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Creative Maternity Photography

Embracing the "New" Her

Q&A LAUNCH EVENT April 25 through May 10 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT April 25 through May 10 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT April 25 through May 10 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT April 25 through May 10 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT April 25 through May 10 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT April 25 through May 10
Q&A LAUNCH EVENT April 25 through May 10 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT April 25 through May 10 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT April 25 through May 10 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT April 25 through May 10 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT April 25 through May 10 Q&A LAUNCH EVENT April 25 through May 10
Tired of the same old boring maternity images? Go behind the scenes with Stephanie Tomlinson to capture dramatic, connected, and scroll-stopping images.

From wardrobe to workflow and posing to editing, Stephanie will show you how to create beautiful, authentic maternity images!


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What you'll get
Stephanie's client questionnaire that helps her set the stage for a successful session

A deep dive into wardrobe - from color palettes and added extras (that really stand out in the frame!) to Stephanie's favorite places to buy (or rent!) that perfect outfit

Posing and prompting tips and tricks (for mom alone, as well as shots with her partner or family)

A toolbox of special effects (both in camera and in the editing process) that you can use to make your images stand out

Stephanie's start-to-finish editing process that will take your images from blah to beautiful

“Remember it is our job to empower our Mamas. Reassure them throughout your session and let them know that their body is a powerful force of strength and resilience.”

check out what's in your classroom
2 Shooting videos
Go behind the scenes with Stephanie to see her work with maternity clients to create gorgeous images!
5 Editing Videos & a Before & After PDF
See Stephanie transform her images in front of your eyes - she'll even tell you her favorite settings for Portraiture (and more!)
A gorgeous PDF
Covering Stephanie's entire start-to-finish process, you'll get her best tips and tricks for bringing out the best in her maternity clients (from wardrobe to pose!)

you'll feel confident creating beautiful maternity images that truly stand out!

Stephanie Tomlinson

meet your instructor

Stephanie Tomlinson
Stephanie Tomlinson is an award-winning lifestyle photographer based out of Texas. She loves capturing the intimate moments between her clients — the ones that you would likely forget if not frozen in time. She is a natural light photographer, so you will often find her chasing the sun to get all of the beautiful tones you see in her images. She strives for images that will bring a smile (or tear) to your face.

6 thoughts on “Embracing the “New” Her: Creative Maternity Photography”

  1. Jenny Rosenbring

    I loved getting a fresh perspective on maternityphotos, and Stephanie certainly provided that in this course. Stephanie is so creative and getting a look into her process was a treat. I feel refreshed and ready to take on maternity with props, dresses and jewellry. I never thought about how important jewellry is before! The videos were especially helpful, I learned so much watching Stephanie directing and interacting with her subjects. I loved every bit of this course and can highly recommend it!

  2. If you are a photographer who struggles with styling and posing maternity clients, this course is for you. Stephanie does an amazing job of breaking down her steps to creating stunning images from start to finish. She discusses the importance that wardrobe plays in the final outcome of the images, as well as how she approaches posing and locations to create images that her clients will cherish for years to come. As a mama to three little ones, I wish I had had someone like Stephanie to document my own pregnancies; having her share her secrets is worth every penny of this course and then some!

    1. Christina, this put the biggest smile on my face – thank you so much for your kinds words! Capturing Motherhood brings so much joy to me and I am so happy I can share all of my tips and tricks to hopefully inspire others ❤️

  3. Maternity is an area of photography that I’ve fallen in love with all thanks to Stephanie! When I heard this course was coming out, I could not wait to get my hands on it!
    She has thought of everything in this course.
    I loved know what equipment she has with her and her suggestions to make sure clients come prepared for their session especially with undergarments!
    I never think to add textures, flowers, or even jewelry so I’ll definitely be implementing these in future sessions! One thing I struggle with is posing- Stephanie did not skimp on this topic! I can’t wait to try some of the suggestions she made! And did I mention she had videos! I loved seeing her walk through the process of her session in real life and also her editing techniques.
    Stephanie you really outdid yourself with this course! I know my maternity sessions are going to rock! Thank you for putting out such an authentic and explosively knowledgeable maternity course!

  4. “Embracing the new HER: Creative Maternity Photography” is specifically designed for photographers who want to enhance their skills in capturing the beauty and essence of pregnancy.

    The workshop is led by Stephanie Tomlinson who is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring photographers. Her approach to teaching is highly informative, interactive, and engaging, making the learning experience both enjoyable and inspiring.

    Throughout the workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with a range of creative techniques and styles for maternity photography. From capturing the subtle nuances of light and using innovative props and poses, you will gain valuable insights and techniques that will help you produce stunning and memorable images.

    I loved the emphasis Stephanie puts on creativity and providing confidence to the client. She spends so much time going into depth on flattering poses, prompts, styling tips and tricks, session timeline, and even walks through editing several sessions.

    “Embracing the new HER: Creative Maternity Photography” is an outstanding workshop that provides photographers with the tools, techniques, and inspiration they need to take their maternity photography to the next level.

  5. Maternity was always something that made me nervous. Would I be able to explain the poses to mama clearly and concisely? Would I be able to direct mama and dad in more than two poses in order to deliver them a well rounded gallery? Honestly, I would feel stressed before even arriving to the session. But Stephanie’s “Embracing the “New” Her: Creative Maternity Photography” course provided me with the tools to drop the fear of maternity sessions and do the complete opposite – literally I can’t wait to shoot more maternity sessions! I took something from each part of the course, however I really enjoyed the “Behind the Scenes Shoot” videos! I loved being able to see and hear her direct her clients (the natural flow between poses) as well as styling and why it’s important. I dove right into her course because I had a maternity session this evening and I wanted more confidence going into it. I implemented more movement and new poses based on her recommendations this evening and the session turned out GREAT! I’m so grateful and can’t wait to capture all the Michigan mamas! :) Thank you for this amazing course, Stephanie!

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