The Digital Darkroom:

Transformative Editing for Photographers


Ashley Mosier, Leslie Crane, Mickie DeVries & Robin Fox will show you the secrets of their distinctive editing styles! Learn the techniques they use for transformative edits (and those they use for subtle polishing!) and walk away with a toolbox full of tricks that you can use to make your images stand out!

In FORTY editing videos, you'll learn how to manipulate colors and light, smooth and enhance skin, extend backgrounds, create beautiful black and whites, and so much more!


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What you'll get
10 start to finish edits per presenter (40 in total!)

Powerful editing techniques to strengthen depth, color, and enhance your images to make them stand out

Start-to-finish editing workflows in Lightroom and Photoshop

A toolbox of techniques that will help you transform your images dramatically or subtly!

Tips and tricks to add to your existing post-processing workflow

"I found myself constantly hitting the “rewind” button on the videos because I kept stumbling upon new techniques I wanted to add to my toolkit."

check out what's in your classroom
40 Editing Videos
40 videos covering color, depth, background extensions, light, and more.
Digital Darkroom Photo Editing Class with Leslie Crane-11
40 Before & After Images
A PDF guidebook with all 40 before and after images so you can study the impact of each edit
Dozens of Techniques
Dozens of editing techniques that will help you elevate your edits

you'll have a toolbox of techniques that will help you take your edits to the next level! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there's something here for you!


meet your instructors

Ashley Mosier is a senior photographer from Missouri who specializes in creating organic, candid senior photo experiences with an editorial edge. After spending fifteen years in the beauty industry as a hairstylist and makeup artist, Ashley combined that experience with her love of art, fashion, and photography and turned it into her dream job. She lives with her husband, two boys and two spoiled dogs, eats too many Reese’s, and enjoys camping.

Leslie Crane has been an on-location and studio portrait photographer in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota area for the past 12 years. She specializes in portraiture of children, families, high school seniors, musicians, and creative professionals for her clients, as well as fine art and nature photography for her soul. A former opera singer and music teacher, Leslie is also a producer for classical music public radio programs and a homeschool mom.

Mickie DeVries resides in West Michigan close to the beauty of the Lake Michigan shoreline. She is married to her husband Luke and has two teens. Mickie’s work is centered around documenting her children, and she also teaches Unlocking the Magic of Photoshop & FUNdamentals of Photoshop through Click Photo School.

Robin Fox is a lifestyle and commercial photographer located in Ontario, Canada. A wife and mother to four children, she is grateful for the support and encouragement of her loved ones. Robin has delighted in every moment of her photography journey thus far and looks forward to seeing where the road will lead to in the future.

21 thoughts on “The Digital Darkroom: Transformative Editing for Photographers”

  1. This course is jam packed full of information! I consider myself pretty proficient with post processing but my goodness- did I learn so much! This has been one of my favorite courses to binge and I’m so grateful for all of these amazing instructors guidance and sharing the knowledge they have gained over the many years of combined experience. 12/10 recommend!

  2. Oh my goodness. This class is absolutely amazing! I have admired all these photographers work for a long time and now I get to go behind the scene and see all their editing process. I have always wanted to get better at my editing and to see how these artists transformed their raw images into something so beautiful, I am inspired. And with all the videos included, I can follow step by step the workflow and apply the skills I learned to my images immediately. I love how many actionable tips there are in this course! Highly recommend this class!

  3. More than I was expecting. It’s one thing to be comfortable with the tools in Photoshop and another to use them in interesting and creative ways. They really know what they are doing . Highly recommend

    1. Kacee, thank you for this wonderful review! We’re so excited to know that the course exceeded your expectations.

  4. This course is absolutely incredible and packed with information. With four instructors who have different styles, you really get a full look at so many different editing tools. You can pick the tips and tricks that work for your own style from the in-depth look at each instructor’s videos. As someone who doesn’t particularly like editing (but is trying to improve in this area), I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed the course and all the videos included. One of the things that I love about many of the videos is they’re not excessively long – they show you tips and tricks that feel really achievable and can make a huge impact. I feel like I can use the beautiful editing techniques highlighted in these videos, incorporating them in my normal workflow without drastically changing my editing times. Highly recommend this course for people who love editing (you’ll find a wealth of information!) as well as those, like me, who might be more reticent editors and are looking for techniques to improve your own editing and style.

    1. Krista, we’re so happy you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for your kind and thorough review and I hope editing is a little more fun for you now. :-)

  5. I almost didn’t sign up because I know a lot about editing already and wasn’t sure I’d get much out of this that I hadn’t seen before. But these instructors blew me away. Even when they covered tools or techniques or I already knew, there would be little things they did differently than me, so I was constantly picking up new things or ideas. Thank you, thank you!

    1. Wow, Sam, this is so wonderful to hear! Thank YOU, thank YOU! We’re thrilled you found some new things to try in this course.

  6. Vironica Golden

    The digital darkroom is a wealth of knowledge and a steal for the price. The 40 editing videos cover so many different topics like color story, replacing skies, adding overlays, fixing skin tones, underwater, etc. There is so much variety in the edits that these 4 photographers have chosen. I know I will be referring back to these for a long time to come and integrating some of the techniques into my own editing process!

    1. Wondering what software they are mainly using? I don’t have portraiture but do have LR & PS. Do they use a lot of other programs or would it be enough to just use the latest versions of PS/LR?

      1. Mickie Devries

        Hello! You will be good with PS/LR :). I know I mention topaz denoise but it’s a minor thing thing that I sometimes use.

      2. Hi, Reb! Mickie is correct – we all use PS and LR almost exclusively and tried to avoid bringing in other programs that learners might not have. I teach several ways of smoothing skin, right in LR and PS without Portraiture.

    2. Thank you for this wonderful review, Vironica! We’re so happy you got something useful out of the class.

  7. Like many photographers, I’m a self-taught editor who has developed a workflow that has become routine over the years.  While my process has become comfortable over time, I’ve come to realize how many useful features and techniques I’ve missed that could have elevated my work and saved valuable time.  “The Digital Darkroom: Transformative Editing for Photographers” was just what I needed to learn some new tricks, get caught up on some of the new updates in Lightroom and Photoshop, and improve my efficiency.

    Through a vast collection of 40 videos, each of the four presenters demonstrates a wealth of editing tips that speak to beginners and seasoned editors alike.  From Leslie Crane’s clean, classic edits to Ashley Mosier’s edgy, modern portraits to Robin Fox’s moody, cinematic images to Mickie DeVries technically masterful moments, there is so much to learn. While each instructor brings her own signature style, the skills covered in the videos can be easily customized to one’s individual preferences.  I found myself constantly hitting the “rewind” button on the videos because I kept stumbling upon new techniques I wanted to add to my toolkit.  

    As artists, we need to constantly challenge ourselves to improve upon our craft. Stagnancy can be the villain of inspiration.  The more we improve upon our technique, the better equipped we’ll be to create images that seamlessly execute our vision.  For anyone who’s looking to level up their work and perhaps even get excited about their photography again, “The Digital Darkroom” is a pretty fabulous place to start.

    1. Judith, this is a wonderful endorsement of our course – thank you so much! (And I totally agree with your eloquent statement that “stagnancy can be the villain of inspiration.” Beautifully put! I hope this course helps lots of people avoid that stagnancy.)

  8. One of my favorite things about photography is editing, so I knew I had to take this course. These four incredibly talented photographers share so much of their editing and show you step by step how they create their amazing art. There is something for everyone in this course. It is amazing to learn so many different techniques and I had so many “aha moments”. With 40 videos that cover so many different topics, you will step away from this amazing course feeling not only inspired but confident in your editing. Even if you are confident in your editing, I suggest jumping into this. I bet you will find some great tips and tricks you never knew existed.

  9. As an editing lover that I am, I knew that I couldn’t miss this course. I have just watched a few videos of each one of these talented artists, and OH MY! I am mind blown! In the last few hours I have had more “aha moments” than in many of the courses I have taken. Having 4 different creative minds showing us their editing processes in a single spot is such an amazing opportunity. I am having a treat going through the videos and I am learning so many new tips and tricks that I cannot wait to use in my edits. This course is a must if you want to improve your editing skillsets.

    1. Thank you, Paty! I am thrilled to know you are gaining some new tools for your editing toolbox.

  10. The wealth of knowledge and sharing of techniques in this course is unbelievable! Four incredibly talented photographers sharing their workflows on how they create their art…it doesn’t get much better than that! There are so many ways to edit photos and achieve the look the photographer is after. These instructor’s varied skillsets allow the viewer to pick and choose techniques and tricks that they can then add to their own workflows! There is something for EVERYONE in this course! SO many topics are covered! From underwater edits, backlighting, extending canvases, creating presets, and SO MUCH MORE!!! It is worth every penny and then some – you have 40 video resources to download, recall and look back on whenever you need to! This is a must-have for everyone’s tool kit!

    1. This is such a kind and thorough review – thanks, Amy! We appreciate your sweet words and it’s great you got so much from the course!

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