Color & Composition:

Simple Techniques for Stronger Photos
with Katharine Vogel

Create compelling photographs from everyday moments through observation, composition, and editing!

Strengthen your observation skills and improve your compositions!

  • A guide to using color theory to strengthen your images in camera and in post
  • In-camera and editing techniques to help you use minimalism and negative space to improve your compositions
  • Ideas for photographing children (without needing to pose or prompt them!)
  • Editing tips and tricks to optimize the colors in your photos
This course is for you if...
  1. You want to create impactful, emotive work in your everyday locations...without any props!
  2. You want to hone your observation skills to capture stronger images in camera.
  3. You appreciate a "less is more" approach and want to incorporate minimalism and negative space in your compositions.
  4. You love color and want to use it (even it it's in the post-processing step!) to create beautiful photographs.
  5. You want to use composition intentionally to create scroll-stopping images of the moments all around you.

Learn on any device! All class content is organized into simple steps as part of a clear, self-guided pathway inside your private online classroom.


Read through Katharine's answers to questions asked during the launch event (now concluded) and watch her Q&A video!


You'll check off each interactive step as you go, from watching the videos to engaging in discussions with your instructor and fellow students.


All class materials are yours to download and keep.


Exclusive eBook
  • Composition, minimalism, color, and more!
  • 8 detailed Videos
    • 5 editing videos
    • 1 introduction video
    • 2 behind the scenes videos

you'll be able to create compelling compositions from the everyday scenes all around you!


about your presenter

Katharine Vogel is an award-winning photographer embracing the country life on an Iowa wind farm. She is married to her high school sweetheart and together they have one son. Katharine’s colorful and emotive work includes everyday moments at home, all while capturing the beauty of rural living.

40 thoughts on “Color & Composition: Simple Techniques for Stronger Photos”

  1. I can’t recommend this class enough. I have been a huge fan of Katherine’s work and it is wonderful to see how she thinks and brings her vision to life. Katherine’s behind the scene videos really help me understand the way she shoots without much prompts, and the editing videos are wonderful visual learning tools. I am sure I will keep coming back to this course in the future.

  2. Danielle Jacobson

    I couldn’t recommend this course more! Katharine is such an incredible artist and it truly is a treat to get to watch her edit. The PDF itself is a work of art, filled with so many gorgeous images and thoughtful (yet easy) tips for dramatically improving your images. I know I will be revisiting it regularly for a long time to come. Both her editing and behind the scenes videos are straightforward and helpful, and she’s included a wide variety of both. I’ve never felt more motivated to pick up my camera and edit. Do yourself a huge favor and purchase this course toady!

  3. Katharine’s class has really got me thinking more about color theory in my own images. This isn’t something I normally thought a ton about, but her images really show how impactful it can be! I love her bold use of color. Her teaching style is very clear and easy to comprehend! Definitely recommend this course!

  4. Katherine has put together an amazing course! Her PDF is packed full of so much information and I love seeing all of the videos and hearing her thought process. Her editing is easy to understand and to apply and she is willing to answer any of my questions and to offer any feedback and/or suggestions. In doing so, this helps me to become a better photographer. I can’t say enough about this course!

  5. Ryan Elizabeth Ward

    Katharine has put together a truly fantastic course. Whether you are new to photography or have been shooting for quite awhile, there is so much information within both the PDF and videos. I especially love her behind the scenes video. I have four boys and there are times I need to remind myself my goal needs to be capturing the images I have in my mind without causing either myself or my boys frustrations. Katharine is so great at setting up opportunities to photograph her son beautifully but with no pressure on him. Thank you Katharine for sharing so much fantastic knowledge and inspiring me to be more intentional and observant as I document life with my crew!

  6. This is such a great course, it has loads of topics covered in the pdf, it helps to get more ideas for compositions during a shoot, and also I have also started thinking of how editing might help in places, for example if I am not able to get the shot as I envisioned, there might be editing tricks to fix them later. Katherine’s behind the scene videos really help us understand the way she shoots without much prompts, and the editing videos bring the photos to life. I am sure I will keep coming back to this course multiple times.

  7. This is one of my two favorite breakout courses ever. I’ve taken quite a few breakout courses and had just promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any more because I was starting to feel that they didn’t hold the value I was looking for at this point in my photography (and my personal preference for full workshops). Katharine’s images convinced me to take a chance on this one and I’m so glad I did! Her before and afters are so amazing and her PDF is absolutely inspirational! She is so intentional about her color and composition and truly has a vision in mind when making an image. She shares her thought process on making an image impactful, including changing color or composition in post-processing and her editing videos are so useful. I love bold vibrant colors and appreciate the way she enhances color theory in post (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t love editing!). Although I’ve gone through the materials once already, I know it’s something that will take longer to digest and I plan to return to the materials again and again in the future. Thank you so much for this amazing course!

  8. I have loved this course so much! It is digestible, and I have found myself both shooting and editing with more intention since I began. No matter your experience level, doing a deep dive into the basics of color theory and composition can only strengthen your work. These are some of the foundational steps in creating images with impact, broken down so beautifully. I look forward to seeing more of Katharine’s classes in the future!

  9. I am just getting around to reading the PDF. It is lovely so far. After reading and view the photos I keep looking for the ‘Love’ button. Can’t wait to get back to reading between raising little ones. ;)

  10. I couldn’t stop reading/watching this breakout! I finished the whole thing in just three days. I credit Katharine with my a-ha moments… I’ve been “stuck” when it comes to composition for years, and this was exactly what I needed.

    Katharine is very down-to-earth. She explains things in a way that makes sense to my brain. Then she shows so many visual examples and videos to reinforce the reading material. I’ve also learned so many random LR editing capabilities just by watching her work!

    Thank you Katharine. This breakout really is a game-changer for me.

  11. In this course I am being pushed to have more purpose and vision in my work. I can better apply my skills for shooting and in post. The pace of the course and the content are a perfect jolt of illumination and energy. The class is formatted in a manner that is east to digest and pushes me to improve. I find Katharine’s style of teaching and presentation super enjoyable. You will love this course!

  12. I can only recommend taking this course. Katharine have put so much work into it. Especially her pdf which is so beautiful and inspiring. The course made me look at my old work in a new way and I am sure it will do the same for anyone else who will take this course. I learned how simple tricks and tools in Photoshop can change and impact my photos in a big way. I cannot wait to take all these new learnings with me as I continue to better myself as a photographer. Thank you Katharine for teaching us.

  13. Katharine’s work evokes SO much thought and emotion in me as someone on the other end experiencing it. The intention she pours into every part of her process shines through and in this course she literally walks us through every step that has become so foundational in her creative process. I am such a reactive photographer and I just love going through this course and learning from her insights on how to slow my process down and be much more intentional with what I am photographing.

    This course opens you up to all of the possibility that comes along with making a habit out of observing and being mindful. I love her exploration of color theory! She explains how certain colors can evoke certain emotions and how to really bring out a cohesiveness between the colors in your images and to create it when it’s not necessarily there to start with! There are so many wonderful tools in PS and LR and I use them all in a very specific way and only those ways because that is my habit as a former retoucher. I am SO excited to begin using those tools with a fresh perspective and new goals in mind thanks for the encouragement from Katharine, the life those tools bring to her work, and her willingness to share her process!

    The only limit there is to the stories you want to capture is yourself. I am guilty of standing in my own way creatively so often. Katharine really speaks to photographing for you, taking risks, and giving yourself grace and permission to step away when it’s needed. You’ll come back when you’re ready and you’ll be creating from a better space for it.

    Thank you! Thank you a hundred times Katharine for the insights and life you bring to your work and for sharing that with us! It was such a joy to learn from you!!

  14. I really really love this course. The PDF is a work of art in itself, but what really shines to me is the short and concise behind the scenes videos. I really appreciate seeing what the environment in which the photos are taken in actually looks like and how it ends up in the final image. 10/10 recommend.

  15. This course by Katherine has been very informative. I am able to understand her thought process for creating her beautiful, vibrant & mesmerizing images. Katharine’s PDF and videos are filled with insights that easy to understand. Plus I really appreciate her openness to answering any query and fast response to them. I’m so glad that I took this course.

  16. This course by Katherine has been very informative. I am able to understand her thought process for creating her beautiful, vibrant & mesmerizing images. Katharine’s PDF and videos are filled with insights that easy to understand. Plus I really appreciate her openness to answering any query and fast response to them. I’m so glad that I took this course.

  17. Tracey Richvalsky

    I really enjoyed this course!! Katharine’s material is well organized and clearly presented. It is easy to follow both the pdf and videos and there is so much useful information!! Not to mention that her images are stunning! I can’t wait to try out the techniques I’ve learned here!!

  18. LOVING this course! I definitely wanted to learn more about color theory and composition before taking this course and Katherine’s course did not disappoint. All of her material is explained well and easy to follow. I have learned so much!

  19. This course has something for everyone! Katherine explains everything on a level that is easy to understand. I have learned so much from shooting in mid-day sun to editing making my images pop! Katherine poured her heart into this course.

  20. Therese Kirchner

    This course has been amazing! From the beautiful and incredibly detailed PDF to the comprehensive behind the scenes shooting and editing videos, Katharine has not left anything uncovered. I love her approach to photographing her life as it happens, creating beautiful images using simple and basic concepts.
    Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there is a lot to take away from this class. She brings you back to the basics of composition and then adds in valuable editing tools to really bring your work to life. I highly recommend it!

  21. Melinda McIntyre

    Absolutely loved taking this course. It is great for helping break down the basics of photography so that you can see what makes a strong image. She has wonderful tips from extending a background to color change. I would and have highly recommended this course especially if you’re just starting out. The things she covers are essential to making a good strong image.

  22. I highly recommend Katharine’s course! The material is easy to follow and the videos are fun to watch. I picked up a few new tips and tricks. Nice job on this excellent course!!

  23. I have been a huge fan of Katharine’s work for quite some time so I was so excited to see that she was offering a self paced course. Her images are always so full of color and she always manages to have a creative compositional aspect. The way she explains color theory and the importance in our images makes so much sense. The PDF alone is inspiring and has pushed me to whip out my camera more- even if the scene in front of me isn’t as aesthetically pleasing- because I can easily fix it in post. Thank you Katharine for sharing some invaluable information! I highly recommend this course!

  24. I really loved Katharine’s course. It covers composition and color as well as I’ve seen. It’s comprehensive and easy to follow. As an intermediate photographer it was perfect for me – a review of composition and a new appreciation for color theory. I’d recommend it for any skill level. The best part for me are the editing videos. Her examples are very helpful. I could watch those all day.

  25. I really enjoyed Color and Composition with Katharine Vogel. I love her vibrant images so it was a real pleasure seeing how she approaches using colour and colour theory in her work. There is a lot of intension that goes into Katherine’s work and while she strives to get the best compositions in camera, she shares with us how she uses post production to strengthen her compositions and achieve her initial vision. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about punching up their images in Lightroom and Photoshop. I can’t wait to try out some of the techniques in my own work!! Great job on an excellent class, Katharine!

  26. kristin vukcevic

    I can’t recommend this course enough! You will learn how Katherine composes images and how she achieves the beautiful vibrant colors that her work is know for. She shares her approach and process in an easy to follow format. This course provides helpful material for all skill levels and by the end you will be inspired and motivated.

  27. Rebecca Pattison

    I loved this course by Katherine Vogel. Her explanation of color theory and composition are straightforward and easy to understand. She does a fabulous job describing why she makes certain color and composition choices so that anyone can copy her process. This course is packed with tips for training yourself to observe a scene for stronger photographs! Im so glad I purchased this course.

  28. I loved Katharine’s course! All of her material is explained well, easy to follow, and really transforms your photographs! Her work and her approach to photography and photography projects is inspiring and fun. I especially enjoyed her emphasis on color theory and composition.

  29. If you have ever wanted to create dynamic, impactful, bold and meaningful images, but found yourself asking “BUT HOW?!” then this course is the one for you. Katharine is an incredibly versatile photographer and an amazing teacher who shows you how to analyze an image and see exactly what makes it work, while also explaining – clearly and simply – how to plan, set up, and compose your own pictures for the greatest effect. There are also sections on color and editing to bring even more life to your work. The PDF is filled with beautiful, inspiring, colorful imagery. I think photographers of all levels of experience will gain something really valuable in this course!

  30. I can’t highly recommend Katharine’s self paced course enough! Her pdf alone is beautifully illustrated with so much inspirational imagery, that it makes me want to go pick up my camera and start photographing the world around me. As an artist, color theory plays an important role in my work and Katharine explain how to incorporate it into your daily shooting with ease. I also love how simply she photographs her everyday without much thought but yet composes her imagery with perfection. Living in the midwest, locations and spaces are not grand sweeping vistas but rather prairies and farmland; very open spaces. If you need direction and how to see the space around you different; I think you will enjoy this course!

    1. Hi there Jane and thank you for your compliments! No, it is not necessarily a “strong” course in color editing specifically. I do have a section on color theory that explains how to compliment color with your environment, along with changing color and adding color in my post-processing section. The editing part is just a bonus if you want to further enhance color in your work. Hope this answers your question!

  31. Hi Katharine, Thanks for sharing this course with us. Quick question, if I don’t dominate Lightroom as much as Photoshop, do you think is still worth it? Thanks!

    1. Hey there Alexandra!

      I think most definitely you’ll get something out of the course regardless. The editing is just the bonus part, but not required to understand compositional concepts, color theory, photographing children, ect. My editing is just included for enhancement purposes really. Basically taking your work to another level if you’re wanting to do so. Feel free to skip over the editing if you wish!

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