at several videos and none offer this level of information all in one place. Thank you for this and all the information shared, it has opened a whole new world of oppertunities for me with and extra boost of confidence !

    1. Michael – You have made my day and I am beyond thrilled that you enjoyed the course so well! Thanks so much for your kind words and I am looking forward to hearing how your food photography journey takes flight! Keep me posted! : )

  9. Melissa J Bissell

    With the winter holidays right around the corner “A Beautiful Bite”, taught by Amy Smith, couldn’t have come at a better time! But regardless of the season, if you have an interest in learning food photography, or you want to take your food images to the next level, this is a must-have course! From lighting, to props, to editing, Amy shares her vast wealth of knowledge about this fun and tasty photography genre. I’m so excited to start brainstorming some creative food set-ups and using everything I learned in this course to execute mouth-watering food images!

  10. If you have any interest in food photography, I cannot recommend this course enough! Amy is so talented and her images are drool worthy. Just the eye candy in this pdf is worth it alone, but she packs this course full of technical information, tools and set up tricks, creative ideas and inspiration. She leaves nothing out and gives ideas for all kinds of foods and various ways to get up your images. Composition, lighting, settings, – anything you feel unsure of, Amy has suggestions and ideas! Her videos cover a whole variety of food ideas and tips for lighting and set up. Don’t miss this class!

  11. This course is gold!! I absolutely love seeing Amy’s behind the scenes of how she creates her amazing food images from start to finish. I am so inspired to bake and photograph during this holiday season, and I’ve already started planning for it. I highly recommend this class!

  12. Amy is AMAZING! From the moment I opened the eBook I knew this course was going to be a tool I’d want to revisit over and over. She gives easy to follow steps and ideas throughout which make this genre of photography seems approachable and not intimidating. Her visual examples are great as well as her videos. 10 stars!

  13. I just finished going through all of the materials for “A Beautiful Bite” and ley me tell you what a bargain this class is at only $25. Amy has done an amazing job at demystifying the art of food photography. As the Holiday Season approaches there will be so many treats and meals to photograph and Amy has whet my appetite to play with my food!!

  14. Do you love food photography? Would you like to learn from the best in the field of food photography? Then this self paced course is for you! The PDF you will receive is not only beautifully written, but it gives you detailed insight on how Amy is approaching the subjects.

    Amy’s videos are very informative, and a lot of fun to watch. In the videos Amy goes over her thought process, and why she chooses the angles she does. Although I have photographed food for a while now, this course will get me to the next level, for sure.

    1. Thanks so much Iris! I am so happy you enjoyed the course and I am super excited to see more of your beautiful work! If you ever have any questions – you know where to find me! : )

  15. I love food and I love taking photos of food. I’ve always felt intimidated by the seemingly elaborate process of food photography. I am SO glad that I took Amy’s course because she explained all the aspects from how to set things up to how to shoot to how to edit in the materials. I love watching her demonstration videos. I am a visual learner so all the videos are really helpful for me to understand how exactly it is done. Amy’s work is stunning and she is a great teacher. I enjoyed her teaching style in this course too :) I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to get into food photography or would like to take their food photography to the next level.

  16. Amy shows you everything from props to lighting, editing & more! Amy’s teaching style makes it easy for beginners to get into the creative process quickly but also imparts an abundance of knowledge that even pros will find invaluable.
    Amy’s videos are extremely helpful. I’m sure you will love this course as much as I did.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback Linsey – I can’t tell you how appreciated that is! I am glad that you found the course to add value and knowledge, even for pros! ; )

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